The Ultimate WOTLK Classic Arena PvP Class Picking Guide

The Ultimate WOTLK Classic Arena PvP Class Picking Guide

What is going on DOS, this is earplugs and in this video I’m going to be doing a class picking guide for wrath of Lich King arena.


Wotlk PvP Class Picking Guide Wrath of the Lich King Classic Arena

I will be talking about the play styles of each class along with how it operates as well as why you would want to play class and why you wouldn’t. I will also mention what to do in order to make the class shine. So without further ado, let’s get started. Warriors are up first and we will be starting out with the arm specialization. This is a class that has extremely high damage paired with very good mobility and of course the infamous Mortal Strike.

The meat and potatoes of this class is abusing your high mobility and damage to apply pressure onto a target while never letting that pressure go eventually land and chill. An example of this would be intercepting their healer on their tasks and then charging back to the chill target when your team has no more interrupts for that healer.

This class is extremely good at demolishing any target it connects to will also having some situational CC like intimidating shout, disarm, intercepts, piercing howl etc. The Warrior excels when they are free to do as much damage as they wish keeping full uptime on their kill target.

On the flip side, if a warrior is being focused as the chill target and has to play defensive, their damage falls off immensely, making them not very useful. Why you would want to play the warrior is because you enjoy having high mobility and instant damage while also playing a melee.

You will also need to be swapping stances and have a lot of macros in order to be effective, like swapping between your two hander and shield frequently to reflect spells and mitigate incoming damage. Why you wouldn’t want to play a warrior is because you don’t enjoy having to chase targets for tills, along with having a ton of T bones and different macros to swap stances and weapons plus having two different takes where one requires a shield and the other doesn’t along with having three separate hotbars with battle stance defensive stance and for circumstance.

Playing against a good warrior is an absolute nightmare because they will be constantly off checking the healers and DPS to prevent any incoming heels and damage along with constantly charging people and great reflects plus a ton of damage and pressure on whoever they are hitting. When played correctly. The arms warrior is an absolute terror the class is pretty easy to pick up and learn however play it at a very high level is extremely difficult.

For anyone considering playing the protection warrior they play very similarly to arms, except you don’t actually switch stances that much since you have a sword and shield out all the time and you most of your abilities can be used in defensive stance, your spell reflect to actually doze onto your teammates as well as yourself and you obviously are much tankier than arms.

You do have some stuns and silences giving you decent CC and burst however you’re consistent damage is pretty low when compared to arms and you also lack Mortal Strike. It is definitely a nice spec for very specific prompts, but if played correctly can do well. Up next is the warlock now this class has two main PvP specs which are affliction and destruction. They both have pretty different playstyles so let’s start out with affliction. This specialization has a ton of control while also having a lot of dot damage.

The affliction warlock is truly a one of a time playstyle seeing as you are almost never focusing on a single target. Your main objective is to get your unstable affliction and corruption up on as many targets as possible with the proper curses while also focusing on stopping the enemy team has momentum with things like curse of tongues, Curse of exhaustion, fear death, toil, etc. You also need to be extremely mindful of your pet seen as keeping it alive is incredibly important.

Your pet not only to spells magic off of yourself and teammates but you’d also purge and even lock the enemy team not to mention the fact that it also reduces the damage you take by 20% as well. Why you would want to play an affliction Warlock would be because you enjoy multitasking and having a lot of control to offer will also rotting people to death with
your dots. Since you have left tap you also never run out of mana.

Why you wouldn’t want to play an affliction warlock is because they are pretty squishy and the only real defensive they have is their portal which if placed or used incorrectly will assure your death. You also wouldn’t enjoy the speck if you don’t like having to focus on multiple things at once. When you were fighting a good affliction, warlock, your entire team will be dying, no one can cast and anytime you go to generate pressure your DPS will not only be sitting in fears but also have that fear be covered with unstable affliction.

So that way when your healer tries to dispel it so you can go back offensive your healer tastes damage and then dies to the unstable affliction that’s on them. When played directly affliction Warlocks are a very scary sight to see. Up next is destruction or Destro. The biggest difference between this back and affliction is that affliction is all about general pressure and destruction is exclusively about targeted pressure.

