What Is The Current State of WOTLK PvP

What Is The Current State of WOTLK PvP

Whatever okay let me get on that let me get on another round Skype.


The Current State of WotLK PvP


I clicked the wrong one, oh my god I clicked the wrong one it is one of this man it is one of the things I log on when I log on here’s a 59 decay already on benediction 59 already what do you do you do cough turnouts.

Maybe that’s it if if there’s a way that I can abuse my viewers to give have them give me stuff
I will do it doors turn privilege yeah doesn’t Blizzard know I’m a streamer. How are they doing a Smith more on fourth row yeah got play game come on in original wrath would Sindragosa would show up on the stream.

My computer would lag on the screen no shirt would whack off the bad DOM plasmonic girl wins the only fans show out. I don’t really feel I don’t like doing that shit.
I don’t really care like I would not really do all my fans. Now if I was a hot girl I probably would do all my fans because you make a lot of money.
But I’m not that’s the same Why don’t Americans have access to it but we don’t have it in the EU.

That’s the same thing with the moon lock in the second place as right as frying the fuck is this man like oh my god. Damn, I feel so dumb. I clicked the wrong button.
Oh my God. Let me in the game pasar Grace aren’t only fans I would Yeah. How many springs are doing the same thing? Yeah, I don’t know.
How much is the booths cost?

I don’t know. How much does it cost to get the booth how much how much you have to pay for the booth fuckin like I have an account. Just tell me $50 Are you fucking kidding me?
Holy shit. 50 fucking dollars. God damn, man. And I go one by one though. Yeah, I can only buy one. There’s not one about five. $50 Yeah, there was a queue. I get into the game whenever I can.

It’s not a big deal. 800% Value? Yeah, no. All right. That’s my new character on benediction. Let’s see. All right, we’re gonna click on Sky theory. There. Okay, I’ll log on now. Please go on main channel. Why do people even care? Why do we even care? What Why Why is it why does it even matter to you like what do you what do you Who gives a fuck just watch the show man.

This is the same channel it’s the same thing I see to pay for a subscription be able to play wrath yet yeah you can
oh my god what is the swing back for a while because it was this year you want you to for a while shores on the platform how his game is valid because I love see you’re getting 100k viewers for some reason, bro like views are gonna go up and down based off of what’s happening like you like That’s why I don’t like that that’s a big reason why I don’t like why is it that viewers care more about viewer account than streamers do holy fuck can you stop it it’s so weird that validates them because their decision to watch this stream why why is it not like that on YouTube?

Like people are not like that on YouTube. It’s just twitches like this like it’s so fucking cringe I hate it want to screw up your account? I don’t give a fuck about how old they are. It’s just cringy no matter what. God damn like When is this gonna come out like Holy fuck. They’ve always been like that on Twitch to be honest.

Yeah, I know. People want to be able to take classes to get 200k viewers I just it’s not a big deal like I was streaming tower fantasy last night I have like 4k viewers just like three in the morning. Who cares? Like it is what it is him was this going to come out I don’t see sky Fear is an option your dicks not long enough why I have no idea I have no clue remember whatever soda got scrapped after I lost it that’s all I need to remember that’s all I want to remember. I was so fucking mad that day. I was furious oh shit all right we in the game we in this bitch we in this bitch all right let’s go let’s go let’s go all right face where is it .

Okay hairstyle and hair color facial hair when we do facial hair okay good hairstyle Fuck yes dude Fuck yes dude. There it is we got a voice that’s the array of body type yeah let’s see it wow what a surprise wow what a surprise wow what a surprise damn somebody’s really going out of their way let’s see what I want to call on so my friends we’re just gonna do that.

Yeah, I’m not gonna sit around and think about this shit for fucking three hours. I wish honestly I wish they would let me reserve one name because people do impersonate me and they scam people pretending to be me. I wish like Blizzard would just make it to where you can’t have that name. Because like That’s some bullshit like even if I didn’t get it I would rather that than like somebody else get it and scam people.

Here we go. So do you. Yeah, but they know they’re getting scammed. That’s the difference. Shot update this ship. I guess I’ll update it. Give me a second. Retail for BCC is Burning Crusade classic right. Let’s see here update. All right. Should be good all right update is this I guess an update that failed to delete add on the fuck okay all right let me just log on and if the add ons are fucking in there alright let’s see what this is like here we go the sharp up surface of s.

Brom play this for a little bit I’m not gonna play this forever how shirt oh shit
the noble humans of storm we are a proud tenacious race. Though the recent invasion of the demonic Burning Legion Zakka estimated their sister kingdom of Lord around the defenders of storm wind stand vigilant against any who would threaten the sanctity of their lands. Nestled in the foothills of Elwynn Forest, storm wind City is one of the last bastions of human power in the world.

Ruled by the child King and winner in the people of storm wind remain steadfast in their commitment to the grand alliance. Backed by their stalwart allies, the armies of storm wind have been called away to fight the savage horde on distant battlefields with the armies garden. The defense of storm wind now falls to its proud citizens.

You must defend the kingdom against the foul mongrels that encroach upon it and hunt down the subversive traitors who seek to destroy it from within shifts the time for heroes now humanity’s greatest chapter can be totally.

What are y’all doing? Thank you I appreciate that. Holy fuck that’s a lot of people oh my god look at everybody god damn look at that holy shit it’s your boy there it is. God fucking damn man. Damn man who is this weird get away from my face? Go away from my face who little bitch when we get rid of this I’m gonna minimize this real quick .

All right well I gotta go all with except the class on the screen now to oh my god Hello slow broke the social contract true as monolayer please yeah, remember if you can’t see me just ask for an invite to Azman layer after after we finish these y’all want to make a Gil thanks for the invite by lemme thank you but we’re gonna make a Gil give me a second let’s see if I oh my where’s the wolves.

I can’t god damn I can’t hit these guys How am I good maybe I get shit bro there’s no layers that are layers I know there’s layers I saw it
Yeah, I’m on the fresh server I can’t even do this What about this guy? Oh my god I’m gonna be here for an hour this is nuts you need to be in a full group all you want to invite three more people because maybe that’s the best option just camper response about yeah yeah, let’s just invite let’s let’s let’s camper response spot.

Yo, let’s take over from these losers over here Yeah, we just gotta like let me get away from them so then they can’t they can’t hit they can’t hit it Yeah, there we go. We’ll get that what’s up bitch. What’s up stupid bitch. Fuck you.
Oh, I don’t have the quest. Give me a minute. Yeah, I don’t have a quest.
So I need to go back get the quest because I didn’t get the item. How are you? Safe Travel? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get the quest and then we’re gonna be good. You Are you going to level up?

Um I got some plans for this server it’s going to be good I really do it’s our a Yo everybody get over here and we just like kill it over here now also get get your character in front of their character so whenever they’re going to try to click on the wolf they’ll click on you and then you can hit the wolf so you stand on front of them see like that you see that you see see see how we get this so what he’s trying to do it to me but we can’t let him do it to me we got to do it to him stay toxic it’s not taught what’s toxic what so so now now wanting to get get loot is toxic is that right we got that one Good job boys.

Good job keep it up. Keep it up that’s one out of eight we’d be done with this in three hours come on cry more babies man fuck them yeah maybe we got to move to another one man but we can’t get the fuck out of here and let’s let me do it like there’s no way like this is only because it’s me like it’s literally only because it’s me there’s like three people over here nothing see I gotta move around can we put on free for all coming from free for all everyone stacking up yeah because I yeah, that way we grew up a little bit more.

Third is California ditch fuck you, Wait, man this guy stole my loot oh my god this was like oh he stole my fucking loot. Not ours that you go that’s not you is it I bet it’s not no I bet it’s not I bet it’s not him nevermind.

What’s this? No no not yet. Not yet. I only I’m asthma on gold not asthma and copper Okay, good we got one that’s two out of out of a All right this is great. So the copper no I’m not taking that posi shit your job killed them kobolds Keep up the good work boys.

Keep up the good work I’m proud of you I’m gonna move to another spot because he’s plus the boys keep standing on top of me watch see what watch now they all run over here because the stream delay is not crazy.

That has my copper gonna be taken any minute I bet that that should already got taken
oh my god that pretty sweet man. That pretty Come on. Let me play the game. Got it. I’m at four out of eight. So we have to start a guild what should we call the guild
I think we should call it Andrew Tate was right what do you guys think?

You guys think whoa I think Blizzard would like that Andrew Tate Blizzard CEO tater tots. Yeah, maybe all I got Level Two nice. I got a bag too. am all right. This is this is going pretty well. Oh my god. Top Geez. I like that. That’s good. We could just call it Olympus again. I feel like Olympus like that. It kind of like it already happened though.

You know what I mean? Like we gotta go with something different. We gotta kill the COBOL those the vermin. Let’s get them out of the way. Yeah, just get the vermin Final Fantasy refugees. What if we caught what if we made the gill that said Final Fantasy saw sucks like I feel like if we did that people would be mad yeah call a Final Fantasy sucks yeah true perfect exactly base guild name based in facts and logic try it right we need to kill the vermin guys like not these fucking they there it is good job bro like Good job big day There you go where do I still like can I buy a boost on this server or can I not do that on can you can’t boost on the fresh server right?

Oh that sucks so I have to get like fucking like 68 More of these level things on boosts is restricted here oh my god man we got to work our ass off on this wait a week yeah they need to have the auto battler thing you know like what they have what’s tower fantasy All right we got a we got a we got a let’s go turn the shit in. Like we’re I just have it like I can cue into a dungeon and we can just do it.

VOD isn’t updating you play on MALDEF? No, I’m on Sky fury Good day to you get away from it bitch see? Okay, let’s see what I get from my loot. I want boots bracers what are these here? Already got that put that over here bigger bag. I got legs as well. Oh man. I’m looking good.

Okay COBOL those have been cleaned up and we’ll do the other ones in a minute I’ll COBOL and workers we got to kill them you know, I don’t even know why we’re killing the kobolds like I don’t really even read the class like I mean they’re passive mobs like it’s not like they really do anything. I have a good one.

What can I do? What do I need battleship? Let’s get that guys I’m gonna need some gold pretty soon. So I’ll let y’all know. I will need gold relatively quickly so I can afford everything. I will let you know whenever I really do need it though.

It’s fresh server. Yeah, I know. No one’s got gold they’ll they’ll get some it’s fine. We’ll make a guild tabard in a bit we got to kill the workers okay let’s go guys let’s go let’s get to work.

Olympus is at the guild now where they’re having like we’ll make a guild in a few minutes like I just want to get out of this area first not hit it hit a hit it there we go. I’m gonna pull it on top of these guys so they’ll accidentally hit it.

Okay there we go. Good. Keep it up. Hit everything you can by the way Yeah, hit everything you can do world first one gold lots of good idea but yeah, we got to really put our money together pretty soon to make this Gil How much is it to make a guilt, so we could call the guild top Geez Andrew Tate Blizzard CEO Olympus we could do Olympus again like we could let’s see what’s a are Bobby’s army name it as mon gold quit while.

That’s pretty fucking stupid. I don’t think we’re gonna do that damn like what y’all what y’all like we need to fucking like y’all need to get get better job with this like it’s taken too long. Let’s go guys, come on. Get to work.
McConnell sucks. I call that hustlers university you know what? I really liked that yeah, I really I really liked that. But what do you it’s a scan to make you go Yeah. Andrew Tate, final message.

Hey hustlers University call it no girls I wonder like if this would be cool if Blizzard do something like this right they make a server where like there’s like no girls allowed on the server and it’s like only guys you know what I mean? Like that’d be badass you know only body type one yeah yeah like literally only dudes on the server
so like every server yeah yeah pretty much let’s see if I go over here I gotta do one more we got to do one more the kobolds like be with you

There we go. For the Alliance All right now what what I gotta go look over here for bring back Andy for Channel Five Yeah, maybe I don’t want to girls only server though. They’re grown play the noise and play with I have no idea man. Let me just go move this down a little bit. We’ll move this over here.

