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“The Time Of The Mega-Realm Is OVER!” | WotLK Classic

Over the past week have you logged into World of Warcraft classic after a long and busy day wanting to play some wrath pre patch, only to find a queue of several 1000 players and a predicted wait time of multiple hours, many of us have a huge amount.

Why Is The Time of the Mega Realm Over? Will There Be New Fresh Servers After Skyfury, Thekal, Maladath and Giantstalker?

In fact, once again Classic is suffering from success and the never ending problems of server capacity have finally come to a point where Blizzard had taken decisive and heavy handed action. Today we have a massive amount of information dropped on explaining issues why nothing else can be done and that most importantly, Blizzard say the time has come to end the concept of a mega realm due to the extreme length of the posts and not to lose points in between talking about each one I’ve done a bit of a TLDR of the entire thing which I want to go over at the beginning here.

The pre patch has been the very large straw which has broke the camel’s back Blizzard do not wish for mega brands to exist or long term and are committed to getting the player base across a wider range of realms Blizzard may lock a realm with little to no what warning if the population begins to get too high locking high population servers and offering free transfers is the solution lock meaning no transfers and no new character creations there is no technical solution to raise the server caps anymore the locked servers are just fall layering doesn’t raise the cap it just provides a relief valve when a particular part of the world experiences a huge portion of traffic.

Can We See Yet Another Mega Fresh WOTLK Server?

For example, my server pyre would village is currently marked as full on the realm list yet we only have about two layers because everybody is very spread across the world on the launch of TBC. The server reached I believe 12 layers as every single player in the entire game was standing outside of the Dark Portal Blizzard are aware of queues on fresh but don’t want to add any more new rounds due to expect a drop off of players are second retail both use the same tech at the back end. But server populations have never been as high as what they currently are on classic locked around may remain in that state for months if needs be. And if nothing changes, and they didn’t do anything, the situation would only get worse for wrath.

Yes, that is the TLDR version. And now for the slightly longer one. First up thanks to the Community Council and developer agriland for the discussion here even if it’s not everything that you want to hear, I prefer this any day over silence. So I appreciate the time and effort which has gone into these posts and updating us all on the situation that currently I want to address the tools player used to assess brown populations. Now I’m not just gonna re explain what I informed stock Pro does for the however many times they’ve done it in a row. So typically we do use Ironforge dot Pro and whilst it’s not perfect, I think it gives a decent impression. However, in this weird transition every pre patch period of time, it’s not giving good information at the moment it’s dependent on PvP leaderboards, there’s no active arena season at the moment and people uploading on Warcraft logs.

And I think currently a lot less people are raiding at the moment more people are leveling, they’re playing fresh, they’re making a dk they’re just taking a break from raids and they’re trying not to get banned from defending in Allterack Valley and so on. There is another site called Wow classic pop.com which gains individual player numbers from slash boo and uploads them to a file and then populates the site players can also do their own scans on their particular realm. Using the census plus Wrath of the Lich King add on, you can then also upload the data that you get onto the site as well and people have really been using it recently to great effect and I think it provides much more of an accurate picture of population specifically since the pre patches dropped. Here’s an example of why I think it’s working well.

This is an extract taken from the blue Post about North American rounds so Ferris over a bit more specifics about the destination realms health let’s take a look at sulfurous U ‘s right until last week, this realm had a low concurrency at around half to a third of the size of a 2008 around in the past week. This realm has seen almost 40,000 Incoming transfers with hundreds more still coming every hour. These incoming transfers are made this a very robust and in fact nearly full realm that is right now around four times the size of a fall 2008 round. Now if we look on Ironforge dot Pro, the reset for the week hasn’t happened yet.

So it’s showing an active population of under 2000 Which is way off the mark it’ll probably jump by about 10 to 15,000 if what I’m hearing is correct so though and that’s because people who have transferred will have paraded or done other activities on the server Well some of them will anyway however on Wow classic pop if we search a level 70 characters seen over the past seven days on this realm, there’s been some 19,000 and the total number of characters across the entire realm is around 51,000 which we have Blizzard saying 40,000 transfers this seems a lot more believable. Expect this round to be closed fairly soon. By the way. How big are the biggest servers in the world though?

