Unholy Death Knight WOTLK Classic Pre Bis Guide

Classic WOTLK Unholy DK Guide – Pre Bis / Talents / Glyphs / Rotation/ Races

As you can see by the title in original wrath I was a rank one PvP player on Death Knight, as well as several gladiator titles on the class as well.

Classic WOTLK Unholy DK Guide – Pre Bis / Talents / Glyphs / Rotation/ Races


My goal for classic wrath that night is to live through the content I opted out for in original wrath, which is PvE. What would happen if I applied as much effort to PvE and classic wrath as I did back in original wrath for PvP, so follow along with me as I pursue a new goal chasing rank one parses.

What a bros, it’s brand and welcome to Chapter One of my dk Guide series, day one unholy. When classic wrath of Lich King PTR. And shortly after live servers release, it will unlock optimal testing for the fine tuning of the spec. If there’s something someone is telling you about DK and wrath with 100% Certainty before classic servers are out there full of shit. When classic servers are launched, give it time for testing and the scalings of abilities will be found and the meta will shift as it did in classic vanilla and classic TBC.

It will as well in classic Wrath of the Lich King. Until then, there are question marks and some things and how they will function on classic servers. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get right into it. Starting off with the basics in Wrath of Lich King Death Knights have a two part spender builder playstyle, we spend runes to build runic power and then use runic power for either offensive or defensive abilities.

There are four different room types, blood frost, unholy and death. Death runes can be used as any of the other routes. We will use these runes for self buffs applying diseases and those diseases will then increase the damage of our other abilities. We have three presences which are similar to warrior stances without the changing of action bars. Blood presence which is a deep considered a DPS presence gives us 15% damage and 4% of our damage heals ourselves.

For US presence which is the considered the tank presence gives a percent Stam 8% less damage taken 60% armor contribution and increased threat generation and holy presence is the other DPS presence gives us 15% attack speed 15% movement speed and reduces the global cooldown on all abilities by point five seconds. As unholy our raid utility is extremely powerful in Eben play prayer, which is a 13% magical damage increase to any target you have a disease on.

Combining this with our ability pestilence which will spread our diseases to all nearby targets makes unholy DK highly sought after for raid comps. As unholy we will opt into the master of gold talent which allows us to utilize a 100% uptime goal. We are able to heal this school with Death Coil which is extremely efficient for leveling especially. The goal has four of its own unique abilities. The abilities are huddle, which acts as a shield wall. Although the goal cannot move or act in any way while huddling. It will be canceled at that point.

Now, which is a melee ranged three seconds done, disability is extremely important to not have on auto cast as you will want to determine when you are stunning a target. Claw claw is the damage source of the goal. I almost always have this on auto cast in PvE, although it does cause 40 energy so you could write a macro to turn off the auto cast of claw baked into the other cool abilities so that the goal is not energy starved when you’re trying to use one of the other three abilities.

The final ability of the goal is leap has a five to 30 yard range and the goal will leave behind the targeted ally or enemy. I never have this ability on auto cast as the goal leaps to the back of the target. So if a boss or enemy is running towards you, the goal actually loses a bit of uptime because after landing the LEAP he then has to chase the target. It’s fine to cast leap on stationary targets though.

Summon gargoyle is the unholy 51 Point talent and this ability alone would be enough discussion for a video in itself. This ability is one of those question marks I was talking about earlier. We will discuss this in detail in the gargoyle snapshot section but for now let’s keep it simple. Summon Gore gargoyle is a 30 yard range targeted ability that will bring a gargoyle to aid you for 30 seconds when attacking an enemy.

Now over to stats for stats, our priority will be of course getting that hit cap up to 289 which will give us the spell hit cap for when we have a boom skin or Shadow Priests in our rate. Then we will follow up with strength haste expertise cap.

Although astrak here early on, we will not push for the soft cap as the sacrifices not worth the reward, and then armor pin followed by crit. None of the stats are really bad for unholy we scale off each of them in their own way. Strength scales extremely hard with our abilities and our pet, especially when we consider things like Raven istead Anlass winter Glyph of the goal, Blessing of Kings, things like that. Haste is just an all around effective staff for increasing DPS in many ways as an unholy DK.

Armor pen will increase our physical damage and crit scales are wondering plake I will throw this in as well but it is a it is a very big question mark. In theory, you could consider completely disregarding hat hit cap and expertise cap as unholy DK are missed dodged or parried rune abilities will refund the rune spent. It boggles my brain to think about this as being advantageous though, because even if we are getting a rune back we still lost the global using that ability.