And I should be pretty much good. Channel Five would be a cool guild. Yeah, but you can’t have numbers in there that’s what the problem is like I’d be down for that except for that problem. We got to do the labor so okay, they’re just trying to work now they’re gonna die let’s go let’s get this let’s get some work done.

Channel Five oh yeah but like that no like I I’m not really like I’m a little bit out on that one I don’t I’m not a big fan of it. I don’t like it as much versus other shit okay, hit this guy. We got to kill 12 of these so we got to really get in here and go to work call it trailer hentai games the future how about make Wow pay to win that could be a good name I still feel like hustlers University is the best name so far
that already is oh yeah yeah true. Bring back gold sellers. Rip Susan Express. Yeah, that’d be a good one where the fuck aren’t you guys like yeah, man these guys need to really fucking go to work it’s taken forever where’s my experience
bar after this one I gotta I gotta check my experience bar See y’all can see whenever I’m about to level oh my god really?

Okay, let me move this down that way y’all can see where my level is. Move it up a little bit a little bit scuffed yes that’s better. All right, we go keep them levels up. I stand with Amber I like that one. Yeah, I like that one. So like alright, so I stand with Amber hustlers University oh man, where’s the WoW Token? That’s a good one. I like that. Let’s get the let’s get them bandanas Come on guys. Let’s go Yeah, I guess I just get the the apples later on. Mega peintres group therapy Nah, that one’s dumb. Let’s see here.

Oh fuck warmane is free fun we got a Yeah, well y’all wins the competition better names Yeah, Wayne’s composition better fucking names one true G Oh, I like that that could be good. One True G. Where’s while token um god damn like I I still feel like hustlers University is the best. It’s the best name. Like I have yet to hear a better name than hustlers University.
What do y’all think?

I’m gonna have a hard time beating a rogue on this because he attacks faster than I will so he’s gonna He’s gonna fuck me yeah there’s no way I can beat him on that he’s just gonna hit a faster me every fucking time we got to get to go to another one maybe this one over here can I get that that’s actually what our guild and in TBC is devil saw mafia Come on Please please please there we go nice I got one fuck yeah okay and all I need to do is get 12 of these bandanas hopefully every single mob drops a bandana because if they don’t I’m fucked I really hope that like whenever they do the thing is like I really hope that whenever they do a new season a mastery they make it to where like it’s the endgame content that’s like new like I really don’t like how it’s like what season a mastery like that the most recent one it was just like you’re doing the same exact content you know what I mean? So it’s like what why even give a fuck Bobby’s Yeah, I need gold.

Oh, I like I need gold. That’s a good idea. But um, the thing is about I need gold. There will be other people in the guild. So like if other people are in the Guild, and I’m saying I need gold. What if somebody thinks they need gold? Because they don’t need gold? I need gold. So I don’t want to do that I’m still feeling like hustlers University is the is the best name so far. I’m gonna be honest. What about microtransactions?

Bring back store mounts now Epstein’s Island boys we’re not going to we’re not going to do anything. Listen. Anything that can get me in trouble. So like somebody say Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself No, we’re not going to make that the fucking guild name like I don’t I don’t need to get in trouble again ad pet battles oh man I need to actually pay attention these guys keep killing them in front of me. There we go. What’s up bitch you man All right, we got we got to get this real quick.

What saw was the man was saw I get that loot. I like how these guys helping me kill he says oh my god. What are you mad for? Bitch. See now they’re moving around on me because they pissed. I’m level for now. Fellowship of the hustlers. Nah, that’s stupid. Yeah, I’m not about that. I think that’s stupid. We’re gonna come up with something better.

Like, all we need to do is like, we just have to come up with a name of like a guild that like people want to be in. You know what I mean? But it’s like, we’ll probably have to make more than one guild though. That’s the issue. But we’ll make the guild soon. Like Bobby’s world was the other one that we did. That was though that was the season of mastery guild name but I kind of want to go with something different.

I want to try something new. How about long Dec legends? We could spell Dick d iq maybe Blizzard would be like all well that’s different. It’s okay yeah, Texas Tate saw I don’t know what that is. Um, bend the knee now. No, I don’t think that you actually believe he’s playing on the server while I’m playing? I am on the server. I’m literally what do you think this is a vog? What the hell do you think this is?

Oh, let me put on these. Oh shit. Oh, nice. I got new legs. Fuck yeah. Okay, how many more I gotta get. Oh man. That guy stole my item. Okay, 12 that’s 12 for me. I help him a little bit. I’ll help him kill a couple more. From hard rock thinking about naming the same server bro. I don’t give a fuck what y’all do?

Mike The thing is I I only am on here for content that’s it like I’m here for fun and that’s that’s all it is man oh I got that good blue look at that damn oh good HOLY SHIT our good thoughts on the New World expansion it’s not an expansion it’s a patch but yeah I’m positive about it.

Star Forge gladiator killed Star Forge PCs it’s a good idea I like that kings okay here we go um we have probably go with these boots let’s get the boots report to gold Shire all right let’s go find where the other ones is Tam I already got male armor You’re welcome yeah that’s a good idea. What do y’all think though?

By the way, I’ve like kind of a question like what How do y’all feel about what to handle mentally I can’t use a two handed mace What the fuck why why can I use a two handed mace man fuck this shit See you later I gotta get that other shit all right let’s change this over I don’t have a sore I just use this one handed weapons whatever it does more damage anyway. But do y’all feel like the prices was Star Forge or better?

Like we’ve had like so many fucking like meetings and changes with like the show? I feel like we’re in a good spot now. Like I’ve talked to some people about it and like they’ve been happy it was on reserve. Yeah, true. Safe Travel. Let’s see here. Have a good one. I need better parts. Oh, we’ve improved it you want go look make sure because like we’ve we’ve gone through it like three or four times. Well, easy.

And he plans on financing options. Ah, after I bring that up to them. Yeah, cuz that’s actually a good question. I will bring that up. pretty ballsy go into that business. I feel like a lot of people like here’s the thing right with like a fucking custom and like PCs, like people make their own PCs. But I feel like buying a prebuilt is like the first thing you do before you make your own PC.

Like for example, like you buy a prebuilt and then you upgrade the graphics card. Or you buy a prebuilt and then you upgrade the motherboard not motherboard but like the RAM or something like that. Like that’s what I did. Yeah, you can screw up yeah, like I feel like a lot of people like they buy a PC and then after they feel more comfortable with it or like they want to learn that’s whenever they try to update it. Like Like for me personally that’s what I did is like whenever i THE FUCK whenever I first got my PC, like the first thing I did is like I got a prebuilt PC it was 2000 Fucking four and then I got a graphics card for it a few years later.

Whose Radeon 4650 was my first one when buying a PC why spends too much smartly payment Yeah, maybe if it’s if a payment plan is that big of a deal for people. We could maybe look into that. Like for me obviously like I mean I from my perspective, it seems fine to me. We’re gonna kill that that Milton guy or a Garrick Padfoot I don’t know why I said no. But whatever Radeon or GTX I don’t remember I think was ready on okay perfect and let’s go find this shit I think he’s over here maybe it’s over like a little house or some shit like oh no oh no no he’s right here that’s right Okay, let’s go Isabel moved to another country Yeah, true easy.

Alright, let’s get here come on. I wish they made this gallery I wish they made response faster like I hate having to wait for shit Bill PC myself, I’ve found something up beyond repair. And I think a lot of people like there’s like a huge value for like pre built PCs that people get, because they just don’t want to have to deal with it.

Like it’s literally that simple. Like they don’t want to have to spend money. They don’t want to have to try to put it together. They got no idea. So I think like prebuilt PCs are like a huge value add and a lot of people did we get it? They got it. We’ll do it again.

Hopefully he responds form of condom or you can take off the condom if you want
I feel like new console without having buy a new console yeah exactly I see what you’re getting values right for you is nothing wrong with it yeah i think so I mean like people were critical about the Star Forge stuff at the beginning but I think that like after time goes on and you know things have improved etc I’m feeling a lot better about it and I think a lot of other people are too so I’m glad about that was my friends more efficient to just buy per Bill Yeah, I mean like there’s a lot of people that you know, they don’t want to have to learn how to put together a PC they just do that it’s easy.

Start forwards to giveaways in the future not in the future very soon spamming started attack helps manually target maybe you’re right all right, come on click be clicking ABC always be clicking fuck we missed it. At least he I mean he doesn’t he responds pretty fast so it’s okay
let’s see heaps of friends still buy a prebuilt I bought my mom a prebuilt like the last computer I bought her it was like just some fucking like origin PC like I just went to Best Buy I was like I’m gonna buy you a PC and I just bought the best one that was it because I said fuck putting together a whole new PC like it’s a waste of my fucking time.

I don’t want to do that take the weapon off or faster tag I feel like the weapons pretty fast just remember freshmen collection yet you’re gonna work smarter not harder. That’s about know people recognizing the value of their time you know being able to spend time in the right way do we get it oh we got it I was even looking at screen I was just clicking Good job guys let’s go all right let’s go back over here there’s no way this was home
okay, I was talking to a real life friend of mine I thought I saw him in the game Okay, let’s see here.

See your return that in? Okay, I have here Fortnum chillin man was already leveling fresh characters. It’s just for content man. It’s just for content just for fun. That’s it. How about the guild body type three Nah, that’s gonna be TOS somehow like that they probably they probably get me for that one.

Like as I said anything that will get me in trouble I won’t do Hey there let’s see what we got we got chests let’s get chest because I’m gonna get the quote from the thing up at the top who I’m looking good now. Thug Life okay you can ban ask him for a while but you can’t ban while I’d ask him I like wow I mean I enjoy the game.

Oh, I’m fucking around. Like yeah, I like the game. It’s just that I don’t only the thing is you know what made me like you don’t make me like like wow a lot more is not playing it every single fucking day constantly with the only game that I ever play. Like as soon as I started playing other games as well. It made me enjoy fuck this like I’m gonna get that bell travels oh look at that bell Oh man.

We flex and now and I’m gonna go some social aspect a while I think a lot of guilds do a good job at social aspects to be honest. See, we already made it out the projects. We are already out in North Shire making our own way in the world. Look at this incredible already level five it’s lit do a slash who who gives a fuck was probably people like level eight by now. Like I bet that’s what I bet.

Put another most maybe appreciate while more. Yeah yeah exactly it’s like the grass is always greener on the other side have a good way and a reason why you didn’t want to swamp play DK I play DK and like maybe an hour or something like that man like
yeah like that That’s it okay once yeah there it is want to talk to my friend Eric because he sees plan right I think he Eric’s on globulus actually.

Tibet savage to come out today I wouldn’t mind playing some classic yeah I mean like I would I wish that I could get my character geared up and Final Fantasy so I can actually play it because it sucks not being able to do the content Barney server yeah Barney is on that server. You know, Eric, I don’t think Eric even knew who Barney was.

Have you heard of turtle while it’s classic plus server? Yeah, I have I think Dylan plays on it. Like I’m gonna be real like I do not give a mother fuck about any sort of I’m gonna get food off any sort of private server by I don’t care if it’s ascension warmane Northshire fucking turtle Wow with you. I do not care. They’re all the same to me.

Like none of it fucking matters. We got to shield now. Ooh, there it is. Hello there all right. Let’s go guy so let’s get that Fargo Deep Mind done let’s go invite some other dick sucker on the way over here once it restarted just for fun goofing around a little bit. Wrath the Lich King hi yeah good night veteran out Nam doing all right i mean like I’ll be I’ll be good I got I got one more dental appointment I gotta do and then I will be for the first time in like fucking 1015 years of my life I will be good with my teeth minus like one thing which is gonna be kind of crazy whenever that shit happens.

