Asmongold Playing WoW Classic WOTLK PrePatch to Level 60

Asmongold: Playing WoW Classic (WOTLK PrePatch) to Level 60

I feel so bad for Eric he just messaged me back. He says it’s about three hours at noon five hours at peak times not too bad compared to classic vanilla launcher.

How Asmongold is Playing WoW To Level 60

He says it’s not too bad. Let’s see so what I gotta do here fuckin like I guess we gotta go do ramparts or some shit right like I guess that’s probably like what we got to do I mean, because we just do ramparts and then we beat the game.

I love ramps, I do a few quests and then after that, maybe do ramps, you want to spam ramps. I feel like that’s the best option. Like I don’t know if that’s the best option though. Like I genuinely have no idea. I’m going to knock out like a handful of quests here.

Just see what it’s like leveling up with the quests and then we’ll probably get a ramps grouped together and get to work you know, Zona friend Safe trip I remember these quests used to give more experience they Nerf this shit.

I used to be way more back in the day dungeon leveling Yeah, I’m not a fan of it but it’s just that it’s the best way to level man. And it’s like you got a lot a lot of competition for these mobs.
I mean, that’s just the truth. I mean like you got to stay out and you got to stay you know stay ahead of the pack. I don’t know I do at least a little bit of this. Now on on a personal level I really like leveling with quests and stuff I like leveling with dungeons too it’s not like I hate dungeon leveling or it’s not fun but I liked doing a little bit of both back in the day it took three times longer yeah did it was it was a much different back then.

God damn this guy’s killing me god damn just say I’m getting destroyed are these mobs
queues quest makes it more immersive Yeah, it’s like I’ve done the BC quest so many times though. Like I really don’t have like I really don’t want to do if you want me to be honest, like I’ve I know every quest in this whole game.

Like it’s really I like doing the old original quests and like the you know, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor and shit because it’s like that’s what I don’t get a chance to do in retail but like I had eight level eight is in wrath. Like I know I know what these quests are you know what I mean? Like I’ve been here many times before I probably Oh, I can’t use victory rush that’s right I guess I’ll just pull this guy he’s a big boy but we’ll do we need to do more we Yeah, there we go. Yeah, it’s like my my gear is so bad to like I might have to use a potion here. Let’s sit down and eat God damn. Like any food. No, I did super.

Well like got for food. Blood sausage. Roasted quail. When I sit down to eat right there.
Do you think that will unbanned most of the AV AFK or Nick took 27k from his mail. Oh people mailing them gold people need to mail me 27k.

That sounds really good I want 27k
Yeah, it’s like people everybody’s gonna bought on the new server the reason why people bought is because it’s easier than farming gold just what I said was gonna happen
it’s like why would you farm gold if you get bought you said I mean it just doesn’t make any sense.

I’ll report them you don’t know who they are and also like if you report them nothing’s gonna happen like you don’t you don’t get that they don’t get banned so it’s like yeah, you’re gonna say you’re gonna report them but like it doesn’t like what’s what nothing’s gonna happen. I need to get more defense here. What’s all that Oh shit. I’ll do it comes over here. It’s fine I probably should start using victory Rushmore. Oh boy he is really close. That’s an unhappy Alright, there we go.

Okay, and where is the last one I want to kill you. I need one more infernal. I’ll be able to kill this guy right now. Switch to answer more DPS Nam good doing what I’m doing.
Fact is I probably do more DPS. So once I get better gear, like these entry level quests are like the biggest come up that you can have.

Like you get so much experience from doing them you level so fast after I hit 60 As I said I want to do some of that we’re gonna make a little little bit of fun on the New World PTR we’re going to try out the great sword and you know see what the game’s like they completely changed a bunch of stuff so we’re gonna see what it’s like however, I want to do this for now.

No reacts I literally I did two things man I react to the two thing was this
rage Reaver screaming dagger like this one’s good but I need an axe nice I’ll level okay let’s see here. Let me go back double check this oh I finally I’m getting I’m finally getting a gentleman there it fucking is dude. There it fucking is dude. We got it.

Molten Core knockout I’m over 59 I’m not I’m not attuned against him sponsorship reply to you go gamba mobile HQ see against him with like $1,000 I don’t know. I mean like I’m down to play against an impact like as I said before I’m totally down for that. I don’t care but well we’ll see what happens careful. I’m not trying to write a blank check.

