Gear Up EASY in WOTLK Prepatch Prepare for WOTLK Classic

Gear Up EASY in WOTLK Prepatch & Prepare for WOTLK Classic

What is up guys, it’s your boy swollen here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video, this time centered around the wrath pre patch, the patch we’re currently playing.

Is This The Easiest Gear Up Method in WOTLK Classic?


So I think a lot of you guys might be playing on the fresh servers, some of you guys might be playing on a fresh level 70 character, the reality is that a lot of new people are coming back, or actually just coming in now to play wrath of Lich King, I have a fairly few amount of friends that are playing rough that did not play TBC.

Some of them just played classic wound and quit for TBC and are now coming back for wrath. And some of them have not played classic at all, and will now be joining us for wrath. So wrath is a very popular expansion, a lot of people are joining us, I think a lot of new players are joining in as well. And because of the fresh service, a lot of us are kind of playing new characters, right.

So within your character, either on the first service or through the level boost, we need to get gear. Well, this weekend is the best time probably to get here. It’s very easy, at least to get here this weekend. So let’s talk about that how to up character, and how to get prepared for Ross expansion.

Wrath of the Lich King is launching in three and a half weeks from now, pretty much so you don’t have too much time to get the gear. But thankfully, if you have some spare time this weekend, you can get a lot of gear very fast. So it’s ultra week, it’s Alltrack Valley weekend boys. That means we’re getting a lot more honor points from Alltrack Valley.

And you can actually get off to double the points from our threat rally, you get the 121 honor points from doing the bonus objectives. So killing the main boss or the side of the boss capturing four bases, that’s gonna give you 600 points in total. And then you get extra points for winning or losing.

So basically, you can get up to above a 1k on their points. And the matter here is that you just rushed a base. So a rush to the base defendant house, obviously, but one game should take you between nine and 11 minutes. So let’s go with 10 minutes here, just as an average, so 10 minutes per game.

And I’ve been doing this for three hours now on stream, well two and a half hours. And we are averaging about 1000 points for every single game. So let’s talk about that we’re getting at roughly 700 on points per Louis, and 1100 per win, we have been winning quite a few. But if you’re losing, you’re still getting very fast on the points, we were getting 4000 on a per hour, even when we’re losing every single game.

And now that we’re winning a few games, we get a like 6000 on the per hour. So let’s go and check out what you can get with this gear and the event itself. Because it starts right now or is has started right now. You can jump into Alltrack valley right now, and it’s lasting throughout the weekend.

So let’s go. Okay, so you can see the in game time right now it is 3:39am Yes, I’m very late right now, I just finished a 15 and a half hour stream on Twitch. So if you haven’t followed me on twitch and you want to see me live, then go ahead and the link is down below in the video description. I am streaming a lot during the pre patch I have a lot of prep to do for rough itself.

And I’ll be streaming a lot in Wrath itself. As you can see there’s a donation goal up there. I’m going to disable that one for the rest of the video, but it was up there for the stream. So there we go. Okay, now let’s look at what you can get here because you can get some really easy and the beauty gear. So let’s look at the weapon. For example, I’m using the weapon from ring of blood giving me 81 damage per second.

Well, this one gives me 114 damage per second. And it costs me 19,000 honor points from doing battlegrounds or ultra violet specifically, for two and a half hours. We are setting on what 14.4 1000 points, roughly 6000 per hour, which is actually really good. I think we won eight or nine battlegrounds and last five or six.

So it’s going super fast. Once again, it’s about 1010 minutes per battleground plus like your two minutes Q. So and here’s the thing, you can do this from level 61. So if you have a dk right now or any other class and you level 61 You can start doing Alltrack valley now at level 61 You can effectively smack two birds with one stone because you get some experience in Alltrack Valley while you’re leveling up and you get 100 points.

So the second you hit level 70 You will have enough on the points to buy yourself some faster gear. So let’s look at the cost of everything. So the 200 weapons are 19,000 you have 100 weapons that has 9.5 1000 that also have a lot of DPS by the way 107.9 damage per second.

And once you buy a weapon which is the most expensive piece right here,
so 19,000 for the weapon, you can then start buying rnps is these orangepi CES are also quite kind of cheap. So 9.5k for the chestpiece, giving me specifically a huge upgrade. Look at that one compared to the one that I have, it is absolutely brutal.

Also the gloves once again, huge upgrade twice the amount of armor more than twice the amount of strength plus a bunch of stamina. Same thing goes for helmets Well, a lot more armor pretty much double once again and more than double the you can see the chest cost 9.5 helmet is 9.5 legs is 9.5 gloves is 7.6.

And lastly, the shoulders are also 7.6. So by having one on Recap, you can pretty much buy everything here, you can buy more than everything, you can buy some rings as well. And this is a really good way to care if your character right now either on fresh surveys or the established ones. So you are ready for graph.

And by doing this this weekend, you can do this in one day, it’s going to take you probably one day, and let’s just say you’re getting 4000 New per hour, which is what you’re getting. If you’re losing every single object value. By the way, you should be getting between 3.5 to 4000 on your property if you’re losing every single one.

So if you do this for 10 hours, you will have your weapon plus 200 pieces or two armor pieces. By doing this for 10 hours. If you lose every single game, if you win every single game, you will have your weapon and basically your entire armor set from 10 hours of farming just to get out here.

And this year is almost equivalent to Sun Valley gears, it’s really strong going into wrath will probably carry you to level 75 or 76, which is once again really strong and it provides you with a huge DPS upgrade. Now there is one more thing that I want to talk about in this video. And that is the length of this event itself.

So go to the Cal in game calendar, you can check call to arms Alltrack Valley, this one starts at 12:01am on Friday, so it’s happening right now is last day throughout the entire weekend. So the entirety of Friday, the entirety of Saturday, the entirety of Sunday, and also the entirety of Monday. This ends on 11:59pm on Monday.

So from Friday all the way throughout Monday, you can get a much more honor from doing Alltrack Valley. And it’s a super easy way of gearing yourself up. Now when you queue up to do the battleground so the Alltrack Valley you will notice well depending on where you are, but you can queue up and chakra for example, at the alliance of brigadier general right here.

So right here is for if you’re playing Alliance, you’re gonna queue up for these battlegrounds. He will give you a daily quest called call to arms, and this one will just be random and rotate every single day. So make sure to check this call to arms. If it is Alltrack Valley then you will be getting another one customer points in that day as well.

So basically TLDR this weekend is insane for your epic house. So if you want to gear up before rather than here we go. This weekend is your chance. Okay, I hope you enjoyed the video.

Make sure to check me out on Twitch check out the gold guide laid down below and check out the rest XP as well. Okay, shout outs done. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon Peace out guys.

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