Like I’m looking forward to it because I’m just so tired to having to think about it like that’s honestly the main thing I just I just don’t want it to be in my life anymore you know
the smile more I smile enough Alright, let’s go damn we’re fucking behind all these guys we suck we got to get a lot of these these things here to like shave this wait at one of these responds like I don’t know I feel like that’s the best option maybe we do it outside because I don’t have to kill gold tooth that’s not till later gain new teeth yeah yeah I am on ironically oh fuck I’m so yeah I feel like I’m not really getting too many tags out here maybe I’ll go outside yeah go outside see what it’s like what’s the while buff it just gives you more experience like I’m glad I have that because leveling up my oh if anybody by the way if anybody gets a green item I need it so yeah, like if there’s any green items that you get any loot that you get at all
please send it on over Yeah, is this actually wrath?

Yeah, I just need I just need a few items man that’s all I just needed a few items. Master would question what do I have it on? Isn’t that true? No, it’s not free for all oh man, he can do that from range. I didn’t even know that TAM were your suck attacks so like if he’s gonna be there I’ll just stand right here yeah, I might as well just do that for you level up up past level 10 So fuck that man. I haven’t gotten anything. I need 18 items I have I’ve zero
this is not looking Good for me nice okay we got one okay good oh what a bitch tus oh my god judgment I’m so mad about that try and kill these guys to use a little Battle Shell
my God I’m not getting any loot This is dumb way how to get charge yeah What the hell is this okay we good why even do this quest with experience buff?

What do you mean like I don’t know what the fucking most efficient thing is like you know what the most efficient thing is quit the game like I’m just playing the game man like I’m not trying to fucking get the world first like I mean really like I don’t give a fuck I’m just playing the game I wanted to get this get rid these plates to these plates are annoying I kind of have to help them kill the mobs that way they respond min maxing leveling up bro like people min max every aspect of classic well and it’s like the reason I honestly I will be real. I think that people that play classic are dumber than people that play retail.

Like I will just say the people that play retail while are people that play classic WoW, I have never seen anybody dumber than that it’s insane Oh, you can teleport to swarm with character stuck. That’s nice. Well, we kill one of them. That’s good. I’ve gotten one item out of 18 items, so I’m just like getting fucked right now.

Let’s go back over here play Guild Wars two. Yeah, why would I? The game does the thing is like, I don’t know why people don’t understand this. Like if I look at a game and the game doesn’t look good. I don’t play the game. It’s actually that simple to me. Like I don’t really sit around and think to myself oh man, like maybe I should try this out. See what it’s like, Man fuck that.

Like if I look at a game, and it looks bad. That’s it that’s it. That’s that’s literally that’s the whole conversation you know what I mean? So like classic I like it and also have nostalgia for it right? I played it whenever it came out. And so like, you know, I have I have good memories from it. So it’s not just like me playing the game for the sake of the game. A part of it looks bad. Just a whole thing.

The graphics models the mounts doesn’t look good. Oh my god. I keep getting my shit stolen by judgment, man. Fuck while looks good? Yeah, I think wow. Like, like, yeah, I don’t mind the way while looks. Probably because I played it for a long time. So I’m used to it. And also like I haven’t established for the game.

So like it’s, it’s not as big of a deal. Why? Why would I go back and play a new game? Yeah, they’re, like, more cartoony and it’s like, they don’t show their age as much like here’s my point right is I don’t want to play Guild Wars two. Like that’s my point. I know that there are people that are like Guild Wars fans that just can’t comprehend that I have no interest in playing the game. I don’t want to.

Yeah, it’s literally that simple. heard from a friend who says how far fancy No I said a lot of things and fall fancy. Oh, cool. Like I remember I watched the Alexander Raiden Oh, cool. So I was like alright, yeah, maybe I’ll try out the game. Like if I if I can’t if i i look at the game and nothing looks cool. Why would I play it?

Like I don’t get it like why would I? Why would I do that? Also Guild Wars two it doesn’t have like a huge audience of people. So it’s not like I can like capitalize on like a bunch of stream viewers or something like that. So like there’s no other like external motivation for me to play the game. It’s just not something I’m interested in on a personal level or on like a you know, stream level. It’s no reason you’re wanting to solo pub G game.

Yeah, I’ve won a lot of solo pub G games actually. I used to play the game all the time I tower fantasy players are Yeah, I mean I it’s tower fantasy. It’s a you know it is one of this let’s see here. Final Fantasy doesn’t have an audience either. Well it clearly does. That’s why whenever I started playing the game it was like 200 people turned out some people watch there’s a lot of people that watch for Final Fantasy and like the videos for like super popular there’s a lot of people that like Final Fantasy Guild Wars two is just not popular.

It just has a small audience of people that are very invested in Okay, let’s see here we gotta wait we got way more of these to get god damn this is fucking annoying maybe I should stop moving around so much and I just wait and kill the mobs that are nearby. Yeah, I’m gonna do that I’m gonna go up here and I feel like these guys respond really quick so I’m gonna just do this to him my everybody’s here though fuck plenty of spots best yeah know what happened to learning more about other games to increase your repertoire?

Yeah, but like I mean, I could just choose what game it is. Like I don’t know like what like what what is this? Right? Like I’m clearly stating that I don’t want to play the game. That’s it for me. No means no. I don’t want to play it looks like shit. It’s not interesting. Period shut the fuck up you Yeah, I’m never I’m not gonna play the game the more people push me on it the more I won’t want to play I hate getting pushed into doing shit. People so fucking weird.

Yeah, like i That’s why I banned people bringing up Guild Wars two it’s just so fucking annoying. doesn’t wanna play a game? Fuck off. Yeah, I know. It’s serious. It’s like it’s just so fucking cringe. No shot I’ll ever play the game with that kind of an audience. Jesus Christ. Okay, so let’s see what we got.

How many more do we oh my god, I have seven items. I’ll have three of the 10 to
maybe I’ll just go over here and kill these Yeah, I think I’ll probably just do this over and over.
I’ll players cultist for their game. Yeah, it’s cringy as fuck. What’s this? What I get? Ah, I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe he wants that letter opener.

I’m sure he probably just messaged me if I does. Yeah. Got it. I can’t use that. It’s a mace. Yeah, I can’t use a is a 50% of experience boosts or one to 80 all the way through. I think that like you’re gonna do one to like 70 to 80 is going to be the exact same as it was and then everything else is boosted. Am I right about that? Like I’m not even sure. Does that it? You’re right. Yeah. Yeah.

Because I really think you won’t tell them no, how many times you say no, yeah, it’s like, as I said, like, I have a policy and like my life is if anybody ever tries to ask, like, if somebody if I tell somebody No, and they ask again. Like it automatically pisses me off. Like it really pisses me off whenever people do that shit. What’s this your chest piece? I think I already have one of those. Yeah, I don’t need that. Yeah, it’s like if I say no like once like I like that’s it. Third time’s a charm. Yeah, somebody doesn’t mean I’ll just just get rid of them. It’s annoying to me. How many layers there are. There’s probably like probably, I’d say like 10 layers. If I had to guess at the beginning. What’s his shield?

Oh, mine’s better fuck that. Devin expectations for the riot? MMO for the riot MMO what do I really think? I mean, I hope it’s good. It seemed like everything about the game so far seems very positive. Like there’s nothing that they’ve said so far. That has has made me worry. So I’ll say that’s like a huge positive. I’m just going to help him kill these men. Like, I’m just going to do this like, it’s just this just a better idea.

They said almost nothing though. Yeah, I know that but like, it’s just you can look at, like prior time, for example, like and Ghostcrawler has talked a little bit about it like I mean, they’ve already had success with League of Legends teamfight tactics, and valorant all three of these games are tremendously successful. They are massively fucking successful. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna think to myself, well, if they’ve released three good games in three different genres, then I’m gonna be positive about them releasing another one and they have Ghostcrawler Yeah, exactly.

Girl blatant shit copies well if this shit copy is better than the original than good play the shit copy I don’t have a problem with that yeah, that’s whatever what do you think about the auto chess pieces? I don’t really know about that. I never really played those at all. I’m five alright, I’m a little bit over halfway done with this now we’re making progress that’s good. Right and remote sounds like a cash grab will like it is because they’re trying to make money off the game that’s true carry on so from the website Yeah, there you go.

Yeah, I mean, that’s of course that’s what they’re doing. Products are cash grabs imagine that math ever games Okay, cash grab true. Rather than Oh, man, I should pop off specially if it’s free to play. I feel like every game should have like, I think Final Fantasy does it. And like Lost Ark doesn’t the best. Where like, you can play the game for free.

But at the same time, if you spend money you can finish the game or you unlock extra features. Yeah, I’m very much a fan of that. I don’t want it to be free. The thing is, it’s probably going to be free. Like if I had to guess what’s going to happen with the game. I’m assuming we’re probably going to have it’s going to be free to play with paid expansions and maybe maybe paid expansions with like a microtransactions store that probably provides you know cosmetics primarily.

That’s kind of what I’m guessing. Bots though. The World of Warcraft has bots that has massive bots like how are you going to complain about bots whenever like classic WoW and TVC probably have more bots in the last Start Free to Play Games his boss Free to Play cosmetics and grindy battle passes. Yeah non grata to see Yeah, there’s some of them there’s some servers probably don’t have as many that’s definitely true. Because it’s free to play classic it’s not free to play you have to spend 15 bucks man yeah all pop your game says box that’s true. Right where there is inherently a big baddie as many characters different spectrums be interesting grades.

Yeah, I think that’s good that there’s like not really just some you know, some ultimate evil and like that’s all there is to it. Because it means like the game is going to have like a very clear beginning and end should I move on to mentor I’ll do a better job marketing remote on the eSports scene. I just hope the game is good. I think that’s all it comes down to for me. I mean, I’m just excited and hoping it’s good as I expand the war with the new MMO Yeah, for sure.

Right also has access awesome to league which come with their own storylines. Yeah. Yeah, I think there’s just a lot of things that they can work with. I feel like riot is in the same position that Blizzard was in in 2004 where like, they’ve already had like multiple successful games around like an IP and like they make an MMO and they already have a lot of the foundation that’s built so yeah, I mean, like I think they’re they’re set up to succeed in the same way that Blizzard was with World of Warcraft.

You will miss a class experience happiness exists. Yeah, I mean, I’ll tell you that. If you want to talk about classic experience, this is really not like the original game. Like it’s not, but it’s fun. Like it doesn’t have to be like the original game. I think that’s another thing to keep in mind. Like, it doesn’t have to be the exact as it used to be. Exactly. It used to be, like, I see a lot of people and they try to like recreate the experience that they had back in, you know, the old days. I don’t think you can do that man.

I’m gonna be honest, like it was just so much different back then. like video games or like social networks. It was a totally different thing. Sorry, explores interesting concepts. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So in the time, I’ve read some amount, it’s actually no info about it. People have been Yeah, I probably need those. Actually. No, I don’t know. I’m chillin. I’m good. You can never relive the past or glimpse into what’s out. Yeah, yeah. It’s just like, because the game is just totally like, everything about it is different. And like, that’s not a bad thing, either. It’s just like, you know, time moves forward and shit happens.

That’s all there is to it. It’s about number one or bust. Well, back then also, it’s like, now I think people are more willing to play other games like whenever a while kind of started falling off. I’d say like realistically, during like BFA, especially Shadow Lands, I think that a lot of people didn’t really completely quit. Well, they just started playing other games on top of that, like you’ve had a lot of people that like moved over from, it’s like Warcraft was the Lich King and it was keeping all the scourge in one spot and then the Lich King is gone. And now everybody’s just going and doing everything they want. You know what I mean? Like that’s sort of this sort of the off there. He just did like this thing.

