7 WotLK Classic Tips That Will Save YOU a LOT of Time and Gold

7 WotLK Classic Tips That Will Save YOU a LOT of Time and Gold

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Are These The Best Tips To Save Gold And Time In WOTLK Classic?


Today we were talking about seven Wrath of the Lich King classic tips that could potentially save you a lot of time and gold. Now tip number one, Mount costs and level requirements are going to be reduced in Wrath as of Wrath of Lich King patch 320, which came out in 2009 there are some pretty cool mount changes apprentice writing skill can be learned at level 24 for gold, this is a huge discount from what it used to be.

You also are gonna get mail sent to you when you turn level 20 To remind you that you can actually go learn writing you know, previously you just kind of found out eventually, also journeyman writing which is level 150 skill cannot be learned at level 40 This is epic writing right ground epic writing for 50 Gold epic writing for 50 Gold Crazy, right, the mail again is gonna be sent to you once you’re at level 40 letting you know that you can ride so you can save yourself hundreds literally hundreds of gold just from like vanilla amount like regular 60% speed and 100% speed discounts.

Also, it’s worth noting that there were also reduced expert writing skill price so this is when you have your regular flying mount this this price was reduced to 250 Gold. So again, you’ve got like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of gold of savings here this this happened in patch 3.2 point two, where the writing skill was reduced the expert writing skills reduced to 250. So hundreds and hundreds of gold to be saved here.

And on top of it the faction discount so in TBC, there were some faction discounts right, it was on our hold in thrall Mar in order to get a discounted epic flying mounts, or just any flying mount right from them. And they’ve changed this in the same three to two patch to be storm wind and Obermayer respectively.

So if you go to Thrall Mar, and you want to buy a mount, if you’re exalted Obermayer you’re gonna get a massive discount. And this was mainly done because newly level 60 characters go and maybe want to buy a flying mount or something. They’re not going to have any honor hold or throw my reputation, they’re probably going to have that storm and in order Meyer faction reputation instead.

So if you’re exalted with storm wind or Obermeyer, if you’re Hodor Alliance, and you go to buy an epic flying mount, you can get it for 4000 gold in Wrath of the Lich King instead of 5000. So another massive discount so I mean, you add up all the savings, probably almost like 2000 gold savings if you just wait for wrath of Lich King and buy your mounts then. So if you’re leveling and alt, maybe you have a new max level character don’t buy expert writing don’t buy you know any any flying or epic flying. Just wait for wrath of Lich King it’s gonna save you a bunch of gold to do it that way.

Alright, moving on to number two tip to save time and gold and wrath we have the vendor mount there’s only one vendor mount in Wrath of the Lich King and that is the travelers tundra mammoth.

This is the first ever vendor mound introduced in World of Warcraft. This is a beast of a mound the vendors literally supply you with reagents, you can repair it’s super handy and it’ll save you so much time not having to go back to town to vendor your your grays and buy reagents, whether that’s food are arrows or bullets or onx of reincarnation, get some candles, get symbols of divinity.

Whatever whatever you need for your character right now is worth noting, you might be wondering what I could have sworn there were more than just the traveler’s mammoth for 20,000 gold that’s true they are but they do not come with vendor mounts the sons of Oh dear exalted mammoth does have two passenger slots but there are not vendors on that mount and the the the grand black war mammoth that you get from vault of Ark Yvonne one to 2% drop chance that does not have vendors on either although does have to like slots for passengers, but it does not have vendors.

So the only mount that can actually has vendors is the travelers, mammoth for 20,000 Gold. And that’s probably why it’s selling for 20,000 Gold is because it’s got the vendors and that’s so awesome. So that’s gonna save you a ton of time. It’s gonna save you gold ultimately, maybe you’re grinding, you know, Grace, I don’t know.

But the vendor mount is super awesome. And it’s really kind of like a status symbol like you have 20,000 Gold, you’re able to drop on a frequent vendor mount. Really, really cool. I remember I was just so poor I go around anyone I see with that mountain like comeback comeback. I need to vendor, it’s hilarious.

