23 - Heroic+ Get Raid Gear from Dungeons in WOTLK Classic and more

“HEROIC+” Revealed! | Raid Gear from DUNGEONS?! + More | Wrath Classic News Roundup

By WillE: Wrath Classic is finally here. Today we’re gonna talk about the launch experience for World of Warcraft second expansion as well as to recap a bunch of news from recent interviews and some blue posts in the days leading up to launch, but let’s begin with the launch. Unsurprisingly, queues were back for many of the larger realms, but they didn’t begin to start until later than I anticipated. Every single round that was locked in advance of release to attempt to begin to alleviate the inevitable Jews have remained in that state and seeing how things have gone so far are pretty likely to stay that way as well.

What is a Heroic+ In WOTLK Classic?

On my round pie would village we went up to some 12 or so layers and have hovered around that or gone a bit lower since I also experienced the number of crashes on the first few days as well. But that seems to have cleared up though all in all, I think the launch went rather well of course, my RAM has nowhere near the population of the likes of Johannes or benediction. They all have to let me know how it went for you. I picked Howling Fjord as the zone to start in but I didn’t really get too much chance to play on launch as I had other things which I had to do at the time.

I also tried to head over to the Berean tundra to see how things were looking there and for us the boat just completely broke like it didn’t work whatsoever and Blizzard shortly after had to add a manual teleport to the Dockmaster npc and I heard about this happening on a bunch of other servers as well. Since then, despite the huge returning player base, there hasn’t been too many bad bottlenecks either. Thanks to layering. There’s not been too many cases where named mobs have loads of people waiting though some quests do contain some very lengthy RP which can be really annoying that one question the seller of Wintergarden Dragonblight I’m looking at you here.

I wonder if I was anything as bad as that I’ve seen much worse from World of Warcraft launches in the past we’re not going to talk about what happened in Warlords of Draenor here I’m gonna give Blizzard a thumbs up on the rerelease of wrath classic knights getting into some of the news more on the community dubbed heroic plus has recently come to light in an interview hosted by Scotty J and Mr. GM with Blizzard dev Chris their hearts. Heroic plus was a notion Blizzard revealed some time ago because they wanted to keep dungeons relevant and interesting as the expansion progresses and you can definitely make an argument they are already relevant because badges alone will assure that but they eventually become exceedingly face roll more so than they already are either launch state.

During the interview it was mentioned that players will have the ability to increase the difficulty on Heroic dungeons as to exactly how this is done via a toggle outside where you choose between heroic or normal or something else and NPC inside the dungeon or perhaps even extra bosses. That’s the bit we don’t know quite yet.

But what was mentioned is what the bonus rewards will be for heroic plus content this will come in the form of a loot table shifting about beginning when Odawara opens in phase two all 25 Man raid loot from tier seven will be moved to the 10 man raid version instead and the 10 man raid loot will be moved to the new heroic plus dungeon so just to reiterate 25 Man raid items go to 10 Man 10 Man raid items go to heroic plus it says if all the loot is getting moved down one notch though yes a raid quality Lutz will come from these new dungeons old raid quality loot at least once all the wire is out to the best gear in the game will still come from that source initial thoughts for me are well it does seem interesting and I think I like it but I want to hear more about what kind of difficulty this wrote plus will take though I don’t expect it to be very hard by the way because this to me seems like catch up content pure and simple.

Not an alternative to end game like mythic plus is in retail if it was an alternative endgame surely the rewards would reflect that and they don’t. Also heroic dungeons are on a daily lockout so you’re going to be absolutely power gearing your alts assuming heroic plus is daily that is how will raid items be distributed into heroics. There’s no official dungeon journal so is it just the case that players go in there figure it out and then we update Atlas loot.

On top of that good epics are already put in dungeons just not quite this early trial of the champion five more normal is 200 item level that’s like next 10 and heroic is to 19 which is all to our 10 the ICC heroics dropped to three to item level gear two which is equivalent to although our 25 or trial 10 Man also what happens to heroic plus once we are say in the trial of the Crusader patch will they start dropping all the while gear and the content gets buffed then how about the tier 710 Man looters that move back into raids at that point in time? How will this affect GDK PS farming old content for gold will people offer World Tour for epics and pre agreed prices if x item drops?

Definitely a few questions to be asked here on the surface though it sure looks interesting. Also, while are dungeons ever going to be popular, this is gonna make the dungeon group finder tool look really great stats wise by the way for Blizzard If you were hoping they would add the Lfd later on, which I suspected they just might have now that they’ve announced this I’m really not too sure anymore. And that’s even without going into the question of would heroic plus be joinable via a random queue which I don’t think it would you can’t even join mythic zero on retail via the automated system to this day moving on the north Rand adventuring supply bonus boxes from quests and completing normal dungeons as a tank or healer have been nerfed. These have been handed out at a much greater rate than what I expected just through simple questing as a clip of me here opening a bunch of them pre nerf is what blizzards say about the new version.

