Making LOADS of Gold with ANY profession in WOTLK Classic

Making LOADS of Gold with ANY profession in WOTLK Classic!

A very common question is what of the professions will make the most gold at launch?

What Is The Best Profession to Make Loads of Gold in Wrath Classic?

And quite honestly, it’s not as simple as saying just go JC and get all the gem recipes. And you’ll be the endgame Jeff Bezos because sadly, that’s not the case. Most of the professions have good ways of making gold and can provide people via the auction house with extremely high demand items to get the most gold potential out of all of these professions.

It is of course recommended to have the gathering professional alongside it be on the same character or on an alt skinning for leather work in mind and for JC blacksmith and engineering and herbalism for alchemy and inscription tailoring and enchant it would ordinarily be paired together. So if you want to get enchanting match, you can disenchant the items you craft with tailoring and remember with tailoring and Wrath of the Lich King, you get scavenging, which means you’ll be getting tons of cloth to convert into enchanting mats.

Having access to a few of these professions over a couple of characters can enable you to do a gold making method called the saronite shuffle. I’ll put a link in the description to the saronite shuffle video, go and check that out after this you might not know what it is. So today we’re going to cover every crafting profession and the best way of making gold with each of them.

In my opinion, starting with opportunities for you tailors aside from the budget set of gear called frost savage which out some people trying to replace some questing gear early on will be willing to buy or even your PvP is looking for an entry level set of gear, as it all comes with resilience and further resilience from a set bonus or even the 200 ilevel pieces that can be crafted to boost people’s gear a bit before walking into tier seven raids. What we’re most interested in are those items that will sell regularly and reliably.

It’s also worth mentioning though that with each new tier of content, you get crafting patterns that will drop in braids, which you’ll then be able to craft a couple of pieces of gear relevant item level wise to the content the recipes drop in, and in many cases they’re extremely strong and highly sought after getting these early and even just charging a crafting fee to people who bring you the materials can be some easy gold.

The key ones are legging chants being brilliant spell Fred and Sapphire spell Fred over these will sell extremely well throughout Wrath of the Lich King and exceptionally well early on when people are first getting their pre railbus. And then let’s hear seven bases cetera, et cetera. And what will make this better is only a limited amount of tailors will probably have the reputation to buy these in chance to get the recipe for brilliant spell Fred you’ll need to get exalted with argent crusade by wearing the tab RG get friendly and running loads of 80 dungeons or heroics.

The pattern for sapphires spell Freddy’s from character and the methods to obtain it the same as brilliant but instead you’ll be wearing to tap out for the clearance or the Blue versions of these are of course also an option being as your spell Fred and shining spell Fred which by the way have an extremely low cost of material to craft hat of wintery Doom definitely deserves a mention as well purely because it’s actually a very good crafted cloth head and a lot of people would happily spend a bit of gold on this early on to get it for a new or even their main because you get the meta gem socket and it should be a fairly cost effective upgrade to tailoring cloths.

Of course another way of making gold even passively if you were just to craft each of them on cooldown because they do share a cooldown but you’ll always get an extra cloth from the particular cloth specialization that you are each require a bolt of imbue frost weave as well as either to eternal shadows lifes or fires.

So you either need to farm the Eternals or buy them from the auction house providing you can make a decent enough profit from the crafted cloth which you absolutely should I ever feel in evenweave will be an ideal one to keep for yourself and we’ll get onto why that is next bags. Every tailor who uses the profession to make gold knows that everyone wants the biggest bags or the biggest bags that they can afford.

A decent price RAF introduces the glacial bag which is a 22 slot bag which is the same size as the gigantic bag so by Harris Pilton in Shattrath for 1200 gold now there’s a few things with this bag you need to bear in mind and something that I think is often forgotten or overlooked in a free point free state.

This bag can only be crafted once a week and it also requires sons of Hoda exalted to even be able to get the pattern on top of these facts. It also requires for mon shroud and for Eban wave which put in the amount of time it’s going to take in cooldowns crafting these cloths aside it will equate to at frost wave cloth 16 Infinite dust eight eternal shadow a eternal life and one eternity and Fred that’s per bag.

