Wrath of the Lich King is the perfect game for casual players.

WOTLK Classic Guide for Farming Embles

But there’s one system you need to take advantage of early on or you can fall behind. Today we’re going to explain the emblem system and why you need to be farming as soon as possible. You will serve me, emblems are a new currency in Wrath of the Lich King.

Think about them like badges of justice that change every face. Each new raid phase brings a new emblem at launch, the available emblems will be emblems of heroism and to emblems of Valor, you’ll get emblems of heroism from running heroic dungeon, and you’ll get emblems of Valor from raids and the heroic daily quest.

Let’s talk about emblems of heroism and why you need to farm them right now. You can use emblems of heroism to purchase Priebus gear, of course you can get the tear seven glove and the chest plus item level 200 epics and you can get the starter ease in five PvP gear.

Plus, don’t even think about forgetting the always trendy reigns of the woolly mammoth. Most Priebus that will include multiple emblem pieces, and when raids come out, emblems of Valor will let you purchase even more best gear, though, how do you get emblems?

You get emblems of heroism from bosses in heroic dungeon last, the daily normal dungeon quest will give two bonus emblems while each dungeon will only take about 30 minutes. Remember that random dungeon finder is not in the game, getting 50 plus total emblems per day could take over 10 hours if you don’t have an efficient group. Luckily, emblems of heroism have been changed to be available from specific quests there should be easily enough to get at least 100 emblems if you focus on questing.

So now let’s talk about a time crunch. With raids releasing on October 6, everyone is going to want their emblem farm done as soon as possible going into buffed Max 25 Without your emblem gear is like going into Mac Farah dawn in blues, a lots of guilds and pugs will require Priebus gear to even get a raid slot.

Nobody is looking to run into a brick wall over and over again on progression. So get your grind on and don’t waste time getting thick kills and Warsong. Before we talk about the emblems no ball issue, hit the like button and click the subscription button and the notification bell. Let’s talk about the emblem snowball issue.

Once rates are released, a new emblem grind will start. Let’s talk about emblems of valor. emblems of Valor will drop from raids in phase one, including next 10. Plus, the daily heroic quest will give to emblems as well even at launch, you need to stay on top of the emblem grind and because all do our brings the new emblems of conquest. If you don’t keep up, you’ll always be an entire phase behind.

Do you really want to be on the Vanch when all do our comes out? And don’t forget that brew fest isn’t going to save us remember in TBC when everyone got their bisque trinkets from brew fest for free Well, brew Fest has been changed to only give level 70 rewards this year you won’t be able to get your best emblem trinkets.

So brew fest won’t be saving your old like it did last year. Now that you know all about the emblem grind, what do you think about the new system? Personally, I think having different types of badges for each content pays was a smart idea. It means you can’t get end game this bad gear from just running early red light and TPC.

If you liked this video, check out my wrath of the lich king questing for gold guide. It’s perfect for getting emblems and gold to stay on track and wrath.

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