A Shadow Priest Guide for WOTLK

A Shadow Priest Guide for WOTLK

So last night I was sitting in bed and I did something insane I went online and I checked out a shadow priest pve guide.

I Read a Shadow Priest Guide


I was under the impression that I was doing a pretty good job you know I was sometimes reading the discord and I kind of knew that you’re supposed to dispensary nightmare but then guess what? I was completely wrong let me show you so this is the survival Hunter AOE rotation you apply harpoon you use kill command you activate grenade assault use wildfire bomb carve kill command and then you proceed with your normal rotation.

Okay and then demon hunter in a we have a rotation changes very little most of high priority abilities come with cooldowns and naturally cleaves on their own. So demon hunter basically has the same rotation What about red Paladin?

Where’s everyone when facing multiple enemies you will be using most of the same rotation as above, except that you will be replacing the Templars verdict with divine storm this Sherlock, conflagration of fire cataclysm. That’s a three gas wind filter, whatever he puts put him down Castile in shock Cassville spirit cast crushed lightning cast Lava Burst.

That’s it. That’s it was what? And then we get to Shadow Priest here we have like a little basic introduction into the Shadow Priests, the PhD analysis. So we have the two, three targets priority, and there’s your rotation, and then you have the four to six target priority, and there’s your rotation. And then if you have 630 plus, then there’s your rotation. What the heck is this? Apparently I was doing it all wrong.

This is just a mess. What are we looking at what so I need to calculate how many targets I have. And then based on if your invoice form you have one rotation, if you’re not invoiced from you have a different rotation. You got to sync voids form with your Power Infusion, but not always, because sometimes you just gotta want not want to sync them.

Your rotation also changes whether you have Mindbender up or not, which is a one minute cooldown. So you have like three rotations that change based on how many targets you’re hitting. So then you got to calculate the number of targets, how many cooldowns you’re committing, got to know what’s coming next. And I was just sitting there and just spamming minds here and seeing nightmare. And I thought I was doing pretty good.

But basically now that we’ve done the research I’m pretty sure I’m ready to unlock my truest and final form. It’s kind of sassy how and PDP SP has like the opposite strengths of what it hasn’t be in PDP have good CC have good utility kind of good ish sustained damage in PvE you have to rush to see pretty bad utility pretty bad sustained damage.

You have really good cooldowns like you’re really strong with cooldowns and then cooldowns are down they just mindlessly. So it’s kind of a kind of a bit a bit weird. No wonder a lot of people are saying how do you play this class again? My brain is sore. It’s okay. I shall suffer and you shall laugh grim rail oh my god grim rail depot 21 Chat do you do with their commits the worst hardest possible dungeon in the frickin game?

This might be it you know, I’m down to try this giant juicy key. And we’re going to time it. We’re going to start a group we’re going to beat the timer. We need massive chunks for this one. We need la creme de la crop we need the best of the best but they can’t be doing more damage the knee because that is unethical banner bearer Hey my helm glows. I am not impressed by your shiny helmet but I will take you because we need the content I think is really clicked I actually on ironically think it clicked with these things are overpriced as heck I’m getting poor like rebore like really really poor homes. There’s a lot more that’s a big boy that is that is a that is a big boy.

He’s best Greenville depot is to a level 16 surely surely we got this guys we need a tank and a healer. I want the biggest tank to apply. Now apply now. I’m inviting three to one now. Okay, I want someone to apply now. Oh, oh, we worked. Wow. You that’s that’s ethical. That is crazy. Holy. We got some giant we have a Bloodlust Oh, I have 15 drums I can bang the drums can’t believe I’m back in this dungeon. I said I’m not gonna make this dungeon and yet here I am.

Oh, we have good food even I’m gonna give tactile eating and we’re gonna try our best at the end of the day. The most important thing is we need to stay positive. We need to be positive and we need to not leave if we wipe on the first pack. Okay. are we sending another word.

Okay, everybody popped over cooldowns and I was sitting there waiting. It’s fine. Let’s go chat. Big damn this is what I’ve been practicing Okay no, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I don’t have a nightmare. I don’t have to do a nightmare. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. Please don’t you have?