That is of course without counting in any cloth specialization but on the basis of ever seven day cooldown, you would expect these to sell for a pretty penny but also never over 1200 gold or people would simply go and buy the same size bags from a vendor I would still see this as a decent way to passively make gold just by an automatic via cloth cooldowns off the ah and craft in the bag on cooldown and then just taking the profit but probably a more consistent and reliable method would be making smaller amounts of gold but from the 20 slot frost we’d bags or even Soul Shard bags and enchant in bags.

Blacksmithing definitely has less to talk about than tailoring because the vast majority of your gold potential comes from actual here you’ll be able to craft a full set of the entry level gear to go into PvP with or even some half decent PvE upgrades from slots missing from those decent quest rewards you can Make a full set of these for holy Paladins a strength set that any strength using DPS can make use of or even tempered items which are for tanks.

All of these pieces of gear you will expect to sell to freshly decked out or people just wanting to get some easy gear before going into heroics. Going even higher than this there are several epics that you can make as well for the price for the materials required obviously take a steep jump here, but they are 200 ilevel and vary from tanking shields to two and a shrimp weapons Holy Paladin boats, DPS heads and so much more.

It would just simply be a case of looking on the Auction House and then looking at what you can craft and seeing what’s going to yield the biggest return for you. The thing is, all of these epics will start to require Titan steel bars which early in the expansion you can expect to have a one day cooldown for miners to make which will limit the amount of items that you can pump out which for me personally makes these particular items less of a regular and reliable income as outlined at the start that we’re actually looking for.

The kind of items we’d be interested in here are things like titanium rods, which is fairly low cost on mats but will be needed by every enchant are on your server titanium plate in which many tanks we want to use. And it requires you to get exalted with Alliance Vanguard to raise your reputation with ease.

It can be from quests or even running level at dungeons in heroics with no faction related Tabare equipped but the big one and the one you’re probably expecting the eternal belt buckle everyone in the game whether it’s a main old second old or 20. If you will wear a belt and during his lifetime it will likely have multiple max level belts and every single one of them only to belt buckle to add an additional socket and material cost isn’t that bad require an eternal Earth water and shadow.

As well as saronite bars this can be quite an easy one at the right time to even just buy the mats, craft the buckles and take the profit obviously you’d always want to check this before buying or just use rested XPS gold or system which will tell you the most profitable things to buy materials off the Auction House and craft cheeky plug link in the description below for blacksmithing though belt buckles would be my focus and anytime you have excess mats to craft a few random pieces of gear do that as well. The same applies here for blacksmithing.

As with tailoring for our each tear, you’ll get some extra recipes such as belt at the times during Ottawa or some forge braces during talk where you can charge a nice fee if you get these early, or actually farm the mats and sell these big items because people will definitely be buying them for the sake of not repeating the same things for all similar professions. leatherworking has all the same things apply to it as tailor and and blacksmithing. Except for the fact that gear is lever or mouth and aimed towards classes and specs like Elemental Shaman enhancement shaman hunters, rogues and Druids.

The key gold making potential outside of all the leather and male items would be much like tailoring with legging shards but this time instead of them being aimed towards healers and caster DPS. It’s for everyone else. What I did not mention for the Taylor anlegen chance is they require a frozen orb which these drops from the last boss in heroic dungeons.

The same applies for the level work in login chance and these login chants are Irvin leg armor which gives you fought your resilience and 28 stamina, your frost hide leg armor which gives 55 stamina and 22 agility and finally ice scale leg armor which gives 75 attack power and 22 crit rate in the main material outside of the frozen orbit. These require Arctic fur and these are rarely skinned from high level mobs. So make sure you have access to skinning to get as much profit from these as possible.

