Goldfarms To Do While Leveling in WOTLK Classic

Goldfarms To Do While Leveling in WOTLK Classic!

What is up guys, and welcome back to another Wrath of the Lich King classic video.

Goldfarms To Do While Leveling in Wrath Classic!

So today we’re gonna be talking about gold farming. And more specifically how we’ll be highlighting a couple of gold farms that you you can do while leveling up in Wrath of the Lich King classic. Before we do that, though, I want to chat about gold forming in general, and talk a little bit about that.

So the first thing that I want to say here is that if you’re looking to make the most of the gold possible, then check out my gold guide. Okay, never mind. If you want to make as much gold as possible, well, you want to rush to max level, you want to get to level 80. That is where the moisi gold is to make obviously, like you can do more farms, you can go back into your lower level farms more efficiently as well.

So by getting yourself to level 18, you’re unlocking so many more possibilities within gold farming in general. So the number one advice would always be to get to level 80 as soon as possible. But I do understand that not everyone can take time off work. And not everyone can or wants to play the game for 19 hours every single day, just to rush level 80 To take advantage of well, less populated zones, less competition for gold farms and all of those things.

Basically, when you love lating, you can go to higher level sounds where there’s generally less people because not everyone is no life in the game. So by getting to level eight, if you’re fast, you can take advantage of gold farms that nobody else can. The same thing happened in TBC. And where if you just rush to level 70 And you roughed up your engineering, you could farm gas clouds for 1000 Gold did away for the first one or two days before the gold drop and drastically went down to 500.

So by getting to mass level faster, you can literally make twice as much as other people would. Okay, so with that being said, let’s talk about some gold farms that you can do while leveling. Because if you if you can’t rush level 80 And let’s say you’re playing three to four, maybe five hours every single day, it will take you a couple of days to get to level 80. And you might want to form some gold while the materials are at peak value. So in this video, I’ll be highlighting my favorite forms to do while leveling up.

So you can do those as well. Now before we check that out, though, I do want to say that I have a lot more and better gold funds in my gold guide that you can check out through a link down below. This is a gold guide I’ve made specifically for rock classic containing gold farms investments, how to make all the professions class specific gold farms. Pretty much everything you want to know about gold forming should be in this guide.

And I’m continuously updating it as well and you will also get the updates for free after purchasing the guide. Additionally, once you purchase the guide, you will get access to a guide exclusive discord survey. With even more gold making information. The investments as well as some of them have literally went up 15 to 20 times in price after making the guide. So you can be sure I rest assured that some of these investments are insanely profitable.

So if you’re looking for investments, gold farms, or general gold making strategies and gold making methods, check out that guide through the link down below. Okay, now let’s check out a couple of gold farms to do while leveling. So based on where I’m standing right now, some of you might know where this is, and you might be familiar with the farm, but it’s located right here in the Howling Fjord.

I am recording this on the beta right now before the game comes out. So I haven’t really explored everything here, I just went straight to this form right here. So here we are performing in Holifield, I’m on a level 70 character I could have made the level at pre made, but I just copied over my character from TBC to the beta.

So I can test this one out for you only level 70 character and so you can see exactly how easy this one is. So over here you will have level 69 elementals these are basically Lurker elementals whatever you want to call them, so any class can form here and you will make it gold as any class.

That being said if you have herbalism you will make even more so as a quick example here I can kill one mob just to try to give you an idea of what the limit is like so let me just pull a couple let me pull a couple instead of just hitting one because I can just Starfall and then you can see the roughly what kind of loot you can expect to get from the farm the farm itself self is pretty easy, as I said earlier in the video, so you can read them down you can single part yet doesn’t really matter. If you do a reading like I’m doing right now you might pull some of these guys so keep that in mind.

And they are they’re flying above us if you do Starfall like me then yeah, chances are you might have another one or two of these. It’s fine though and every now and then these spores will keep you in combat once a year and that’s fine by me. So here you can see the Luthor I’m getting some of them are selling for raw silvers.

The adults aren’t working on the beta right now so I can show you that part. But when I can show you is that after killing them and after losing them, you can gather them with herbalism you can see that even without herbalism you were getting gray so you getting gray items you’re getting new weapons like I just got here weapon that’s probably vendors for A couple of goals right here, the Dollar Shave. And by gathering them with herbalism, you get even more herbalist and stuff.

So to crystallize live from one minute, I got one from one Brutus one, so you can potentially get three to four chrysalis life from one mob here. So herbalism gather them like that every now and then you just get a gray item as well. But you sometimes get a newest render herb or crystallized life. Now the one thing he wants to get here is the chrysalis life, like eternal lives will be insanely valuable in phase one, even phase two as well really, but especially early on, this will be solely for autonomy.

So this form right here insanely valuable, you can do it as any class with any professions. But if you do have herbalism, I want to say that it will probably be twice as efficient. So definitely, if you do have herbalism, go and check this one out. Okay, and let’s head on to form number two, you. Okay, so for from number two, we are now switching sounds to the other side of Northrend, because the previous one was in Howling Fjord, but not everyone will be starting in Howling Fjord.