Just like I always say I thought needed six of the stones. I wonder if I can handle all these guys us no big deal that’s a dog Sue I need them to stop dodging
he couldn’t What’s up this damn I just killed them real quick probably don’t want to kill her.

Oh my god, it’s like whenever I don’t get the revenge procs is what makes it so oh my god another Perry What is this game, so I can’t like this is what’s so annoying is like whenever you can’t do anything you just sit in there auto attacking is Carl Klein most bannable torn through it I feel like that’s probably not a band. I don’t see why it would be.

See pick these guys up pick him up pick these three guys just killing everybody now
once I get this next, this next point I’m gonna be popping off way harder than I am now
probably need to sit down to eat after this.

Like I can kill a lot of these mobs pretty fast but it’s just that I have to group everything up and I only have like a small period of time that I can actually do it. I only have one more I need to do break this one try flaming hot Doritos. Fuck that. We already got Flaming Hot Cheetos like we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Like what happened to just be unhappy with Flaming Hot Cheetos you have to fucking like Is that Is that not enough for you now like do you have to have more is your wife really that boring you need to read owes to his dad yeah I’m not I’m not eating. I’m sure it’s good I just don’t want it all right so that I mean I feel like I’m finishing quests pretty fast What do you guys think?

Like I already finished that one I think that it’s like a mindset of like how you do them
they buffed the drop rate I think they did I mean they should there’s no one else around. Yeah, it’s true. What’s on your mind watch your back. Wow, we readings for the Alliance. Wow. We that’s a long one. Holy shit. Put that helmet on. Look at that helmet. God damn, I look good. I remember this helmet dropped in Mardon.

And I think I mentioned it. I don’t remember it was long time ago. I was DPS warrior, but I didn’t have a blue helmet. And I was like, well, I need to have this because like, I mean, if I don’t have it, I’m not like, really? I’m not like a real person, you know? And so I would admit to myself down I didn’t have a lot of health Fuck, I forgot to add this Michelle, but we like I like fucking 1.6k Thank you for reporting. What the fuck is this?

Somebody used profanity on me yesterday. And I reported them to Blizzard. And it seems like you can say that I am a freedom fighter. But my real goal is that I’m doing my small part. Very small part to reduce the server queues. I do it one mother at a time. That’s a minus one. You’re welcome. Yeah, thank you. Let’s go back. We’re gonna go try this shit out. Prime vengeance true. I do get that mountain retail.

McConnell gotta fucking get that before the new game comes out. Dragonfly.
I’ll probably do that maybe like after I hit 70 Because like my plan is like to meet you just like what I want to do. Oh, my cod. He’s laughing at my current gear. Alright, I’m not gonna do this one yet. I’m gonna go do this.

How far fortifications Oh, good. I guess we just knocked this one out. So what was I saying before? Oh, yeah, after I get 70 I’m going to do all the rates. And then after I do all the raids, I’m going to I’m going to probably quit. And so wrath comes out. Because I’ll beat the game.

And at that point, I’ll be able to go and do all the retail louse stuff. And I want to also finish my POV character. Yeah, I quit but it’s like No, the thing is, I’m not quitting forever. I’m just stopping and so RAF comes out because I’ll have all the gear at that point is I don’t care about clearing that shit every week like I don’t care about that. It’s like that’s not fun for me.

Like it’s just annoying my gonna have to use a CD suit happens does this guy do like a like a Frost Shock or something? No, he’s good I’m not sure it was close. I thought it was real. Oh my god. Did I get a good one? Holy shit. That’s a good one. All right, let’s use this. I gotta get some food in the game. I already went to Wendy’s today.  Where’s my food?

My Trucks We’re sorry that doing raids on this character, or you may I’m gonna do it on this character. Yeah, I’m gonna do it on this character. The reason why is that I want to
I want to have a be like, it’s like everybody is showing up for the raid for the first time. You know what I mean? Like, it’s like, this is the it’s the release. And we go through all the raids. Like it’s like it’s our first time.

I mean, not like it’s our first time but like, you know, we’re going in raw with like, early gear, like not everybody’s going to have like full brutal gladiator gear. Like obviously the raids are not going to be that hard. Like, I want to make sure you guys understand this. Like the raids are not going to be that hard.

They never were hard. And they’re especially not hard now.
However, they will be fun, I think. And on top of that, we’ll get some gear. And I also want to ninja Lutz. Ward waves of ASAN off so that’s basically my plan. Yeah, I Also I also will.