There is only one other thing worth mentioning will ever work in and that would be drums. Drums changed a lot from TBC to RAF because now you get drums at a wild and drums of Kings which basically are just lesser versions of the buff, which you would ordinarily get from a druid or a paladin.

Now these will sell because people will quickly see the benefit of bringing these to a raid, particularly 10 Man raids where they may be missing one of these buffs don’t expect massive gold from these it’s just another little bit of gold potential from leatherworking it will be small profit, but you’ll probably sell lots of them. Of course you can still make ammo pouches, quivers, and even mining bags but honestly I don’t see any of these making regular amounts of gold like your leg armor items.

Well your crafting probably doesn’t require too much explanation you’ll be prospecting saronite or and just making the gems that are in most demand. I’m struggling to tell you much more rarely, you will be able to make rings a next both blues and epics which people will definitely buy for alts or as easy upgrades for their mains.

Because actually things like titanium impact band, for example is not actually too bad. Lots of recipes either drop from specific bosses in heroics can be bought for your Jewelcrafting tokens obtained from doing your daily quests or obtaining damaged necklaces, which is an item that starts a quest that can be bought or sold on the Auction House and get you extra tokens to be able to get recipes and there’s even some recipes that come from specific mobs in the open world. If flying around mining isn’t your thing then just buying saronite or from the auction house prospect in it and pray into orange Jesus or scarlet rubies so you can pump out those big primary stat gems that might be your thing.

I personally loved your craft and for exactly the This remember this as well using the green gems to craft specific rings and then be able to have them deviate from an enchanter or even your own enchant or to get some extra enchanting mats is always a good way lining your pockets.

If you aren’t your craft in checking out the saronite shuffle video in the description that I’ve already mentioned would definitely be something I’d recommend inscription is without a doubt going to be a profession that will be making massive gold at launch and continue to make decent gold throughout. There are so many different ways to make gold outside of the obvious, which is just glyphs.

Everybody who plays will not only be using 12 glyphs, because they’re six for each spec across two specs. Assuming you’ve got your spec, but people will change the glyphs they use situationally meaning glyphs will be bought and sold all the time throughout Wrath of the Lich King classic during your inscription research and getting hold of book of glyph Master is to try and get those big glyphs early on, that not many people on your server can craft yet will mean you get a very big spike in gold early if you’re lucky.

Yes, of course, these recipes will drop in value daily or even hourly, as more and more scribes get these recipes, but you just want to hope for some luck and get really good ones really quick, you’ll see common glyphs learnt from the trainer as low as like one gold and without a doubt early on, you’ll see some of the big ones that no one else has yet going for two to 300 gold at least this market will be volatile and unreliable long term.

So looking at long term reliable selling techniques, things like armor and weapon volumes that you’re in chances on the server will be buying in mass from the auction house or from you directly will be extremely profitable.

So always having lots of these on the Auction House at all times is definitely recommended. You’ll also be able to make a couple of different crafted off hands which whilst I haven’t gone into too much detail about crafted items for any other profession. So far, these are worth talking about because they are 200 ilevel, which is Max 10 ilevel.

But you can actually use them at 77 that you can use these while you’re leveling so many people will buy these for their old switch their leveling that don’t have the heirloom staff or even just a pair with a decent one handed weapon that they have to go into next week for the first time. You know the big one I’m talking about though Donia Darkmoon card of the North. This is such an orangey way of making gold because if you’re unlucky, you could waste lots of match trying to get a nobles card.

Collecting the nobles deck is how you get your diamond car greatness and people are going to be paying huge amounts of gold for this. So even a single card will sell for 1000s of gold. If you have lady luck on your side and cast a few noble cards in a row, you’ll be absolutely rolling in it. If you’re patient and try to trade some cards with people to create a deck you’re definitely going to be sorted on gold for a decent amount of time.

Engineering has never really been one of those professions that is known for its gold potential and in all fairness in Wrath of the Lich King. This doesn’t change too much. There are a few ways of making gold though, but it’s definitely not going to be the best. In fact, I would probably say it’s very close to, if not the worst, of course, getting exalted with either the Alliance Vanguard or horde expedition to make the mount be in the Macondo hog for the Horde or the chopper for the alliance can be away.