The entire goal of a distraction warlock is to get your emulator up on a target and then get into a window where you were able to free cast for a few seconds land in your Chaos bolt into incinerates plus your Tron flag. You will be using the Succubus and most games because you absolutely need an extra CSC to help get people off of you. Since you are so reliant on testing tassel and incident rate to be effective.

When you are able to free tasks it is almost guaranteed that something does why you would want to play a Destruction Warlock is because you enjoy having an extremely high amount of burst damage and a lot of control With your Succubus a shadow theory and fear, if you like to ask to invade damage into people after setting up a window then Destro might be for you.

Why you wouldn’t want to play a Destruction Warlock is because you are going to be the shell target and most games since the other team knows that they can’t let you free cast you will also be under a lot of pressure since people will almost always be trying to kill you.
So if you don’t like being the jail target Destro might not be for you.

When fighting a destruction war a lot. You are always in a fear of stun or a seduction and you’re never able to catch up on the pressure they will be constantly changing CC’s across your entire team will absolutely new chain whoever they are heading. We are now moving on to a class who receives a ton of changes which is the shaman.

All three specs of shaman are viable. So let’s go ahead and start out with a very infamous one in Wrath, which is the elemental, as an LA Sham. You will be constantly looking for a good spot to knock people off with your thunderstorm while also setting yourself up to be able to test tons of damage into any target that is in your line of sight. You also need to be very aware of your positioning as this class since you have no real damage mitigation tool downs before you start testing into a target it is very important to make sure that you purge them clean so that your spells are doing maximum damage.

You will also be looking to use hex off tool down since it is an extremely powerful CSE because it is actually a curse and not a magic effect. You also need to be micromanaging your totems to make sure your team isn’t getting feared along with grounding, incoming damage or CC and of course many other totems. Wind shear is an extremely powerful task breaker that you should be looking to use off cooldown since it will put your team substantially ahead if used correctly.

Why you would want to play an Elemental Shaman is because you enjoy being very mobile with dose Wolf and also having an earth grab totem to rip people off of you. On top of having a truckload of damage if you were able to free cast into a target with Lava Burst and Chain Lightning, not to mention wind shear totems and off heels. While you wouldn’t want to play an Elemental Shaman is because they are going to be focused a lot as the child target since they know if you’re casting into somebody that person is pretty much dead. On top of that you have very limited defensive cooldowns to help save you so if you are taught at a position and you don’t have your thunderstorm an earth grab that your death is pretty much guaranteed.

When fighting a good le shaman it feels like you can’t cast a single spell thanks to wind shear and drowning totem plus did a purge on all of your buffs allowing you to be deleted once the Elliott gets away and is able to tap into you. A good Elliott will never drop the pressure of while absolutely demolishing whichever target comes in their line of sight making them a very big threat. Moving on to the enhancement shaman this back as absolutely never ending pressure once they connect to a target thanks to purge when sheer blood lust and spirit wolves. They also have shamanistic rage, reducing their demonstration by 30% on a one minute cooldown, allowing them to play very aggressively.

Their earthbound totems pulses removes any SLOs off of them plus their wolves giving them a root rake and speed boost on top of healing them. Once that enhancement shaman connects to a target it is only a matter of time until that target is dead if they don’t get any help. You also get Maelstrom weapon allowing you to instantly tax off heels and damage they have Taurus still have their totems to assist their team.

Why you would want to play an enhancement shaman is because you like sticking to a target while beating it to death philos also having some off heals NCC with hex wind shear Grounding Totem and a lot of utility. Why you wouldn’t want to play an enhancement shaman is because they don’t have any real gap closer after their wolves die and it’s very often they’re getting rooted and tight and they also don’t give an MS effect like a warrior hunter or road. When fighting to get enhancement shaman you cannot cast an ability from the very start and the pressure is absolutely immense.