So he’s able to teleport over origins grown up means more disposable income pay for more subs and games. Well, I think also it’s that people like there’s no game out there right now we got it we’re done. We’re done. Let me see if I go turn the show then. There’s no game out there right now that you can play all day every day and never run out of like fun and exciting content to do. Why you can do it. It’s just that the content is probably going to be you know a little bit recycled. But I think the difference though, is that like the exception is like competitive games like competitive games are their own content.

So I think that’s certainly different do I have to do this one now I don’t remember when we double check Do you think last arcs doing I think last arcs doing fine I feel like yeah I mean I don’t have anything really negative to say about I think last arcs fine Hey there let’s see here. NATO’s love whoo let’s get turned up. Get that shit done took some losses here last night. Yeah, I mean it’s it’s fun. I mean, my character like in Lost Ark. Like I’m like 1520 item level. So I’m completely ready for the new raid like I’ve got like level 10 gems.

I’ve got all my engravings ready like I could go and do the clown raid. Tomorrow you know the right now if it came out. So I’m chillin ready for Brawl shots? Yeah, I mean I’ll keep a keep leveling up the character to also pick the ones with ResidentSleeper I mean, like every game The thing is to me is like I just I don’t really care that much anymore because like after streaming and everything Hello. There’s just a lot of different ways that people get advantages in games.

And it makes me think to myself like the way McClure
focuses is to have to go back to their speak with Billy where’s he at forgot where the fuck bill he is? Isn’t he over here? Maybe he is. I don’t remember.
More about more games like Val Haim. Also, the thing is with Val Haim that was like, there’s like not really a lot of content for the game. Like Val Haim came out like I went super hard on the game and then I just ran out of content it happened actually pretty quickly I got the thing is though is like good it’s not bad there we go. It’s not bad it’s just that it’s like the game doesn’t last forever. Yeah 200 hours of content is crazy. Like I mean I’m not complaining about it.

But what I’m saying is like it would have been 1000 If they kept bringing out more content
so if the rising yeah yeah, for sure. didn’t finish everything in V rising though unfortunately. You need I might go back and do that again. Travels. I wish they changed a little bit of their camera angles with V rise It was hard to, like hard to get into the game with the camera angle that they had. Like in general, I like games. I can play an isometric game it’s not a big deal. Like I played POV I played last arc. I played Diablo three.

However, I like free look games. I like tower fantasy because of that. I like world Warcraft Final Fantasy. It’s fun new world all good things are mods for that now to change camera. Yeah, maybe I should do that. Played V rising with third person lot. Oh, maybe maybe I do that. That’s actually a good idea. Yeah, that’s that’s a really good idea. Okay, boy, I need to get a four Borassus What are you doing math I said no. What do you do? All right, get this pitch. There we go. Imagine there’d be a lot of cross game rewards like a skin for League. Oh, yeah, yeah, Blizzard did that with Heroes of the Storm and they’ve also done that with Hearthstone.

Right I don’t have the hearthstone because of the promotion I didn’t do Yeah, I might. I don’t know I’m just I’m really hoping that I’m really hoping the riot MMO is good because I feel like they’re one of the only studios that has like the I don’t think the riot MMO will be like explicitly pay to win I think that there will probably be some sort of way that you can turn currency into gold because like most games do this whether it’s like Runescape or something else like just most games have some way that you can buy gold and you professions yeah is Riot made about game Oh, I mean if you ask a lot of league players Yeah, they have but I think in general if you want to look at like you know I performance not necessarily mortal online to not interest you. I can’t really play a PvP only game.

Like I’m not much of a PvP er and MMOs because I feel like most PvP and MMOs is like it’s like not so nice it’s not satisfying but I haven’t gotten a single board meet the fuck is this fuck this game man I love hate with league yeah for sure. Another Blizzard MMO excite you know not really I mean the thing is like another Blizzard MMO is just going to be you know it’s going to have the same problems that wow has like in general I think like this is what I would look at with Blizzard is that Blizzard does a great job making a game Blizzard does a bad job maintaining a game by they struggle a lot to maintain the game and be able to like evolve and and make the game good like for example.

Shadow Lands in terms of like balancing and like a lot of things in Shadowlands we’re pretty good on release. Like all things considered the shadow NS release I feel like for most players it’s hard to say most players but for a lot of players was viewed positively I enjoyed the beginning of it etc. If you take out the system problems, whorl fucking words drainer was good on release. Overwatch was good on release I would say Overwatch was very good on release.

And then what was the problem? The problem was that Blizzard responded to feedback and let the meta grow in a way that was bad for the game. You see what I’m saying? So like Yeah, I think Overwatch on release was good and then it just got worse over time maintenance is the problem. Yeah, exactly. Had a good time a Shadowlands release just like the MMA. Yeah, I think everybody did. But overall like I was able to enjoy the game
Okay, we’re good.

There like vision Overwatch really butchered it so many times. While I mean the game was made based off of like another game it was like Project Titan. How the rain came out developers different studios talk shit that was wrong. It’s performing well with these things are not unimportant secondary, but the main thing that matters more than anything else is the gameplay of a game. And if the gameplay of a game is good, the game is good. If the gameplay is bad, the game is bad. It’s that simple. It’s literally a name game play. People play games. If the game doesn’t play well with the gameplay is not good. The game is bad. It’s that simple. like it sounds like kind of a forehead thing to say but it’s like obviously fucking true god damn bro like where’s my loot?

Give me the fucking boar ass fuck I want to like open world PvP because it gives a fear feeling brah that’s the last thing I like why would why do you want to watch it? Why do you why you want to play a game like you get afraid like I’m not about getting afraid in the game man fuck that shit I always find it weird that like people want to get like a feeling of fear and the game will never play Tarkov yeah it’s just like I don’t I don’t understand anyone needs me yeah I need to meets if you can get me to your meets

Are you scared you’re scared when you played Ross yeah a little bit like that type of anxiety like I’m a very anxious person and so I anything that is going to make me anxious or give me any level of like stress. I don’t want it in my life you know what I mean? I don’t want it to be anywhere near me around me part of me I got it I’m good.

Thank you. Bye anything that does that because like I play video games too like the main reason why I play video games is to relax and just to forget about other shit and so it’s like usually it’s like shit the stresses me out in real life so like what is the point of playing a video game if all the video game does is stress you out is counterproductive more shows you found something good how to walk past the bass or something yeah you know I hardcore on solo stuff on peewee ever never it’s not fun Yeah, it’s not like it’s not fun for me to do is apply mythic plus higher ed difficulties surrender good play play horror games.

Well, it depends right it’s like I will deal with like a certain amount of it if I feel like it’s good string content, for sure. 100 Fucking percent Alright, yeah, let me go back over here. Just wanna make sure you Yeah, that’s a different game requires a different mindset. You don’t play fortnight expecting to win every game.

Yeah, no, I don’t expect to win every game but like there’s certain emotions that I just don’t want a game to elicit from me. So like if a game is making me mad all the time? What the fuck am I doing playing the game? You know what I mean? Like what am I doing with my life now that I’m playing this fucking game? That makes me mad all the time? It’s not weird
Yeah, like fuck that sometimes good things make you upset why? Why would a good thing make me upset?

Oh, now I have to do gold to talk about Souls games. Um Souls games like it like they do straight they can stress me out Absolutely. But like not a whole lot muscles game there’s a big sense of reward. Yeah. Just to lead champions maybe a little bit. I don’t know. Let me see here.
Less stress but more frustrating at times. I think that like for me, it’s like a big personal thing is like a reverse progression.

So like, if I lose progression I will be very frustrated. I think this is where this is where all dick sucker is. Right? Yeah. So like in Dark Souls or like a game like that you don’t really lose progression. And like if you do it’s like maybe five or 10 minutes worth of work. Whereas like in POV man like you die your level 95 You just lost probably an hour’s worth of grinding that should happens to me. I’m done we got it. Nice.

Good job, boys. It’s gonna turn into shit in turn everything rescues you up for building your character will like I don’t want to build like I’ll build character by like a As you know like doing something that matters like I don’t want to build character in a video game like it’s just a video game like I like it yeah what do you mean? Just the game yeah real life struggle builds character like what do you think like you you not?

Was this your stone feel for him I always forget which ones which is it this one? Not the other one fuck okay I gotta go turn this one spine what’s happened? A build your IRL entertain quote yeah and builds character destroys it yeah there’s also things that are likely to have a negative impact on you too it’s important to keep that in mind let’s game Princess Peach from Bowser builds character yeah yeah, exactly. We got to turn this shit in Hey there okay um let’s see what we got to do now we got to turn in all of these oh my god it’s a lot that entertaining battlefield bro thank God Kenshin gotcha club stress from work and day play again to relieve you end up being more stress.

Yeah, it’s just like I don’t know. I think that for people that don’t really get like you know people get that level of exhilaration from certain things and also other people like it like for me I just don’t I don’t like the way that it makes me feel like physiologically right like the way my body feels. I don’t like to feel that way. On like a very like a fucking base level Arthas died for this. Well, that’s actually it makes sense.

Yeah, like that. was fair. Yeah, yeah, so that’s that’s how I see the jitters? Yeah, I’m a very nervous person. I don’t like things that elicit that emotion from me that’s me on roller coasters. I’ve never been on a roller coaster I’m never gonna go on a roller coaster because I don’t want that for you. It’s stressful. Why would I want to be on a roller coaster something of a good law right good. And let’s get these other bitches turned in. I’m about to level eight level fucking eight boys there it is. God for the Alliance.

All right. Let’s go turn this other one in. Now Blizzard selling heroic and mythic deluxe edition. I don’t think gives a fuck man like you need to there’s Safe travels. I just was this guard Thomas? Oh, yeah, I do that shit later. Alright, let’s go kill the murlocs Yeah, it’s just it’s not that big of a deal to me. Like am I crazy for that? Like I just it’s not that big of a thing. You’re gonna play this fresh character a lot.

Fuck no. I’m gonna make a dk in a bit. I’m gonna do this. I want to do listen once we get to hogger, we’re going to do a we’re going to do GDK P for hogger Okay. Since it’s a new server, we’re gonna show them how it’s done.

We do GDK Well, what the fuck is this goblin gumball? What the fuck? What the fuck? Oh, I guess you gotta go Yeah, we had GDK P hogger. We’ll do GDK P Deadmines GTK P stockades everything and also like we’ll figure out the guild name in a bit don’t worry about that. Don’t forget the parser though. Oh yeah, we won’t don’t worry about that. Where’s all the mops there’s one oh all the way over there. Oh, there’s like three here. Okay, great. Hopefully Hopefully these guys won’t kill me make sure we get this tag there we go. All right nice. We go to the BGS give experience now.

Yeah, they do but like experience you get from BGS is like not very good. Like if it’s the same as I remember like it’s not that great. We’re an Iron Man hardcore guild the Iron Man hardcore only. Only GD K P for all content. We only GDK p on our experiences worth of though. Leveling probably not Like I don’t think so.

Like I tell you like I would not do a BG which level the seventh day on this character what I love the seventh day ah what I level the seventh day maybe I mean like we’ll see what happens how about that yeah we’ll see what fucking happens okay whereas this AV experience was really good and wrath though ah was it I don’t remember that’s a good question all right after we get this done listen let’s go make the guild yeah let’s go make the guild after we get this shit done everybody whenever I do this get over to storm wind yeah get over to so we’re on Sky theory server yeah so you got to get over over to storm land and we got to get the money together to do the GIL.

This is turtle out nah man it’s warm man it’s you I feel like hustlers University is the best guild name that we’ve thought of so far yeah, like I think that’s the best one I have not found like a hustlers University yeah Ashbringer for Warlock with Ashbringer Yeah, I know like there’s some people that message me in game if you whisper me in game it’s annoying and don’t do it. So that’s about it.