Some of you might be starting in boy and tundra. So this one is in boy and tundra. And over here, it brings the picture combining two different forms into one form together. So it’s located all the way up here around the board Gourock, outpost, right at a lake here. So over here, you have a bunch of fire elementals, and water elementals. So you can see water elementals, fire limitless, and they’re fighting against each other as well. So you’re obviously farming for crystallized water and crystallized for you.

There’s a bunch of these available, I don’t know if they are connected to a quest, they probably are. But you can find tons of them up here. There’s so many of them. And they will just keep on spawning, they are fighting each other. So sometimes you get them as low health as well. So you basically get some help by them fighting each other. It is the perfect form for anyone without any specific professions. Because no professions really help you out here.

There’s nothing that really helps you. There’s no gathering and nothing really. So I’ll just pull anything, the one thing is that you will have some mining veins around here. So if you do have mining, well, you have an additional reason to actually be here. But for the mobs themselves, there’s no professional requirements. And hiring professionals don’t even have to enhance the farm at all.

So here you will see two fire elementals fighting against one water elemental. And you can see there’s a bunch of elementals available at this location. Even if you go down here, you will see even more mentors in the water as well. Tons of water elementals around the place and fire elementals up here. The one thing to be aware of is that if you’re playing a mage, and you’re a frost mage, you don’t want to stay away because you’re was responsible for damaging the water elementals and vice versa for fire mage and Fire Elementals.

So keep that in mind if you’re playing a specific class with a specific type of a fire or water damage a spell. But yet other than that, it’s a very good farm definitely worth testing out for both chrysalis and water. And if we select fire that will be turned into eternal life and not eternal life, eternal water and eternal fire.

Okay, this next form is very low key. And it’s once again based on having herbalism. And you can combine this one by having skinning and herbalism. So if you have both of those, this one will be great for you. Either way, if you just have one of them, it will still be great. So we’re looking at over here at the origin stand right to the right affordance standard, there is one quest that is location.

But outside of those quests like people don’t usually go here. And a lot of people might choose to skip these quests as well, just to do the easy price of this song before moving on. So over here you have some mossy RAM powders and these are once again most elementals that you can kill and gather with herbalism. So if you kill one of these, you can get a crystallized life and you can get some Northlanders just by looting them.

And then by having herbalism you will get even more precise life and even more northern herbs as well. So herbalism twice as much loot from these guys. And you will also see there’s a lot of beasts around here. So these crystal bacillus, they can be skinned. So you can kill these guys and skin them for additional loot and the chance of getting or thick fur and so if you have both skinning and herbalism you can literally pull the multiple of these and add them down in huge and in huge bursts.

So right here you would have like your four pool you have two Vassilis, actually three ballistics and one of these guys. So if I have mob pool right here, and then you just do the same around the entire lake. So you will have these guys running all the way up and down the lake just clear out the lake and they should start responding. Alternatively at the launch of wrath we will most likely have layers as well. So you can clear out layer one then dump the layer two just as an example.

Next up we’re going back to basics nearly no professions we have a crystallized the fire slash eternal fire forum. So your look Team for these guys right here in the seething revenants. They are located at fjords anvil all the way up here in the Storm Peaks. So all the way northeast in the Storm Peaks, you do technically need flying to get here. That means that long when you do get to the zone if you’re level 76 Plus, and you don’t have flying yet, so you’re gonna go to K three, get yourself a borrowed flying mount.

And then you can use that in Storm Peaks to fly yourself up here. So you can start forming here the second you get to level 76. That being said, they are level 80. So keep that in mind, it might be difficult for you, but if you reach somewhere high levels semi fast, you can start going here before people go here to do dailies.

Yes, these guys are connected to the requests. So this is a gold form that will really be worth it if you get here fast. But if you are here when people do dailies, it might be difficult for you to get tags, they are located right here at the unveil itself and all the way around to the east of the Nephilim. So when I’m flying out here, you can see this one over here. And there’s a couple of them on the ice over here as well.

So literally just flying laps up and down and hunt for these guys. Alternatively, use its highest macro, and you will find them all over the place and be aware of these big elite giants, they are very annoying and they they they do tons of damage. So be aware of those. Okay, so those are quite Those are four gold funds you can do while leveling up. Once again, my recommendation is always to get the max level then start worrying about forming gold but there is a huge argument to be made here.

For if you can only farm a plane for three to five hours every single day. You do want to farm some gold while the materials are in very high demand and they will be in very high demand in the first week of wrath. So by capitalizing on them being in huge demand, you can make a bunch of gold while leveling up to level 80 You can literally smash two birds with one stone and form a lot of gold and get some experience while doing it.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed the video if you did leave a like down below. Let me know about some other gold farms that you would like to see in this video in the comment section and subscribe to our channel for more Wrath of the Lich King classic content.

I will be uploading a lot of gold farms as we move into wrath and I will be streaming it as well as if you want an early insight on which farms I’m personally doing. Then follow me on twitch The link is down below. Okay, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon. Peace out.

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