Yes. Thanks to Tom’s It’s okay. It’s okay. No one’s gonna notice chat just okay it’s fine. Okay, I’m back. Let’s go gamers. Okay. Yes, I kept my haste as well. I think they lost the haste. Now it’s perfect. Okay, okay, it’s We’re in. We’re in. We’re in. We’re in Okay, okay, okay that’s what I’m talking about. What is my advantage?

Or no? Okay, we have big cooldowns next pack. We absolutely demolish it. I can see that this tangent sucks. Why is this? Why is it like this? Am I doing good? My pumping? I’m kind of keeping up at the end of the day. Why? Imagine if we kind of have 21 that will be so insane.

I have big cooldowns if we pull the boss in five seconds. We don’t it’s going to suck a little bit. Okay, if we pull right now I have to do Wait, what the heck? What is happening? What? Wait, what? How can we do this? What kind of trickery is this? The boss right there though. Is this is a dangerous game we’re playing Don’t try this at home. Well, I’m a trained professional.

No, I didn’t I first voice I first I didn’t mean to press boy. Oh my god. I messed up. Oh my god. I messed up my cooldowns are doomed. Everything’s No no, this is so bad. This is so bad. We need to pull literally now. Literally now. It’s over. My mama. It’s over. It’s over. No, it’s over. I don’t even know how to fix this anymore. Like it’s unfixable in 40 sec.

Now. I need to find the personnel. I can’t wait there’s no shadow right? I’m gonna wait to die I guess. Want to wait 40 seconds Imagine holding a cooldown for like a minute. This is not good. But you know what? We shall persevere despite this little incident.

Don’t freak out chat. Okay, we have cooldowns in 20 seconds. We’re gonna blast we haven’t freaking brace on it too. And we’re gonna actually like pop off hard here already. And two seconds after this. moslem Okay, no, no, no, no, no. keep popping everything and recovery still. Thanks. Or not thank no one died. That’s fine. Okay, I’m helping you with damage and heals.

And ironically pumping. Finally, bomb bomb from this guy now. Slam Dogit and easy collaborated shirt just like that would top damage. Okay, that was a big mistake. But at the very least we beat the tank. So we take those. It’s a big W in my book. We’re actually doing it. I can’t believe it. Nobody died. I mean, one person died.

Can minds I remember two targets we still mine play. Okay, these guys are almost dead. So we’re actually going to save the next Mindbender and unholy Nova for the next pack that’s coming. I’m actually starting to learn the patterns here. I’m starting to see more. I’m evolving. Why am I under the tank though?

Question? A this is where we pop off. My VP everything. And now we’re just minds here. This train is so like stupid. Why are we in a just we need to get out of the stream. We need to derail the train somehow. Although it’s really annoying. I can see the improvement compared to last time.

I can kind of like I know where I’m going. I’m not dying anymore. Not sending an AoE not too bad. Guy big cooldowns here. Huge damage and pumping on hard. No cap. Um, to your 40k DPS take a screenshot. I don’t know what we’re talking about. I’m doing tank time healing time. This dungeon sucks. I don’t want to be an AoE I don’t know how I can not be near we have too much insanity. Just too much too strong.

Top down again. With tanks second highest. Something’s very sassy with tanks. Can they do this marina like what’s stopping them from doing missionary now? That’s a big four. It’s really good though because I’ve been called on strike now. Please don’t let me die somehow.

I don’t wanna die. So Michael those chat it’s so much right every single color in the game. That’s an actual tragedy. It’s fine I didn’t press void for him. So in a way it’s fine. It’s not fine because now they’re not even saying I’m pressing it now. It’s fine.

Okay wait I gotta calculate how many targets we have so that I may do perfect rotation 12345677 Whatever it’s seven I think I just mind you Yeah. I’m freaking brazier Oh my god. Thank almost died. Thanks for Thanks for sleep. Fading we kill Yes, we killed something. Yes, we killed the because the big demon.