Let’s go get this guy don’t wait for me in game UK if people do it a lot. I’ll put you on ignore I just I still like it it’s annoying I’m not trying to be a dick but like it’s weird because like you have like the chat so it’s like then you got people messaging me in the game. And it’s like why are you special?

You know what I mean? Just stop it so talking to chat we are at three of four crystal kelps we are farming she’ll see you level Yeah, I’m just having fun man. I’m not worrying about anything or anything like that. I think that if they do season a mastery again which I’m going back to this because I think it’s important to talk about like I think that they need to make leveling like 100 100 like make it to x like take this joyous journeys buff Make it 100 Make it 100 and release the game like that just straight up that simple because like I’m not about to level for like two weeks nonstop to play a seasonal server no cap on a stat like that’s not gonna happen it’s just fucking not gonna happen and yeah, I’m not recruitment was 100% Make a 500% not not 500% Like you want people to level up like it’s not that you don’t want people to level up. It’s just that you don’t want it to be a grind.

You don’t want people to have to fucking kill mobs and like dungeon grind because some of the quests in the area are hard to do. You don’t want that that’s the issue All right, guys. Everybody come on over to storm wind. Actually, should we give people a little bit more time? Wait a second. Before you guys go there? Should we maybe like do all the quests over here and then come back over to Stormwind?

Morton All right. All right. Let’s have a little bit more time a little bit more time a little bit more time. And then we’re going to make the GIL all right because I know everybody is ready to go to work. Yeah, just over transfer Romania. Yeah, I did it last night. How are you? Okay, see you around. Well, yeah, it doesn’t have another quest. I think it is right? Yeah. What can I do for you?

There we go. Okay, let’s go down over here. Also, in the fresh classic add these mounts and again, like the Palmito and all that shit just put them in the game. Oh, well, people won’t be able to shut the fuck up bitch. Put them in the game
yeah, just put them in the game. Yeah. I don’t want to hear about that shit. It was such a mistake. Blizzard should have made the original mounts in the game only for season one for fuck In phase one in classic WoW and that way like anybody who levels up early gets that mount. That’s badass. I like that did you quit tower fantasy?

Bitch I’m level 53 On level 53 and a half I’ve been farming tower fantasy like crazy. I got so what sucks is like so now you get the legendary gear now right? So I bought the boots and they suck big dicks and then I bought also something else it also sucked big dicks so I got bad loot and I’m mad we’ll see what happens people on struggle leveling get some kind of badge of honor to waste your time, bro MMO players love overcoming bad designs and considering my fuck off bitch people but MMO players what they do, like MMO players it’s like a pig in shit, bro.

Like anytime that there’s like some dog shit fucking design MMO players because they’re able to like find some workaround for it. They think it’s good design. They think it’s good because they can work around but why why does the music change was his boss visa the phone just saving one point out Yeah, yeah.

I mean, that’s the thing is they’ve just got to, like people people have like this ego about being able to like play and like deal with bad content. I think it’s stupid. I’m not about it. I don’t like it. I think it’s reductive for games, because you have these people that do shit like that. And it ends up making the game worse because it’s about like, their ego, and like preserving their ego, and not making the game good.

To go live and our things are tougher and harder than go about building character. Bro, like the game The thing is, like, back in the day playing Lao was like really cool. And like being able to like accomplish things was like really cool. But like, a lot of the reasons for that was because, you know, like, we were kids. Right? Like, a lot of us were kids then.

And so like, you had never really accomplished anything else in your life. Like the biggest accomplishment you ever had before that was passing whatever the fucking standardized test was for the year. Maybe you were in sports, right? You won games in sports. Other than that, you probably didn’t have much of anything.

And so and all those other things those are like abstracted it’s like everybody passes the test everybody you know on the team won the game that wasn’t just you right? Whereas like with wow, like, an any game like Everquest Ultima Online like fucking Star Wars city of heroes anything like this? Like any accomplishment you had in the game back then.

This was your fucking accomplishment this wasn’t somebody else’s nobody gave this to you. It wasn’t because of you know some No Child Left Behind Act or some shit like that is something that you did you earned you got it yourself. Meanwhile, nowadays, fast forward, you got plenty of guys now like they have a career. They have a wife they have a kid. Maybe they came out of the army. You know? Is it really as important to them?

To have that sense of feeling again? No, because it’s contextualized around real life accomplishments at that point. And video game accomplishments just don’t hold up. You said I’m saying buy that’s it was purchased at Walmart now. To have fun. Play the game. That’s all there is to people arguing about the vaccine in in group finder. Greetings.

Be careful. Need help. Like bless you. Okay. Let’s see here. What’s honored friend Cago find this do classic Yeah, true. Classic. It’s it. No, it’s wrath not classroom. It’s common sense. So of course he found interesting or committed same whenever you’re adult. Yeah, no, that’s that’s all I’m saying. Right. It’s not even a bad thing. Oh my God, he’s gonna get that before me.

Oh, that’s the wrong Wolf. Anyway, who cares? Just go up and get these overtime. Plot play MMOs I feel like if you have people that are arguing about politics in general chat, the game’s pretty good. Because like they’re not arguing about the game being bad you know they’re like invested in the game enough to where they want to get in a fight in the game.

I feel like that looks good but I’m just gonna stop messaging me running around with me man leave me alone stop
you try to do you try to get my attention again I’ll put you on ignore Get the fuck away from me let’s go talk to this guy over here as this barons chat for Alliance version, I feel like the good one was, uh, let’s see.

The good I feel like Loch Modan and Westfall. Like those are those are the bad ones there. Were like you got the real wild boys that just come out to play. Do you think they should take tanks out of arena?

Not in wrath because they used to be in Wrath arena. And it’s like, I don’t really want to see a whole lot of changes to like medicine in that way. Even though I hate tanks now in retail, wow. Should they take tanks out of arena? Absolutely. Nobody likes queueing into a tank. It’s not fun to queue against. It’s not enjoyable, the games are slow, they’re annoying, they’re always contrived, around some stupid fucking damage reduction or immunity mechanic.

I think that you should just straight up not be able to queue a tank and arena. However I think a compromise that would be okay with is that if you could either queue a tank or a healer it’s like you can’t have a tank healer and DPS you either have to DPS and the healer or two DPS send a tank I think that would be a lot better than what we have now.

Because tank healer DPS comps are just not fun to play against it’s the same reason why you don’t have to healer comps let’s see what we got to get a bundle of wood and what else we gotta get bandanas I feel like I’m probably not going to do this shit. This thing’s gonna take forever I gotta kill bears to ball the bears are extinct oh my god, where’s the wood? More to wood there’s one Oh, he’s gonna get it Oh man, I’m losing out on a lot of wood. Shit fatness quest. It’s okay. It just you know I’ll get it sooner enough what will you get mounts now?

Is it still like 40 I don’t even know it’s 20 Damn that’s fast. So I can get him out today let’s see if he’s running to one Oh, I thought he was running to one I could get there before him and he’s gonna get that one. Let’s see fuck man this would shit is just ridiculous. I got one right over here. We’re good I got one over there too.

Can we get the heirloom motorcycle? No I don’t think so. I feel like the arrow motorcycle didn’t come out until like cat like not cada it was like Mr. Pandaria or wad it was way later on in the game that was waiters was yeah I never really liked the Erwin motorcycle by the way. I always thought it was stupid.

It was a it’s a cool idea. I just don’t think personally he’s gonna get that one when are you gonna make a third channel I’ll make a third channel just for sleeping so people can watch me sleep oh my god, you stupid bitch. Oh my God, he’s gonna get that one. All right, I should be good. Many times you’ve done this bond or WebQuest too many times.

To me The fucking times I don’t mind like I like playing on new server the real problem with like new servers is that there’s like nothing actually new you’re just doing it again. I for example in POV every league there’s like a new meta there’s like new content that you do whereas like in retail why or like you know season a mastery I think that’s the best example you’re literally just doing the same thing that you did you see what I’m saying?

Like that’s it like you’re just doing the exact same fucking thing you did written script does the same thing well I don’t know about Runescape but like all I’m saying is with with wow I would be very happy if they had a little bit more to it than that because I do think that seasonal classic servers do have a lot of potential and I think Blizzard is not realizing that potential they’re not taking advantage of that potential Were the wolves that what the fuck got fucking dammit we got two of them now. That’s good.

I haven’t found a single one. What potential would you add? I would add a modifier for like everything in molten core for example. And like I like the classic The season of mastering mechanics I would keep the season of mastering mechanics.

But you can’t give people a harder raid. And then not give them better loot. You know what I mean? Like you got to give people the better loot. So like how the fuck are you going to do season mastery? Just for people to farm out the same chromatic boots?

By How about change up i you kill kromagg us with like this new fucking version of Chrome Magus that has like eight different mechanics you can’t wine the site the breath and like a bunch of other shit.

Like imagine if whenever you killed chrome Magus it dropped a mountain it was chrome Magnus that’d be cool that’d be fucking cool. And so that’s the kind of stuff that I want to see in the game. I got two wolves on me I’m about to die big damage here let’s go oh yo, heal me man he’s gonna let me die this bitch is gonna let me die

Okay, we’re good. We’re good. Who’s laughing now? Yeah, who’s laughing now? Shut up. gotten my life apart Yeah, I had to use a potion I killed two mops. It’s hard to do this classic WoW man. It’s just it’s hard. Make Northrend 58 to 70 and Outland 68 to 89 I don’t give a fuck about that. I think they need to make new zones personally in order for me to be like interested in doing them.

Like imagine if they added like you know like the original Outland that was in like the game and like vanilla game files. Like just fucking change that around and like you know optimize it and make that like a new zone or something like that. Like Emerald Dream.
Classic hydrogel. Yeah, exactly. We need one more bear that was the speed leveling speed feels so far.

It’s fine. I actually think leveling speed is really good.
Like I’m level nine, I’ll probably be level 12 Almost by the time I finish these quests because like in general, you shouldn’t want people to have to go like again with classic WoW. Whenever the game originally came out, this is what they should have done. Right like they should have made it the exact same as it was.

However now that we’ve done that, I think that what they should do is they should not we you should not have to go to like three different zones to get through a level. Like you got to go over to like Loch Modan and then come back to fucking Red Ridge like Get the fuck out of here. That sucks. So I hope that like we don’t have that not a fan of that semester should be a different beast. Yeah, exactly. It should be different stuff. It’s a lot of walking it’s just a waste of time.

What can I do for you grand style? We go do that we go do this so we’re here to like an hour you already complaining bro this game saw sucks. I’ve only played World of Warcraft for an hour that’s right it’s my first time ever playing the game. Yeah, yeah, I’d never never done this before. Greetings. Okay. vulgar word All right good. And do I really want to do the six linen bandanas?

I guess I have to kill Princess anyway so I might as well knock it out okay, and again after we finish everything here in red Ridge Mountains we’re gonna make the GIL okay, we’re making the guild after that you’re famous for not having played WoW bro like people like I remember. It’s like I almost regret making that video about how I got banned and wow. Because like people come in every day like wow, you’re on Wow, that’s crazy.

I thought you were banned. I thought they banned you what happened I was over here. That’s over there. I forgot trying to avoid Mr. Wolf over here. I thought you was banned I know that eco friendly all the jokes are recycle. Yeah, I mean that’s the thing is people people just fucking they can’t remember that shit. My favorite kind of soda. I have a lot of kinds of soda. You can update questing now. No, I don’t need to. Like what do you mean I need to update questing like you just like I mean what do you think I forgot what the quests are.

I mean shit. I’ve done this 20 times the question is update me where’s his fucking cat? Where’s his fucking pig? Oh, you can click the pumpkins? That’s cool. I didn’t even know that
okay, um so yeah, we got to kill these guys.

