Why Chanimal Thinks That The Shamans Are The Best PvP Arena Class in WoW Wrath

Why Should New & Old Players Play Wrath Classic?

The hype around wrath is real.

Why you SHOULD play Wrath Classic


And in just a few weeks, everyone will be going back to experience the golden age of PvP in World of Warcraft arena has never been as fun as it was in wrath. And now it’s finally coming back for everyone, which of course comes with a lot of expectation that it’s going to be just as fun as it used to be.

So his wrath class is going to live up to the hype, or will it feel like TVC arena all over again and be a bitter disappointment? In this guide? We’ll be answering your burning questions like Will I need to PvE what will the best comps fee and so much more. And for any of you old timers that are already on the wrath hype train, you may also remember that skill cap launched way back during its original release.

So you know, we’re already hyped up so much so that we’re launching a brand new website just for wrath classic. For the past few months, we put an insane amount of work into creating the best class guides around with the most knowledgeable players in the game. And these guides will be launched just in time for you with our brand new site to get the head start on everyone else. But you don’t have to wait for wrath to subscribe.

Since with the special discount link below. You’ll get access to both Shadowlands and Wrath of the Lich King and eventually Dragon flight under one subscription, three games one sub that is a steal for 499 a month, especially with a rating Game Guarantee. Anyway jumping back into the guide firstly let’s take a look at what the biggest changes are going into wrath. If you’ve been playing or following retail you’ll know this problem Oh too well.

And that’s how almost all classes and specs function purely around cooldowns you have your standard sustained damage which is about on par with how much healing output can be done by any given healer, but then you pop an offensive cooldown and your damage suddenly spikes through the roof and the only way to counter this is with a strong external or defensive cooldown. And after this trade is made, both parties fall back into the same sustained damage output which is easily out healed until your next set of offensive cooldowns.

This leads to what is often called scripted gameplay and creates the cooldown driven meta that has been part of the retail experience for multiple expansions. But when compared to wrath PvP, sustained damage is very high and pretty much every ability you have on your bars does substantial damage.

Cooldown still exist, of course, but they’re by no means required in order to score or setup kills to the extent of retail. And in fact, most of the spikes in damage come instead from things like trinkets of all things. The same goes for defensive cooldowns. Let’s take a look at the example of a Shadow Priest on retail.

They have greater fade, void shift, desperate prayer, dispersion and even maybe flush crap. Compare this to wrath and all that’s available is dispersion. And the big thing is that it’s rarely the case that you have to use these cooldowns in response to opponents offensive. The reason being that defense rather than being subjected to a single button press is more so tied into the specifics of the class or spec at hand.

So Shadow Priests has prayer of mending Power Word Shield, renew, and even off heels which they can use to supplement their defensive kit. And as a result means games in most cases can and will be a lot faster and quite frankly just more fun in general. So instead of being entirely focused around cooldowns and trading efficiently, it’s just high sustained damage, crowd control, or even coordinated burst which is going to close out games, rather than having to spend 10 minutes of a game to then create a 32nd window where your opponent has no defenses and you have your major cooldown coming up.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though and there are of course still some downsides most notably is crit RNG. With sustained damage being so high critical strikes on abilities can have a very large impact. For example, if industrial Warlock lands multiple crits back to back, it’s pretty much lights out, but with critical strike chance being low and resilience helping to combat this, it’s by no means in every game occurrence.

From a TBC standpoint, Wrath improves drastically on every aspect of PvP classes now tend to feel way more complete. For instance, Elemental Shamans get Lava Burst restoration shamans get Riptide disk gets penance and warriors can use charge and combat resists also become a lot less of a problem and far less frustrating with towns like iron will from warriors and unbreakable will from priests and even the orc racial hardiness now offering baseline reductions to crowd control rather than a chance to resist.

Also even more of an improvement though, is that Counterspell silence spell lock and all other interrupts can no longer resist and are also off the global cooldown, which is something that definitely feels a lot more natural. It’s fair to say though, that this whole topic is something we could go on and on about and if you’d like to see a full video on all the changes, let us know in the comments.

But for now, let’s move on and discuss something just as important the meta in regards to this both dBc and retail suffer from very similar problems, and that some comps and specs are just way over tuned. This leads to a very stale meta where you’re constantly seeing the same comps and classes over and over again. Picture the last time you cued up to be two or three V three how many different comps did you face?

Regardless of your rating bracket, you’re still going to be seeing the same small selection of classes and compositions. It has to be said we’re by no means sitting here saying wrath is the pinnacle of class balance? Because well, it’s definitely not and players have and always will gravitate to those specs that have a slight edge, which in the case of wrath expects like holy paladin warriors and Elemental Shamans.

The glaring difference here however, and the point we’re trying to make is that every speck no matter how obscure, will have compositions they can play and do very well in and it’s this fact which makes the meta a lot more diverse and enjoyable. You’re by no means going to see the same comp inspects over and over again no matter what rating bracket you are, even comp archetypes drastically change between each game, one game will be a control complex RMP one game will be melee caster healer another game some form of spell cleat.

The next one a beast Cleve trying deserve you down. Another very good point if you’re strictly coming from a retail background and something you’ll also get to experience is competition and activity in all brackets with five V five and two v two, at least for the first couple of seasons, offering titles and end of Season rewards.