You are slowed all while being purged and eaten alive by the wolves basically and turbo cleave are extremely scary times to fight for these reasons. Moving on to the last shaman spec which is restoration. You are the most aggressive healer in the game. Thanks to purge wind shear hacks and bloodlust Earth shield and Riptide are your go to heals that you will be utilizing constantly to keep your team alive in addition to your Riptide giving you tidal waves for stronger heals. Positioning is extremely important for the rest of the shaman scene as they don’t have any kind of major damage mitigation tool down like pain suppression or Divine Shield. Resto Shamans rely on having big offensive pressure and a team that could peel them if needed since they need to cast to heal in most scenarios.

Why you would want to play a resto shaman is because they are very mobile with dos wolf have a ton of utility for their team with their totems wind shear and bloodlust you also like to play very aggressively and help purge the chill target while when shearing and grounding incoming spells and damage. While you wouldn’t want to play a resto shaman is because they are the easiest healer in the game for a melee cleave to kill along with not having a magical disabil for your team and relying on testing to do most of your healing. A good resto shaman will never let the pressure drop and be constantly shearing and grounding any incoming abilities as well as positioning themselves in a way where they are not a good choice to try to kill while also utilizing lust and hacks.

Resto Shamans are a class where it is very obvious if the player is doing because you won’t be able to learn any spells and you will be under immense pressure. from square one. Up next is a very famous class for PvP. We are of course talking about the road. While technically you can play all three specs of this class depending on the season and what time you’re running, I will be covering the most common spec that 90% of the rows are going to be playing, which is subtlety. The way that rows operate has been completely overhauled because you can no longer duel any class and chase the target down to kill it with raw damage, seeing as your sustained damage is now much lower than it was in TBC.

On the flip side, Rome’s burst damage has been buffed tremendously. As a subtlety rogue you will always be looking to set up a kill window with your shadow dance and 90% of situations since your burst and Shadow Dance is almost unhealable. Looking for windows where you can go back into stealth to potentially SAP someone who drops combat or even to get a good opener on someone who is out of position is absolutely essential. This makes them pair even better with mages allowing them to reset their target over and over and over until they finally run the enemy out of cooldowns.

Why you would want to play a subtlety Rogue is because they have an extremely high skill ceiling with a massive toolkit allowing you to completely dictate the pace of the game when played correctly. Why you wouldn’t want to play a rogue is because they have a lot of different abilities to manage and use efficiently. They are also an extremely unforgiving class seeing as if you waste your tool downs and get caught out of position Your death is guaranteed. A good road will make the game feel impossible to play from start to finish by opening with immense pressure and locking down the right targets at the right times completely keeping the momentum in the rocks favour.

You will always be gouged at the worst times and sitting in stuns when you need to be helping your team. The Rogue is an extremely scary class when played correctly. We are now moving on to a very strong class in Wrath of the Lich King which is the priest. They only have two viable specs which are discipline and shadow for arena so we are going to be starting off with the discipline priest. As a disc priest you rely almost exclusively on your instant cast spells along with penance to keep your team alive as well as generating pressure.

You need to be purging to target with the spell magic and almost all scenarios because it puts that gel target under immense pressure. Since any hot or buff like sacred shield rejuvenation Riptide etc comes off instantly the second the healer applies it essentially making that healers globally useless.

You will also be dispelling any kind of buffs that the enemy actually wants, for example, predator swiftness from a feral or a damaged rock from a caster etc. The most damage or pressure you could ever do or put out is going to come from your dispel magic so make sure you are utilizing this you also need to ensure that when you’re healing your team, they always have three stacks of grace to ensure you have the maximum amount of healing done to them.

A single bolt from penance will refresh the grace stacks so make sure that you are using pennants off cooldown because it is your biggest source of healing. You of course also have sci fi stream so try to use that when available.

Even using it on the enemy DPS is way better than never using it at all. Why you would want to play a disc priest is because they have an insanely high amount of natural haste from borrowed time as well as their gear and Power Infusion making them the fastest tested healer in Wrath plus them also having a great tool kit for some solid heels and huge pressure when played directly.

