Why Shadow Is The REALEST Spec for Priests in WOTLK Classic PvP

Why Shadow Is The REALEST Spec for Priests in WOTLK Classic PvP

Let’s try a little bit rather than Lich King Shadow Priest arena, and we’ll see just how good or bad it is and this kind of poopoo gear, everyone’s wearing the same gear everyone’s wearing blues, so some classes do better in bed gear some classes do worse in bed gear.

Shadow is a REAL SPEC in WotLK PvP


Some classes scale better with gear. I want to inhale some copayments a Shadow Priests will scale a lot better once I have more haste and more gear. But I’m not sure I know warriors scale like crazy. And I think decays are kind of good in blues.

So the first thing to notice is Shadow Priests doesn’t go home anymore. The minor problems are behind us well not entirely you can still go home but it’s very it’s not that likely to go and allegedly I have a lot of defenses now.

You know, I have a disarm I have a dispersion I have a passive empiric embrace. Shut off it is a three minute cooldown dispersion is 1.5 minute cooldown. I have a freedom so I should be more though. So we’re finding at least one rogue Of course. Let’s see how this goes. I fear I have this arm I can disarm the Okay, so it’s fel Robot Fighting that was really good okay I’m gonna nutshell I think at this view the rogue and if he trinkets like disarm him and the feral cannot kick me from here but I’m probably dead I’ll disperse here because the I think man I was a bad dispersion because the row got stung.

I’m going to shut off in them Okay, that’s a really really good Shadow Fiend because he’s just my shirt off is that I can the wrong person but I learned my lesson the hard way you’re still supposed to play it kind of safe you know at the end of the day I am still a Shadow Priest want to shield my guy rows kind of dead and I’ll show you an insane burst Okay, so I didn’t do much there but at least we’re alive okay.

The problem is dispersion doesn’t heal you it’s definitely more punishing you got to kind of know when to disperse a little bit better which I kind of snuck out i It’s hard for me to like evaluate how much damage I’m about to take because I haven’t played the game much we’ll get there you know.

Nice Did you also I learned that the hard way that you need a pillar as a Shadow Priest it’s not like retail where you can just go in press you know fade disperse the top yourself it doesn’t work assigns the priests priests in the middle of the map this is a big mistake. This is a big goal we can do you can shut off in and then you can spend the orange flag and he disperses want to forward here your him mindless Nivaran play again and again and again. And again. This is so much bursty.

Do you shut off in any spam you already blog gamsat I can’t drink it SAP but he shouldn’t blink port back port back please nice Why am I feeling worried my zero head actually dotting I’m triggering this shielding my guy I’m dating this guy. What? Okay, I need to heal No. I don’t think his cloak because he has no dots. It must have been because he already called right on this first year because he was shutdowns.

Musharraf is fk shut off in gogogo he closed something he closed something I have a fear I can feel him if he stays here. I don’t know why he sat next to me. Oh yes drink that’s why I’m a dwarf and hailstone and suck him okay proxy that thank God I didn’t have him. Nice. Maybe I shouldn’t have fear the warrior during warrior not the movement doesn’t do anything. Okay, we’re fighting the same team warrior and Rogue.

But this time I have a healer so I don’t see how we can lose if I have a healer right. I’m gonna fear them. We’re gonna press some buttons. I’m gonna disarm the warrior. I’m triggering this I guess. Trying to get the thing from the robustness possible going to remove all my blades and try to both Dakota I read about if I get bopped I’m going to be very happy nice I got a bob sick he was given a shadow foenum and nevermind I should have given him a few award I didn’t think about that.

I’ll give it now a little bit late but it is what it is. Nice Hodge is where he’s in big trouble I can just turn the volume flag at this point I’ll fear the rogue I can just spam the volume plugin Killam full mana I can disperse every minute.

I have him have hope I have replenishment every time I Mind Blast I have MS every time my Mind Blast I have freedom every 20 seconds. The class is full chat we have everything I’m pressing my son more of like a first on more than for the disarm. And I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to use this for this are more because 10 Second disarm sounds better than a three second standard.

