WoW Dragonflight Beta First Impressions Week 1

WoW Dragonflight Beta First Impressions Week 1

Hey guys what’s going on shot here and today I wanted to talk about Dragon flight beta.

Dragonflight First Impressions | Beta Testing Week 1


For those of you who may not know Dragon flight beta actually came out this last Thursday. preceding this alpha was available to a handful of players and content creators who have been pretty much just littering the creative space with footage of gameplay, Dragon writing quests, talent, trees, builds, all that fun stuff. But now that beta is out, more and more players are gaining access to this yet to be released content which is expected to be released in what is it December or November.

So today, I want to talk about my experience after the first few days of playing. I haven’t done a video like this in a while where I kind of just talk over some gameplay footage about kind of my experience thus far in the beta, or in gameplay in general. So if you guys enjoyed this content, please let me know by leaving a like down below and hitting that sub button if you’d like to see more content like this, but let’s get into it.

All right, I guess I’m gonna really start off by just getting to the dragon isles and what like the opening quest chain was like for me, I’ve done it now three times the first time through actually the times after that were also fairly rewarding. The the opening question is actually really fast paced. So you’re going to be either in Oregon or storm wind kind of going around recruiting, learning about the dragon isles, and kind of getting set up very, very early. I found this is like kind of the best time to set up your talents. Though.

Once pre patch hits on live servers, this is when you’re actually going to be having access to that talent tree. So it might not be as big of a deal once Dragon flight actually comes out. But on beta like you kind of have to wait around for the zeppelin or the boat to arrive whether you’re Alliance or horde. And when this is the case, you kind of just have to like fiddle your thumbs. I swear to God I I’m not going to have the footage of it.

But I seriously felt like I waited for 10 minutes for the braless boat to arrive to take me to the drag canals where the Horde just you like kind of walk on discipline and you go off so quarter probably gonna be a little faster because of this. But once you get to the zone, it just feels so amazing. Whether you’re on the zipline or on the boat, depending on your faction, you’re gonna get this really cool wide shot of like this opening to the dragon isles, and the zone just looks crisps clean.

It’s the home for dragons. If you’ve been watching Alpha content or any other beta content, you’ve probably seen the some of the shots, but man does do these zones just feel good. The general design especially when it comes to like artwork, and layout feels very much like cataclysm, warlords Z kind of had a love child and this is Dragon flight. And it’s just like it’s just fun to start off and just get into killing dragons almost immediately.

So it’s the good ol kill dragons for exp farm, a classic staple of any MMO game. I’m not personally much of a questing person. If you’ve watched me on stream so far, I kind of just try to blast through the quest as quick as possible. Kill six of these loop for those whatever it might be, I just kind of go through but I will say that the quests feel great in general design. It’s your standard kill Lutz talk to this person escort quests.

But the quests are fast paced, and it’s going to start you off with like rewarding 200 Plus item of a loot. So it’s going to be great for new players, boosted characters and all that fun stuff. So if you’re looking to like main swap, you’re gonna be able to get pretty good loot fairly quickly.

Now, of course, if you are a main coming out of like mythic raiding, you’re pretty much just going to be able to keep this loot until the standard like 6566 is when you’re going to start replacing some of this gear. What I also love so far is that you get dragon riding just super early, which is honestly just great for questing, because you’re able to actually quickly travel around.

Now it’s not obviously the standard flying, I’m not going to go over how great it feels and how game changing it is because I’ve played Minecraft I know how an electro works, it’s pretty much the same thing except now you get it before having to like wait for a second or third patch into the expansion.

And it’s very dynamic, it makes the travel a lot more interesting. I think a lot of content creators have already talked about this in previous videos, especially coming out of alpha is that just all in all it’s really fun to finish a quest and and be able to jump off the side of a mountain and soar at like 900% movement speed to the next area where you’re questing.

Even when you’re kind of just jumping in between quest givers you can kind of like get on your dragon hop up a little bit and soar really really fast and it just feels good. It feels new. It’s very dynamic. It makes all of the gameplay very, very, like interesting.
Now, I’m not really a quest outdoors person.

I like to just stick to my dungeons. So this is going to be him Hi is a really awkward transition into the dungeons that I’ve tested thus far. Now most of the testing that I’ve done has been at like early levels, so between 60 and 65. And I was playing with a handful of friends who also had access to beta. And if you’re playing at like 6061, or people are testing out characters, you’re typically going to be stuck to that very first dungeon, which is ultimate legacy of tear.