Although rewards from these brackets were eventually phased out, you can’t overlook how much this opened up in terms of gameplay variation. specs that may not have the most solidified spot at the highest level and three V three can still have a composition built around or slotting easily to things like a caster Cleves, or even rushed down Compson five V five, or be specifically strong in two v two when playing compositions like double DPS.

What this means is that you’re never going to be left with that very common feeling we’ve all experienced where your class or spec prevents you from participating at the level you want to. Altogether this means the meta as a whole is just a lot more diverse and flexible. Moving on, let’s talk about class balance.

We touched on this slightly when discussing the meta but as of any game in history, players are always more inclined to gravitate to those specs which are deemed the strongest and that’s never going to change. And wrath does of course have this and all it takes is to quickly glance at any tier list from any YouTuber to see the same few classes at the top.

Instead though, what you should be paying the most attention to is just how PAC these middle tiers are. And then compare this to TBC or retail where classes either tend to be way too strong or just unplayable with very little in between TVC was obviously the first iteration of arena and coordinated PvP that we saw in World of Warcraft history.

So of course, there were massive flaws and many classes and specs were never balanced or designed with PvP in mind. raft does a very good job of taking those specs you rarely see for obvious reasons and giving them the tools they need to be both viable, playable, or at the very least, fit a certain role in a certain composition.

A good examples are paladins, who in TBC have practically zero instant healing, which makes them very niche but going into wrath that gets addressed and they can fit into almost any composition. Something which definitely aids with class balance, just feeling a lot better overall is due to the basic gameplay.

Going back to retail for comparison, if you played arena, you may have experienced a matchup where you’ve sat there and just thought yourself, no matter what you do, you can’t have an impact, whether that be doing an endless CC chain on to a healer, but somehow lacking the damage to finish a target through their plethora of defensive cooldowns or self healing, or sitting there doing a perfect damage rotation, free casting and the feeling of just having that pressure effortlessly out healed.

Well in comparison, this feeling is very rare. And that’s because the smaller things during your games matters so much more. Being able to do high damage will result in a kill. Doing good CC chains will result in a kill as well. But even something as simple as landing interrupts can actually swing the game in your favor.

And it’s this fact alone that just makes classes a lot more enjoyable to play. The final point I want to address is one which is a very hot topic for retail players, especially and that’s gearing are you required to PvE are there massive grinds to do and how do you gear up let’s cover the basics. In wrath there are two types of PvP currency arena points and honor so there are no longer marks of honor. Arena points are used for your five piece set weapons off hand and range slots.

Then honor is used for off pieces. So that’s bracers belt boots, and the rest of the slots. This honor grind itself is something that’s not as daunting as it may seem. And the best way to grind it is by doing Wintergrasp and battlegrounds. And in regards to the ladder, you can now queue for random battlegrounds, which makes the process more efficient. The grind itself has also been reduced with honor gains substantially increasing and having battlegrounds now reward you honor based off your personal performance.

Unlike TBC, you also receive a large amount of honor even if you’re on the losing team. So there’s no more queuing up getting stomped and then receiving pitiful honor game, you’re going to have to grind to honor no matter what in wrath. But alas, there are very clear goals you can work towards. And once it’s done, it’s done. And you’re then finished with the honor for the rest of the season. As for arena point, these are gained weekly based off your highest personal rating.

And in order to be eligible, all you need to do is queue up 10 Arena games. That’s it. You can even speed this process up by doing vault of arc avant once a week for the chance of PvP drops. So once the honor grind is done, there’s no having to queue 50 games a week just to then unlock a chance of getting a piece of gear that you may not even want. Now let’s get into the touchy subject of PvE gear PvE gear is undoubtedly very prominent in wrath and chances are you came to this video already knowing that But to answer the Question.

Yes, if you want to min max and be competitive at the highest level, you will more than likely want a couple of PvE items. And as the seasons progressed PvE gear only gets stronger. The need for it, however goes on a class by class basis. Classes like rogue and Mage require PvE gear for more offensive stats, whereas Elemental Shamans Paladins death knights and even warriors in the early season can get away with PvP gearing only.

But really, as with all things, everything depends on your goals. If you wanted to just casually PvP without ever stepping into a raid, you’ll do just fine PvE content as a whole, at least for the earlier tiers is far less challenging than you would expect on retail and is barely a step up from TBC. If joining a guild and raiding week in week out isn’t up your alley, no worries because the majority of content can be cleared by pucks.

So to go back to the title of the video, should you play Wrath of the Lich King? Well, this is like most things, something you have to decide for yourself, but just in terms of balance class design and gameplay from a PvP standpoint, it’s arguably one of the best iterations of World of Warcraft that we’ve ever seen. And with the additions of level 70 boosts, even if you didn’t experience TVC you don’t have to go through the hardship of leveling from fresh and you can jump straight into wrath and at the very least give it a go at the end of the day. What do you have to lose?

Which is the same question you should be asking when you see skill caps rating gain guarantee. Yes, that’s right. If you are a shadow and grinder and waiting for wrath to launch, we got you covered with over 600 class guides and 1000 Arena commentaries and yes to answer your question we will be doing a huge launch for wrath. So whether or not you are Shadowlands grinder or in the Lich King classic waiting room skill cap is the number one place for all of your needs.

Visit the link below for a discount code to start your PvP journey today. Anyway, be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’re planning on playing wrath of Lich King classic and what you’re most looking forward to add here at skill capped we of course will be covering wrath fully with our in depth guides, commentaries and tearless so if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more wrath Lich King content, be sure to hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching.

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