And with and holy there’s not very much downtime start to finish on a boss play in our rotation. I’m unsure about this one but I figured I would throw it in there for food for thought for you guys. Now on the talents one thing I really love about wrath of Lich King Unholy Death night talent tree is there’s no one cookie cutter one size fits all build that just is best in slot for every scenario. There are a few talent points we can move around that will improve our single target for a we damaged depending on what we choose. This is where dual spec comes into play.

And I and I cannot tell you which spec is better yet because again, it is a question mark until we get those classic servers where we can fine tune the spec with testing. Until then, I will list some of the options we have and discuss why these trees are taken. First I want to focus in on the unholy tree. Here is where you will define your build for a Wii or single target. There are three different towns to choose from morbidity outbreak and blood caked blade, you can only choose two of the three.

The only real guarantee before classic testing we can take right now is that for a we you will definitely want to pick up morbidity which most importantly reduces the cooldown of death and decay by 15 seconds, which is a massive DPS increase for AOE situations. Now after you have determined your 54 points into unholy it is a decision between blood sub spec and frost sub spec. Blood sub spec is currently considered to be the early game build. It uses our stats up because of the lack of gear at this point.

We are missing a lot of the stats that we want. That’s at least the idea behind it. You get subversion which is going to be 9% crit on your blood striker and Scourge Strike. butchery is just a nice little runic power generation bladed armors just going to be assembled a little bit more attack power. Two handed weapons spec is just gonna be 4% damage and dark conviction is just gonna be 5% crit.
Just to give my honest opinion, though, on this spec, I fell out of love for this spec very quickly. The stats are nice but even in early tier seven, my melees are doing a large portion of my damage. So the haste from the frost sub spec that we’re about to talk about is very powerful for that melee damage.

This will obviously be a concrete decision based on math when we have those classic servers that test on either blood sub spec or frost sub spec will do more damage and I’m very interested to see which it is alright guys, so even if blood sub spec ends up being better for the early game for death knights, Ross Rosco spec will 100% out scale it at some point using sims or testing you will be able to find that breakpoint in your gear in which frost suspect will take over.

Jumping into what we get though from frausto spec this spec is just so Chad man that I have personal bias with this spec over the blood one I know it’s whatever but let’s listen listen to what you get from this 15% Icy touched damage. You increase your maximum runic power by 30 you get 10% Frost and shatter damage. You get 20% melee attack speed increase and you get 4% strength and your mind free is no longer cause to renege power which is a DPS increase on fights where you have to kick shit I’m really on I’m on the frost sub spec team guys frost sub spec all day I hope I hope for also sub spec is just better, right from fucking dinging level 80 I will play this spec the entire expansion It’s just so much fun. You’ll see so much fun trust me.

Alright guys, so I’m sure some of you will be interested in what how I would do my talents and how I would take things while leveling to just optimize for faster leveling. So we’ll just quickly get through the talents. And we’ll talk about some things so if you notice be leveling in world Warcraft and basically any MMO movement speed is king. A lot of the time you’re out there questing, a lot of the time spent is actually just traveling so things like on a pale horse, which we normally would never take in a PVE scenario, we’re absolutely going to prioritize, because that’s just going to cut down that movement.

The Mount of time we’re traveling across the world, right So grabbing on a pale horse Insta, or we’re gonna get night of the dead so that we can get master the cool ASAP. Robin holy bleh blade for a nice little DPS increase, start grabbing necrosis to master the cool unlocks, boom, finish that off.

Now we’re back in necrosis. Now we can start going into impurity till improved on holy presence on locks and this is another key movement speed thing that we want because we’re going to be in blood presence while leveling not only for the damage, but also the lifestyle is going to give us a nice little bit of sustain.

And now we’re also throwing the 15% movement speed onto the blood presence, which again, is just best for leveling and we’re going to go back into impurity now and start putting points in the blood caked blade or that bone shield right away.

Grip fever grab another point blood cake blade Scourge Strike Insta grab all of wandering plague all of em plague Bringer but through a few points in the region Verona until gargoyle and locks are gonna grab gargoyle and then switch over to blood and grab butchery because butcheries insane will leveling and now we will jump back over to unholy and finish off rage of vermin there and grab a blood caked blade and then we’re gonna go down into sub version and basically go through and do our normal blood 17 Point blood build there. Now things you want to keep in mind while leveling. We have Deathstrike for self sustain.

