AMAZING! WotLK is Already Reviving World of Warcraft

AMAZING! WotLK is Already Reviving World of Warcraft

Most likely, there’s a lot of you who are currently on the fence about whether or not to give a Wrath of the Lich King a try.


How WOTLK is Reviving World of Warcraft


Maybe you’re skeptical as to whether or not there’s really an interest in this expansion. Are people even going to come back and give it another chance? Well, today we’re going to talk about just that. For those of you guys that are on the fence, we’re gonna talk about the current state of the Wrath of the Lich King pre patch, what it’s like to play the game right now what it’s like to level the 70 What the culture of World of Warcraft is like, and a whole lot more to help you with that decision.

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So take advantage of it now by clicking the link in the description and signing up for amazon prime if you are not a member. But again, be quick this offer for the crown of eternal winter and soon but more World of Warcraft in game drops will be coming down the road. So stay tuned. If you were to log into World of Warcraft right now, on the Wrath of the Lich King servers, I think you would be pleasantly surprised at just how many people are playing the game right now. Now I know that the stereotype about WoW is that it’s dead and it’s buried.

But one quick look at storm wind or octopus would tell you otherwise. There are people all over the damn place to the point that people are complaining about queue times on some servers. There was certainly a giant interest in this expansion. And it is no surprise as to why if you think about it, for those that don’t know, Wrath of the Lich King was well Zenefits magnum opus expansion which is where the game peaked in terms of its player population and popularity in greater gaming culture.

Now needless to say, people who played it in the past want to experience it again. And those who did not play wrath. They want to see what the hype was all about. Just like with classic WoW, was this expansion really as good as people remember it being or was it overrated? And is it all just nostalgia?

Regardless of what you think about those questions? It’s obvious that a lot of people are very curious and are checking out the Game Storming straight district is a buzz with people buying and selling items mostly people exploiting new Death Knight players to be fair, who they want the best gear possible to level as fast as possible to 70 before wrath of Lich King comes out. I mean, come on, alchemists are selling potions.

Blacksmiths are hard at work at the forges making armor jewel crafters are pumping out gems and chanters are enchanting gear, you name it, everybody is busy and at work, and it feels very Dare I say immersive when you see people at the forges, and in the shops, gathering reagents, and so on.

It makes it feel like something big is about to happen. And that is something that you are going to love about the Wrath of the Lich King pre patch right now if you were to start being a part of the machine. But of course, you got to get yourself to level 70 as well, just like I had to do.

So let’s talk about what it is like to go through the leveling experience in the pre patch.
So I just dinged level 70 on my death night and foreal over on Pagle us now I didn’t necessarily rush to 70 Like some people did, I did it over the course of a few days, taking the time to do some dungeons for fun and work the Auction House a bit on my money alts turned some gold.

But I still managed to go from 55 to 70 in 17 hours, which I was surprised by it felt like a lot longer than that. But to be fair, I was using Zygor to level stupid fast through Outland. So there is that just before the pre patch dropped. I love the blood of hunter to level 70. So I just wanted to go through Outland as fast as possible, so But what was it like to level in the pre patch? You might be wondering?

Well, from my experience, even though I just had leveled a character through Outland leveling again, as a Death Knight was awesome and for multiple reasons. The first being is that there’s just so many people playing the damn game right now and the world feels incredibly alive. General chats are always active. It’s very easy to form groups on PvP realms.

There’s a lot of world pvp going on, from what I’ve heard, and the community feel is just very strong at the moment. Now you might think like I did that things would be a giant cluster of chaos and madness being that there’s so many people everywhere, but you’d be surprisingly wrong. Even at Oculus when I was first leveling authorial the area was certainly full of players but thanks to Blizzards phasing and modded response timer.

There was never too much frustration to accomplish the goal for a quest or to get credit for a particular mob kill and an Outland I never once struggled to find a group for ramparts for group class or anything of the store even when I started getting higher level. And because everybody is united by this same goal of get to level 70 as fast as possible and get ready for the Lich King.

