WOTLK Alchemy Profession Guide 375-450

WOTLK Alchemy Profession Guide 375-450

Hello everyone and welcome to my rough the Lich King alchemy Guide.

Fast Alchemy Profession Guide 375-450 for Wrath Classic

In this guide, I’m going to talk about the benefits of choosing this profession. What Burning Crusade materials you can prepare for upcoming expansion to level your profession. And last but not least, what you need to craft from 375 to 450. All right, so as an alchemist has quite a few benefits, for example, flask of the North, this is not consumed when you use it.

So when you craft this item, you will have it forever, and you will even be able to use this inside arena games. You will also be able to learn mixology, which increase the duration and effect of elixirs and flasks. These are the increased effects for the different flask so either more mana for five seconds, health spellpower or tech power.

So level 400 Alchemist you will also be able to learn these three trinkets quite useful for when you’re leveling but also in the beginning when you reach level ad. In case you’re planning to prepare and Burning Crusade then I highly recommend you to head into the red Karason and grant reputation with the violet eye.

When you reach on earth you will be able to buy this recipe and this you will be able to level with in the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King. The reason why I recommend you to power something like this is because the first day so when rafter lich king goes live, there’ll be a high competition for the new herbs, it might be extremely difficult to get to do herbs and if the show up on the Auction House don’t probably also be so expensive.

So by preparing to Burning Crusade herbs, you will be able to reach level 395 in next to no time. For those of you who wish to level with wrath the Lich King materials only then at level 375 You can either be crafting dispel power elixirs, but you could also be crafting to all in my opinion, it’s better to just craft oil. The reason for this is because these you can also use later on to continue leveling your alchemy. For example when you need to craft one of the new flask in Wrath of the Lich King.

At level 300 ad, you have two different options. You can either continue to craft the owl but you could also craft a new potion potion of nightmares. No matter what you choose then you need to do this to level 385 at level 385 You can eat a crafter spirit Austrian Feliks here, make sure to check the auction house price for the different materials and go with the one that is the cheapest for you to craft.

What I usually craft is the strength Alexia because these are easier for me to resell on the Auction House. You will do this for the next time that was at 395 You will be crafting to new Alexia of mighty agility and this you will do for the next five levels. Because atlan 400 You will be able to learn the new alchemy trinkets, the ones that I showed you earlier in this video. At the same time you will also be able to learn to norfund alchemy research.

This allow you to research and discover a new alchemy recipe every three days. You can always do this right away and hopefully learn a new recipe that you will be able to level with but in this video I’ll not be doing it in case I get a recipe that you don’t get. So at number 400 a will 401 You will be crafting to indestructible potions, and these you will be crafting all the way up to 415 You can easily resell these on your auction house because at level 80 They’ll still be useful at level 415 And all the way up to 25.

You can eat a craft indestructible potion a swap to the new mana potions, both of them you should not have a hard time selling on the Auction House and just go with one would eat at the cheapest materials or the highest profit on the Auction House. At level 425 You have two different options. You can either crafted Titanium Bars, but you could also be crafting to transmute fch diamond.

The diamond you can easily resell on the Auction House, but that’s also the same case with the titanium bar. At the same time. Whenever you craft the titanium bar, you have a chance to discover a new transmute. For example, how you can transmit one eternal into a new eternal by the time that you reach level 430 You will also unlock flask of the North.

This requires for frosh loaders so it is a bit expensive, but definitely worth it in the end. Else. You will also be crafting these transmutes to level 435 And at level 435 You will unlock a lot of new flares. These will be expensive to craft. But don’t worry, you will not have a hard time reselling these on the Auction House.

The reason for this is because these will be mandatory for people who plan to read. What you might also notice is that the oil that were created in the beginning of this video will now be needed for this flask. If you’re wondering how far you will be able to live like this, then you can do this all the way up to max level.

So 450 project that’s also valid for this profession guide in case you would like to see guides for all the other professions in rough the lich king or other videos then make sure to check out the channel. As always, thank you so much for watching and have an amazing day. Peace.

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