I will be ninja looting find out yeah, whatever, whatever how hard you worked on girls for eight hours, that’s fine. Like, I don’t care, like I’ll do whatever it takes to get it down. And also like I’m there to put on like, You got to remember that some people kind of lose sight of this, but like it’s supposed to be entertaining. Like I want people to have a good time watching the stream. So like, that’s my real goal.

I don’t care about anything else besides that. So like if you guys are having fun watching then I’m having fun doing it
it’s literally that simple to me so it’s like if it takes eight hours it doesn’t matter.

Like I don’t think to myself wow, like I’m so bad. It took me eight hours not at all come on. God damn it anyway, I’m fucking I forgot I was gonna say, oh, yeah, I put on my chest piece. Where’s that? That’s big.

Okay, I got one more to do. It’s over here
that’s wiping eight hours anything but milking content. All people loved it. We had 80,000 Viewers watching the people like that was like, that’s one of the legends like people will remember that stream and five years.

People are not going to remember whenever we went to caravan and we watch out all the bosses because it was our third clear that’s a fact this guy so I was getting pizza. And I was getting pizza so I was getting pizza. And this guy comes up to me.

And he’s like, bro, I’m like, Yep, he’s like, are you asked me gold? And I’m like, yeah, he’s like, dude. I played on Fairlane. I’m like, as I write, he’s like, I was in your girls lair. Right? I was like, is that right?

He says, Yes, man. I was the shaman that you said was garbage. And he said, You yelled at me to not stand in front of the boss. Because I was Perry Hasting the tank.
I was like, What’s up, man? Can I do for you? You’re gonna play wrath. He’s like, Yeah, but the server’s dead. It was pretty fucking funny, man. Wait, so I just get another chestpiece What the fuck is this jerk in the untamed spirit.

Well, I did that about twice a day. Well, let’s go to the other area. You got my attention.
Okay, send me the Shatter point. Like bless you. I’m gonna just put on this one. I feel like this just does better yeah, this was better. What are the fucking odds? Ya know? I bet the mobs and ramparts are gonna fucking destroy me. It’ll be really nice to have like a few of these quests out of the way.

This is like kind of what I’m thinking right? Is like you know how you get this one here and you take this back to honor hold and then you get the quest for ramparts. Like I’m feeling like after I get this then true by the way, um, after I get this then we do ramparts.
And like we knock that shit out. And we good. Loving All with no queues. So nice. Yeah, there’s nobody else on your server though. So you know, here we go. All right, let’s go.

What’s up On your mind as people playing commander Alright, that’s good when does the rage drop? Oh, they’re out now I’m sure people will probably already cleared a lot of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was like some guild of people that might have created sunwell see, but I’m not sure though. Yeah, I don’t I don’t know.

I would expect that what can I do for you? Okay, let’s do it. No one’s touch a radio. I mean, like the way I look at it is that I would like if I could, I would delete all the PvP gear. I would say you can’t get any PvP gear. You have to go through the raids like I think that’d be way cooler

Yeah, like the only reason I like that is like you
you could go in like it’s only for this like this is this is purely because I think this would be good content and interesting is to see how far we could get with one week’s worth of gear.
It’s not that I even think it’s good. It’s good for the game.

I just think it would be cool like if I if we could do that. But I don’t want to make it a rule in the raid because I don’t like the self imposed like trouble stuff like that. You know? I’m not about that. Fun. There we go. Oh, why don’t I hit the other ones? What the fuck? We hit all them.

That better hit them yet. Did you have to look at them or they’re not gonna die.
Oh, come on. There we go. She’s three years strange, most mythical Shara achievement with McConnell bra that was actually really fun. Like BFA, it’s crazy to think about it but like we actually had a lot of fun and BFM. We had a lot of fun.

We would go around we play with each other like it was like I remember getting like all the legendary essences that was super fun .Hmm, what do you mean. Hmm I don’t know like did I not have like I feel like yeah, there were a number of good streams that we had in BFA.

Like there was like the Mecca gone thing doing a Shara everything like that. It was fun, like male muncher shit like that the corruptions like I’m not saying BFA is a good expansion but like we had some good streams and BFA.

You said playing with each other that’s why I said huh yeah remember the 30 tank night Lofa? Yeah, that was fucking fun. Man. That was awesome. Never forget. Never forget gentlemen. What are these?

Oh my god. I remember seeing these back in original class like they were sub. It wasn’t our boom kin, right? Yeah, I remember we got we had some we did some cool shit and BFA. It’s just that it didn’t really work out as well. Because of the servers. Yeah. It kind of sucks. But there it is. spellpower attack power.