I wonder if they dropped gear? I have no idea. Or if they dropped the things or not I don’t know. I remember like over here is like where there was a lot of them was this game never seen it? It’s just some shit came out a long time ago. It doesn’t matter. I do wish that like I wish that it was like cool to play. Wow. Again.
You know? Because like now I feel like there’s like so many other games out there. That is like the cool people play.

And it’s like if you’re playing WoW, like it never was. Yeah, it was it was boy it was cool. You’re playing while back in Wrath cataclysm. That shit was cool as fuck. When do we see the jailer? Well, everything we see is because of the J word. Keep that in mind. ROBLOX and Minecraft Yeah, exactly. Like that shit. That’s it was about I just wished that that’s the way the game was now. Why Temple was talking the schoolyard. I remember some guy. Fucking Oh, should I was dying.

I was reading chat. Thanks. Some guy in my, what’d he call it up? In my school. I was in high school at the time. He was talking to me how his guild was like getting through Black Temple. And at that exact time, my guild was wiping and carizon. And he was saying like, man, like, we gotta we gotta get through Black Temple. Like, you know, this is my character. And I remember thinking to myself, because like it was in my computer class, and like, this kid was like an absolute fucking idiot. Like he didn’t even know how to install ram into a computer.

So I was thinking to myself, like, this kid is so stupid. But he’s in black temple, and I’m doing carizon I need to completely reorient my life. And I came home that night, and I did care Zan and I never felt the same about it again. And after. I remember, I quit that fucking guild, like one morning and then I went to school. And I just I never thought about that guild ever again. I said fuck that. Playing video games is equivalent to being good with hardware, bro.

Like if you’re too dumb to put it RAM in your computer while he’s in the computer class, man, it was the computer class. I’m not talking about like a random guy. He’s it’s this it’s a second year. Like we already went through intro to computer class. No, no, no, no because we were in like this is like advanced computer maintenance like they would call down to our fucking classroom and have students from our class go fix the school computers.

This kid can’t even put in a fucking stick around. But he’s clear and Black Temple. Meanwhile, I’m floundering around and care Zahn because some dumb thought can’t do another spike. This is like a midlife crisis I had in high school
I quit the guild fuck that guild was an epiphany. Yeah, exactly. Like I said, Fuck, man. I’m done.
The sound elitist a lot. It was elitist. I wanted to be better than him. What do you mean it sounds elitist?

Absolutely was like the whole that’s the whole point. Like what the hell do you think it was? In play the game is better care how many times you’re going to type in my chat talking shit before you get bored I was better than you at this game before you were born. Shut up. And before you go and tell me that you’re actually 33 years old think about what that really means.

You 33 years old sitting in my chat talking shit. Shut your fucking mouth I only have one of these bandanas wait I don’t have any more authority right now yeah but you’re not getting mad about shit right?

It’s like don’t get going out actively seeking shit to get mad about like imagine doing that was out of pocket was not out of pocket at all. I was very very polite and reasonable was very very polite and reasonable thing that I said
you doing level fresh you’re just testing I’m just testing to having fun. We’re gonna make a guild after this shit. Oh shit.

We kill Princess nice good I remember one time I think it was like nasty Melber fucking called Cora princess. Bro. That shit made her mad for like a year. I think it was either her it was either him or it was it was one of our other like, mutual friends.

Like she was mad because the thing is like she used to be chunky. little chubby and chunky whenever she was younger. And everybody made fun of her for it. And a brawl. Like he said I think that he didn’t even know that that was the case. And like it just triggered the shit out of her. Yeah, chunky. Yeah, exactly. Combat addiction with the fresh Boy Yeah.

Is there no quest yet? I mean, does there need to be I killed I killed these guys till I get six bandanas. I’m probably not gonna do this quest. This quest sucks. I’m not getting anything. It’s probably not going to be a lot of alliances. Now. There’s one time it was like I think it was Melber. And so like Cora was in The Guild. And so like, she was like, trying to get a group to do RPGs.

And it was like Melber or like rag or somebody in the guild. She was like, who wants to come do RPGs and they say Why do you want to do RBG as you’re a woman, you should be in the kitchen. Why you’ve been playing
like talking shit to her, it just to make her fucking mad.

And so she’s like, and they’re going back and forth about this. Everybody else is just like the OG I wasn’t there. I just heard the second hand. And so like I hear this all the time and like, PvP or moment, well, these are Raiders. And so they just keep going on and on and on about this, about how like she needs to make them a sandwich about how they’re hungry.

And you know, like, what kind of scent like if they like pastrami or like ham sandwiches, like she’s going on about this over and over and over. Finally, I log on my Guildmaster messages me nerve messages me. Here’s the warlock. He says as mom we have a problem.

And I say fuck it Hey, what is it now? He says so, Cora is is she’s like that’s like your, your girl in the guild and I’m like, Yep, that’s right. And he says, Well, we have a situation I say fuck, well what happened? He says, I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain this. But Wragge and Melber were saying that she had to make them a bunch of sandwiches. And they were hungry and that she was a woman she needed to make them a sandwich. And so Cora got mad.

And she filled up the entire guild bank with bread every slot every tab with a full fucking thing of bread, and she said you want a sandwich There you go make it yourself
and even after I told her I might nerve like she never admitted that it was the wrong decision. Like she never said like sorry for this. She did not give a fuck. She was like It is one of those. Yeah, she says she uh, she was trying to fight that guy.

Yeah. And so he had to deal with that whole thing. And I would literally never apologize. It was fucking funny. This was like, he wasn’t like Mr. Pandaria or some shit. I don’t remember this a long time ago. Sounds like the right response to me.

Yeah. Let’s see. Where’s the rest of these like, Oh my God, where are these? It’s nuts. She was a match you’re gonna make the bread disappear. She played a priest I remember one time I told her that she was like a hunter pet.

And she says she says I’m not I’m a priest and I told her that she the priest is a warrior pet that pissed off too but I mean like it’s true though. Like it’s true yeah I remember I one time I tried to get her on stream and like have her confirmed some of the while refresh level now I’m done with this fucking bullshit I don’t want to do this quest anymore. I’m leaving.

Fuck this like I’ve just been walking around for like an hour was that vanilla TPC wrath I met her and fucky and let me think that either it was like the end of TBC or like the beginning of wrath or something like that. Well met pilots turn to shit in lights inventories for throw that away.

Okay and there we go. Good. All right, so is there anything else I got to do in here? Stone field Jasper load mine. I haven’t given fuck about that. No, I don’t I’m not gonna do it.
Okay yeah, let’s just run that. Have any opinion on pod after the patches?

The biggest problem with POV is the fact that think about what is the best advice that people give you for POV don’t play it always be like one of the one Yeah, it’s actually true capper as like one of the things you follow Bill guy. One of the things people tell you always be moving. Why do they tell you always be moving? Think about like, what is the reason behind that? It is because the game has so much visual clutter.

There are so many things happening in the game that you should always be moving because you literally cannot be expected to see and realize what is happening at all times. Because there’s so much shit happening But you can go through 10 maps and the maps are totally fucking fine. You clear every map it’s okay. And then you run into some encounter where you just instantly die in like a fraction of a second that’s bad design in my opinion, I think it’s bad design like it’s it’s not congruent, it’s it’s hard to predict.

Things can happen you have like the stars align situations, like hardcore players, people that have put 10,000 20,000 hours in a pod get killed in the game, and they still don’t even know how they died. You got to go watch the clip back at point two 5% speed to be able to figure out what happened. A lot of the death logs you don’t need a death log in sicuro because you can see what’s happening on the screen.

You know what killed you. The reason why you need a death log and POV is because the game is so fucking like, it’s so hard to understand. And there’s so many things happening simultaneously that you have to reverse engineer something three different ways to even realize what happened in the first place. It’s so cluttered. It’s that’s dogshit at like I love POV but that design is literal fucking trash. You need something for I’ll do these later.

Let’s go do these last ones let’s let’s kill hogger so that’s what the issue is. Basically want to stand still pressing one button retirement nothing happening. I mean, bitch, I’m gonna fucking ban you. Because if you are so stupid, that you think that’s what I mean. You’re just like, I’m not even going to explain it to you just stupid. The thing is that you should be able to see what is going to hit you.

Like for example, a lot of the arch nemesis modifiers I think do have relatively good visual clarity, right, like the green things that come and they fall down the toxic ones. And then also you have like the flame ones, and then also the explosion that comes out of it. Like these are very easy to understand and easy to see.

And it’s very evident visually what’s happening on the screen. So I think that’s actually a very good design the same with like the ice walls and the ice circles. So that’s the thing. The toxic granddaddy skeleton gets over time.

Yeah, I mean, a lot of people probably kills them they nerfed his the frequency of him casting it though. And so yeah, I mean the lightning one is way too annoying too many bolts. Yeah. And so like you have so many things the guy didn’t deserve a ban. Yeah, he did. He absolutely did.

Anybody who takes what I say and they restate it in an intellectually dishonest way. That is just trying to disregard me no fuck that. No no I don’t want I don’t want to do with it. No why Yeah, you’re next and so yeah, so what you’re saying is and then say something I didn’t say yeah no All right guys.

We’re here we made it Wait where’s the where’s the nine fucking things why not get the nine things I’m confused can someone share the quest was level 10 All right let me kill some mobs I thought was little nine No, it’s just kill some mobs how much experience I get per kill. Let’s figure out how many I got probably 40 or 30.

We’ll see what happens where we 50 I just need to kill like five months. That’s easy. I’ll just knock this out real quick. ferret by current says Happy normal kind of any game. Yeah, I think that’s a good start. I feel like POVs microtransaction models actually really good. I’m a big fan of it.

He realized that he’s gonna be able to run at you it does more damage right now it didn’t even happen honestly In Washington three asthma three years of bands. Well, I just I don’t want like Why allow somebody to bring that kind of energy into your life? You know what I mean? Like to say something that you didn’t say? And then to like try to make you look stupid because they’re misinterpreting what you’re saying on purpose like fuck that.

Like it’s to fuck that. I hate people like that
soy boys and chakra no it’s not soy boys. They’re a little fucking dirt. They do the exact same thing. It’s like solidarity you know what I mean?

All right, listen, we’re going to GDK p this hogger well, it can it can give me lead. I gotta put I gotta put it on Master Looter. Okay, good. All right, we put on Master Looter Where’s hogger whenever we get to level 15 We’re going to do a GD K p i Deadmines.

Who do GD K p Deadmines we’ll get like a 10 man group where is he? Oh there he is. No no these guys now they’ll run out of mana
actually not they’re gonna kill it we might as well just kill it for him. Yeah it’s just not gonna happen once y’all oh my god Let’s kill these guys got some nice big damage I forgot I have to train my abilities I haven’t trained at all holy shit yeah Do we going in
after I get this Can y’all share the quest oh wow I got bro I forgot all about achievements that’s my first one oh my God look at that wow his lip his lip down there we go holy shit these are all the old oh my god look at all the
dungeons and raids and call the crews all they have everything here oh my god
the king Slayer Oh wow.

They don’t have the heroic ones and yeah, that’s weird.
Do they have the immortal achievement in for all the war? Can y’all share me the quest? Oh they do. Bro they took this one out of the game. This is conqueror of old war I didn’t get this I got I have the 10 man one champion of all the war Herald of the Titans look at this a lot of these are feats of strength now
now you can yeah he’s gonna play wrath more than retail why? I mean, bro like it would take me a week to get the you just get a group of people know what they’re doing you just go and do it that’s it it’s easy Yeah, let’s see.

Oh, they have a mortal to them right there it is the immortal holy shit is back in the game. We got to track this for whenever I can go do it. Yeah, just in case and then you had all of these right? And then 10 Man was like the undying No, I don’t see the question here either.