We have Death Coil heals for pet for pet sustain. And just understand how strong our A we capabilities are you can grab a lot of mobs around you as long as you can group them up nicely. Use LS on ranged mobs or just if they’re all melee mobs just let them all gather around you do that icy touch plague strike pestilence spread out that ceases drop a death and decay and then blood boil.

You’ll probably want to use the anti magic shell or icebound fortitude while you’re doing this so you take minimal damage and then all the mobs are just going to all the mobs are just going to die to that AOE burst. Yeah, leveling and so on as an only decays and say you’ll see alright guys moving on the glyphs we have Glyph of icy touch which is going to increase the damage of our frost fear by 20% I love this glyph because it affects both single target and AoE damage. So in my mind it is an auto sloth in till I’m proven otherwise Glyph of the goal is great single target glyph with of death and decay is an amazing a week glyph must have a week left for your AOE build.

And then you also have the Death Coil glyph which is going to be another single target glyph. For the A we build I would suggest dropping Death Coil glyphs, especially if the targets here are a wing die very fast, the Death Coil damage increase would be minimal.

And when you were in a big aoe Fiesta there’s a lot of random damage coming out sometimes. So having that increased stamina, as well as the strength from the Glyph of the ghoul can sometimes keep your pet alive where it would have died without it which puts a raised out on the 32nd cooldown which is a significant DPS loss.

Our guys are going to touch on gargoyle snapshotting and rotations now. gargoyle snapshotting is buffing your character with as much haste as possible before we press summon gargoyle. This is going to allow our Gorbel to cast more times than it would if we did not do this. The same massive question mark for me personally, and this will be the first thing I test when classic servers arrive.

For example, a gargoyle with no active buffs as we are in blood presence is casting 14 times when I’m testing it currently. Now if I do the same thing again in unholy presence, it’s casting 17 times so I I’m assuming you can kind of get the idea here and in theory is you can use things like blood lust crowd pamelor, haste pot excetera.

To scale this gargoyle as much as possible. And if it works like we want it to, this will be a massive factor in our rotation. And then we would actually have to go out of our way to find that annoying ass crowd Palmer.

Now for rotation, the a week, rotation is extremely satisfying to pull off, we do an icy touch, which is going to apply our Frost Fever, we do a plague strike, which is going to apply our blood plague. And then we pestilence to spread all those diseases to everything around us. And we drop a death into K on top of all of them. And then we immediately blood tap into a blood boil.

That’s going to be your bread and butter, a we rotation. Now you can extend this further, if you want to within Empower room weapon, which I would immediately follow up with another two blood boils for the most AOE burst you can do.

And then I would go from there. Depending on how the fight is currently going, you would go from there with either dumping some runic power, or if something needs to die instantly, you could Scourge Strike a couple times, you know, it just depends on the fight and where the fight is how the fight is going at that point. Now for single target rotation.

So it’s going to come down to that Gorgos snapshot, right because like we’ve been saying a lot of testing needs to be done still. So if the gargoyle snapshot does work, that’s going to be your opener every single time.

On boss fights, you’d run into your gargoyle snapshot into an immediate and power room weapon. And then the idea here is you basically maintain your diseases, maintaining desolation which is from your blood strike. Then you want to make sure you’re not over capping runic power so your death coiling before you. You capture any power, and then you’re squeezing in those scourge strikes.

Putting that love blood rune on cooldown with your blood strike, keeping a Horn of Winter on cooldown as well for the runic power that it gives and then you don’t want to forget to use blood tap for a free rune reload. And what I mean by that is if both of your blood runes are on cooldown, you can blood tap and you will immediately refresh that blood rune into a death rune so that you can use it instantly. And then also you want to make sure you’re maintaining your bone shield uptime right all right.

Alright guys, so I wanted to just go ahead and go over some of the previous items for Unholy Death Knight pre raid best so pre Max abyss so the items you will be searching for outside of your raid lockouts to fill in those slots and I’ll just go head to toe and then I’ll try to give a couple options.

If there are some for each slot now spike tighten steel helm also don’t pay attention to my to my gems for some of these things because this is not the set I use anymore also missing for hit rating and that’s just because I don’t have the socket bonus on this on these boots anymore or else we would be at 291 Hit which is to hit rating above where we want to be which is close to perfect.

Okay, so spike Titan steel helm this helm is so much better than the other options I would really really try your best to just get this helm save your gold for it if you were going to spend gold on something for pre raid this on your Unholy Death night I would definitely have to be this one for sure.