We’re fine. We’re fine. We’re fine. We’re fine. We’re fine. We’re at 11 stacks. We did it keeping the team morale. above zero. That is Shadow Priests main objective. We kill the big demon. We have cooldowns back in 20. We’re about to pop off. Let’s go after watching sanity fix the game. Yeah, so mythic plus is fun. I would like to divert your attention from me dying to the DPS meter. Alright, since it’s a fortified means bosses are easy. Surely, again, if we play our cards right, we can actually end up being taught damage by the end of this.

I just need to get the cannonballs there I’ve done this a million times. I know exactly how this goes. I’m on it. I’m pumping look at the pumpage I witnessed the pumpage Okay, I’m not going to cheat I’m going to let the others do the thing I’m just gonna chill here I’ve the things I’m gonna lie inside like oh I can I can stay here I didn’t know this is like a little box that stops me from going backwards. Oh that’s really good. New Tech Yeah, yeah, look you just stay here.

You can’t really like turn your camera on maybe I should play with no UI no that’s not the plate no no don’t blow it no you I owe the healer died all problem why am I healing you know? The beginning says the deacon is the res BK please please rise? It’s an easy boss. Yes, yes. Yes wisdom. We think the thing is taking the thing No Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t healers that. No. I can my freaking brace on top of us we can do this. We can do this. I’m hoping we got this.

Don’t give up don’t give up. Healers alive. We’re back. I’m pumping like crazy. Crazy. We need to think the cannon though. Oh my god. It’s first and I think the camera give me something. I gotta think I don’t think I know I got the wrong one. Come on. Someone has to have good. Can we shoot the thing should Out. Out. Okay, wait, there was a boss. That was the boss. I didn’t even know there was the boss. Or I don’t know how to happen.

Let’s go gamers. Okay, that requires juicing and I don’t have juicing one of my freakin brains though, because I noticed Plex sucks. Kev just now I’m just thinking. Just think big, big big, big, big. Oh my god, I’m gonna smash damage. Testing everything is on my team. I’m doing so much damage all my goodness. I’m actually ready. I’m ready for Keystone hero.

Now assume that doesn’t make operations which is very sad. Because operations like are the coolest looking thing for Shadow Priests by we have how many targets? Are you trying to calculate the number of targets?

It’s like four or five. I think I’m supposed to VT here because I’m not involved the former VP, the elites only. And I press my cooldowns my one minute series Shadowfang do something. How are we going to time this four minutes. If nobody dies, we might time it. We might time a 10 to one chat. I don’t want to I don’t want to like put anyone on the edge here but we might time at 21 Key not a key, a verkeerd we might time a third key.

We have blood was coming in three minutes. I have all my CDs. If I press all my CDs on the bus, and then three minutes to Bloodlust I’m gonna have them back again. That’s perfect. Last Barstow it’s easy it’s easy.

Eyes are open. I’m ready to pump my mind seriously it was insanity. Oh my god I’m gonna pump some like crazy. Let’s go perfect rotation kind of perfect is not perfect. And to look at the boss Okay, I think it’s at me yeah it was me up trying to take me out on these severe not not at me traveling me. Hey, we’re gonna get here. You’re gonna my freaking brace. Paying attention the boss spear not only opening the eyes.

Pour gas has primary. Just don’t make mistakes. Just no mistakes. No design. Oh, that was a sphere. Oh my god. That was a sphere. Come on. Let’s kill it. Let’s go. Bloodlust gonna have 20 seconds. I mean, it’s fine. If we don’t wipe we get it right. Oh my god.

What were you Blind PPMD oh yeah yo, there was no spot I got surrounded. I sacrificed myself and at the end of the day, the Shadow Priests POV stays the same floor Pavel. I was sick I shouldn’t say Now, overall, not too bad more than the tank overall, I’m actually just I can’t believe the tank does as much damage as me what?

How is the timing 17k I mean honestly 21 Is not that crazy, but this dungeon does gotta take better care of your Shadow Fiend I think that’s what I was doing wrong. I was just only seeing nightmare. And now I paid more attention to everything else like my mastery paid more attention to my shadow flame apparently is more value than three nightmare on five targets. I didn’t know that back.

Am I supposed to know that? I’m just I’m just pressing. I have like a bunch of ways to do damage and how do I know which one’s best based on how many mobs there are? It’s simple. Just get a PhD in Shadow Priests.

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