Well, I looked it up as I was curious. And there’s something here which is going to be surprising. I can tell you that right now North America’s benediction is king with 65,000 players seen over the past Seven days just shy of 40,000 of those were a level 70 Europe scan this is the biggest realm over the pond with 59,000 characters over the past seven days and 36,000 of them being a level 70 Do you want to know the crazy thing now sky fury that’s the fresh North American realm has seen that 68,000 characters in the past seven days that’s more than benediction which is literally the biggest server ever in existence backhoe that’s your ops PvP fresh has seen 59,000 characters and both fresh PvE servers are around 36k characters seeing of course this is fresh who knows how long it is going to last and how many of those people are there for a week or two and who wants to be a level at and raid eventually I know a fresh pops off but to this extent that did surprise me.

I didn’t think there would be this much demand for it. To be honest. Moving on though a while back I did a video about fire more being locked which you may remember here’s what Blizzard had to say about meeting that decision by the measurement of its daily total numbers of players logged in fire more is the largest around in the world. To give that some context the 24th largest realm in the world benediction has about 67% as many daily players as fire more does at least it was the largest realm in the world back then numbers are much higher.

Now. Also, benediction has overtaken it by quite some margin. The aftermath of fire more being unlocked was it dropping about 60% of its player base including its entire horde player base within a few weeks whilst the neighboring mega server Gahanna has gained a substantial amount of those plays through a free transfer exploit the clearly just locking one overpopulated server doesn’t do enough that what have they propose now? Well, there’s a huge post and I’m going to cover the main bits and give a bit of insight where I can they say we have disabled new character creation and incoming paid transfers to the US and EU mega rounds and they will remain locked indefinitely.

By doing this, we will cut off opportunities for new and returning players to join their friends on these large rounds possibly for many months. However, the situation on these realms is completely untenable. And even if we can eliminate queues in the short term, this is going to continue to be a problem when new content releases those mega rounds so far, at least on Europe, our ganas gala mag and somehow fire more and I don’t have an active North American account but I’m gonna go ahead and say at least a benediction and Romulus will be locked.

They go on to say free transfers have been very successful so far, but we need more folks to move. We’ve implemented a new free character migration solution specifically targeted at benediction, felling that and globulus in the US nothing for EU yet but hopefully we’ll have something soon. And you can read about the destination realm here. It’s called a random curse.

This realm can only be accessed via free transfer from benediction, or Lena or globulus. Additionally, all four of these realms are now locked for character creation, which means it’s only possible to create a character on that realm if you already have a character on that realm, which will involve transferring their from one of those other ones interesting idea it’s a spillage server, I guess players are always very organized and moving and this is a free transfer to a totally new realm from the existing overpopulated ones also surprised new realm I suppose as well. Moving on.

They say the mega brands in the US and the EU that are queuing are completely full. And this statement is the absolute state of things, there is no additional capacity we can add to these realms to allow more players on or to reduce queues, and they say layers don’t add max capacity either. If the capacity goes too high servers begin to become unplayable, leading to symptoms such as severe Auction House lag, or outages chat performance degradation or lag when attempting to lose item. I know many servers have experienced this over the past week Ivan did on one occasion as well. He also says never in World of Warcraft history has the capacity of realms been as high as they are now to put it as plainly as possible.

We cannot increase the capacity anymore without inviting additional and likely cascading failures to the service. At present. The best and only way to resolve this issue for the impacted realms is for people to leave via their free realm transfers there is no technology solution to this there is no hardware solution for this this situation will not improve when Wrath of the Lich King classic launches on September 26, it will only get worse it have a mic drop moment there from our grand so you may be wondering, but in 2008, we know wow had about 11 to 12 million active subscribers. It housed many more players then but it never got this bad did it? Well, not to my personal memory.

No, but I did play on a smaller server then. And in any event, however it was on your server. I think we can say the population back then was considerably larger as a whole but it was also way more spread out. So I did a bit of digging on the Internet and I found a page of all the active realms on 12th of May 2008. Do you want to have a guess how many realms there were total? There is a lot test to be sure in fact, it’s probably more than you expect. Yes, I really counted these subscribe to the channel.