Moving on to the next piece we have a neck piece titanium impact choker I liked the titanium impact choker early on because it gave me that flexibility for the hit rating because as a jump socket on it there’s definitely an alternative that would cost you zero it’s just going to be a drop from a guard Pinnacle will jump on over there from the last boss is going to be gold Amulet of Kings This is a very nice ring as well.

Obviously it’s going to have that strength which the titanium impact does not and we talked about earlier just how much strength matters for decays so if you don’t need the hit right away, gold amulet kings Great Neck for shoulders is gonna be just the no brainer snake den spotters are just better than the other options. It’s got everything we want strength haste socket. Perfect.

Cloak we got the cloak of bloodied waters is a great cloak for previous as well. This is a b we can describe the salt the ocean as potentially 60 strength 34 crit nothing too crazy, but there’s also nothing too crazy out there for us.

Alright, so for bracers I’m rocking the bands of the stone Forge and my previous set that the strength 50 haste, just nice. The other option you could have is going to be the blacksmithing bracers which are the vengeance bindings We can compare him there.

So again a little bit of strength so basic comes down to if you need the hit the vengeance bindings are gonna be great for you. Now for weapon it’s going to be the colossal skull clad cleaver. believe this is from the last Boston heroic Halls of Lightning. I mean, it’s just got a flat 90 Hay slapped on the bad boy so it’s pretty no brainer in comparison to the other two answers. The closest thing would be the Titan steel destroyer, two hander but colossal school clad cleavers gonna take the cake here with a 90 haste reading flat on it.

Now for chess piece and gloves, we’re looking at getting the 200 item level tear set from badges is going to be our previous this be the first thing I would go for from badges I would suggest is go get that chest piece and gloves unless you’re confident you’re gonna get the the set quickly from your from your raid group, you know, your guild group wherever you guys are doing loot, then I would hold off and maybe just scrub the belt instead. Alright, so moving on, I guess we’ll jump right into the belt.

This is the belt from the emblem of heroism. Amazing belt, we got strength crit haste and it comes with a socket and I have it belt buckled which gives it additional sockets so when you buy this belt, it will only have one socket on it but you can add one on to any belt you want. That’s just how it works.

Now the other belts that we have an option is flame based steel girdles so if you’re hurting on emblem of heroism so or maybe you just don’t want to farm them and you want something that’s close to the power level I would look at flame baith flame based steel girdle that’s going to be from I believe nexus to proto Nexus believe last boss it’s gonna be right there flame based steel girdle so it’s a decent it’s a decent belt alternative. Now legs is going to be a no brainer for us.

Nothing really even close it’s going to be the staggering leg plates. It’s just got 85 Fucking hit on it guys, that just sets us up and I socketed with 216 Hit rating gems so this single piece is giving us a majority of our hit rating on one piece it’s just nice to knock that hit rating out so you don’t have to find it in other places.

But if you really want an alternative the reputation legs from warm rest accord are going to be pretty good as well. 96 strength and then 90 armor pen no sockets though so staggering like plates are just are just straight this in my opinion pre rapists. And that’s going to come from lifeguard keep Final Boss heroic.

Now the previous boots in my mind are going to be the death in order to sabotage that’s going to be from Heaven blade rep. I’ve been blade exalted here, and these are just juicy 50 strength 66 Double socket with a socket bonus of six hit reading. Like I said earlier when I had this socket at my previous it puts exactly 291 Hit rating.

Now four rings for the early game once again, I liked that flexibility. So I went with the titanium impact ban. If I’m hurting on gold, though, obviously, I’m not going to be able to just grab all the Titan steel type pieces. So we’ll give you guys some alternatives.

But this is what I had in my Priebus because I wanted that hit early. And so we grabbed the titanium impact band and stained glass shard ring. Now there are two alternative rings that you could grab. You got the jewel crafting ring that’s going to be called ring of scarlet shadows. This is a decent alternative. If you need if you need hit if you need that much hit in that slot.

A decent alternative here is ring a scarlet shadows. And that is going to be one from the Nexus I believe Nexus. Not this boss, this boss the band of frosted thorns. This is another great alternative. Coming in with the 45 strength when my current rings don’t have any strength on them. So it’s definitely a decent alternative.

