WOTLK Mage Aoe Leveling Guide level 68 - 80

WOTLK Mage Aoe Leveling Guide level 68 – 80

Hello everyone, and welcome to my reference the Lich King mage every leveling guide.

Can you Level 68 – 80 or 70-80 Fast By Using AOE Mage Tactics in Wrath Classic?

In this guide, I’m going to talk about my talent tree, the rotations, and now eSports. And if you would like to know about vanilla and TBC or Wii Sports, then I also have a guide for that. Anyway, enjoy the video. Alright, so first I’m going to show you the Chilean tree that I’ve made, I spent three points into ice flows to reduce the cooldown of some of the important mage airy spells, then I’ll also have to spend two points into improved Frostbolt.

To unlock the next row. It’s important that you don’t spend any points into frostbite. If you choose this tenant, some of the targets will all of the sudden be frozen and not stacked at the same location. So make sure not to spend any points into this tenant. In the next row, I spent three points into eye shots to increase the Critical Strike damage of my first builds the one to the right or don’t split any points into precision I spent three points into to increase my hit chance but also reduced the manifest.

And permafrost is also important to spend three points into to increase the slow duration, but also the slow amount. The most important talent to choose is of course improved Blizzard surplus that will start to slow. But what you have to know about blazer in Wrath of the Lich King is that the slow is way worse compared to classic NTPC. So it will be a bit more difficult.

So if I’m witless or the next talent that I choose is ICVs. This will allow me to use the cooldown work has faster. And when I do this, I will also kill the targets faster. So I usually do this at the first place. Three points into piercing eyes to increase the damage of my first builds two points into Arctic reach to increase the range of my blissart Three points into plus channeling to reduce the manifest and then three points into shadow to increase the curb to strike Trump’s approach and target.

The reason why I picked this is because you will not only be doing blizzards, sometimes you will for example also do cone of cold and that’s why I also spend three points to increase the damage of my cone of cold. Then you spent one point into cold snap because cold snap is simply just an amazing ability. You don’t spend any points into pros and cons because you’ll not be fighting casters.

Next I spent two points into cold the size to reduce the cooldown of some of the important spells. And the talent to the right Windows CIL is not important to pick. This is mainly a single target talent, it’s mandatory to spend one point into ice barrier. This will allow you to get an absorb shield, which is amazing when you have to do there we pulling I spent five points into attic winds to increase the damage of my fresh build, but also to reduce the chance of me being hit by melee and ranged attacks.

It’s important that you don’t spend any points into shattered barrier. If you choose this tenant, all of the sudden you might have pulled monsters and routed them at different locations. The last tenant point that I spent in the past tree is to get my pet. The pet is amazing because this will allow you to get a second person over. The remaining talents into forestry is mainly for single target and therapy.

So this is good for now. Instead, I spent a few points into the country to unlock a few talents that is going to be important. In the first row there isn’t really any great talent, but I spent a few points into arcane focus to reduce the mana cost of when I use my playing. In the second row however, there’s going to be some important spells. I spent five points into action concentration.

This regret the 10% chance to win a cast a spell to get a clear cast, and a clear casting product will allow me to cast the next bill without any mana cost. Metric absorption is not useful because as I said earlier, we’re not going to fight casters. Arcane fortitude is decent because it will increase our armor and this will be useful when we do the polls. And then I spend three points into spell impact. This is mainly to get reduced mana cost of Arcane Explosion and cone of cold and the remaining points are spent into arcane meditation to be able to reach and manner when I’m casting the blizzard.

The first day we spotted a light to use and where it can start at around 268 is here in Berea and thunder. There’s a lot of different monsters to where we for example, these moments it’s important that you always use your eyes barrier before a pool. If you can buy the pool the new always use a mount else you can use your Icelands to Creek pool.

You can also combine this with for example Fire Blast and countless build. At this point, you should try to stack the monsters and be ready to do a frost number. You can for example use the ice plug to do this or you can just try to stack them and then use the first over once you have made some distance you can use your pet and then cast bliss or your pet has arranged for Snover and this you can use To increase the time before the monsters will reach you.

When the monsters is about to reach you, you can always use a cone of cold and Arcane Explosion. If the target still has a lot of hills, then you could always just frozen over blink away and start casting Blizzard again. An additional thing I like to do when a farm like this is to have skinning because skinning these grants your chance to get an artic for this is a rat kind of liver that sells for a lot of gold.