Why you wouldn’t want to play a desperate is because they are the only healer in the game without some form of freedom or shape shift to help themselves get around the arena. On top of that if you start to fall behind and you have a melee cleave on you or your teammates it is very very difficult to recover as a disc priest, you must either appeal the enemy or counterpressure because there is no way for you to heal through that kind of damage as a disc priest, or good priests will never let their team fall behind while being incredibly aggressive with their dispels and using their tool downs at perfect times.

To ensure the enemy never get the chance to breed or generate any counter pressure, they will perfectly rotate their heels into dispels without missing a sale global as well as landmine controls out of nowhere and absolutely dominate the arena.

Moving on to the other PvP specialization which is Shadow this back revolves around constant pressure with vampiric touch and Shadow Word Pain plus a huge amount of burst damage when they cast into a target.

As a Shadow Priest you need to be very aware of your positioning, seeing as you have zero abilities that will get you away from the enemy quickly like blanked or dose wolf etc. You do have dispersion which can be used in CC and does give a freedom effect.

However, you need to be extremely careful using this ability as in most scenarios after you use dispersion, you are now the primary kill target. Utilizing your positioning and damage is absolutely imperative to playing a Shadow Priest directly in tandem with your fears silence and sight uture why you would want to play a Shadow Priest is because they are an extremely high burst damage tester with some of the best off fields in the game plus a very unique toolkit.

Why you wouldn’t want to play a Shadow Priest is because it is an extremely unforgiving spec seeing as your only major defensive is dispersion and after that if your positioning is not perfect, then your death is highly likely. A good Shadow Priests will be running the enemy team to death from square one will also put in huge spikes of damage onto whichever target is in their line of sight while also pushing in and getting triple fears into a sci fi tour. or silence to finish off the DPS good Shadow Priests are very rare but when you see one it is extremely obvious how strong the spec can be.

Up next is an extremely iconic class for wrath of Lich King. We are of course talking about the Paladin. While you can play protection and Nish arena Tom I will not be covering it seen as it is the worst out of all four specs. That means we will be covering the other three which are retribution preg and holy.

Starting off with retribution this spec has a very consistent damage output as well as providing a ton of utility for their team. As a right you have off heels tons of dispels huge burst damage multiple damage mitigation cooldowns for not only yourself but also your team and blessing a freedom now actually removes yourself or teammates out of stuns completely negating them when used.

Why you would want to play a red is because they have huge burst damage as well as a very large toolkit to save themselves and their teammates from death along with being able to dispel every single developer CC in the game except for nurses. Why you wouldn’t want to play red as because they have no real gap closer and you will constantly be running at your target with no abilities like charge blank or Shadowstep.

This makes you very prone to getting tightened and killed once you are in the open versus spell Cleves or Hunter teams. A good rep will always be positioning themselves perfectly well never allowing you to land any CSCs on their teammates and using their defensive tool downs exactly when you were looking to land a tail keeping their team much more ahead. The moment you get greedy and overextend.

You find yourself in a hodge with no trying to get and get deleted by a good rep pally we are now moving on to arguably the best healer in all of wrath enlisting. We are of course talking about the infamous Holy Paladin. As an edge Bala you are the most defensive healer in the game. With a massive arsenal of tools to keep yourself and your team alive.

You will usually be towards the back of the arena spamming heels into your team and making sure they can stay offensive. You have the highest amount of raw healing out of all four healers by a longshot along with freedom, blessing of protection and four ways to break yourself out of CC with Divine Shield trinket blessing a sacrifice and hand of sacrifice.

Using these not only brave CC on you but also reduces your team’s damage taken by a ton.
You have concentration aura making you pair very well with any caster in the game. On top of having aura mastery, allowing yourself and entire team to be free casting for the six seconds becoming immune to all silences and tics.

You can just spell every CC in the game except for curses even including physical because you can use blessing and protection on your teammates to remove disarm kidney shot blind etc or hand them freedom for any kind of a physical slow like hamstring beacon of light also allows you to heal two targets at the same time giving you a pretty solid amount of healing for multiple targets on your team holy Paladins parallel with virtually any top in the game since your torture is so large and your raw healing power is so high.