How To Gear for Raids in Wrath Classic Dungeons?

We’re making changes to reduce the quantity and increase the diversity of items that were awarded by these banks. There is still a chance to drop consumables but also a chance to drop or leather cloth herbs or gems. I was going to comment about these banks before the Nerf because they definitely felt like they were pricing many consumables from Alchemist out of the game.

On top of that the versions of the banks that came from heroics are actually dropping flasks as well which really stepped over the line of something which should just be handed out at random from a rewards bank to anyone you can still get some okay ish items from them and don’t forget they have a very low chance to give mounts obtainable in old dungeon content such as this with white Hawk Strider The Raven Lord and Riven does def charger thing all of this most of the alchemy consumables that you got were things you would use to level your skill rather than items which will be super in demand at endgame and if you are holding on a ton of these banks to do a grand opening when you hit level 80 .Well unless they’ve changed the idea on the banks then that is unfortunate for you, I’m afraid next up we already know that content in next aromas has been buffed in health and damaged by some 30% or just the other day we’ve also had confirmation that South Darien specifically variants of the encounter involving the three drinks have also been buffed quite a bit.

The blue posts as well as soft area now increases his health by 25% with one drink alive 45% with two and 65% with three previous light was just 25 The reasons for this are pretty simple even during the beta when players had some decent blue gear but not Priebus not anywhere near it. In many cases it was already very possible to fall on nuke the boss and ignore the drakes and end the encounter without really having to deal with any of the extra mechanics that the Drake’s are supposed to add. Blizzard wants South Aryan to have such a massive health pool that this isn’t a realistic possibility.

That being said classic plays are very good at optimizing the game and nuking the boss isn’t the most optimal way to collect a loot from the encounter. So I’ve no doubt that some new strategy will make a reappearance fairly early on into the expansion. You’ve probably already noticed this on your UI. It’s been there for a while. But a quick mention to the fact that you can queue for battlegrounds anywhere in the world from the PDP tab on your UI, nice bit of quality of life glad they got that one in for launch.

But speaking about queuing remotely for content, let’s touch on the L F G tool so far, obviously, it’s still early days of everyone having seen this tool and now having had a go of it, and everyone’s leveling at the moment, too. So it’s going to be extremely active. And of course, I’ve seen the posts of people wanting tier six geared or brutal gladiators for guard cheap or Nexus, probably because they’re chained farming, the instance not doing a quest or on this was always going to happen.

What I haven’t seen so far is people saying I can’t find a group for the content at all. And I’ve made the point to use it a few times myself. And there is definitely a huge mix of players in there at the moment from returning people boosted characters to people in tier five or tier six TBC gear. You know, if we had the actual correct to Wrath of the Lich King looking for dungeon, a group of three people would be able to vote kick you if they didn’t like your gear at any point throughout the dungeon.

This wasn’t changed until a hotfix in 2011, which is during cataclysm. I’m not saying the current one is perfect. I’ve criticized it in the past. And I still think it could be improved, as I’ve talked about earlier, and people can and will definitely be toxic with it. They’re always going to be it’s random people on the internet, but the RAF Lfd definitely had its own set of issues that were addressed later on. I think when there’s 1000s of people leveling per server, it’s really easy to say Look how successful and good this system is what will happen in a few weeks time will really stand to test how the community interacts with it. We’re gonna enter this Priebus gearing phase where people reserve items and don’t invite certain armor types.

And we’re also going to have the batch farming phase where people will heavily lean into inviting people who are extremely over geared because they want to absolutely power through the content and just do a world tour of heroics. I think in any event, people are gonna want to do stuff fast because gamers are much more goal oriented these days. And as per usual, whenever this conversation starts to happen again and again, which it always does, don’t play World of Warcraft exclusive Sidley in the punk scene unless your schedule really only allows you to do that find find the guild even if it’s just a leveling guild or a temporary guild. I’ve played exclusively in the punk scene in the past, sometimes you’ll get a great group of people. And sometimes you’ll just find the worst people on the internet. That’s kind of the mix and match you get with an MMO.

And we’ve so many people having similar goals of gearing and leveling at the moment, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a guild that is the wrap up so far back to leveling for me. I hope the launch on your server went well. Let me know your thoughts on the topics that we’ve discussed today. And as always, thank you all so much for watching and listening in and I’ll see you on the next one. Very soon.

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