26 HUGE WOTLK NEWS - Phase 2 Available on PTR & Ulduar Item Level Scaling

HUGE WOTLK NEWS – Phase 2 Available on PTR & Ulduar Item Level Scaling

While it is truth that perhaps WOTLK Classic has been getting somewhat dull, great news are coming from Blizzard as Phase 2 is becoming available on the PTR with additional features:

What Will WOTLK Clasissic Phase 2 Bring To The Game? Item Scaling + Ulduar Or More?

What is up guys? It’s your boy lamb here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video. This one will be a news update video we have some brand new well news that has come in for Wrath of the Lich King classic. This is actually pretty huge as well. So strap yourself in, get ready and let’s get right into it. First of all though, why am I wearing a blanket once again, while I’m living in Norway, it’s the middle of November. It is super cold and it’s cozy. So but with that being said, let’s just jump right into it and check out the news. Let me just pose these options right here and then we’ll jump right into it, making sure I don’t get undercut. And there we go. We’re trying to sell some other ones as well.

We’ll be selling some for 192 B gold. Definitely not bad. Let’s check out the news though. So here we go. Okay, so the first thing we’ll take a look at today is something that I personally care a little bit about. And it’s kind of sad for me personally, but there’s no plans to increase the gold cap and rock classic. I do. Yes, this kind of makes sense. But here we go. Blizzard has announced that there is no current plans to increase the gold cap and rock classic, though someone asked him about this on the forums, and they got a response. So while gold is definitely more plentiful from quest to dailies, and other sources in rock classic, we don’t really feel like racing, the gold cap would be healthy for the game. At this point, we have been looking at Gold data across all characters and across all levels, etc. And then general the hunt even the 100 percentile average among level at charities in particular, is nowhere near the gold cap, we’ll be keeping an eye on it and may revisit nests if you start seeing averages across the high 90s percentile starts to bump up against the cap.

But we aren’t very close to that point and the cap that is in place is likely still a very appropriate. So that is the news for that one, we have another one as well that talks about phase two, and it will do our and what to expect from that phase and from the raid itself talking about heroic plus as well. Before we check out that news article though, if you’re looking for some help to reach the actual gold gap right now in ROSS classic, then I do want to recommend checking out my rock classic gold guide through the link down below. This is a gold guide that I made from scratch myself to help you with this specific intent to make a gold cap. So we’re covering different gold forms called Making strategies how to use professions to make more gold with those talking about what to sell on the Auction House which items to invest in. It is basically a comprehensive Gold Making Guide covering everything you want to know about gold making like no matter how you want to make your gold through daily crafting, regular crafting farming, gold, going out farming, pets, you name it, there should be something in there for you.

I’m trying to make the guide something that everyone can benefit from no matter your playstyle except for GDK PS. So we also have a discord community going for that guide as well with access to even more information regarding gold making. And it’s an absolutely great community regarding gold mining and rock classic. So if you want to be a part of that, then check out the guide through the link once again down below in the video description and the pin comment. Now also real quick before we dive into this news article right here, I do want to mention that we have a giveaway running on the previous video that I uploaded yesterday. So if you want to be a part of that one, we are giving away to her weekend Watson codes worth around 50 euros each while 49 point 99. So we’re giving away two of those in the previous videos comment section, the one that I uploaded yesterday.

So I’ll be leaving a link to that one in the video description down below as well. Make sure you to join that one. If you haven’t already. I do know that Phase two will bring back quite a few people and might even bring in some new people as well. So here we go on doing a giveaway for that one. Either way, Don is talking about the article itself. So we have some old worn data mined spells. And we have the data mined version of the new heroic plus talking about the loot from that raid as well. We’re not the raid, but the raid loot from the dungeons and also the actual Ulduar increased item levels. So when phase three comes out and we’ll do our consoles, we will be getting increased item levels.

And then this post right here we can see exactly what that means some some items. So the rough classic PTR has now been updated to build 3.4 point one point whatever number and basically this means that the PTR Public Test Realm has now been updated. So every single one of you don’t have to have beta access or anything, you just need to get a PTR account. And you can now play in this you can play this patch on the PTR so it’s been updated to the phase two so we’ll do our patch or it will be in phase two. So do our patch. We have data mined the build and we have been able to see a lot of interesting things pointing to previous developer interviews mentioning of heroic plus, as well as some clues for the upcoming year item level increase that looks like Blizzard will be scaling we’ll be calling heroic plus defense protocol alpha which I guess makes sense it’s like an old white sounding name or like your brand brand brand bronze bird kind of name for achievements which are listed down below. Additionally, Blizzard will I mentioned that there will be an item level increase for three we’ll do our loot.

So one example listed in the uncategorized spells shows how blood of the Old God this one right here will now increase from 1284 attack power to 1358 attack power, which is basically about a 7076 attack power increase based on my quick Domina, but something like that, actually, no, it’s 8474 Whatever really 7484 It’s a lot of attack power increase based on one item alone. So item level increases will affect train get will affect weapons, weapon damage, and approx as well and tear sets as well. So all the examples can be found below, I will be checking out quite a few of those as well. So we have some new achievements coming out we have the defense protocol Alpha terminated. So there’s one achievement for every single dungeon, giving you more achievement points, or possibly also feats of strength, or legacy type of achievements.