Can y’all share it or something like what the fuck I got we gotta go kill hogger need Jasper load I think I’ll fuck that yeah, that black proto Oh yeah, yeah, black proto Drake look
there it is red plagued proto Drake black proto Drake right there oh my god Raven hold rap. Yeah, gory of the Ice Crown Raider. Holy shit.

Oh my fucking god. Arena the arena master Dude I remember whenever I got this I got this in Cataclysm I was so happy whenever I got this man holy fuck I was happy whenever I got this get every single achievement there’s no way I’m gonna get every single achievement now under a waste of time like I already did it like if I hadn’t done it before I would do it but I have yeah I beat I beat the game man like that’s the thing is I feel very good about my progress that I made in like vanilla like vanilla while and all this shit right? Like I feel very good about it. Like I popped off I did work I did what I needed to do and it was great flawless victory that’s actually what I was looking for. It wasn’t there though.

They got rid of that after Season Five Yeah, that one’s not in the game just like all the original ones leave early achievement oh my god Wow reputation world events why Wow holy shit feats of strength Damn I forgot even said that Hallgren me okay, let me head over oh my god there he is. There he is. There’s the big boy there’s the big boy let’s go get him all right Shit shit just meant masterbuilder okay all right, it’s lit master we’re good okay, what drop Okay, give me a second we didn’t get we didn’t get any gear for that. Unfortunately. Some guy ninja looted the boots. We’ll have to cancel him on Twitter. Let’s go do I have to be I’m trying to remember.

Do I have to be level 11 to get the quests at Westfall?
Bryson’s all yeah true couple nine maybe we do some of those and we go to lock Madonna or something. I think that’s probably a better idea. Is this retail um it’s like in between. Let’s just say that oh, I think it’s over and gold star culture Oh, also, everybody meet up at storm when we are going to make the guild. We are making the guild now. Gkl 25 which came before cada did I I don’t think so. I’m just I’m trying to think to myself like did I clear lich king before cataclysm?

No, I cleared the heroic lich king but I did on 10 Min because we were 10 Min guild at the time like we didn’t have 25 people Yeah, so like I mean, I don’t feel like I missed out on that because I knew I could have done it. But I we just didn’t What about how am I do how are we on 25 min or not? I don’t remember. Like I know I cleared it on Heroic in like original wrath. But I don’t know about if it was on 25 or 10 Min Yeah, I don’t remember doing a goal for a guild.

That’s why we need everybody come over to storm one. Yeah, we need everybody come on on over to storm wind. Lots of people we got to make this happen. Tower fantasy is better than this true brother. Did they so that they added that new character? Right? Frig like did they add her today? It’s tomorrow Oh, it’s tomorrow. That’s right. Okay yeah, I think tower fantasy is great.

What more tower fans safe travels can I say what oh, I’m out I’m at a gold see around I’m actually at a silver King Okay, let’s pick all these up for the Alliance. Wanted hogger Well, damn, that’s big three strength careful. Oh my God, that’s big. We’ll get that. Tan I’m looking fresh. Let’s go up to the outlets.

Got to swarm on guys we’re gonna make the guild we’re gonna make the guild right now l  of money you know what you know what C S stands for in Tower fantasy? It’s actually not combat score. It’s cash spent come on up here and we’re going to make the guild and also we’re going to need to come together to make this tavern I think the tabloids 10 goal
I don’t have 10 gold I mean somehow we got it we gotta get we gotta get this put together not yet.

Let’s go need to start hustling? True? True, true true. I remember the first day that they added this hairstyle into the game. I changed my character to this hairstyle. And I literally never changed it ever again.

And I was so young than I was like 18 or 19 that I thought I could grow my hair out long and have this hairstyle in real life because I thought it was really cool little did I know life had other plans Let’s go Come on everybody come on over here Yeah true. Let’s see unaided once over Yep, there we go. Good.

All right, give me one second let me see how much it is to make a Gil. How do I form a guild purchase at 10 Silver guys? Listen. Life bless you. Listen, we got to come together I need 10 Silver I need one silver from everybody if everybody trades me one silver will have enough Yep, come on.

Let’s go Let’s go everybody Yeah, and if you’re not if you can’t see me, everybody who’s here if you see somebody here invite me 35 people on wrong layer. Yeah, everybody if you’re in trade chat Listen, we already see people doing it. Let’s take a look at this. Let’s go invite to Asman layer let’s do it. Gentlemen. Come on everybody. Everybody come on over. And if you see people in trade chat, ask just invite them if you can see me over here Come on, guys. Let’s go. We are on Skype. I don’t

want that horseshit. What’s this? Yep everybody come on let’s get those invites over to as monolayer Come on guys. World first TABBERT Yeah, we’re gonna have the world’s first TABBERT is that thing Okay, good. Nothing cut me. I’m not immortal. Now. Let’s chill out. So I’ve got I’ve got enough money now. I’ve got enough money now.

All right, yo, yo, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill. Alright, let’s get everybody over here first guys if you’re here and you’re not in a group start inviting the people in trade chat so we can get everybody on the same layer okay. We need like there’s a lot of people that are trying to get to Asman layer right now okay. And they can’t get there that you’ve got to help them get there let’s go people are selling layer invites will whatever they need to do man. Boy Amiga you leader again, shit was annoying.

Come on. Remember every group that we do is GDK P. Every group keep that in mind. There’s like not like, how are people not getting invited? I kind of feel bad. There’s like all these people that aren’t invited into the guild. Because there’s like look at all these people. They’re not even here.

Come on, guys. Let’s go Stop trying to trade me and start trying your shell for a second chill for a second start inviting everybody from the server into our lair come on guys let’s get everybody together trade me money if you can’t trade yeah yeah you guys actually can trade AK Fox lair money and like we can put it together and make sure that we’re able to um as long gold not as long copper don’t trade me copper let’s go I’ll take silver since nobody’s got anything else.

All right here we go come on come on and get everybody invited in so we can see everybody here we got somebody over there his name is free Hong Kong that guy’s gonna get banned yeah Attention all Alliance gamers as mon need your money remember ask ask her an invite to as monolayer if you guys have already made it over to as monolayer leave your group and invite everybody else because I want to make sure that whenever we make this guild we’ve got everybody together. And so what what guild name should we use? Are we still going to do hustlers University? What do y’all think? hustlers University we could got free Hong Kong hustler.

Yeah, I feel like hustlers University is we’re gonna go in on that. We’re gonna get we’re gonna go in on that. Yeah, there it is rat patrol. That’s stupid. I’m free Hong Kong Bobby’s legacy. Top GS for officers. Yeah. Top GS, by the way is the top G donation. A, a keep that in mind.

With this, this shit ain’t free. So it’s top G. It’s not a metaphor. It’s a fact. So let’s go. Snap virus magnets. Now we already did that in retail. Wow, we did that shit a long time ago. That was like three years ago. Quit trading me shit, man. Give me a minute. All right, we’ve got almost everybody here now. Here we go. Stop, stop, stop. Why am I gonna have to put people on ignore? Stop.
All right. Let me do something real quick.

How do I block trades? There we go. Okay, good. All right. So we’re gonna stop for a second. Gentlemen. I want to talk to you. All
right now. I want to talk to you all right now about what we’re going to be doing here. All right. Everybody getting a line? Getting the line over here. Getting the line over here. onto the side or the side. Come on, getting the line getting the line of face me? No, not you fucking idiots walking over around me.

All right, listen up. All of you today have been gathered for something incredible. Something amazing. Gentlemen, today we’re gonna make our new guild. This is a fresh server. You know what that means? Fresh GDK piece, fresh gold selling bots. Fresh add ons to help you do the fights. And most importantly, fresh people to give me gold.

So today, I’d like to welcome everybody to the new guild that we’re making. Good Give me one second. Like be with you. How do I form a guild? I’m going to purchase the guild charter hustlers University for the Alliance. All right. We’re gonna have our founding members of The Guild right now.

I think that’s what we’re gonna call it now. I will say do we want to do a little straw poll on the guild name? I will do a little just a little bit of straw poll on the guild and then what’s this fucking bullshit straw poll? Oh, they closed a straw poll.me closure due to low usage, bro. Maybe we’d use a more if it worked.
So what do we do now? I mean, the ship doesn’t work like can I do a poll? Oh in my like slash poll .

I can’t do it like I’m not a partner or something like that I’m not a partner I can’t do it motherfucker. Okay, so All right, we’re gonna have this This is stupid. Okay? I thought so we have two options people said just go with hustlers University we could just do hustlers University straw poll.com/create What’s this?

Critical that one’s a new one I want to deal with that’s a new one. All right, let’s see here. Tight guild name voting type multiple choice answer option hustlers University is number one option two Star Forge PCs option three
free Hong Kong option for Bobby’s bonus What do we got next? Bobby’s Yacht Club Taiwan the country it’s a good one isn’t it?

This guy still thinks it’s a country you mean China? What else do we have Arthas did nothing wrong I liked that Arthas did nothing wrong okay
plus 500 Social credit um only fans know now that that I get in trouble for that one yeah, I get in trouble for that one for sure make Dragon flight and gay is that really a name like we’re not going to do that that’s not going on the list man.

Think of another one
ah damn y’all y’all really going hard one true Kingdom maybe na na na na because like the Star Forge PCs The reason why that one’s good is because it’s just so obviously a fucking ad it’s literally an ad for my own company.

You see what I’m saying? Like it’s like one tricky like that’s it it’s like kinda in the middle right so like with fucking Starforce it’s just Boom there it is. It’s an ad that’s the only thing only bands frequently brought nothing that is sexual man. Like we’re not going to do anything that sexual like no raid shadow legends now I don’t like that master loot only. We love GD K p something like that could be funny.
Um taco shack Why the fuck would it be called the guild taco shack.

Like why would we ever call it that? What is the reason behind that? Bring back slash spit. I like that. Not good enough for the list though. Ah I can call it Z Z Z Z Z cada when I feel like that one would be kind of like, it’s like because I have to space it. It wouldn’t be as funny. That’s the problem. It doesn’t work. Call it New World. I gotta call my dad Right back anyway so let’s see here Amber’s in charge of your own destiny.

Amber was right oh no no moulders gate okay um I think let’s just go with this okay all right create poll who wants to live forever okay and all right results we’re gonna look at results there you go guys there’s the poll go ahead vote vote you guys can do whatever you want decide whatever you want to go with Give me a minute I’ll be right back you know those ancient protectors and Darnassus they’re not that old you my girlfriend’s all the time okay all right got it. We’ve got we’ve got free Hong Kong at number one gentleman, but I can understand the thing those wisps say, let me go ahead and we’re gonna rename the guild free.

Hong Kong Hong Kong all right. Don’t spy spell that right, right. Yeah, okay, I did. Perfect. It’s so bad. It’s the best one we got. It won’t work I don’t know like free Donkey Kong. Oh, I like that. That’s a good one.

You think I get in trouble for this shit? Maybe I could
I don’t know if I could or not what do y’all think? Like like maybe you will like ah I can’t wait till this quest is done and I can look for another Garibaldi artifact.
Man I really took out the good jokes, huh? Okay, we’re gonna invite her to the guild for sure. Um, let’s say we’ll invite this guy to the guild. All right, um, let’s see here. What are we going to get? I’m just gonna. I’m gonna just randomly start requesting signatures. Okay, I just want to get this done. I will hear you. Okay. Yeah, it’s not out yet guys. Chill out. Okay, we got one more person. There we go. All right.

Here we go. Greetings. How do I form a guild registered to the guild? We got a voice. We fucking got it. Gentlemen, let me go back over. I’m going to set up the guild and we’re gonna make everything good. Yep, fuck it. We’re gonna do it. All righty and guild control. Guild Master officer we’re gonna just make initiates fuck is Titan play is some bullshit like what is this? Cancel guild control. I’m threat classics. I gotta disable some things. Okay, sorry about this Titan panel.