Keep it in mind. Keep these four rings in mind and just get your hands on two of them that you can and then figure out what you think is best from there. Now meteorite Whetstone is going to be one of the best items that you can get out of all of your previous farming. If you were going to log on and only do one Heroku a day, it would 100% if I’m voting for you, it would 100% have to be upgraded pinnacle. And you’re going for the last boss meter at Whetstone.

This item is just crazy. It’s 74 crit on the on the on the equip and the proc is 444 haste for 10 seconds, it’s just bananas. I’m surprised this isn’t like a next item, or, you know, something further along down the line instead of just being able to farm this everyday and a heroic and then for your second trinket slot, you’re gonna rock. If you need hit, you can rock the sphere of red dragon’s blood that’s going to be from the heroic Nexus last boss. So that’s gonna be a nice whopping 55 Hit early on. Let’s just display that real quick boom drops from the last Boston Nexus fear of red dragon’s blood. So keep that one in mind for when you need the hit.

But once you put together more the set mainly once you get staggering leg plates and you have a lot of your head in one spot you can start replacing some some better items like mirror of truth, I replaced my sphere with mirror of truth. And then eventually you’re going to want to replace this mirror of truth with the Darkmoon card deck greatness brightness, her strength this one here.

So this is an insane trinket this is going to most likely be your best throughout the entire phase. Probably replacing old or at some point, but it’s 90 strength base and then procs 300 strength is just insane. It’s just a crazy crazy Darkman cart. As far as sigils go though,
we have options.

We have the emblem, which I’m using currently, this is going to be 173 crit rating proc from your blood strike or you can go ahead and go to the grizzly Hills through the PDP daily at the grizzly Hills area and there are three sigils there you got the Scourge Strike base damage you got damaged out by icy touch and you got damage dealt by your Death Coil.

Now with how it’s hard to say right now what would be best obviously with testing like I’ve said a million times I’m sure you’re over it but also depending on what spec and what clips you’re running like if you’re running morbidity or the increased death cord damage and you’re running the Death Coil glyph then that then that Death Coil schedule starts to sound a lot better right?

So keep that kind of stuff in mind with when you’re looking at sigils for me though, I kind of just like that current rating products pretty fucking juicy in my opinion. But yeah, that’s gonna be it for the previous guys. Alright guys, and lastly, I just want to make some quick comments about professional and race choices for Unholy Death night.

So professions. In my mind, it’s pretty simple. The best setup is just going to be Jewelcrafting engineering. Engineering being nearly unbeatable for our singing raids because of all the things that brings like sappers, you also get a haste on use for your glove enchant you get goblin rocket boots for just uptime on bosses and mobility. It’s just very nice.

As well as other things that you can you bring along with ng ng is just full of tools. Now Jewelcrafting is going to give you 54 strength when you have these kinds of gems here that I have in my chest PS 50 for strength now keep in mind everything we said about strength previously in the video, we know how hard strength is going to scale our character at this point.

So the only possible sleeper profession that could maybe be replaced Jewelcrafting would be tailoring with the sword guard embroidery like I have here I can show it it is a 400 attack power proc for 15 seconds.

Now I still don’t this is definitely not beating engineering. I’m trolling by not being engineering. So it would be replacing Jewelcrafting for parsing. For all the reasons I said before engineering is just way too powerful. But the uptime on this buff would have to be completely bonkers for it to beat out the Jewelcrafting permanent 54 strength that you gain. Now for races. For minmax there’s really only a few choices in my mind.

For horde you’re either going or or troll troll would be the sleeper pick the sleeper op potentially op pick if all this the gargoyle snapshotting and whatnot works as it does on some of these other servers. Troll could be insane, but orc is definitely the safe pick. Orcas always just going to be good blood furies Very good. You get the pet command as well.

Oh 5% More pet damage just nice and then you also get the expertise when you have access and that’s going to be this when you have shadow marnya. So go work if you’re planning on getting shadow mourn now for alliances you can go human or drain I in my mind I’m I would just always go human you get free expertise with that as well and the Human racial on use PvP trinket every man for himself is going to be a DPS increase.

Sometimes when you need to get out of something whether it be a slow route snare or any CC stun whatever it is it can be a DPS increase if you look at it that way then human is definitely going to be better than the 1% hit from drain eye that somebody else could just be giving you right alright guys well that’s gonna be it for the video i really hope you learned at least something from the video.

If you did leave a like and subscribe drop a comment you have any have any questions or you just want to talk Warcraft I’d be really happy to have a conversation with you in the comments. Let me know what you guys think about the video and you guys have a great day. Peace everyone.

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