Why you would want to play a Holy Paladin is because you enjoy casting heels and not being overly aggressive will have a ton of healing power and utility to keep your team alive. While you wouldn’t enjoy playing a Holy Paladin is because you have almost no healing overtime effects and exclusively rely on Spike healing and tandem with your sacred shield so you will be getting spam purged a lot since the other team is aware that your sacred shield needs to be purged.

You are also one of the biggest targets for a spell cleave since you have no baseline healing overtime effects and need to task to keep yourself alive. A good Holy Paladin will make it feel impossible to kill anyone they will have perfect uptime on sacred shield in combination with freedom and an absurd amount of healing. Killing any target versus a good Holy Paladin feels all but impossible since they will always somehow be breaking your cc’s and keeping their team at Philhealth.

And now we’re moving on to the last spec on the list which is the prank Paladin. This is a hybrid retribution spec that plays with a shield and a fast attacking spell blade. This spec relies very heavily on getting Chris with their melee weapon because every time they tread it procs their art of war which gives them an incident task flash of light or an instant test extra system for more damage.

When you pair this with Reckoning which gives them extra swings for even more trips. The amount of off heels they’re able to test is actually insane. This bet is hands down the best support DPS in the entire game says they’re all feeling is so absurd in tandem with decent damage and a massive tooltip keeping their team alive and on their child target at all times.

Why you would want to play a prank Paladin is because you enjoy having a lot of utility for your team while also doing decent melee damage. You’re able to save yourself and teammates out of scenarios where they would usually die thanks to your massive off heels and defensives. While you wouldn’t want to play a practice because their damage is pretty orangey dependent on their reckoning products as well as their off fields plus their baseline damage being not super high.

Getting your gear will also be a little tricky since you need a spell blade as well as a tanking shield to be effective in tandem with some off pieces for a melee. A good product will have perfect uptime on their kill target while also ensuring their team never falls behind by Freedom anyone out of any important stun and constantly keeping their healer dispelled while also providing massive amounts of Orefield It’s Friday I do pray Paladin is very frustrating and since they have so many cooldowns that you need to go through before you’re able to land a kill, moving away from the Paladin and onto one of the most famous classes for PvP. We are of course talking about the mage.

While you can play all three specs and Wrath of the Lich King for arena, I will be talking about the two most common ones for 3.3 point five which are frost and fire. Starting out with frost you’ll be relying heavily on your two new talents to proc and get extra damage which are fingers of frost and brain freeze.

They both can be approached by hitting a target with a chill effect. So testing Ranko to frost bolts or using tone of told are great ways to try and proxies. After you get your products it will allow you to cast a deep freeze on a target with no Nova letting you utilize it for either more CC or damage.

Once you get your products this is where almost all of your damage comes from by using your tool downs at Justin frost bolts with an instant Frostfire bolt into a deep freeze your polymorph also wipes dots off of any target that is tapped into thanks to a new glyph setting up your damage windows and landing CC on the enemy as the bread and butter of the frost mage.

Why you would want to play a frost mage is because you enjoy setting up a window where you can cast a bait shatter as well as having a strong toolkit of CC damage and defensives. Frost majors are also very difficult to play in Wrath of the Lich King when compared to TBC. Since their incident test spells don’t do nearly as much damage as they used to.

Why you wouldn’t want to play a frost mage is because they are extremely squishy and easy to fall behind with seeing as you need to be casting to be effective and if the enemy team shuts you down then there is not much fun to be had.

Up next is fire now this Specter is a truckload of buffs going into wrath. Your main goal is a fire mage is to.up the enemy team with living bomb and look for windows where you can get a solid Dragon’s Breath either on the enemy team and polymorph them out of it or even one on the enemy DPS completely taking their momentum away.

You will also be getting products for instant tasks Pyro blasts, which when used correctly can absolutely destroy someone blazing speed will also be allowing you to literally sprint around the map almost constantly making it easier to get into a good spot to set up a kill window with Dragon’s Breath into some big damage.

