25 Phase 1 Gold Investments for WOTLK Classic

WOTLK Classic Phase 1 Gold Investments

The Expansion is 10 days deep now and players need to make proper investments for phase 1 and the upcoming phase 2. See this guide to learn what to take care of in Phase 1 of Wrath Classic.

Wrath Classic Phase 1 Gold Investments

Hello Everyone, Today I’ll share the investments I’ve done in Wrath of the Lich King phase one into pre patch, I started on one of the first servers. And my goal was to farm a lot of gold so I could invest early on and hopefully also make a big profit. So I’ve decided to invest all my gold and we’re talking about a total of 20,000 Gold.

So what I did when I was leveling my character to add was simply to send some gold top and character. This gold I invested into a lot of different materials. And all of these I will share with you today in this video, the first material unvested gold into what’s the Arctic for the reason for this is because right now, I don’t feel like they’re that expensive.

Later on, more people will realize the need these to craft different level at epic items and chance, but also to level that level working. So right now there’s a higher supply because so many people are leveling compared to the demand. But when people need to prepare for the upcoming rates, well, then you will also see more people buying these epic items, and then the price for the Arctic bird will also increase. What I’ve also spent a lot of my golden is the different eternals.

These will be needed throughout all of Wrath of the Lich King. But especially in phase one, when people need to craft their big items level their professions of assemble get different insurance. Sometimes I also like to buy crystallized water shadow or the other ones. The reason for this is because sometimes you can get 10 of these and convert them into an eternal, and sometimes buying 10 of these crystallize is cheaper compared to an eternal. This can for example be seen right here when eternal shadow is 11 and a half gold.

But buying 10 Crystal eyeshadow is going to be less than 10 Gold. So I’m going to save a total of one and a half gold by buying these nonetheless, and the price for channel’s shadow is so cheap right now. And people will soon realize the need these for the profession. And then the price for these will probably be 25 Gold, if not more for each of these. A clever example of this is right here, an eternal hour, almost 45 gold, but if at by 10 crystallized after pay around 27 gold, so you can easily flip gold by buying crystals and turning them into a journal.

So for those of you wondering what I spent my 20,000 gold into, well, I’ve bought at least 1000 Eternal water. I’ve also purchased more than 400 Eternal shadows. And I’m gonna continue to purchase these because right now the price is only 16 Gold. I’m also buying eternal air, but it’s quite difficult to purchase these cheap. I’m also purchasing different route gems, because these will be needed for a lot of different phases before two epic gems is introduced beside this bank character. Then I also have another one.

And this is where I keep all my little work and materials. So of course, all the Arctic I’ve invested into. Right now I’ve got almost 500 of these, and I’m so glad many people don’t even realize that need them badly. I mean, they’re even needed for different epic craft as a letter worker for the next couple of phases. So for example, in older even I see and also to UT.

Hopefully you will be able to invest into these materials before they becoming too expensive. At least I know those of you who have purchased my Gold Making Guide has also known of these investments since the release of Wrath of the Lich King. In the future. I will also work on a face to investments that will be shared in the guide. But yeah, as always, thank you so much for watching and have an amazing day. Peace

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