Now this dungeon is really, it’s nothing crazy, like some of the bosses are new, and they’re, you know, they’re well designed and I can see the concepts, especially when it comes to mythic plus and how actually these mechanics are going to inter twined with each other within the Boston counter. But, of course, it’s like a normal dungeon, we’re kind of at least my tank was getting geared.

So we’re just kind of steamrolling these dungeons, but the dungeon is kind of like a nice little throwback, it’s a throwback to an old dungeon, you can kind of see how they’re kind of trying to rework it into a possible mythic plus experience, which is, of course, great for someone like me, and people who are interested in mythic plus, it is five bosses, but the trash is like, you can really get some big poles, there’s a lot of like nice little lol spots that you can stack things up very, very nicely.

So I’m actually really excited for all of my legacy here, nothing really stood out. There’s nothing like super exciting. Some of the bosses have like 234 mechanics, but the way that they’re going to work at least once you know, scaling starts to come into play, it’s gonna be really fun. I’m a big fan. The next dungeon that you unlock at level 61.

So pretty early actually on is Ruby life pools. And this is just your standard, very quick, quick paced three balls dungeon, it isn’t objective, they something so you have to actually rescue for like a big pool things from being attacked by the primal lists, which is kind of like the first seems like the first kind of bad boy setup for the expansion, which has already been, I think confirmed in a few different interviews, but you’re going to run around, protect some eggs, and then you’re going to go it’s basically a boss rush.

So you’re going to start off by like mass pulling trash at the start, you do boss mass pole trash to protect these eggs and you go Boss Boss, very quick. Dungeons like this are always really fun, things like mob souls comes to mind is just a very short, fast pace, just little boss rush.

And those are kind of like the best design dungeons because again, you go in, you get out really really quickly. So we’re gonna have to see if this actually makes it into the first mythic plus pool. But again, because it was like normal, we were there’s points if you had the right people in your group is you would just like you would nuke these bosses often more often than not before, mechanics actually happened. But it’s really cool to kind of see how some of these mechanics are gonna work.

Like in the first boss of Ruby life pools, there’s this like push pull mechanic based off of like a debuff that’s put on one of your players. That’s like add rushes with welts coming in to try to protect the boss I don’t remember her name. The last boss also has is really cool dynamic platform where there’s a dragon flying around breathing fire down, and like winds going and gusting from side to side.

It’s just it’s a pretty fun fight for what it’s worth.
And last but not least, we have like the NOC code, the neck who’d occurred offensive however you say that so the NOC code offensive.

This is probably one of the more controversial dungeons at least in my opinion, because it’s a dungeon that you actually have to dragon fly in or dragon ride whatever you want to call it, which is really, really fun. But it kind of makes it for like this clunky, kind of broken.

Instance design where you feel like you’re spending more time flying around which doesn’t feel great I can I’m trying to like pictured and mythic plus up against a timer. And there’ll be like a little bit of optimizing like the way you take routes to hit as many tornadoes and the fastest way from point A to point B as a straight line, as everyone knows.

So like trying to figure out how to optimize like getting uphill and downhill through the different bosses is going to be a little unique. The trash feels really good though in the dungeon. Again, it’s normal. So I it’s hard to tell without, you know, proper scaling, and you know, our tear sets that we’re going to get eventually and obviously, like an infinite scaling modifier.

But regardless, the dungeon is really fun. Having like this very open world, open concept, map and instance is incredible. But again, we’re gonna have CFN game. So we’ll Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll get there. Last but not least, I do want to talk about a few classes that I’ve tried, because a lot of you have been coming into my stream asking me what the best tank is looking like, or what’s my favorite class to play? And I can’t give an answer yet because I haven’t tested everything and I kind of want to see what things feel like at endgame. We need to see what’s here.

So let’s see, like, like there’s a lot of things, at least for me that you have to take into account before you make those kinds of calls. But I have tested the jury monk and warrior. The jury is 65 My brewmaster monk is 63 And then my warriors little 62 I have done at least three or more dungeons and I have done all the dungeons on all of these tanks so far. And they all feel pretty good.

There is a problem with Jordan monk on the PTR, or on a beta, I should say right now where the my talents keep getting like reset. And then I’m not allowed to choose new talent. So I’m kind of just waiting for that bug to get fixed. So as I’ve ran into these issues on these different characters, I’ve been moving on to the next tank, trying to test that as many as possible.

But I do want to get to like at least 65 on all my characters before I actually make a judgment call on what’s going to be the best tank to play or my favorite tank to play. So the druid will start with the druid, the druid, if you like Bear, if you’ve liked the bear play style, nothing really interesting is changing. Now we are getting a Moonfire build, which is very fun.