While you would want to play a fire mages because they have an extremely high amount of mobility with blazing speed along with Blink and use mostly instant tasks to keep the pressure up. Dragon’s Breath is also an extremely satisfying ability on a very short cooldown allowing you to get yourself some great setups with it.

Why you wouldn’t want to play a fire mages because you only have one ice block allowing you to die fairly easily in a lot of scenarios as well as your damage being pretty dependent on procs. A good fire mage will be rotting your team to death with living bomb and chaining Dragon’s Breath into poly off cooldown creating a ton of pressure will also blast waving your entire team into the wrong positions.

Moving on to a class that has received a massive amount of buffs we are now covering the hunter. While you can technically play all three specs, there is one that reigns supreme by a large margin which is of Taurus marksmanship. marksmanship hunters are arguably one of the hardest classes to play in the game since you have such a large toolkit of abilities for not only yourself but also your pet.

Your main form of crouch patrol comes from your scattershot into a Freezing Trap. Keep in mind that the enemy knows this and will always try to stand on your traps to eat them, forcing you to use your other tool downs to try and land this like rooting the enemy DPS while trying to trap the healer.

As a hunter, you have a very high consistent amount of damage output on top of giving a Mortal Strike effect from your aim shot which you will be using regularly. Your pet has a freedom for yourself or your teammates as well as roar of sacrifice and intervene allowing you to mitigate a ton of damage with just your pet. Since hunters are particularly squishy and don’t need to cast it is very common to see them have a hit and run play style where they only pitch a pillar to do damage or traps while dodging the enemies damage.

Why you would want to play a hunter is because they have an extremely high skill tap and a ton of abilities to help keep your team in the lead. On top of that have a Mortal Strike and a ton of damage makes a hunter a great addition to almost any time. Why you wouldn’t want to play a hunter is because you are usually the chill target since all you have is to deterrence is to keep yourself alive which can be disarmed to prevent you from casting them.

The amount of abilities this class has is immense. So you will need a truckload of key vines to properly play it while it also not being a very forgiving class. Since one wrong disengage can be your death. A good hunter will perfectly utilize their massive toolset to make sure whoever they are hitting is taking unhealable damage and that enemy healer can literally not play the game.

Fighting a good hunter is one of the scariest classes in the game since they have so much damage and so many different abilities to be aware of. Moving away from the hunter we are now talking about the druid. All three specs for this class are viable and have very strong comps if you pair them with the right classes.

Starting it off, we are going to be talking about the Resto Druid. Your main goal as the rest of the Druid is to always pre hot your teammate who is the chill target while also always watching the team to see who they want to swap to since you are so reliant on your healing over Time affects the save them, and it takes you multiple Global’s to get a row of hots on a target.

If the enemy team catches a Resto Druid off guard, it is very easy to simply swap a target with no hots and 100 of them. Utilizing a cyclone and Entangling Roots is absolutely essential to your success. Seeing as in many scenarios, your healing is not enough to keep your team alive.

You have the most amount of crowd control out of any healer in the game, so make sure that you are abusing that why you would want to play a Resto Druid is because you are the most immobile healer will also have a massive toolkit to keep the enemy INSEEC and almost never having to task to keep your team alive.

Why you wouldn’t want to play a Resto Druid is because it is a very difficult class to play seeing as falling behind is simply a matter of if you didn’t preheat the right target or you failed to land Assisi you also have no major defensives to save yourself or your teammates besides swift men so if you’re being tunneled by a melee leave, it can be extremely frustrating.

A good Resto Druid will never drop a global on their tasks and be constantly resetting the enemy’s DPS with cyclones routes and Vash, while also keeping their team pre haunted for any types of damage that the enemy team is trying to land.

This is a class where it is extremely obvious when the Druid is doing because they will be literally three steps ahead of you all game. Moving on to the boom chin this class relies very heavily on its cooldown Starfall which GreenStar is on every target within 30 yards. It is absolutely imperative for the boom Gen to get maximum value out of the spell since it is one of the hardest hitting AOE abilities in the game.

