27 WOTLK Classic Phase 2 Release Date Leaked

WOTLK Phase 2 Release Date LEAKED?!

Was The Wrath Classic Phase 2 Release Date Really Leaked During The Early PTR?

What is up guys, it’s your boy solum here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video. So you know what time it is, it’s my favorite time of the year. It’s a league season baby, we have a brand new leader we’re going to talk about today. And this one has to do with not just face to him, but definitely face to Earth classic. And also, I’m just several in game and launches, and different leaks and game launches and releases in general. So we’re going to be talking about that. And before that, though, I recently made a prediction myself on one face to was coming out. And in that video, I talked about the two possibilities number one being in the middle of December, or maybe early December as well, and the other one being like in the middle of January, they could also push it until February. So they have two or three different options here.

And I don’t think they will give us phase two in December simply because number one, they’re giving us dragonflight later this month, and number two, it’s Christmas. So giving us phase two before Christmas, we’d ruin Christmas, for a lot of people maybe make it better for some people as well, since you have some time off from work, but you want to spend that time with family and stuff as well. And so releasing phase two around Christmas would definitely be bad, I think. So giving it to us in January would be great. And that is where this leads comes in. Before that, though, I do want to say that if you haven’t checked out my gold guide yet, and definitely now’s the time to do so we have a lot of very good investments in that gold guide, we have a very thriving gold making community talking about investments, gold making strategies, working on strategies, shuffles and gold forms, and you get so much value. So if you’re into actually forming gold or making gold in this expansion, definitely consider checking that guy downwards, you will also get all the future updates for free.

And we have a lot of updates coming, we’re only in phase one still. And the guide is absolutely massive, you’re getting like 120 pages of information and access to a exclusive gold making community. And we have a huge, huge update coming out very soon that you will get for free if you buy the guide. So you will get those updates for free and access to our Discord server. So yeah, if you want to make it gold, then check that out through the link down below. With that being said, don’t let’s talk about these leaks. So go ahead and grab some flex time and get ready to seal those leaks. So let’s take a look at leak number one. This is delete that we’re talking about today.

And we have a leak from older times as well that we’re taking a look at just to validate this one. So here we go game launches and events by required readiness levels (also see: Ulduar Phase 2). This was a leak that was included in a very previous video by Willie. And after that video, I got so many messages about this leak. So instead of answering well I answered every one of them, every one of them actually one by one as well. But I want to make a video about it because I got so many messages about this leak and whether or not I think it’s real. So let’s go through that. Okay, so in this league, we have several different actual games and times as well giving us a release date of different stuff. So for example, we have on never on November 16 Call of Duty was on to the global launch. And next off, we actually have the first thing that makes me think this is a fake link. And this is one classic season of mastering season theory, launching on November 17. I’ll be uploading this video hopefully on November 13. So that’s four days from now. So we will probably know if the leak is real or fake based on well in four days.

But just the fact that we’re getting well, let’s just say they give us Season Two of season of mastery in four days, we haven’t had the PTR. And they haven’t talked about this at all. And we just had like a couple of weeks ago, the ability to transfer the characters from Season of mastery over to your wrath of the lich king classic. Now a couple of other notable things here is that on November 28, we will have wild 10.0 global launch. And the reason why I’m listing This is it gives some credibility to the link. This is a couple of days old the leak and back then I don’t think it was on during the global launch was actually confirmed. So yeah, we have that one. And that is coming out on November 16. And also while 10.0 was an Australian flight is coming out on November 28. So the one thing we want to talk to you about in this leak and the one thing that I think most of you are interested in is all the way on the left on the right side towards the bottom is that on Monday, January 9, wow, classic, what are the case secrets we’ll do our is launching, number one here and the one thing that kinda I don’t know how I feel about this, but it’s coming out on a Monday, I was expecting this to come out on either Tuesday or Wednesday based on the weekly maintenance, but it also makes sense for them to give it out on a global scale.

This will give it to everyone at the same time on the same day and everyone will basically get an extra reset of boudoir if they can clear it in time. So if you’re playing on North America, and you’re reset it on Tuesday, so you basically have one day to clear the raid if you want to take advantage of lateral actual raid lockout. And for EU you have three days to clear the raid. So while this one might not make a lot of sense on paper, it makes sense in my mind and having global launch would be great for the race to world. First of all, do RS one would make so much sense. That would be great if you could get that. But it’s in a Monday and January in mind. That also kind of makes sense, though, because at that point, Christmas is over a new year has just begun as well. And it’s basically like around the middle of January, which was my original Yes, for phase two as well. So this one actually sounds kind of possible.

So while the entire league in my opinion, is kind of fake, or looks kind of fake, that one right there is kind of interesting. And my original guess was going to be January 15 216, for the actual launch. So this is just one week before that time. So it definitely fits right into my personal timeline for when I was expecting phase two to comes out, because I don’t expect it to come out during Christmas. But I also don’t think they want to take too much time with this. Because right now, if it comes out on January 9, that is basically three months away. And right now people are starting to get bored of Naxxramas. It is a very boring raid, but it also gives you something to do. And phase one is kind of a sleeper phase (without the Heroics), in my opinion, and a lot of other people as well. I know a lot of people are waiting looking right now I’m just waiting for phase three, really. So the sooner we get the better, but also don’t rush it. But giving it to us on January 9 will be great. That gives us basically around three, four months of phase one, which I do think is great for phase one. They’ve also said they’re looking for some faces to be longer than others. So we’ll do our it’s probably going to be like a five month phase if my guesses are correct.

Now while some of you guys might think that the entire leak in itself is fake, and it could be definitely I wanted to pull up one more image that is something very similar. That was released like several months ago. And this one talked about several different leaks that turned out to be true. So for example, this one right here, the same type of leak by the same website as well, which is basically the same image once again, and it basically got pretty much everything right right like wow, classic rock bottom chain Global’s launch September 26, while 10 points Iran global launch November 28, and called the voice on to global launch November 16. Once again, just on point, one 10.0 pre patch October 25, which was true for North America 126 for EU once again, that one was true as well. And one classic wasn’t a pre patch and pre sale on August 30.

And I do think that was when that came out as well. So by me showing you this it just gives some extra credibility to the to the leak. So while some people might say it’s fake, I’m saying it could be fake and it should be real, I don’t really know. But I guess we’ll find out in four days because if the entire leak is supposed to be true, then season two of season of mastery is coming out in four days. Either way and let me know what you think down below and as a fun video for today. And well League season is back. We haven’t had League season for a couple of months. It was about time hopefully you enjoyed the video though does a speculative one for today. If you enjoyed leave a like down below once again, let me know your thoughts in the comment section and subscribe for more Wrath of the Lich King classic content. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

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