I’m not really going to use any of these. I’m just gonna go ahead and just take that.
See it? All right. And I guess I go send me the honor point. I think that’s where I need to go right feet on the ground. Yeah, yeah. Okay, cool.

Farmingdale rares and pandal and I remember I did like that was before I really streamed like I didn’t really do a lot of farming rares on stream except for like in Legion. Whenever I farmed who lawn people asked about A Realm Reborn trigger for a while they keep doing Realm Reborn every expansion or the Remove artifacts, etc. Nah, nah, no, they don’t. I think it’s totally different what people are asking for?

I think anybody says they want A Realm Reborn for for a while was like not thinking about like a new expansion. Like they want the whole game reimagined.
Like I would like that it would be great, but I don’t really know if that would ever happen.
There’s a big part of me that thinks that it won’t be careful.

Gurnard servants slain off their dead there’s only like 10 of these that spawned in the whole map to. I really don’t want to fight those guys with the cannons because they just do so much damage. I guess I’ll kill this guy. I need to kill him anyway. All right, let’s go

Yeah, I just need to get more block value on my gear and then I think I’ll be good.
Okay, sorry more block rating block value increases how much you block? I mean, I want block block rating increases how often you block okay, just pull him real Realm Reborn is like the whole game reimagined.

Yeah yeah like that’s what people mean whenever they’re saying they want to run reborn for a while like they’re not talking about a new expansion man. Like it’s like it’s one thing to say like yeah I don’t think it will happen but I think that’s kind of like what people are hoping for
whether it’s wrong or right.

I guess I have to get food here before I have to kill them cheer about news about blizzards. No, no, no, I haven’t how to run classes by levels of fun and retail? I don’t know. Everybody’s gonna have different fun for different things. How could I ever possibly make a judgment on that? I know obviously like for me, I have fun playing my warrior. It’s nice.

Like a lot of classes I think are not that bad to play honestly. Like I really think that classes are okay now. But like going back and like I’ve had fun playing this character. I’ve had more fun playing this character than I have playing my retail warrior.

Because like I think that wrath like I remember I talked to rich about this it’s like wrath had like this weird thing where you felt like you were like getting away with doing certain things. So you gotta take the invite Yeah, alright cool my man like you were doing something that like you shouldn’t be allowed to do but you’re able to do it anyway.

And I think that was just like that was so cool in wrath and also in vanilla while too and think of wrath like classes are kind of like I felt like in Wrath classes were finished
and then Cataclysm like blizzards idea of class design and Cataclysm was giving each class the ability of another class.

I thought it was stupid man must be nice to be a dk huh yeah, I must be fucking nice. Yeah, I think in Wrath like that’s, I feel like there were three pinnacles of class design depending on the kind of player you are. Pinnacle one would be Wrath of the Lich King. Pinnacle two probably would be Legion I think it could be Legion and Pinnacle three would be Mr. Pandaria.

I think that depending on like the kind of gameplay you like you probably had fun in one of those three expansions let’s see we got one of those two guys were perfect. Here I’m gonna do these and then I’m gonna go ahead and start the dungeon wrath and Whopper mob were amazing. Yeah, I mean, I had a lot of fun and wrath and Mists of Pandaria.

I mean, I’ve had fun and pretty much every expansion in different ways.
It’s like there’s never been a time where like, I didn’t enjoy the game or whatever. I don’t know about like, there’s never been a time like I feel like I’ve taken breaks from the game.

But like in shadow ins and BFA I took a lot more breaks I didn’t really take that big of a break in Legion I took a break in Cataclysm I stopped playing Cata for quite a while because I was playing Diablo three and I thought that was going to be my new job. I would just farm loot and Diablo three and sell it for real money and I’d be rich and that didn’t happen
yeah but it would have been cool if it did show it wasn’t fun.

I mean it was I mean I don’t know I enjoyed the game it was just like I didn’t I didn’t go quite as hard on it as I had in previous expansions. And also like you have to keep in mind and cataclysm. Like me stopping playing the game. Like contextually I stopped playing the game because I beat it.

I have a literal Biss like I every single piece of gear that I had was the best piece of gear that I could possibly have for my character. So like I stopped writing, because like that, that is the dream for me. The dream to me is to quit and to quit because you’ve won.

Like you have beaten the game you have all the best gear you are number one
a mic over to the other side oh no he’s got one there nice that’s good he just did that quest for me the Channel Five interview with Alex Jones.