Why is a feral on literally every enemy team I get. I haven’t seen one in a long time. He said well, they’re coming trust me. Chad the sales are coming. We’re going to be fighting a feral this game 100% He was right.

It’s a federal road probably. I want to stay next to my guy. I’m gonna fear fear both oh it’s two Farrells What the heck is happening? Okay, we’re gonna kill this guy now. I’m going to disperse and they’re going to bleed me up into dispersion and I’ll dwarf ratio when I come out. Okay, I’ll do a facial now.

And I’m trying to like blast this guy. Now I should probably not stay where I’m staying but it is what it is on nice deep freeze I can spend the morning plague on the mouth and he just dies Okay, we have mage Hunter.

They have no heels so if my mage wants to just try harder with the game just let me dot them and they will die at one dot lining that trap of course sounds mage disarm this guy in a trigger this is our hunter fear the mage I’m going to death the sheep guys just dead reporting plaguing bit spelled my guys sheep lining this filming myself is like not very fair. Okay this first now we’re gonna seal doesn’t have CS hopefully should be hands off the keyboard wait what the bracing suddenly?

Oh, I need to say the first wait. I clicked it clicked hard chat. Fade gives me like pushback. Immunity. Oh Come Come, come. Don’t get me. We have one solid shadow with pain on a dk. It was a chap right there.

Oh, this is the wrong trap. I graduated. I don’t want to get gripped. Okay. It was just this burst because suddenly I lost my entire HP and I’m not happy about that. I want to keep them in London. My Hunter the hunters like on the other side of the map.
I’m just dead oh god I’m doing the thing, please. I’m silenced. Please, tick, tick, tick. Tick. Yes.

One more tick. No, he kicked me again. Jesus. shackling this animal please. I don’t even know where to hunt feral is. Whiskey is almost dead though. Kill them. Okay, we gotta wait. We’d be different. He died.

Nice. We live. All we need to do chat is just live reduces casting channeling lasbela by 70% when casting any shadow spell, or so the only way it works is if I speak into Marty Radom we’re playing with an LE Charmin dubbing us as this sed want to play the game and I’ll see you the pet now.

We’re just we’re just killing them. What guys play le salmon in Lich King. Okay, we’re going to ask the mage and say we’re killing mage. He blocks sick appearance sounds me mica cheap nice good silence sci fi in the spelling shield. I shouldn’t get it as sounded VK shield my guy I need to click on like a support here.

My major focus I can see if you can see the sheep in the cycle the gargoyle I’m getting sheep nice nice nice nice he started so good. Now he just went where he’s dying his friend Jesus Christ you’re taking so much damage.

I’m helping no shot buckle hi this is Chad. This is Brandy so myself gonna put the shield up and now we’re going to fully dot him nevermind we’re going to shackle his pet I think with his first year of silence I don’t have a lot of mana. I don’t have a lot of will to live if we fake it down.

Nope, I fear him hopefully doesn’t have much for him. He has shrinker
dude what this guy was a monster look at his damage 8000 But look what is your Hello? Okay, okay, okay, we’re playing with super Chad. Oh yo yo, yo, this is this is rough. Two decades our guy Mission Impossible straight up. Don’t want to get a grip. But it’s probably better for me.

When disarm this guy I saw him so he doesn’t DNS as well. I think this guy now fading I mean shackling this guy big damage humongous DPS one of them died there what is this guy a tank or something?

Is a tank oh he actually is a tank and just like that positivity and super soldier he’s the Double D guy I want to get a grip that I want to get a grip that I want to get a grip on why am I stuck in the middle of the map? All this is the dispersion I mean he said I got caught I’m losing HP dispersion as something’s a little bit sassy. I’m gonna die there is no shorter live this please I mean I’m dead. I’m dead the method is on VK alive.

I’m alive. I’m alive. I’m alive. How am I live? The Spa Fields are insane. And the palms so insane also because he keeps getting both of us that’s such a mistake or the fear was on me Wow. How who healed so much positivity with the palm is the palm I was a pumps. DK gets countered by palm. Okay, good to know.

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