Clean Wrath Classic UI - Minimalistic end Dark UI

Clean Wrath Classic UI – Minimalistic & Dark UI

Any class and there are obviously tweaks that you can do but if I show you the general I don’t need I will link or I will write in the description while the other ones are you can get them most of them offer CurseForge again, I’ll put a link to that.

WOTLK Clean UI – Minimalistic & Dark User Interface

So starting off with let’s go through the actual graphics so you can see here I mean I do like to play on camera I tend to keep it that one I mean if you want a little bit brighter, you can change that maybe from the pre kinda looks nice. Yeah so so you can see here my UI scale that’s probably the most important thing this is what actually moved this up and down so we’ll see and then you know, if I click apply, it gets bigger okay, it gets smaller I type my quite small so I’ve got a little bit more room for my chat box here.

Now every other setting is the same guys like in terms of what you want your FPS and stuff you can honestly have that as whatever you want and then go to interface the next most important thing is actual bars are these turned on our show action bars showed number of pull downs it’s quite nice one actually I should have ticked then you want to go to raid profile so when I’m in a party because I’m a PvP I do love to have these like this.

So what I would recommend is having your use rich style frames and then you can obviously show debuffs show pets as well is cast colors I do like to have that tick and then you know you can display the how how from meaning how percentage health loss you know you can that is generally how I like to have mine then what I tend to do is leave that as is names if I go to names.

This is how I help my child to have the names combat generally this is such as I use it here display show so cloak so helm honestly quite struck in social I have that so yeah, these are these are most of the settings if there is anything you’re unsure of please do just pause the video.

Now in terms of add ons that I’ve actually got let’s actually look at what I’m using so you can actually see now I just want to point out some of these add ons are installed separately in the class folder so the only ones I want you to pay attention to the ones that I’ve got ticked so artlessly back brava I really don’t need that she saw we can turn off bag non so this bag known is what allows me to open up all my bags later tricks plus an amazing I don’t I would not play without this bottle UI This makes everything dark Omni CC.

This is again a countdown timer you can use this it’s very optional you can use this or you can simply tick the feature in your interface play to this is what shows my enemies health bar a lot of options that quartz this is like a module Kaspar questi This is my quest add on, which shows me everything on the map and Six Sigma.

And then I have records that is literally all I’ve got to make this to make this entire UI. So first up, let’s go over the map bike. So how do I get my map bike there so we go to interface Adams and then go to sexy map we can see literally all the options. Now what I’ve got here is I believe I’m using faded square accent I think it’s this one yet so you can see.

So this is a faded square and I just like it I think it looks good. I think it goes with the background and that’s all I’ve done. You can obviously you know what the minimum of 60 map allows you to place there and then lock it once so I can’t keep moving it I mean again you can rotate the map but I just prefer it kind of the way it is and yet I just literally by that I don’t really have anything else.

Now next if we look at how do we make all the bars dark and how do we make you know the pact document thing. So first of all the chat and the bags are separate you literally you just need to go to settings and you look at the sorry, the colors and you just simply send it to this so the same as what I’ve got.

Same for the back here. We bring it all up, click to configure the bag in badnaam color settings and just honestly set it to set it to what I have mine.
Well, I have mine on here really? Color Settings I’m sure over sure I’ve got this well, that’s I can’t remember why oh, your border color background color. So yeah, this is in frame settings.

Okay, so next I don’t I’m going to quickly go through is lottery UI. So really support, simple add on, it’s been brought over to classic. So this is what I play with. I love it, thick frames here and hide indicator, and all this and it just makes it black. And you can obviously, we can do all the other stuff in there tricks plus, and all their tricks plus probably the most important add on here. So I’m going to take the time to go through some of the settings right.

So what I do here is I like to automate the question normally Now sometimes this books and you will have one NPC with two quests, and it will just go to the top quest. So if you do have that, then simply turn this off, and it will fix it. So social, I have it like that chat, I just have chat buttons, it looks cleaner, texts, just hide the error messages are the interface. This is one. So enhanced dress up this is nice enhanced closelog enhanced professionals enhanced trainers, and she’ll play a chain.

Now what this does, is this actually adds a little dragon around your portrait, but sometimes it’s books, okay, so instead of going to say Now, normally this books for me every single time, so you can see that it didn’t have that before and it was set to that. So I think as this starts to get updated for Reverend Lich King, this should be better. Now again, you can manage buffs, you can manage the focus target, and you can manage for him. So I just want his frames from this. And as you can see it as a really nice grid interface.

I play with the PvP stuff sets up my targets, my player is there. An if I was to manage my focus target, okay, I will put it underneath here, but that’s fine for now. system, Max can resume foster auto Lu dismount me and also work you can disable the screen glow. By this disable screen effects.

So just disable screen glow will obviously make everything a little bit darker, which does actually okay, so otherwise, guys, that’s everything for layer tricks. It just makes everything customizable. And just that little bit nicer. So the next thing that I’m going to show you is weak or as we call it is a fantastic UI at the moment, this little combat bow, which is brilliant.

So let me show you how it works. We’ll just go and find an enemy for example. So every time we get combat point, okay, this, this appears. And it’s just such a brainless way for me to track combat points, you know, this would work as a druid, there’s different weakauras I will pull WeakAura in the description, but that’s basically it.

And then I have a shield which appears aside like that, which is also really, really nice. And there are other other items that are used, but I’m not really using them now. It’s just a broad one. And that so I’ve again, all I’ve done is I’ve moved this week, alright, and then I’ve locked in place. weak currency is really good, really configurable, what you do with it.

So the next thing I definitely think is worth mention is play to nameplates. Now this for me is probably one of my favorite things. So if you look close here, you can see when I’m close, you can see the health bar. Now I have completely customize this. So let me show you the settings I’ve actually used.

So health bar appearance, so you can customize everything in this but I’ve kept it simple. So again, I’ve gone with like a clean sort of look. That tends to be my sort of just how I like it. So I think everything is just set to clean clean. And I’ve set the border thickness to the maximum you can see we can turn the downturn observations or show you so can you see Oh, I like that like that.

And look, you can set that to full you can sort of too high I think kind of 1210 maybe is probably probably where I kind of want it. But that is yeah, probably somewhere like that. That looks good. Yeah, so guys, basically this is this was my UI This is I’ve made it though the last where we mentioned is questi. Really simple.

I’ve not done anything you can just see where all my quests are on the map and at the moment I’m questioning what Miss styles are think. Yeah. And final note we’ve mentioned Atlas loot, which is just great. You can just see where to get every props from dungeons crafting. Pay. Yeah, so really good. Guys, if you liked this video, please do comment, like and subscribe. Leave any questions in the comment section and I’ll be sure to get back to you. So what should.

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