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Level up fast in WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King. Customizable, 1-80, 1-70 and 70-80 powerleveling services.
Pre-Order Available. You can Pre-Order WoW WOTLK Classic Powerleveling before the release date to avoid release queues.

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WoW Classic WOTLK Power Leveling Services

Learn more about our Classic WoW WOTLK Powerleveling services - how it works, what you get & more!

Pre-order is available now!

By Pre-Ordering you will book a spot and skip the release queues which can be quite long, Wrath of the Lich King used to be quite popular and can even amass way more players than the Burning Crusade. We will process and execute your order as soon as the expansion is launched. The pricing is subject to change once the WOTLK expansion is released.

By buying WoW Classic WOTLK Powerleveling you can be one of the first players that reach the 80th level.
It is very useful service if you do not have the time or you are not keen on going through the boring leveling process, we will take care of everything.
With this service, you get all of the loot, set of finished quests and through a custom order we can thoroughly and extensively prepare your character for the Northrend endgame content.

To begin the true WOTLK journey in Northrend, you have to be at least 68 level. To unlock the Lich King Raid and face Arthas Menethil in Icecrown, your character will need to be level 80. We also offer level 1-70 powerleveling service if you wish to experience the Northrend content by yourself with a new character that has passed through the Vanilla Azeroth and the Outland's Burning Crusade content.

How Our Powerleveling Service Works?

We try to simplify the entire powerleveling service process. To start the process
1) Select the options (Server, Faction, Level Range, Speed); 2) We will contact your on live chat or through email to outline any remaining details; 3) All remaining details will be discussed before starting to work on your order; 4) We will start executing your order according to your own schedule; 5) We will notify you once the order is completed.

There are no real requirements for using our powerleveling service. However, by default, you should have an active WoW Classic WOTLK / World of Warcraft subscription on your account. On the subject of safety, we do require that you refrain from logging onto your account until the service is completed.

Payment Methods

We support a variety of payment methods for our WOTLK Power Leveling Service including Paypal, Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard etc.), Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH + others), Wire + Bank Transfers

WOTLK Powerleveling - Buy WoW Classic WOTLK Powerleveling

Classic WoW WOTLK Powerleveling Boost - Get Your Desired Level

Please Respect Our Rules, Terms of Service, Purchase Agreement - Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Please note that by making a purchase you automatically agree to our Purchase Agreement (Service Agreement), Terms of Service and Refund Policy. This is mandatory when using any service on our website, especially powerleveling as we are not looking to waste neither yours or our time.

- The details regarding the server zone, actual realm, faction, class & race, realm type are usually outlined in the initial service email. These can be changed or altered before the service is started, but additional payment might be required, usually for the new, fresh WOTLK Classic servers or different server types (e.g. switching from PvE to PvP)
- Additional services can be agreed upon, beforehand through the "Custom Level Range" options, or after the service is started. These additional services like profession, reputation boost or anything similar will require additional payment to be made.
- Important: Please ensure that you have active World of Warcraft subscription before we can start the service to proceed without any delays.
- Important: Please refrain and abstain from logging into your game account or sending any in-game messages or whispers until we have completed the service, contact us through our website, chat, email, discord or skype online.
- Cancellation of the service is possible, however, only a 50% of the paid amount will be refunded. Please note that when sending a payment to us, you are booking our time, funds sent to us are distributed to our powerlevelers right away and no full refunds will be issued.
- Other rules not mentioned on this page are covered within our Refund Policy page.

Are All Of the Races and Classes Supported for Power Leveling?

Our service supports all EU and NA servers, realm types (PvP, PvE, RP, RP-PvP), as well as all of the races: Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead, Blood Elf and all of the classes: Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Shaman, Druid, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warlock and the recently-introduced Death Knight.

Why Use Our Website's Powerleveling Services for WoW Classic WOTLK

We know WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, literary inside-out and you can feel pretty secure by placing a powerleveling order with us. WOTLK is the game expansion where we excell that. We have sucessfully completed way over 5000+ WOTLK powerleveling tasks in the past decade through our network of websites, G4Vanilla, Vanilla Games, DDClub and the rest of our webpages.

If you wonder how this is possible, note that we take pride in being the first and oldest WoW Classic / TBC and WOTLK Powerleveling and Account Shop. While retail "WOTLK Classic" by Blizzard is new, plethora of private servers were in place since 2014. We have been covering (and still are) the oldest and most populated private WOTLK Servers like Lordaeron (Gold4Lordaeron), Icecrown (Gold4Icecrown), Frostmourne on Warmane, Dalaran (Gold4Dalaran), and every other spin off that came through Atlantiss, Whitemane-Morgraine, as well as the rest of the Vanilla Classic, TBC, and WOTLK big projects beginning with Nostalrius Begins and Kronos.

What Is WoW WOTLK Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, also known as WoW Classic or WOTLK Classic is the second expansion to the WoW Classic series by Blizzard Entertainment. This version of the game initially came out in 2008 and by all metrics it was indeed the most popular game expansion released ever, dramatically increasing the popularity of the entire World of Warcraft game. The expansion features The Lich King, the fallen prince: Arthas Menethil and the continent of Northrend. Players will venture to the frozen wastelands, level up from 70 to 80 and will have the ability to experience the hero Death Knight class.

WOTLK Powerleveling News

You can learn more about leveling in WOTLK Classic by reading our leveling articles before jumping to buy WOTLK powerleveling.

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