If you are associated with anything other than a silence on your Starfall zero stars will be falling during that CC making the cooldown completely useless. Always keep track of what CC is the enemy is hitting you with and utilize this ability when you are on Dr for CCS to make sure that they can’t stop your Starfall don’t forget to spam route and cyclone the enemy team when you were trying to set up your damage.

If you are able to cast our fire with your procs it is very possible that you can to shot somebody so always be looking for any loose targets who are far from their healer. Why you would want to play a boom Jen is because they have a very high damage output when left alone as well as an extremely powerful CC which is cyclone.

Utilizing this ability to keep low health targets from receiving heals as well as cloning the DPS to prevent incoming damage is absolutely essential to your survival. While you wouldn’t want to play a boom Jin is because they are very easy to shut down since cyclone wrath and Starfire all need to be tested and if you can’t get any of those out, then you’re not going to be doing very much damage.

When play is the good boom chain your entire team is in clones and routes the entire game and when somebody is not cloned they are going to be taking a ton of damage on top of everyone being full dots and the moment you waste your CC they Popstar fall and kill your entire team at the same time.

Moving on to the last spec for Druids. We are now talking about the feral specialization. This bag has some of the highest burst damage in the game and is also paired with extremely high mobility. You are absolutely fantastic at running targets down since you have a passive 30% speed buff and tat and 10 shift literally every slow in the game.

You have a three minute cooldown called Berserk that when activated allows you to absolutely destroy any target that you are connected with. You also pick up predatory strikes allowing you to cast instant cyclones every time you execute a finishing move. abusing this and constantly cycling in the enemy is essential to maintaining your pressure.

Why you would want to play a feral is because you enjoy being a highly mobile melee class with instant cast cc’s and extremely high burst damage when popping your cooldowns why you wouldn’t want to play a feral is because it has a pretty hard learning curve since you are squishy and can be forced to do defensive if you find yourself out of position even for a couple of seconds.

Once you’re forced into bear form, you don’t do very much other than wait to get healed. A good Pharaoh will be glued to their target the entire game will off charging the healer or any DPS trying to peel them off and utilizing their large toolkit of CSC to keep them and their entire team ahead while never losing any pressure. And the final class that we will be covering is the infamous death knight.

You can play both frost and unholy and arena however on Holi is much more common and also much stronger so I will only be covering on Holi on holiday decays have some of the highest raw damage in the entire game and a decent amount of utility for themselves and their team.

As a Death Knight you actually have no real gap closers and we’ll be relying on death grip to bring your targets to you combined with Change device and desecration. Both of these will prevent them from getting away so it is very important to utilize them properly.

You do have anti magic shell which is a five second spell immunity allowing you to chase down targets like Frost Mages or warlocks. icebound fortitude allows you to become immune to stuns for a short time as well as reducing a decent amount of damage. You have another team wide defensive which is called anti magic zone.

This creates a purple dome that reduces any incoming magic damage shot into it by a large margin, helping your team survive against any kind of casters. On top of all of that you have an extremely high amount of burst damage when popping your tool downs in tandem with your dog oil. Why you would want to play a Death Knight is because they have a ton of raw damage and never run out of resources since they don’t rely on manna.

On top of that they are a threat to any target that they are hitting since they have so much damage along with having a fairly large shortage of utility to keep themselves alive. Why you wouldn’t want to play a Death Knight is because after you have used your death grip and anti magic shell you will literally be wobbling at any target that is not near you since you actually have no gap closers.

So you need to be very careful when using your death grip. Our job on Holy Death night will be doing insane damage from start to finish as well as making the enemy healers life impossible by gripping them on their tasks exactly when they need to heal and then draw stunning them while waiting to take their tasks.

The moment that the death knight does fade faster, they will simply strangulate them to prevent any other heels from coming through and then exploding their duel to absolutely delete the healer before they can even cast the spell. Watching the video helps me out immensely. I do stream on Twitch almost every day.

So definitely feel free to check me out there. consider supporting the channel to keep it alive on Patreon or by joining as a member of YouTube to keep me going as a content creator. Thank you very much for watching and we will see you guys in the next video.

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