INSANE Preparations for WOTLK Classic

INSANE Preparations for WOTLK Classic

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How Much time Do I Need For All Of These Preparations?


It’s sola, I’m here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video for you. So Wrath of the Lich King Classic is getting closer and closer. And by now I think a lot of you have started preparing for the expansion itself in various ways.

Therefore, today I’m making a video on some additional preparations that you can do for Roth classic, some of which I am personally doing, and the fastest that you can actually do a lot of preparations right now, that will help you out massively in the actual Roth expansion. Some of these preparation tips I’ve mentioned in other videos, and some will be brand new. So hopefully, there’s something in this video for everyone.

And really, my goal is just to show you several ways that you can actually prepare for wrath classic right now. So let’s begin. The first tip I want to give you is something I experienced on the rough beta firsthand. And that is the importance of having ready to gear from TBC.

Seriously, there’s pretty much no better preparation you can do. If you ask me than getting your character geared up, at least trying to at least try to look for some big weapon upgrades from someone with a black temple, it will help you out massively, and it will speed up your leveling process by so much having tested various classes on the rough beta, and compared my leveling speed to other players or other people with Best in Slot gear.

You almost level up twice as fast if you have full reign the buses last year, because you simply kill things so much faster. And it’s a compounding effect. The better you are the faster you kill things, the more books you can pull. The faster you complete the quests, the faster you get ahead of the curve.

It seriously matters a lot more than I originally thought it did before I went into the rough beta. This advice is more aimed at those of you who are playing on our current service then rather than the fresh run service. But even if you’re playing on the fresh wrath service, I would recommend trying to get as good as possible before birth comes out.

And the better the gear actually is the longer it will last. Regular PvP gear will only last you until about level 73 to 74 while Sunbrella gear will carry you all the way or pretty much all the way to level 80.

Advice number two is one of my personal favorite types of preparations. So chances are it might not appeal to all of you. But I’m sure it will appeal to some of you investing investing in items. It’s an incredibly easy way to make ridiculous amounts of gold.

Like we’re talking 1000s of gold from the barely any work at all. And it’s how I turned 1000 The gold from classic one into 25,000 gold and TBC classic. So if I couldn’t get that same 25x return this time around, I could turn that 25,000 gold into over a half a million gold investments are an incredible opportunity to make probably more gold than you realize. And here are some of my personal favorite investments for wrath flame camps.

This one has been tested out on the wrath beta, and I can confirm it works on the beta. It has worked on every single wrath client out there, including OG wrath, so there’s no reason why Blizzard shouldn’t have these for wrath classic. And these are mainly wanted by fire mages and the destruction of Warlocks for pumping those rings and damage meters. But even mele, especially rogues will want this for that foreign damage prop for min maxing.

You also have items such as Golden pearls, righteous orbs, and various Enchanting materials as people will need to insure the heirlooms for their olds. I also have a bunch more investments listed in my Roth classic Eagle the guide, and I’ve decided to keep the very best investments and the gold making information behind the paywall to increase the profits behind each and every investment in there to maximize your profits if you do purchase this guide.

So if you’re serious about cold making in rock classic, I seriously do recommend checking out this guide through the link down below in the video description and use the code Solheim for 50% off. This guide will even be updated with investments you can make in phase one riffraff classic to make insane profits later in rough. And once again, there’s a lot of easy gold to be made through investing.

Tip number three is to start working on your own points. You can literally cap you’re on there right now. And they did not reset the owner points for the TBC patch, nor did they reset it moving into TBC classic.

So I see absolutely no reason why they should reset it this time around. This means that you can start working on capping your honor points right now. Then you can spend those on their points either in the rough pre patch for some quick and decent level seven figure but I would recommend keeping your honor for level ating so you can bind some quick and easy upgrades.

So once your level at that is not all though while capping Your Honor, you will also obtain marks of whatever battle GRANT you’re doing so for example Moxa ferrata basin, or Marshalls Alltrack Valley. And there’s four different battlegrounds, meaning you can get four unique types of marks. And they are unique at 100 Each meaning in total, you can have 400 marks sitting in your bags, if it really mean maximal preparations.

And the reason I bring this up is because in Wrath of the Lich King, there’s an NPC that offers you to trade those marks are on the points and each mark will give you 185 On the points, multiplying that by 400 marks, that is 74,000 honor points from those marks, and under thus to the other 75,000 or more points you can stack up, you can effectively stack up 150,000 or 149,000 Honor Points prior to the Wrath of the Lich King actually coming out with this will allow you to purchase several epic items.

The second Wrath of the Lich Lich King actually comes out you can either buy three huge epic pieces, or five slightly smaller pieces since some pieces up Wow since some pieces costs more than others based on stats and dem slots. Next up is a bunch of tips all put into one, make sure your character is ready to go. This includes being level 70 or 68.

If you want to head into North Reynolds six, eight, maxing out your professions the your ultimate mastery is in chapter two if you have that ultimate pre completed 25 TBC quests if you want to maximize your experience against bots launch and have a stack go to your feeling potions, mana potions and speed potions in your banks. So you are ready to go for leveling.

The reason I put this all in one category is because how much you want to prepare your character here is really up to each and every one of you. I am just here to give you ideas of what you could do. Next up find people to play with. Whether this is a Discord server for free for people who play on the same server as you a discord community in game friends, or an actual guild.

The game is better enjoined when you have people to play it with and both for the leveling experience as well as forming dungeons at max level. It is much easier to do dungeons when you have people you actively play with rather than having to play groups every time.

The last advice that I want to give you guys in this video is information trying to obtain as much information for rough as possible. Whether that is through playing the beta watching YouTube videos like this one, or reading on Wowhead. I can’t tell you exactly which information that you are looking for us in studies.

Once again individual, you might care about something completely different than I do. But for example, you can now get emblems under Northrend adventuring supplies from certain quests while leveling up. So questing is actually a lot more useful now than it was before. So you can literally work on your level at gear while leveling up through those emblems.

You get from questing. And another piece of information that I personally think is important is that there is a quest offered to you in several songs that will offer you a one time teleport to Dalaran and this quest is called the magical kingdom of Dalaran.

That being said, though, if you do not turn in this quest, you can actually use this teleport several times, allowing you to have some real clever Hearthstone locations in the open world. And I have an entire video we’re talking about this quest, so make sure to check that one out as well. Either way that is pretty much it for today.

Hopefully you found this video helpful and informative. And if you did, please consider dropping a like on it and subscribe to the channel for more rock videos. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon there.

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