The community is very kind right now. They’re very forgiving, and they’re very energetic right now at least to do content either solo, or together. It’s pretty nice. I also have to address a small elephant in the room, and is this if you’re somebody that didn’t play Wrath of the Lich King all those years ago, you are not aware of just how ridiculously overpowered and overplayed death knights were back in that expansion. When wrath first came out.

Death Knights were so overpowered that healers were completely unnecessary for early dungeons now Outland not sure about later dungeons though. I mean, someone can tell me that in the comment section. The thing is, is that death knights can self heal like crazy. So back in the day, they could just heal themselves to full health with ease repeatedly, there was no need for a healer.

And even if you wanted a healer in your group, you ain’t gonna find one. And why? Because back then everyone was playing to death tonight, run around and tearing through levels and quests. And as you can imagine, and this is the elephant, this exact same thing has happened again with the pre patch.

Once you get to Outland get ready to see a flood of Death Knights everywhere and be prepared to do five man def night only dungeon groups. And I’m not even complaining. And I doubt you will too. Because honestly, it’s a lot of fun. It’s new, it’s crazy. It’s wild.

And it’s a memorable time in Wales history. And if you’re wondering about the fresh servers, by the way for Wrath of the Lich King, those new realms that Blizzard put out to my understanding they’ve been going great to and have had a similar type of experience with getting to 70 as the main servers.

I can’t comment too much on those realms though, because I’ve been focused on leveling my death knight to 70 and recording the entire adventure to make it into a series here on this channel showing you guys the story of authorial and my adventure to add in this expansion so look forward to the first part of that video series coming soon. Be sure to subscribe.

World of Warcraft is in a state unlike anything it’s been in before like in previous videos I have talked about how the game is currently it’s on a knife edge in terms of player loyalty.

There’s a lot of people shore who really want to re experience Wrath of the Lich King as well as give Dragon flight a good chance a good and proper try. But many people who are playing WoW they seem to be almost waiting are looking for one more stupid thing from Blizzard to finally quit the game for good and move on.

And that said it’s been critically important to therefore for Blizzard to really focus on listening to player feedback and trying their best to make the classic experience as well as the modern game experience to be fair, as good as it can be.

And from what we’ve seen so far, Blizzard is doing just that Blizzard has been active in their communication with the players in terms of things like their intended changes to Wrath of the Lich King going forward more about that with a future video they’ve done their best to make the wrath pre patch launch as smooth as possible. The Dragon flight beta has been received very well so far based on what we’ve heard and seen. I enjoy it. And overall the company seems to be doing things alright.

There’s not much to complain about really, unless I’ve missed something in the details or recent news that you guys can point out in the comment section because I don’t check things every single day there’s been no scandals with the company to my understanding no community issues not recently anyway nothing so people are just having fun and they’re just enjoying the game right now and you can really feel that in the culture and in the communication between the players.

Now you do still find people debating topics and hellfire general like how woke Blizzard has become over the years or whether or not Dragon flight is going to be wild last expansion last good expansion. And of course you can find your occasional level 50 a Death Knight in the trade chat talking about how WoW is dead and Final Fantasy is so much better and blah, blah, blah. But wow, this community has always had a toxic side to it. And we’ve had years of enjoyment poking fun at it.

So it’s nothing new trade chat has its political debates. Oculus has Death Knights talking about how their class is not powerful enough and has been nerved Hellfire general is a giant mess of bad jokes. And we’ve even seen the return of thunder, fury and anal spam. It’s fantastic. Overall the game is in a very great spot.

Yes, there are death knights all over the place. Yes, the recent influx of people has brought of course Some toxic players to the game. But overall if you log into it as rough today, right now, you will find people hard at work crafting and preparing for Wrath of the Lich King doing tons of dungeons, and just having a good time.

I think the only struggle the only thing that people are really having trouble with at the moment is just getting to 70 as fast as possible before wrath officially drops which is why if you are one of those people who needs help to level fast, you need to watch this video right here right now that I made that goes over 10 tips for me to level faster and like a pro in World of Warcraft. Thanks for watching guys.

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