I’m sure you’ve done the same thing. It’s awesome. All right, coming in at number three, we have summoning stones there were some really big summoning stone changes in wrath and in TBC. But basically forget everything you remember about TBC because it’s all changed. There really aren’t any level requirements for summoning stones in wrath.

And this is important because well, I mean, now you know like you can summon any one at any level to any summoning stone except they have to be above level 50 In this can save you time and frustration. You know if you’re level 14 And you’re like hey summon me you know so that I can go do I don’t know rage fire chasm but can’t summon you Sorry.

And it’s actually interesting because you had to be level 15. If you wanted to do RDF random dungeon finder or whatever dungeon finder level 15 was the minimum so it was actually perfectly aligned like the summoning stones and RDF and because there’s no RDF and wild classic, you will be using summoning stones much more frequently.

So it’s good to know the level requirements are next I was thinking like for boosting it could be helpful right but boosting is pretty much ruined gone. Once wrath Lich King pre patch hits, they’re gonna implement like the XP cut that we saw in season two mastery we’re also gonna see mobs can’t really be changed snared like they were, that happens with boosting a lot. So boosting is dead come wrath. Alright, number four.

This one is straightforward, but I want to give you some details. Number four is heirloom gear. This will save you a ton of time because it’s going to make it you level your characters faster. It’s arguably one of the biggest changes to the leveling experience and wrath of Lich King. It’s gear that gets better as you level grants increased experience from mobs and quests pretty much all sources.

And it’s a game changer because it’s going to encourage everyone to make more alts more characters and it’s going to completely change your leveling experience because you’re not replacing this gear ever, really until your max level. Now you get these by buying them from vendors in dollar on and also Wintergrasp the ones in dollar on your purchase with emblems of heroism, you get emblems of heroism from doing heroics and 10 man raids, not to be confused with emblems of Valor, which dropped from 25 Man raids there’s also emblems of triumph, emblems of frost and emblems of conquest.

Now, as content patches were released in Wrath of the Lich King emblems kind of evolved along with it. So it does get a little bit confusing. Now the other place I did mention was Wintergrasp, where you can buy heirlooms from you can buy these using a currency called stone keepers shards, which you attained from doing Wintergrasp quests.

Like there’s even there’s a class called victory and Wintergrasp you know, just go and win a match of Wintergrasp you know whether that’s like defending or attacking just win, win the battle and you get like 10 Stone keeper shards. There’s quests like toppling the towers, which involves destroying, you guessed it towers and Wintergrasp. So there’s plenty of quests and Wintergrasp, where you can start getting those stone keeper shards.

And the Wintergrasp heirloom vendor is actually the only vendor to sell the trinkets heirloom which you might want to get if you’re one of if you’re on one of those very rare PvP servers where it’s actually balanced and you actually see the opposing faction while you’re leveling. I have never heard of such a thing. But anyways, there’s also one other heirloom that many people probably overlook, and you actually need to have your fishing skill.

Pretty high level for this because you have to win the Callaway fishing derby Now this happens each Saturday it’s very similar to the Stranglethorn fishing extravaganza extravaganza which happens happens each Sunday. For this one the Kellogg fishing derby you need to catch a black tip shark.

This is a super rare you could fish like all day and you wouldn’t find it any body of water can have it in Northrend but when you get it the reward for turning it in first is this amazing Dread Pirate ring which is a heirloom ring very very awesome to get on a mega server you can bet this will be super tough to get because you know how many people will probably participating in it but you know you’ll probably eventually get it as time goes on but very very cool. There’s tons of heirlooms to get tons of weapons trinkets armor, it’s awesome so heirlooms very cool addition will save you a bunch of time while you’re leveling are coming in at number five we have moly the portable mailbox for engineers, but anyone can use it once it is placed now this is a huge time saver.

