Testing Classic WotLK's AUTOMATED BAN Functionality

Testing Classic WotLK’s AUTOMATED BAN Functionality

Let me close these guys we’re going to do a social experiment.


How Does The Auto Ban Functionality Work in WoW Classic WOTLK?

Okay, we’re going to do this right now actually, we’re gonna do this right now this is a dangerous thing to do I need to log into an alt of mine I need your help. I need about 100 people to help me do this. So if you are bored or you have an Alt while account I need your help to do this. I want every single person to make a level one on Peggle if you can, please do me a favor make a level one human a level one human on Peggle the more of you the better if we can have 100 people good if we can have 50 people great if we can have 20 people I need a lot of people.

Alright, how many level ones have we got boys? I want to see 100 level ones. I need help doing this. We’re testing something. I’m not going to tell you what though. Okay. Every peg will level one come over here, please. Right here, right here, right here. Come on over here. Boys, I need to see how many people we have.

Let’s get as many people as possible. Or you can request to join my group also invite every single person when you 40 People at a minimum 40 people, guys in regards to the mass Alterac Valley ban waves that went down in the last day or two. I saw a lot of people saying on the Battlenet forums that you’re actually not able to mass report someone and have them get banned as a result of mass reports that that being banned is actually not the result of an automated process. That there was an actual human GM that looks at every report scenario and then decides and then decides if the person is to get banned.

And I don’t think that’s true. I think there is a master port odd automated functionality. And we are going to test that today. We have 40 people probably more than that. Probably closer to 60 people boys I’m going to yell report me my name is box commander.

I’m on my level 58 Rogue on my third alt account please when you see me post in chat here I want all of you guys every single person here please report me we’re testing their automated report functionality in this game. Report me every single person report me please report report report me report me please boys.

Now we wait. Please report me. For whatever reason I don’t even care just just fine. Just fine to some reason. report him report me please. Yes. Am I going to get silenced for 24 hours? Am I going to get banned? Am I going to get I don’t know what’s going to happen? What is going to happen? So I have been kicked off of World of Warcraft.

So it seems to have worked, it seems that there is an automated banned functionality, or at least an automated disconnect functionality. Let me try to log back in now. I’m gonna try to log back in when we type in my password.

Oh, I’m okay guys. I’m back in. I actually am back in I’m back in then what? A character with that name already exists. Maybe I’m like not I’m doing I’m not bad. I’m stuck in Purgatory. It says that I’m offline. It says I’m on I’m offline. Okay, yeah. Um, let me try to log into a different character.

And then I’m gonna try to log back into box commander and maybe it’ll reset. Let me log into a pork daddy. Okay, I logged into pork Daddy. I’m going to log back out now and then I’m gonna try to log into box commander. I don’t even remember making this character. Sometimes I get drunk if I’m drinking. I just make random level ones and I log in and I RP. And I don’t remember making this character.

This must be a late night. I was probably three Stella’s in. I was drinking some Stella Artois. And yeah, that’s probably what this is. Anyway, goodbye pork daddy. Box commander. Can we log in now? Let me log in. Oh, I’m in so I’m not banned. Okay, so definitely what there is is a mass report automated like disconnect if you get mass reported you get disconnected from the game. And then you have to log back in.

Interesting. Go again. I don’t know. Yeah, guys, listen, let’s let’s try this one more time. Hold up. I’m gonna I’m gonna yell this let’s do this one more time. Everyone Oh, I can’t type I can’t talk. We have temporarily suspended your chat and mail privileges. Check your email for more details. No way I’ve been silenced.

Okay, so I can’t talk Okay, well hold up let me open up my phone here. All I got an email from Blizzard game account action notification actions taken account silenced. Violation abusive chat your fellow players reported you for abusive language multiple times. Due to these player reports we have silenced your account until September 13. That is one week from now.
That dude i What i can’t until September 13.

That’s 1626 UTC. If more information please visit account On Simon’s article as the owner of this account you’re responsible for all actions associated with it we will only overturn penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account or similar extenuating circumstances regards customer service was or attainment so not a single human is looking at this not a single human at Blizzard is looking at this at all this is completely automated so if you if you get if you get mass reported you can be silenced for a week and you can’t do anything about it.

And also you will be forcibly kicked off of the game can I invite people hey, let me try to invite someone you just auto declined that might have been an add on they had hold up hold up Can I Can I invite you guys.

I’m pretty sure it’s forcing everyone to just auto decline No no no there is no way all these people have add ons that are auto declining Stop it Stop inviting me Stop inviting me stop guys stop inviting me I’m trying to invite you Why are you inviting stuff Okay, so what’s happening it’s not telling me I can’t invite people it’s just automatically it’s forcing these players to automatically decline my invites big fan let me invite you big fan it just automatically declines Geez.

So you just like cannot interact with players for one week if you get mass reported? It’s not working. Yeah, so he says he didn’t even get the invite. It just automatically declines. Wow, world Warcraft that’s the game that we’re playing. That’s true. Can I can I reply to whispers Hello? Nope. I can’t communicate with any of you. Kind of Can I can I can I hold up Giga comm blast has invited me to the group nice.

Can I dance can I do emotes I can dance. I can still I can still do emotes. Okay, so someone invited me. They give me party lead. You can request you can request to join my group. If you are like industrially mass reported by people that don’t like you, you will be kicked out of the game you’re not going to be automatically banned but you’ll be kicked out of the game and you’ll be silenced. For for one week for one full week.

You will be silenced. You cannot whisper you can’t invite people to a party. You can’t say things you can’t yell things. It looks like you can still do emotes This is not good. This is like so easily abusable and you see people abusing it. You see people abusing it dude. Anyway. Yeah, there is a complete autom automated like punishment system in this game because def definitely a blizzard employee a human and actual human did not look at this. Crazy. Well, there you have it.

So it’s it’s stuff. It’s stuff like this that’s going on inside of battlegrounds. Yeah. So you can imagine that if if you’re inside of a battleground, and then you get mass reported then the punishment is probably more serious, right. So yeah, if you have people being mass reported inside BGS you can understand how people get banned. 100% 100% Yep.

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