YOU Don't want to skip these Borean Tundra Quests

YOU Don’t want to skip these Borean Tundra Quests!

When Wrath of the Lich King launches and you end up in Northland, there may be some quest areas you get very tempted to skip.

YOU Don’t want to skip these Borean Tundra Quests!

This may be because there’s lots of people running around or you’re continuously getting ganked there’s a handful of quests I want to talk about briefly which you absolutely should not skip. We’re going to be talking about each zone in each individual video today we’re talking about Borean Tundra, so let’s not miss about let’s just get straight into it.

The first quest you shouldn’t miss as alliance is called call to arms when you actually start valiance keep in Borean Tundra you’ll go just outside valiance keeping kills and mobs run backwards and forwards for a bit and then you’ll be sent over to far Shire.

This is the first part of the quest line that you’re going to want to complete the first quest starts with actually heading over to far Shire and speaking to Gerald green and it ends with a quest called call to arms where you literally just go and ring a bell and then go back and hand in when you hand in you’re gonna have a choice of three necklaces one is chain of the tolling bell which is stamina, hit expertise and attack power one is indomitable choker of light with intellect stamina, crit and spell power and finally pendant of revolutionary thoughts which is stamina, intellect kit and spell power all three of these necks are one three.

AI level so depending on what you was using at the end of TBC this could potentially be a very very quick upgrade and to be fair, it’s a fairly easy quest chain as well which you know quick firing quests and getting a lot of XP so don’t skip this but horde equivalent quest for this is over on the east side of Borean Tundra as shown here on the map, and it’s to defeat Prince of Alinea and he’s lieutenants.

There’s a few pre quests for this and it also opened some more quests and you’ll need to get words of power done which is to bring high priests novices scroll telecard scroll and under half scroll and you have to bring these scrolls to Chief them when to go at Tong Calais village once you get to the step breaking through this will give you the same next as what the Alliance got from ringing that bell and far Shire. The next one which is horde specific is called return my remains there is exactly the same quest rewards from an alliance quest which we’ll look at in just a second.

But this quest is at the northern end of Borean Tundra just before the entrance to Sholazar Basin and it starts with farseer grim Walker spirit there is a small series of quests here but once you’ve been sent to fasea, grim Walker’s spirit, you know you’re on the right track. And once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll be able to get a nice one with crit and spellpower or a gun if you’re a hunter or warrior, rogue whatever with stamina and attack power.

There’s also a ring for casters, but the main reason I wanted this one on the list is because you actually get an idol as a druid where your mangle as a chance to give 55 agility this will be particularly good if you haven’t got very good gear and you haven’t got the budget justice idle.

For example from TBC same applies for Paladins of a librium where your judgments increase your critical strike chance and as a totem for you shamans, your shock spells have a chance to grant you 94 attack power now you absolutely can get better than these from TBC but if you’ve gone fresh or you it’s an old you haven’t got that much gear or whatever you know, it could be halfway through Wrath of the Lich King. This is a good quest not to miss when you’re doing Borean Tundra.

The Alliance version of this is called Get me out of here and it starts with bunker toggle vault and it’s simply to find them in the cave and escort him out. And this is where all the snowboards are just north of fifth cranks airstrip. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get exactly the same rewards as what we just looked at for the Horde.

The next quests I’m just going to fly over. But basically you want to go to Kodaira as soon as physically possible and get all of the cold data requests done. Do not leave caldera until you’re finished every single quest chain because at the end of most of these quest chains, you will get a quest to go into the Nexus and all of these give very good rewards.

So for example, when you do reading the meters on the Isle of Caldera it will then lead to postponing the inevitable where you use the interdimensional refabricate inside the Nexus this will reward you with some cloth gloves with stamina, intellect, taste and spell power some leather gloves with armor pen and attack power with stamina and agility. Obviously, some male gloves with attack power, int agility and stamina, awesome plate tanking gloves with defense hit strength and stamina.

All of these are 155 ilevel to very likely to be an upgrade over what you’re currently using with TBC we’re still focusing on cold data much like the quest we looked at a second ago where you only had a single quest to do and then the next step leads you into Nexus this does the same so when you get secrets of the ancients to get the glacial splinters and the magic bound splinters this is just from the big tree like dudes walking around caldera.

You’ll then get Quicken into go inside Nexus and get arcane splinters which will reward you with boots this time still 155 higher level so you’ve got spellpower intellect stamina, spirit cloth boots, you’ve got some leather boots with courage and attack power. You’ve got some mal boots with Manipur, five and spellpower some Paladin specific holy boots with crit and spellpower and finally some tanking boots with defense in Dodge, so definitely not worth skipping anything on caldera.