So here we go, we’ll have those achievements right here we have some classes and stuff, and let’s check out some new stuff as one so reckoning gives you a 2% chance for after blocking or being hit by any attacking damage, and then 4% 8% 6% based on stuff and things, so you have 2% here with rank one 4% with rank two, and 8% with rank four. I am not going to go over all the class changes myself. So if you want to read of that I will leave a link to the article down below in the description so you can read the entire article. But what is interesting to me personally, are the new items coming in phase two with the raid itself and actually how the item level increase will affect these items. So here we go. I’m gonna categorize spells we can now see for example, we have some tier eight items. So that’s my tier eight tank relic, your rune strike capability in grants you 136 dot rating.

That was the old one then you want to now you see 144 dot rating. So like a little bit of an increase right there about a eight increase right there for the trading and arena foreign gladiators deathmatch relic, you’re playing strike capability in rounds, you 144 attack power, and that was the old one. And now we have 152 attack power once the young giving us eight more attack power, which might not sound like a lot but when you have that on every single item and also from item sets as well. It definitely adds up itself. So you have raised standard testing rune spells at drew it though my main is a driven this one is really interesting to me. tier eight balance relic increases the spell power of your inserts worn by 374.

That was the old one and the new one is now 396. The Federal Rutledge increased your agility by 153. And before and now it’s 162 for restoration, it now gives you more healing on your nourish ability. And we also have some increases as well for gladiatorial idols. So you have this one, which used to give you a 144 attack power. And now it gives you 152 attack power. This one right here used to give you 84 spell power. Now that gives you 89 spellpower instance, so only a five spell power increase, but once again, adds up over time. And this one right here a lot more healing on your life believability for Paladins we have a lot of stuff coming in as well. So you can see for example, retribution relic, this one used to increase your block value by 450. And now it increases your block value by 476. Which could definitely be huge for for example boosting as well if you’re into gold making as a protection paladin, this is going to be absolutely huge for retribution Paladins we have the divine storm increases the damage by 235 was the old one. And 249 is the new one.

We also have this one right here. So your Crusader strike ability and also until 144 attack power, that was the old one and then you want gives you eight more attack power instead of the old one. The same goes for shamans we have basically like if you scroll down here and you read the entire thing, you will see that a lot of abilities have not been buffed by a slight amount just to adjust it to the new item levels libres damages now 227 instead of 215 Stormstrike 164 instead of 155. And also increases the base amount healed by your chain heal by 257 instead of 243. So they’re basically going around changing all of the items to give you more stuff based on this item level increase, which is definitely a good thing and I can’t wait to see how this will work on all the trinkets as well as for example this one alacrity of the elements increases your haste rating by 542 it will it will now give you 30 More haste rating in addition to the old one. Now there is one thing that I’m kind of wondering about myself and that is for example crafted items on the recipes coming from a lorry are those going to be buffed as well because if we look at for example, these ones right here, we have the sash of ancient power.

That one is absolutely massive for a lot of people and we also have the spells Linnaeus slippers, and we have a lot of crafted stuff with a titan steel as well for plate users. that could be massive in the face itself. So I’m wondering who will these Bo e items also be buffed? Or are they going to stay at 226 item level and have these stats, I don’t think we have gotten any confirmations on just that one just yet. But based on the fact that they are actually buffing the item level, on the items you get inside the reins, I am wondering if they will do the same for BB items. If anyone has any information on that, let me know in the comment section down below. I would definitely be very interested to hear that. And personally, I hope they buffer this as well because some of these items are actually based. Like for example, I think this sash of ancient power is the best in slot for Warlocks don’t quote me on that one.

But there is definitely some best of items crafted items. I think there are some best in slot crafted boots for the case that are very good, not really best, but really, really good. But some of these quests are crafter items could definitely be best in slot, if they are buffed as well as let me know in the comment section down below. If anyone has any information on that. And if we don’t have that yet, then that is definitely something that we should find out before the face comes out. And Blizzard should tell us what is happening here. Either way, that is basically the video guys just talking about phase two in this. This also gives us like an actual, something of a release date, it gives us an indication at least because previously in PTRs have been updated one to two months before the face goes live. And based on the fact that they’re making so many changes in phase two, I do think they need at least one and a half months.

And basically just about two months of actual beta testing, or alpha testing or PTR testing just to get the face right because they’re changing the ultimate level of every single item in the raid. They’re also giving us heroic plus, and there’s so many new things coming in this phase. So they need to take their time. So I’m actually really considering this is going to be like a middle of January, probably really middle January update, which makes me well it goes to my January 12 or 13th suggestion. Let me just pull up my calendar right here so we have January coming up. And personally I think it’s going to be dropping on Monday so January 12 should be just about when the actual patch or face comes out. Either way though, that is the video hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did leave a like down below and also subscribe the channel for more classic welcomes and thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

You can learn more about WOTLK Classic Phase 2 on Gold4Vanilla.

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