No I didn’t see that I probably should watch that that sounds interesting this all alts than quit think I give a fuck about that like I care about one character that’s my main all right it’s the last quest I gotta do and then we’re gonna do the fucking thing really want to return to New world do you I mean like we’re gonna we’re gonna play the the PTR in a bit.

I just wanted to do some leveling and see what it was like doing ramparts clears and shit like that. And then we’ll try out the PTR because like I only got chance to play it for like five minutes yesterday because I was gonna have dinner with my dad and you know like just bad bad planning on my part caused me to not have as much time.

Yeah, it’s gonna be badass we got the great sword they like change the whole new player experience added a bunch of shit so we’re gonna get everybody on there and employ
help us reach Blizzard to address acute problems.

I will look I absolutely will like I want to see the queue problems fixed. I think there’s so bad for the game okay, we made it over here. How many moms love to kill a lot of bad boys I think I’m gonna die .I’m just getting a lot of Perry’s man it’s like the parries are just so bad for me just lowers my damage down to fucking zero.

No, I just barely survived I’ll be fine once I get this next talent point I’ll be doing a lot more damage to this build mainly done for dungeon leveling so like that’s really what I’m good at everything else is like whatever I didn’t get any food either sucks just came back from work play some on my free night but I just queued into 369 minutes Yeah, it’s like show like that happens and people just don’t want to play the game
that should be for everyone. No, you and us one massive realm. I feel like EU and US is like just we have to have it because of latency.

Because you have things that you need to like React, split second to with like, interrupts etc
but besides that Yeah, I mean I I wish that like for example like would it be cool if like in the open world you could see people from EU I think that’d be super cool man.

Like I’m in general a very big advocate of letting people play with each other in whatever capacity possible so like if you can find a way that people can play with each other then I think that almost every single time it’s a better it’s a better thing for the game okay, I would that guy wait what? Oh, I already looked at it Okay hopefully I got his an aggro.

All right, there we go. And let’s go turn this in. Perfect. Okay, this is gonna take me all the way up to max level. I don’t want to do that one right now. I think we’re just going to fuck around and do some ramparts this wrath leveling feel better than classic leveling? Yeah, it does, especially with the 50% Boost. Like I really didn’t like how in classic like you had to run around.

And you would like do three quests and then you’d have to like run and do three more quests. I think it’s way better. Hebrews, y’all invite you bro.  And we could just start making the ramparts group right now. I don’t know like Lily and NVR if y’all want to come. Yeah, okay, well, he’s gonna be here during group Okay

Oh we got everything all right we just need one more person how’d you get 5058 I did a fucking Brd and then I did LVRs like bless you. Okay perfect and last run back yeah, yes I do. Okay, what can I do for you? I’ll head back over here
this is a test room no this is a live room this live room. So like everything except the raft contents out like you can get up to 70 You can get like all your gear to get ready to do wrath. It’s like a pre patch for the expansion.

That’s sort of this we need one person for ramparts farming preferably 61 Plus, so you don’t get your shit resisted. Like for DPS it’s a lot more important for me as a tank like I’m worried I’m gonna die too honestly I guess we’ll find out here ramp who’s this guy? That’s when I message me since you broke Oh, I don’t know about that. I think rogue suck right.

DK almost soul blast furnace. I mean if we could get a dk that’d be fucking great
like Yeah, I mean, if can we get a dk? I mean that’d be amazing. Somebody knows what they’re doing. I mean, he’s almost 63 the Rogue is rogue sock until one gangster then they suck even more true what. Uh okay, we invited we have this guy getting invited. Oh, he just literally typed slash I typed I envy let me make sure I fix that Okay, turn that off.

Yeah, it’s kind of just got himself in.
Pick up some of these two. Probably never going to do that one.  So as far as you go, I might actually take the 65 DK let me see what it’s like doing it with a dk fusion I’m gonna remove you for now I’m gonna bring a dk.

I want to see what it’s like because I don’t know how much damage they do. I don’t know how good they are. Unholy DK if not tank that’s okay. Okay. Remember that? All right, so dark missa we’ll do this one nice guy on this there we go gentlemen. There we fucking go. Are the Alliance Holy shit. Fucking Gollum. I am ready. One second CD.

But to get down to stupid what is I didn’t mean to invite the guy it’s just my add on.
So now it’s like the leveling is like twice as much Look at that. I need almost 300k experience. That’s a lot. Weekend the ramparts? Wait, do I not have that? I should probably get that considering we’re gonna do ramparts. Like it just seems like a good idea.

