Top 5 Reasons Why PvP is GREAT in Wrath of the Lich King

Top 5 Reasons Why PvP is GREAT in Wrath of the Lich King

Well either kid a loved one barrage with actual damage, it was so sick.

This Is Why PvP Is GREAT In Wrath of the Lich King


That’s the best part about wrath of Lich King. The best part about wrath of lich king is all of your spells do damage, so no matter what spell you press, it does damage it’s kind of cool that’s my absolute favorite part about it.

Yeah your abilities are just balanced around doing damage and not having modifiers and stuff that doesn’t make it more fun it makes it way more fun pressing Arcane Barrage just kills people it’s great you actually have a rotational button is arcane that does damage kind of nice.

You get to free casts you do a lot of damage but even if you’re not free casting you still can do a little bit of mana showdown is and is tricky to map palm Polly and now he did look at that utility bro and visit is is damn got the palm sheep on the road silence.

The paladin forest is trinket we will untapped him I feel like I have waste actually when it’s nice I couldn’t my abilities do damage to ablaze and hello there maybe I’ll just be an Arcane Mage one trick did even though we got deep freeze back and stuff if I was to be an Arcane Mage one trick that Libyans tell us how to did what’s up jellybeans Oh God let’s go over that today Jr not today don’t think shot Dude, my abilities do damage he seems so much more fun and wrath.

Well it is your damage your buttons do damage man. It’s great. Jellybean says you’re bringing you back to the nightmares of the original pre patch the Arcane Mages. I said lol.

But yeah, this is the spec that I’m playing right now. I’m playing 61 arcane. I don’t have arcane focus or spell impacts do another mind focus magic arcane meditation only have three in mind mastery. Just kidding a rogue mage.

The management please help manage cover, manage, cover manage Maybe I need you to open bro Wait a wait. You want to wondering? Okay, I guess we’re doing the big one do one here ladies and gentlemen.

We’ll send it I feel like this is an extremely unfair one v1 Sato I mean if I maybe I’m wrong but I feel like I arcanes pretty good in this matchup rough time did y’all did it was super unfair. It’s unbelievably unfair.

What are cane is so arcane basically has three spells to deal damage Archangel blast Arcane Barrage and Arcane Missiles. Your Arcane Blast gives you stacks it’s very fun Newt. It’s very very fun.

I swear everyone everyone is all everyone wants to play frost mage, but I’m telling you in Wrath of Lich King not only is frost really good, but arcane and fireballs have some really cool shit that they’re actually really fun to play by process. Like process by the bat.

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