But as you can see, the mats are so heavy that this is quite a grind to be able to make and sell it doesn’t really fit into the regular and reliable gold incomes that we’re looking for from each profession. Instead, we will be looking more at things like the Sapper charges which don’t require much in terms of mats. But most if not all, engineers will be using these in raids and you’re hoping that they’re too lazy or just don’t have access to mining to be able to make them their self instead they’ll buy yours off the Auction House.

The same applies for saronite bombs, which you can craft mass amounts of by making boxes of bombs and then selling the saronite bombs on the Auction House. You’ll also be able to make either arrows or ammo which hunters will be buying regularly from the auction house, the amount of gold you’ll make won’t be huge, but definitely should be regular. And for the hunters again, you’ll be looking at things like Heartseeker scope.

The only real issue with this is the fact it can’t be compared to things like the belt buckle for blacksmithing because every single class and spec will want those because they use a belt you’re targeting a very small audience with a scopes a worthy mentioned would also be the guns either the DPS gun or the tanking gun both heavy on mats and you wouldn’t be pumping these out daily.

But you could definitely try and sell a couple of weak Inchon in it is really one of those that self explanatory and there really is nothing outside the obvious thing of buying villains from your fellow scribes or making them yourself if you have inscription on the same character or even Oh, and scanning the auction house for the chance that are selling well and always keeping a nice mix of indulgence on the Auction House. Remember it’s also worth looking at the lower level insurance like 100 health on chest or even Crusader on weapon and anything like that because people will be buying these regularly for their heirlooms.

One piece of advice I could give is it’s always worth looking through this list on popular sites like wellhead and looking at what in chance are recommended on each piece of gear and aiming at putting those volumes to sell on the Auction House for each slot but honestly outside of selling the insurance they’re self crafting things with Taylor and D and and for Matt’s just sell insurance on the Auction House.

You’re sorted that’s in short in a nutshell really and last but not least alchemy alchemy has so much gold potential because not only can every class and spec of all levels make use of your wares, you actually profit off of people’s misfortunes of wiping and raids. So you want people wiping and you want difficult raid content, because the more they wipe the more they’re going to need to buy your juicy potions of speed.

And of course, flasks similar to enchant in what you’re going to be selling is fairly obvious your attack power flask, spellpower, flasks, or even stamina flasks, but there is a tiny bit of luck you need when doing your alchemy research, you really are hoping to get that potion of speed recipe sooner rather than later.

Because it is one of those that’s going to be selling all the time. You definitely want access to a herbalist with Alchemy, but there really isn’t a drop off in gold potential here. In fact, as the game progresses forward, and the raids get more difficult the amount of consumables required go up, and you have more chances to sell them.

Yes, there will come a point where there’s so many alchemists, everyone’s undercutting each other on things like potions or speed mentioned already, but I see him being extremely profitable throughout the entire expansion. transmuting is of course a very lucrative passive income as well. And when epic gems launch, it becomes even more lucrative.

In fact, it’s one of those professions that the more of them you have, the better because turning a blue 20 Gold gem into an epic 100 Gold gem every day just spitballing figures it will of course be amazing before the epic gems just transmute in titanium or even an eternal is the way to go because you can transmute the metal gems like Earth siege diamond.

As much as you want with no cooldown and remember with transmute master these can also prop between potion master elixir master and transmute Master I personally would go with potion master early on and then when epic gems are released during trial of the Crusader, I’d swap all of my Alchemist to transmute masters and that’s it.

I hope you found it useful. Just a little bit of hints, tips with each profession and how you can make golden the key ways that I would make gold with each of them.

If you enjoyed the video, like subscribe, roll the outro there’s lots of ways you can support the channel to keep me here putting out what a Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel was a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you remember when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I’ll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year. Additionally, there’s a patreon link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I’ll see you on the next one.

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