If you’re out in the wilderness farming, you can easily mail all the stuff you farm to a bank vault and then keep farming save you a bunch of time from going back to town now combine this with that vendor mount we were talking about and you literally don’t need to go back to town you can just vendor the Grays mail the white items the prior sorry the Eternals you know any other item you’ve ever thought you’ve been farming just mail it to your bank all it’s amazing.

Also, if you’re an engineer, you should really take advantage of the wormhole generator Northrend you can get around super quickly to where you want because when you use it, you actually get a list of options of places you want to go right and so you can save a lot of time getting around that some of those options are Breanne tundra, which will actually teleport you super high above the lake and Brienne tundra, which you will survive the fall from the Choose Howling Fjord.

You’ll end up on a ledge on top of utgarde keep you’ll you’ll either need a flying mount with cold weather flying or a parachute to get down from there. But also if you like want to go out guard keep it’s good to know anytime you choose Howling Fjord You’re basically using your wormhole generator to teleport yourself to odd guard keep so keep that in mind if you’re like oh I’m an engineer I know I’m gonna be farming out guard keep her up because I want that blue proto Drake did you get the wormhole generator which you might as well just renamed to the utgarde keep Hearthstone So pretty cool tip there.

If you choose Sholazar Basin, you’re gonna land on a ledge on one of the pillars you’ll need flying or parachute to get down could also be good to just get to Sholazar because that’s a super popular farm spot for like engineers miners herbalist, like it’s a great farm spot even if you’re like skinning or, or just gathering crystallized water and earth or air like it’s that’s a great farm spot. So Sholazar is a place you want to get to frequently.

If you choose icecrown you’ll land on a mountainside you can get down safely might take some falling damage but most importantly in my opinion, is you can choose the Storm Peaks this one lands you right above the meeting stone for oil douar now I think everyone will probably be doing old wires so come phase two, you know if you’d like to raid this is a super easy way to get old wire basically like an old wire Hearthstone you know if you want it to be so this this wormhole generator is fantastic.

Highly recommend if you’re an engineer get this use it to get around Northwind super quick save you a bunch of time. Now I should note that there’s also the underground option. This will teleport you to a chamber below the hoard section of dollar on and there’s actually a vendor sitting there called que tu GI and she sells three limited stock engineering items.

The schematic art can I Dragonling mithril mechanical dragon link and mechanical dragon link. It’s kind of cool, but nothing crazy. You’ll definitely want to have a hearthstone ready or a summon because you are stuck down there if you don’t have either of those up, by the way. So keep that in mind when you choose that option.

Alright, number six, we have professional linking now this is pretty straightforward. But honestly, it is a time saver, you can finally let everyone know what you’re able to make quickly and easily by giving a clickable link that allows anyone who clicks it to see exactly what your trade skill is able to do as if they opened it it’s a great quality of life change for everyone. Instead of having to list out all the in chance your you know, gems you can cut you can just link your profession for people.

It’s really awesome change in helps a lot of players who want to make some gold from their profession be able to, you know, just post the link and that’s it. It’s really cool. Alright, number seven, enchanting vellum. Now these are very, very helpful for both the enchanters and people who need enchants.

And I would say enchanters can really rejoice now because previously they were just spamming, you know, all the chance that they have into trade chat. But now you can just list them on the Auction House and you have a way to make gold with your profession. Well, you’re not actually, you know, enchanting stuff.

And I think this also saves players time with getting their gear enchanted because now they don’t have to be like looking for Enchanter for preserving or whatever you might be looking for. So next time, you win your best in slot item, you won’t need to spam trade chat looking for an enchanter, you can just go to the auction house, type in your enchant, buy a scroll with your enchantment on it and boom, you’re done.

It’s pretty nifty. Now if you like this video, you might like this video where I asked the question and answer it is World of Warcraft still casual friendly. I think it’s an awesome video that dives into some of the problems that Blizzard has been trying to solve. Check it out, and I’ll see you there. Take care.

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