WOTLK Fresh Investments end Gold Flips

WOTLK Fresh Investments & Gold Flips

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to talk about the pre patch investments I’ve done before to release up Wrath of the Lich King.

WOTLK Fresh Investments & Gold Flips

And these investments I’ve done on one of the first servers, so of course, some of these items will be cheaper, but hopefully also turn out to be a good investment. The first item that I’ve invested into is this blacksmithing plans. Most blacksmithing guides recommend people to get these assets an easy way to level up your blacksmithing.

So I expect the price for this plan to increase by a lot as we get closer to the release of Wrath of the Lich King. But right now, this is not expensive because many people are leveling so there’s a lot of these showing up on the Auction House and many people are not leveling up like spelling right now.

I’ve also leveled up my mining and kept all the gems that are found. On top of this. I also found some black diamonds cheap on the Auction House and I usually pay around five to 10 Silver each. If you find that your crafter tend to jewel crafter can turn a Black Diamond into a gem and this will wind up at 25 Silver.

So that’s an easy way to make a bit of profit if you can buy it the black diamonds but cheaper than 25 Silver. Another thing that has been so useful for my gold making is to buy and it’ll eat club are always purchases for less than three gold price tag. And when not to fk are turned us into bandages.

When you convert a stack of narrow weave cloth into bandages, then you can sell this for three gold. So as long as you purchase a stack of cloth for less than three gold Walton, you’re making a profit. When I tested this, I started with 10 Gold. And after four minutes, I’ve made a profit of three gold. So it’s an easy way to make some gold if you have to go eat or have to do something else.

In the pre patch the new profession inscription has also been introduced. So what I usually do is to buy materials and get the scriber to craft the Burning Crusade Darkman texts are well the carts. When you’re complete a full set, you can turn this into a deck, and this deck will provide an epic trinket.

And because the Darkmoon Faire is ending tomorrow, well, then I plan to stack up on these decks and then sell them when they’re no longer available, they should increase the price of these decks. So if you can purchase them onto the Auction House right now for not that much, well, then you might be able to flip some easy gold. Just remember that when you have a complete deck, then you need the Darkmoon Faire to be active in order to handle the quest and get the trinket.

Another thing you also need to remember is that these trinkets are unique, so you cannot carry more than one at a time. Simply just send it to a bank character and then go back to the Darkmoon Faire. Oh yeah, and when you’re here, make sure to check the winter because you might be able to buy some cheap materials. Overall, I’ve spent a bit of gold on these decks, but also expect the price to increase as the Darkmoon Faire will no longer be available for a couple of weeks.

This will also give more players time to reach level 70 and increased inflation. What I will do in the next couple of weeks is to invest but also farm raw gold because I will need a lot of this for the first phase of Wrath of the Lich King. If you would like to know what investments I’m planning to do, well then you should definitely check out my wrath of the lich king gold guide that you can find in the description or you can become a member and get early access to this. In fact, you can even watch the video right now.

Another thing that has also been quite useful from a gold making is to purchase the mining sake in hellfire Alliance also has one of these wonders. And because of all the different layers, well then you can easily purchase a few of these within a few minutes. I usually resell these on the Auction House for anywhere between 20 to 30 Gold. So if you for example, have a bank character well then you can place it at the winder for some easy gold flipping. But else I’m mainly just investing into materials right now.

So ores pass, herbs, gems, and a lot of other stuff for all the different professions in the game. When people are leveling these materials are rather cheap, but at some point when more people get to 70 and inflation starts to kick in, well then these materials will also get more expensive.

But yeah, this is also what I have for you today. If you wish to see more gold making videos and other things in Wrath of the Lich King and into pre patch then make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to get notified the next time I post a video. But as always, thank you so much for watching and have an amazing day. Peace.

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