Okay if you had a guess yet well if you said you think there is about 218 rounds, you would be right in classic right now we have about 45 but the vast majority of players are on about a dozen or so rounds across EU and na Algren also goes on to mention that there are so many good realm options other than the mega rounds, we have a screenshot here showing how large rounds are compared to what they would have been in 2008. In fact, I can directly attest to this I play on what is by today’s standards, at least a smaller server I would village which is PvE on EU and I’ve been there since midway through aq 14 classic now the thing is here people have this debuff in real life where they associate PvE server with bad and PvP server with good even though every single PvP server ends up as a one faction mess see every fresh realm ever in existence for this trend to replicate itself though a lot of people will naturally avoid PvE servers to begin with, meaning that always a lower population.

And this server I can say has been absolutely fine to play on. I honestly think the only people who really benefit from Mega realms are the people who can only play at Super off peak times I really doubt I’ll be able to find a consistent early morning or super late night raid any day of the week where I play, but I’m sure I’d be able to do that if I was on Johannes or benediction. There are also way more bad actors on the big servers too. And this isn’t even a community you can disappear into the crowd thing is just there’s so many more people in general you’re gonna get more bad people you have more bots to a lot more bots open world farming sucks oh and by the way everybody on lock servers when fire mode got locked a while ago prices for materials for consumes for everything absolutely flew through the roof because believe it or not, the bots do get cold eventually and gold farmers can’t transfer new characters to sell gold to the server.

The time to farm is now plus and closing thoughts on the subject ag Ramsay’s at this point, however, we believe the time has come to end the concept of a mega realm. And indeed, if these realms do remain locked, and any other server can have the same treatment, I think it will happen in time. He also did a few follow up posts afterwards, which I just want to go over real quick. He says I also just want to reiterate this point though we’ve raised population caps to accommodate mega rounds to the absolute limit of current technology.

I’ve seen a lot of armchair server engineers saying things such as just add more hardware, and I can’t stress it or put it any more plainly, the technology to allow more than we have on our realms now does not exist. We’ve added the hardware, we’ve optimized as much as we can optimize and the current demand on these few realms is just too much continuing to push our local finding ways to reach even higher brown caps has hit a point where we can’t go any further and eventually something had to give that something has given and we’re going to be taking different approaches to this problem going forwards got slide at the armchair several engineers there.

To be fair, I thought layering could scale up the total population before this post definitely got me there. I’ll take the URL on that follow up post number two, what about the fresh servers in short, they expect them rightly I think to level off, and they will only open a new server if it is the absolute only option that they say the fresh realms are a very unique situation and they want to be extremely careful about adding more realms. Adding a second fresh PvP realm is very, very likely to do one of the two things lead to both realms becoming unhealthy in the long term or guaranteeing that one round becomes the whole realm and the other one, the Alliance.

Additionally, fresh rounds are also much more likely to experience a bit of a decline once the game actually launches. Many people are leveling and fresh now but we expect some number of those players to return to their normal established servers and guilds once the expansion launches, I really doubt they will add any more fresh realms personally, the reason being is because the PvE servers don’t have to use and they’re an alternative. Overall, it’s been an absolutely huge post. I know there’s been a lot of blue post content on the channel recently. But each one of them just feels like it’s covering something massive, which I want to talk about.

And I know a lot of you guys will have something to say about too. I guess I’d put in a few closing thoughts for myself. Lizards say they can’t show us the server population numbers. Why exactly what if the UI showed a rounded down number to the nearest 1000 Our players online and some indication of what point as to reach before the cube will begin? It would certainly let people make more informed decisions if
we had that information. Is that a terrible idea?

For some reason? Order Blizzard just not like the idea of the numbers being publicly released as people will endlessly speculate based off those values about every single MMO RPG on Steam. For this to be the case, the New World steam chart was very well referenced during its decline. I’m also happy to see something which is decisive and heavy handed I would have preferred that the tipping point didn’t have to be hit before change began. But maybe that was the only way to get the higher ups that actually budge on it. But it’s impossible for us to know the full picture here of In short, if you don’t want to queue use the transfer. There is no other solution. Drop your thoughts down below on everything here. As always guys, thank you all so much. watching and listening and I shall see you all next one very soon. More info about the Mega servers is available on this Blizzard Post.

More info is available on our homepage and WOTLK Classic accounts page.

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