On a first server, you’d usually sell for around 50 to 100 Gold. But I guess in Wrath of the Lich King classic, we’re probably talking about a couple of 100 gold for each of these. Next to the members area, you will also find these pools here there’s a lot of monsters that you can also pull to make some decent experience per hour. Also make sure to have skinning at this location because some of these you can skin.

Another way you can do the goal is to use a freshen over that new use Flamestrike into a cone of cold. Now you use your pet to freshen over and then you place. But this point you have already done around 50% of the health and damage. So by doing it like this, you will most likely killed the targets before your next dress number is ready.

Another thing that you should pay attention to when you kill these is that there’s a chance a quest item will drop. Make sure to pick this up and start the quest. The last time we spoke to the like to use in Korean fundraiser is at this location with these rhinos just do the same kind of pulling like I did with the other creatures.

Because they’re so stacked. You can also use an act and explosion to target all of them at the same time. This will increase the speed of your granting experience. In case you decided to go to the other starting soon Howling Fjord when you went to Norfolk and then there’s also nav spot for this. Here you just have to pay attention to these because they will leave a bleed on you. So make sure to always use an ice barrier so else you might end up dying.

Another thing you have to know about these is they have a chance to disorientate you, when they do this, you can move and they will try to do damage to and for that specific reason. I prefer to go to Berea and fundraiser at low level. When I get to a rank level 72 I like to swap to Dragonblight. In dragonfly, there’s also a decent farming occasion.

But here you don’t need skinning. Instead, what you’re farming for is club. So in case you’re planning to level your own tailoring this kind of farm will be useful. Nonetheless, in Dragon pipe, there’s a lot of quests, and a lot of screens quest will have a lot of monster stack. So I usually just prefer to quest at this level range.

If you do however prefer to be found, then you could always go to grizzly Hills instead. This is also started at level 72. And here you can do skinning at the same time. near the shore, there will be a lot of different beasts. And these you can pull mainly just pull the wolf but you will also be able to find other kinds of beast.

When you reach level 73 You could always swap to another location in grizzly hills. Up here you will find all these kinds of horses, and some of them are really stacked, so it will be easy for you to find these. Nonetheless, there usually isn’t any people up here and make sure to also bring skinning at this location.

We farming is a decent way to level or will at least a decent way to level and make gold at the same time. But I do prefer to quest also because a lot of the quests you can just do a farm and to really fast and level faster compared to just the farming. Anyway, when you reach level 74 or 75, you could always go up to this location in Sholazar Basin.

Here there’s so many monsters that you can pull. This time you’re not farming for skinning but you’re farming for cloth and other items. The bad thing however, about this location is that there’s so many monsters so when you have done the pulling, you might pull additional monsters. At the same time. There’s also a lot of quests for this area set up might be a lot of competition for the monsters.

But nonetheless, this is a great farming location and not only for mages. If this Burton shoulder sub basin is already crowded, then you could always swap to solo dragons that here you can also find at the same level range, but this time you’re farming for skinning once again. The great thing however, at this location is that there’s usually no people around here. So it will be fairly easy to find this without too much competition. At this point, you should also be level 77.

So now it’s time for you to head to Dylan and pick up cold weather flying. By learning cold weather flying you will be able to get to new locations to continue your farming all the way up to level ad. One location that you can for example go to this year in the Storm Peaks. Here there are so many different kinds of rhinos that you can easily pull together with amendments. Nonetheless, when you reach level 78 I want to use this swap to another location that is way better.

That isn’t icecrown at this location. Usually it can be a bit difficult to start farming here. But you just have to take care of one peg at a time until you have cleared a whole area then it will start to become way easier to continue your leveling and even at level 80 This is such a great way to find gold.

One thing you have to pay attention to when you do this every farming is that they will use a shout that will reduce your movement speed. So if you play a gnome, make sure to use the ratio. At this location you will be gaining a lot of cloth but also a lot of rare items, green items and stuff you can winter right away.

Once you’ve taken care of one pack, it will be a lot easier for you to start a wheat farming at this location. And the great thing about this location is that there are so many monsters so you will be able to continue leveling without any downtime. Sometimes also like to do this as double mage, and when you do this estoppel mage, you will be able to pull way more targets at a time and also kill them faster.

Even when you do destroy estoppel mage. There will still be so many targets at this area that you never have to wait for any response. But yeah, that’s about it for this leveling guide. In case you would like to see other leveling guides or maybe class guides or profession guides for Wrath of the Lich King. Make sure to check out the channel. As always, thank you for watching and have an amazing day peace.

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