Get all the quests done because there’s more once you’ve started doing the Kara Strawser quest line, you’ll have to collect some mana shards you’ll then have to go to Sarah Ghostess corpse and you’ll use a Power Focus to Lois era gosa you’ll head back to the main camp a couple of times you’ll then go lower Malagos.

And finally you’ll get prisoner of war and this is to go into the next and kill the final boss. It’s worth no in here the amount of worm rest accord reputation you’re gonna get which you’re absolutely going to want to get friendly with all of these reputations anyway and 40.2k experience so doing all the quests on caldera and going into Nexus absolutely worth it, and for this one you’ll get a cape with haste and attack power and stamina or spell power in stamina and spirit or a nice intellect stamina, haste spell power, and these clothes because it’s killing the final boss is actually 159 Iron level have they? No shame is slightly different for the Alliance and the Horde, but it’s to do exactly the same thing.

There’s just some wording differences in the actual quest text itself, which let’s be honest, none of us above it about but basically, you’ll get the quest inside the little shield on caldera and it will send you in to go and get Baron ons research which is a book in the hallway before the first bus again, given a large amount of experience and this time some reputation with the current tour and what you’ll get is a pair of 155 shoulders, some cloth shoulders with crit spellpower in and stamina cured mammoth hive mantle, which is lever shoulders with agility, stamina, current and attack power.

Tundras trackers shoulder guards which have got attack power and haste and these are agility and stamina and finally tundra pauldrons with strength, stamina, dodge defense and some nice block value on your shield. That’s all the quests are the Nexus but absolutely worth making sure you smash cold are out and doing at least one run in the Nexus if not for the XP and the rep. The gear is pretty decent as well.

When you get your way over the deaths stand on the east side of Borean Tundra you’ll get a quest called Finding the phylactery this will lead eventually to last rites and last rites give some really good gear but do be aware it is a group quests so you probably will need some help but it rewards really really good weapons like AXA frozen death which is one free.

AI level with hit crit strength and stamina Korean smasher which is a very nice fist weapon with attack power and armor pen tower of the infinite mind with crit hit and spell power a nice haste spell power staff with in spirit and stamina FURY OF THE RAGING dragon which is a nice gun with hit attack power, agility and stamina and finally Fang of the desolate soul with crit and attack power. So this is a nice rogue dagger 1.8 speed it’s quite a short quest line but just for these items absolutely worth doing worth mentioning that was Alliance only.

This is the Horde version. The old version is a bit of a long story because it’s called Hello screams champion where you’ll be sent over to that torn Calais village again, because this is right at the end of a few different quest chains and you’ll grab it from Garrosh Hellscream and then you’d have to go over to that Tong Calais village again to hand in and you’ll get the same weapons as what we just looked at from last rites for the Alliance.

The thing is this has got quite a few questions you’re gonna need to do so things like the wondrous Bloodsport, which is just to the east of wars on hold untold truths, which actually starts in wars on hold and hell screams visual which is just the intro quest basically two wars on hold and that will lead on to like another six or seven steps. But still, once you’ve done all of these quests which you’re absolutely going to do anyway because they are all in this general starting area you will eventually be led over to toggle a village where you’ll hand this in and get a really really nice weapon.

The final quest I want to talk about is called the assassination of Harold Layne and this is available to both factions and it starts at Camp data so you want to do all the quests at Camp data if you’re an Achievement Hunter because there is an achievement called data as little pitter as in pain in the yeah it does suggest free players but you’ll absolutely be able to solo.

This no problem but you get a really nice ring quite early on and to be fair the quest chain as a whole is a really easy and decent quest chain to complete but yeah the rings you’ll get his activist signature of blast in which is stamina, intellect, haste and spellpower ring of indignant rage which is stamina hit crit and attack power and band of wholesome preservation with crip Manipur five and spellpower with some intellect on but all of these are one free aim level.

So again, a really decent eye level for a blue ring, basically that you’ll be able to get 6869 if he was going in there pre 70 You’d be able to get it done pre 70 And that’s all the quests that you don’t want to miss in Borean Tundra if you want to see all the other zones because I will be putting these out periodically between now and Wrath of the Lich King launching. Make sure you hit that subscribe button. Like the video it helps more than you know.

Check out rest of XP in the pinned comment and roll the outro there’s lots of ways you can support the channel to keep me here putting out what a Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel was a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you remember when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I’ll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year. Additionally, there’s a patreon link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I’ll see you on the next one.

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