I’m gonna I’m gonna put on my plate chestpiece because I think I want to be taken a lot of damage. 60s 60s Who goes down? It goes fast six and she was never it slows down.
Yeah, those are my shoulders. Like I get those shoulders. I’ll be good. That’s big. Those are like the it’s like whenever you upgrade the shoulders.

You’re truly a man and the burning crusade.
Like that’s whenever you know you’re really in Outland the same with the helmet you get from terracor forest is like anytime that I ever saw warrior with that wolf helmet from terracor forest. I’m like, he’s garbage.

Anytime. Firefly mount Yeah, yeah, I’ll do that do for you. Might be with you. Long there’s let’s do that. I might do those later. We’ll see what happens. We’ll set out Yeah, but it’s true though. Like it’s just a fact.

Get large rock out. Thank you. I also am still accepting gold.
So if anybody has any gold Damn the shits expensive I can’t afford that.
I’ll get gold and time not worried about it.
Let’s go get away do you want some food?

Ah yeah, once we get inside I will watch Yeah.
You’re back. What can I do for you? The good thing is like at least in Outland it’s really easy to do these quests .See you around so like if I’m not doing something I can just go and work out these quests and do some of those while we’re waiting on another dungeon run.

All right, let’s see how well these ramparts runs go might as well I mean, it’s just sitting here
especially easier and outline outline wasn’t hard. I mean, like the mobs are harder but like in classic while the hardest thing about it was like just grinding and like weird like level differences.

Who’s not here? Everybody’s here pretty much the Aaron anthos needs summons Scott and get some info some and then and then we’ll get via some and recent AV bandwidth. Yeah, I saw it. Um, so like anytime somebody that says they get wrongly banned it does make me a little bit skeptical for obvious reasons. But I do want to say that I think Blizzard really needs to look at what the fuck they’re doing. Because I think there’s also a really good chance that people did get banned unfairly.

Hey, very good chance Oh, I got a ring didn’t I let me put on that ring
Yeah, that’s huge. Okay so we got to talk about like, what how this works basically, we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna clear out the whole thing. That’s about it. You slash JFK you get banned for it?

Well, it’s also like people The thing is like people get reported for shit they didn’t do that’s what the problem is. Is like they’re getting reported and they didn’t do what they’re getting reported for.

And they get suspended for it because Blizzard doesn’t know how to how to pay people
and so they have a bunch of people working there that are you know, they’re under stress like they’re under intense stress. So like the the cases are not looked at properly and it ends up making the game worse. I think that’s what it really is.

Like more than anything I think that’s the biggest problem let’s keep going just guys for these mobs. We just want to go in and get them pretty much we just go from one pack to the next pack we kill one pack and then we kill the next pack. That’s pretty much how it works I’m gonna just go get these guys to challenging shout them all.

Mr. DK is just doing work here. Thank you. Good job. Oh, I lost aggro oops my bad yeah nice congrats bro. I don’t know how many of these we’re going to do at a time I think we’re probably just you know play it by ear ALL RIGHTY let’s go.

Shall box for pussies she’ll block is not for pussies because it makes you do damage like I don’t care about blocking the attack I care about doing the damage I don’t block attacks I do attacks  it’s just a block is just it’s a it’s a gateway drug to go on Big Dick. That’s all it is good job by the way guys. We’re doing good work keep it up get some of them see like I told you guys this is like whenever I would start popping off.

I said for a fact like this is why I made my build this way is because like I’m able to do this and out damage a level 65 Death night they doubted me but nobody’s doubting me now. Got this arm right here. Ability was the bill just put all your points in damage you just do that and you’ll be good and also I can’t get this arm for as long as I have a talent for it so all I really do is I use one GCD and I’m fine I’ll just pull these guys to walk so you just kill everybody in that way there’s nobody left to kill you so I was done I was telling him.

What’s this bullshit I don’t want it the oh by the way Give me all the good loot if anything drops and I’m not paying attention to just I it’s mine. I just don’t know it yeah let’s see what can I do for this? VRS kinda low on mana sure should be fine why don’t we just deep to not really fuck me over he owe me was like I just beat myself damn so that’s how we have to do it all the time never stopped pulling by the way only for like a really big pull Do I ever stop whenever I get damage oh I need to get I need to get my talents are my ability so after this I have to go get training I know it sounds disgusting.

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