All these are getting disabled. Okay. All right. We’re gonna reload UI with this. It’s scuffs. All right and move this up. Move it over here. Okay. And where are we at now? Guilds again guild control. Okay, this is perfect. Alright, veteran eyes want to make sure invite member Okay, you guys can invite members officers can obviously invite members, members can invite members and initiates can invite members.
Gentlemen, let the plague begin. Everybody who is in the guild can invite everybody into the guild. Let’s go I work out. Everybody’s spamming invite. And nobody’s doing the inviting. Let’s go. Come on. Come on. Let’s do it. 15 people? Let’s go. The real estate Yes. This is the real scourge invasion guys. You thought it was the game?

It was not. This is where we’re really at. Come on, guys. Let’s go 30 people so far we’ve got a lot more people.
A lot more people. Let’s go. We want to see everybody in the guild spam is real. Yeah, yeah. People are popping off man. Everybody wants to join.

Officers not doing a job. Anybody that is invited into the guild can invite anybody into the guild. Well, who’s this? What troubles you wait visit for it this is the guy Holy shit. This guy bought the bonus edition we saw you we know that you we know you wailed out. Okay. We know it. You can’t hide it from us. We’re gonna put it in your guild note. What’s his name? He threw some some bullshit What was his level nine? Okay fuck I can’t there it is.

Oh shit we keep inviting more people bought the bonus All right how many people do we have in the guild? We have 215 230 people in the guild. Let’s go guys come on let’s get everybody in the guild come on there we go wow all right let’s make sure that we get some people that are actually officer and everything okay aka Fox Slayer you’re going to be officer obviously.

And then Wally is going to be officer obviously as well. Let’s see here. Okay your officer Alright good. And so yeah, just kick anybody out of the guild. That’s fucking annoying. Okay. Oh, you please kick me. If I’m annoying. All right, already on two strikes. I just invented your two strikes.

You don’t have any strikes. But now you have to. If you are annoying, or if I if I read your name, I’m kicking you out of the guild. If I even have to read your name. I’m kicking you out of the fucking guild just keep that in mind. All right, let’s see who else do we really have that’s in this guild that I know. I think that’s basically about it. Probably other people will make themselves known it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. anime girls Oh boy. probably make that probably promote them up to a member See, I think we’re looking good. Okay Bach is that actually you?

I don’t know what what would you expect? Like obviously he’s gonna see us all my blocky officer too. He’s in my retail guild. Let’s see what else we got. I think that’s yeah, that’s that’s good enough for now. No girls at hustlers University. I said before man like one of go what a blizzard ever did like a server where there were only guy there were no girls allowed on the server?

Like, yeah, no girls allowed on the server like literally no. Imagine that’d be no difference. Yeah, so every server Yeah, true.
Okay, so for rules in the guild. Let’s talk a little bit about rules in the guild. If you do anything that’s gonna make me look bad.

We’re gonna kick you out of the guild. Also, if you annoy me, I’m going to kick you out of the guild. If you do something that somebody who’s a friend of mine doesn’t like, he’s gonna kick you out of the guild or he’s gonna message me to kick you out of the guild. If you spam stupid shit in Guild chat, we’re gonna kick you out of the guild. If you use guild chat, like Twitch chat, we’re gonna kick you out of the guild that’s about it. Yeah, you do anything at all?

You get kicked out the guild. Yep, that’s right. That’s right. Yep. You breathe you get kicked out the gill. Well, W kicked out the gill. Ball jokes in the guild. No. Greg guild. Yep, exactly. How many people we get on on his on the server right now. We got 390 people on the server and anybody that you see who is not in a guild, just invite them into the guild.

It is that simple. It is that fucking simple. Just invite them into the guild. Go straight to jail. Yep, true. You go straight to jail. Let’s see what we got. And explain the rules now. It’s simple. I’ll actually do guild information
All right, we’re looking good.

Actually, yeah, that’s good. Just whatever you guys know for Like, actually, I’ll do this if you say or do anything that makes me mad for annoyed or if I see you and I am mad and annoyed at the same time, I might just kick you out of the guild. Because I feel like it Okay, all right. I think that looks good to me. And yeah, we’re all we gotta mess this one up.

So yeah, just don’t be fucking annoying and China likes your guild rules. Your true Okay, good. I think we’re all good to go. I think everybody’s doing all right
400 People in the guild That’s nuts. That’s a whole lot of people I gotta have dinner with my dad and I’m gonna just chill for like five more minutes and I gotta go I want to make the guild and everything before I before I had to go but yeah, I gotta I gotta go guild TABBERT when maybe tomorrow maybe later on today?

I probably I don’t know if I’m gonna play later on tonight or not because I want to look at some of the new world stuff and everything like that
whatsoever man I’m on Sky fury you’re playing graph though. It’s kind of main character front yeah yeah for sure.Yeah, absolutely. Are people with deluxe edition have the same rights? That’s absurd. Only if they donate if you have the deluxe edition, we’ll just assume that you have more money and so we expect to see more money out of you that’s basically what we’re at.

As on what about this bullshit wrath of Lich King pack they just released What the hell do you expect man I mean really what do you expect like they did it with with AI it is what it is yeah, that’s the way I see it morning so I’ll show you combat Yeah, I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry about you shamed on man.

People don’t ya know? I think future if you will, can change guild message of the day? No, I don’t think so. Um, Go Control Officer. Veteran nah, nah, it’s only like now we’re good yeah, everything’s okay do level seven days so who boosted nobody boosted? Like what do you mean?

No, yeah, nobody fucking boosted you can’t boost on the server. This is a pristine server. Blizzard said that there are no gold sellers that are allowed on the server. There is no body and gold selling allowed on the server. So we’re not gonna there’s not going to be any it’s going to be fine.
3000 queue already?

Oh my god. That’s a lot of fucking people. I mean, it was one server. I mean, what do you expect? You know what I mean? Yeah, we got 400 people. I mean, like, it’s nothing like a rember original classic. And we had four Olympus skills on the first night of the game. Wasn’t that fucking crazy? Good hunting. That was nuts. Already have a little 64 dk. Yeah, no surprise there. I’ll probably make a dk sometime soon. The good old days. Those were the days yeah. It’s crazy to think back on that man. long lived special Olympus. It was a long time ago. 15k Yeah, we have like 16 Olympus guilds man, it was nuts. Watch the race meme on your Reddit you can see it says I don’t know what that is. Wrath of the bald King expansion Yeah.

Doesn’t it was a great year 2019 was good neurologic good things about that year. Special Olympics gets man it’s a sister girl to free Hong Kong. I don’t care what y’all do people make whatever guild they want
somebody got a tablet a flame. Oh shit if I was piece of trash grows good and bulking life I’m hold it for religion. Yeah, yeah.

I wonder how faster releases are going to be? Honestly I do I wonder what it’s going to be like, is it gonna be like maybe a couple of of like months? Or are they because like the thing is with TBC TBC pretty much came and went inside of one expansion or inside of one year, like in less than a year of TVC releasing sunwell came out. That’s a lot man. What I’m trying to do this time, you know, it’s the usual
Olympus guild drama might be the best content you’ve done. I think that the Olympus guild drama was fine.

Like the problem is that too many people took it seriously. But too many people actually like got really involved and like they would give me like their opinion of what they thought I should do with like Olympus and like how I how I should tell talk to people. Like dude, people got really invested into it, man. It was real to me dammit. Yeah, exactly. These people glad they were playing classic. Yeah, exactly. What’s your plan at Blizzard addresses the name? I don’t know. I mean, like, then I guess I make another guild name. I mean, I don’t know. I feel like it doesn’t really violate any rules. I mean, I had it as my Warlocks name for a long time seemed fine to me and again, never got suspended. So I assumed it was okay.

That’s about it. We’re gonna play a salt maybe once or twice. I don’t know how long I’ll play it. I think that the fresh servers like this is kind of my opinion with the fresh servers is like, how many people are going to stick around and play the fresh servers? Whenever they probably already have a character that’s max level. You see what I’m saying? Like it’s a lot for them to do.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Around three people. Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be okay, assuming it isn’t okay. It’s gonna be so weird. Well, I have no idea. LoveLing to avoid queues and then transferring. Yeah. We got almost 500 people. Pool flow going on. Hi, pop realms go to fresh since they can’t compete in G KPS. I don’t know why people have such a problem with GTK P is just don’t join a GTK P. Like, why is it so hard that like you can’t Why?

Why can’t you just not do a GTK P? I don’t I don’t I don’t understand it. Like if GDK peas are problematic. All that’s all there is. So if it’s actually such a huge problem, then there if so many people didn’t like GDK peas that it was a legitimate problem, then there would be groups that were not GTK peas. But that’s clearly not true. Because if it was true, there’d be a bunch of people making groups that weren’t GTK P
you really can’t pug now without GTK P. Well, I it’s just there’s no other option. If there’s no other option, and there’s not enough people, the fact that there is no other option indicates that it’s not a problem. You understand?

Because if it was a problem, then there’d be other people that didn’t want to do GD KPS running raids. That’s not how time what Yes, it is. Typical. Yeah. It’s just the vocal minority complaining about it most other people care about. If are you talking about like, you guys. I love how people they’ll put question marks in chat, because I use logic and they’re mad. So think about it. If there’s nobody else that wants, how is it possible that all of the raids are GDK peas.

But nobody wants GDK peas, and that’s all you can have. It’s common sense. If it was actually such a big problem that there were GTK APs. There would be a bunch of groups out there that weren’t doing GTK APS But there’s not because nobody gives a shit. It’s just a tiny vocal minority of people that are pretending like the games ruined because of it. That’s it
it’s hard players optimizing the fun out of the game.

How you say who’s fun you’re fun or there’s ever non GDP group that I’ve been in has been full of terrible players. And there it is. People are complaining because they can’t join a raid and get carried and be fucking garbage and get carried by some law players. There it is. That’s the problem. What a surprise the truth comes out. Who could have predicted such a dramatic change in events? Kerry’s gonna play boomers that play four hours a week for free exactly Yeah, fuck that.

Good players that don’t like GDP can’t play anything else. Really? Well why can’t that play with each other? Why can’t all the good players that don’t really do DKP can play with each other is it like a thing where like you can’t do that? Why can’t you do that
there’s so stupid like bad people cry Yeah, bro.

Like yeah, it’s it’s just sad bro. Actually sad. Quit doing this annoying. I’m gonna kick you out to go where’s your damn gonna kick you out the GIL don’t invite this kid back into Gil that’s the first one get him out of here. Get him out of here you being annoying bitch. He gets re invited kick them out again you don’t want to GDK pieces and his solution join the fucking guild now. You can’t do that bro. Like you can’t bro like everybody else has to though they have to change the whole game because of your preference. No, you don’t understand it like no the whole game has to change like nah they got a band people like that change the TOS of the game because you don’t like the way people are playing it
Yeah, they gotta change the whole thing you’re presenting a problem anyway now fuck no they’re not problem that’s fine
the world revolves around the asmin Don’t you see?

Yeah true. Oh my good all right pretty sure expect the same thing with boys you have a problem with what Blizzard does oh yeah yeah for sure. But it’s it’s always on the merits of what it is yeah exactly. The reinvade them kick whoever reinvented a mountain kick him out. But again it’s a simple solution of people getting banned but bro they used to exile people from Tallinn like you’re not allowed to physically be there anymore.

Yeah, true. All right. Um RMT feeling GDK pieces Yeah, I agree with that they need to get rid of RMT is that it’s crazy that people want to they want to punish each other instead of ask Blizzard to uphold their own rules is nuts I might be back on tomorrow or not tomorrow.

But tonight. Whenever I get back home I don’t know. I haven’t decided. We’ll see what happens. Our boys peace see. Thanks for watching to since it was a release I figured I’d get on camera and you know have a little bit of fun. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. I can see please.

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