The FRESH WotLK ADVENTURES Mage PvP Leveling on Skyfury

The FRESH WotLK ADVENTURES | Mage PvP/Leveling on Skyfury

As a priest I just don’t want this guy to.

Are The Fresh WOTLK Servers Fun To play as a Mage?


He’s that the mage I can do shit oh now he’s alone the odds are away I’m calm calm yeah yeah yeah to damage him slowly I’ll just slow him and guide him because his friends are coming like no lifers what why are they so many men?

I have to clear the ads first no I got Laird Are you fucking serious the event is he’s dead here BRB please put me back in my previous layer if I leave the group that’s what it does on on Gahanna setlist it puts you back in your previous layer if you leave this no man I kill the centaurs for like 10 minutes and now I’m not even on the same layer I give up in life and everything there’s a lot of thirsty people here have gotten myself thirsty to Rocky as at the time here we go the mage experience already making water for everybody for five minutes and just drinking and making water it’s only it’s really bad I don’t mind it’s only really bad because I’m making two at the time because I just learned the new rank you.

Guys have some fun 600 HP that’s here and now my new shoulders people already level 70 Let’s see how many seven days after two days of the fresh or three days more than 50 level seven days farming on are already in gearing and I’m enjoying the little upgrades from Wailing Caverns quest and shit is beautiful ring from the last boss Slow as hell but really enjoyable this way or our girl.

Oh shit all oh shit that was not part of the plan I don’t think the plan was that big you said that we have big ball but if he calls the other although I’m gonna pump them okay nice oh yeah insane that was fun to do.

And eight stamina more 123456 Blue items by in spellpower 870 with the eight stamina above the HP is not bad for a level 22 Like I’m PvP ready ready to pump the Alliance the next day up are these guards going to be aggressive whereas blood Oh, he went to Thunder bluff Oh, he’s too fast. Get your ass in here was waiting for him to cast fear but he’s not doing it that

Oh my god, yeah that was not the play though. I am an undead so I can wield the first fear I was waiting for him to fear and I was gonna see us him on the fear
walk because a trinket oh no something I got nothing I killed the warlock again though fuck him dude they go they go and like limit 30 in spirit well spellpower.

Whoa whoa whoa well spellpower that’s huge I got them man this character is getting extremely lucky right now like I’m almost all blues and I got this close to from this dungeon eight spirit eight spirit threes three intellect all know the MPC Oh shyt wait it’s not dishonorable or anything.

It’s fine oh nice all the shit this shaman is pumping okay shaman a kill this guy actually it’s not dishonorable kill they only exist in classic always should there’s so many ,oh yeah get this guy now as well lions alliances domination yes domination as a mage should be possible as well. It’s a group quest it says Hey.

Oh, no. What the fuck was that? Reconnect me right now. Thanks for the spot Danny. Thank you man. Yes No no spots for you. Sorry. That is scary to get this seat like this though. ACU is four hours okay, it’s 360 we were forsaken. And 90 Silver the mount Okay, okay. I think they are ugly.

So the level like this once the Epicon that mount is perfect, but these ones are all fuckin maybe all LEDs you wanted to see up there? We will do a away now I think it’s gonna suck. Professional as aware as higher level as advantage in everything it was my blink
I pay him like a dog and I get approached by it I don’t know how much damage that would have done so oh brutal.

Oh, frostbites in the credits that spell also seemed like it’s wholly a cost to be holy so he couldn’t hear or dispel either but what the fuck,
super high level though gonna take too long to kill based beast also counters me I can’t yeah

I can’t do high level Wait Why is he chasing me? It was a prank bro it was a joke bro
no yo, this is the lead he was level 31 Back then I was 26 or that thing and I try again It killed me when I was killing another joint oh no I missed get Fuck no.

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