But again, I’m on the side of the boat that is saying it’s not going to be that practical, probably in high end content. Because the way you play Moonfire build and like the way you build out the tree just doesn’t make sense. And you’re missing out on like damage mitigation, which is arguably way more important look at property, for example, they don’t really heal all that much, but they mitigate so much damage. But good news for Jared is that supposedly there’s a reward coming at the time of recording this video that hasn’t been released yet.

We’re still kind of waiting. So I don’t want to make any judgment calls on the jury yet. Is it fun? Sure. If you’d like Bear, nothing really is crazy outside of your playing a couple more Moon fires than you used to.

Next we have the monk now the monk feels great, there’s a lot of things that are changing. Like for example, we’re losing out on like, the way that Kurian weapon like weapons of order, kind of worked with a lot of the conduits as well as the different soul bonds that we had access to. Monk is also gaining a few things like rising some kick, for example. And getting that ability as well as having the option to play bonus brew and weapons of order.

And it’s like kind of raw, untouched state feel really weird because now we have a ton of buttons. And it feels like too much like your rotation feels very disjointed. It doesn’t very like doesn’t match up. But like things like Rising Sun Kick, as of right now, we’re actually nuking things.

So it’s like if you want good single target damage, you have to take Rising Sun Kick, but it like feels clunky to hit because the wait like it’s a nine second cooldown. And like the way your rotation works on life currently is very fluid you kind of have like this, like keg, breath, keg, Blackout, tiger, Pom, rushing Jadwin recap.

And then you go into a kicks machine, you kind of repeat that same rotation. But when you start to add, like Rising Sun Kick, you start to miss out on reamping you’re rising or you’re rushing Jade Wind, and then like all of a sudden, like your breath of fire is down too long.

And then like you’re sitting on an extra shirt, your charge of kicks imagine it’s just like, it kind of like delays the rotation where things just like get out of sync and then your rotation feels very clunky.

And it’s not a fun play style. But it’s how you optimize. So I think we need to see some changes. I think like maybe if you don’t play rushing Jade Wind that might help a little bit. But for the most part, I’m not a huge fan of the way that monk is feeling right now.

There’s also obviously a little bit of a design rework, because this is one of the tanks that isn’t getting their tear set reintroduced into their talent tree. Unlike prot warrior, blood decay, and you know, so we’re no longer having like a keg smash being a good chunk of our healing, we’re not getting that increased health.

So we’re, we’re kind of like starting to rely on these other talent choices, which seemed very good, but it’s hard to test them in normal level content. So I’ll have to talk about more about the monk in a bit. When I say a bit I mean like in a future video once we have maybe some reworks or maybe at endgame content where I can actually start to test this stuff. Last but not least we have warrior so this is probably the footage you’ve been watching for most of this is the warrior feels actually really good.

The tower choices are great. You have like a lot of options for like single target damage for AoE damage, you get a ton of access to toolkit options like things like intervene or intimidating shouts. You can actually swap stance swap now which is or stance stance is what sometimes people call it which is where like you can actually now play defensive stance, berserker stance or battle stance and kind of swap in between them depending on what you need. If you need to be a little bit tankier and you’re going to sacrifice damage, defensive stance if you want to go like for just increased auto attacks you can go berserk. If you want to maybe get increased crit you can go into battle stance. It’s very cool, very engaging.

There, of course bringing back the tear set but they’re also bringing things like Ren spreading by applying Rendon thunderclap and that’s really fun in dungeons because you’re able to get a ton of bleeds up. They’re also giving warriors like regeneration based on you know, bleep ticks so you not only have your deep wounds, but now you have render being applied which is just phenomenal. And then you still have the crazy good like Avatar, last and extra rage generation you have shieldwall you have anger management, you just get access to a ton of really cool powers and talents.

Races that warriors have been kind of needing for a while and this country we’re rework has definitely been in their favor compared to something maybe like the monk or the druid where the talent changes actually kind of make them either clunky or just like poorly designed or nothing too exciting in case of the juror and so I am most excited for warrior again, I’m level 62 only, but I just started kind of playing it today actually before recording this video.

And so far it’s been really fun. So those are actually my pretty much my thoughts so far on the beta. If you guys want to see me play beta live on stream feel free to check me out in the description below.

We also have a Discord server as well where you can come in feel free to ask me questions and stuff like that and just engage in you know, community about people who enjoy tanking and things like mythic plus so and last but not least, I want to give a huge shout out to my patrons who support my channel and I can’t thank you guys enough it allows me to actually do what I love. So again, thank you. Alright, I hope you guys are all staying happy, healthy and I’ll catch you all in the next one. Take care.

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