Simple WOTLK Classic Karazhan Gold Farm - Vendor Everything

Simple WOTLK Classic Karazhan Gold Farm – Vendor Everything

In this video I’ll be showing you how to gold form and cares and during the wrath pre patch it’s a super simple and easy form with almost no drawbacks.

WotLK Classic Karazhan Gold Farm – Vendor Everything!


I made a ton of gold in the last few days doing this form and you can easily make around 500 gold per hour if you’re just spending everything if you haven’t chanting and you use the auction house, you can make well over 800 gold or more per hour. Of course, depending on your servers prices, the gear requirements are very simple.

I go with around 80% avoidance and then as much strength as humanly possible because our lockouts are unlimited. To do this farm effectively, we really need to kill the mobs quickly. Because of this, we want to maximize the amount of strength 46 is ideal for this form.

But if you have worse or bad gear, then you can probably still get away with pulling one pack at a time and killing them a bit slower, your gold power will definitely take a hit doing that but if your gear isn’t good enough to sustain or nuke them down, then you’re most likely going to die if you try to do multiple packs at once.

So if your gear is bad, then give it a try. But just make sure you go a little bit slower. For the next requirement, you will need to be in a group to enter cares and the easiest way to do this is either use a second account or you can just log on to an alt and have a friend invite your alt and your main to a group and then they can leave and your Paladin or whoever you’re doing this with can get leader and you can just reset by yourself while your alt is offline.

You also need to make sure that you’re not locked to caravan as I believe once you kill Maryrose you can no longer do this, these mobs will de spawn and this entire hallway will be empty. So just make sure that you haven’t already done caravan before you go in. You should also either bring repair bots or bring multiple shields as your shields will definitely take a hit when you’re doing this and there’s no nearby repair vendor.

So you’ll need to either be an engineer with repair bots or have multiple shields so that you can farm for an extended period of time. To start the run, use fire resist aura and make sure you have seal of light and blessing of syncope at all times the walls in here do a ton of fire damage and anything we can do to mitigate some of that is going to be very helpful. We’re going to start off by running up the stairs and pulling three packs we aggro two in the front by proximity and then one in the back with hand of reckoning.

After you have them pulled come back down the stairs to LS and then pop your divine protection. This will reduce the damage you take by 50%. For the first few moments of the poll, you should try and target any mob that is casting heel Immolate or searing pain. In addition to a regular heal the healers also have a Holy Nova that can make your runs take longer, and the fire casting mobs output the most damage by far.

If you’re a Blood Elf, you can also use arcane Toren to group the mobs up better or stop their cats. All the mobs that we’re killing in here are also undead so make sure to use holy wrath as well. If you find that you’re still taking too much damage, you can try and move out of the goblin flame cannons.

However this will make your rounds take a little bit longer. If you want to you can also replace a couple pieces of your gear with fire resist gear to make the fire damage even lower.
When the first three packs are dead, you’re going to want to pull the two remaining phantom guests packs on the right side of the room use hand of reckoning to pull the one in the back corner and then use proximity to pull the one on the right this won’t aggro the elite group which you do not want.

The elite group has super strong self heals and a ton of health so you want to avoid those and just kill the Phantom guests. One thing to note is most often you will get at least one or two spectral servants these have a curse that they will put on you that actually reduces your damage output by quite a bit.

But luckily for us it can be removed with hand of freedom. So anytime you see that you have a curse debuff that you cannot dispel you can use hand of freedom to get rid of it and that will actually increase your damage. The spectral servants also make a great target for your judgment as they have a lot more health and they’ll stay alive for a lot longer.

If you plan on farming here for an extended period of time then it might be wise to also invest in some consumables flask of relentless assault superior wizard oil and strength food can really go a long way when increasing your damage and speed but remember that we’re here to make gold and not spend it so the less you use the better but honestly if you’re gonna be here for a really really long time you’re gonna make your money back.

Anyways if you plan on only being here for 30 minutes or an hour then it might not be worth to us just use your best judgment and do what you feel in any case after you kill this group of mobs then that’s pretty much it all you have to do now is run out and reset and come back in and do this over and over and over as many times as you can.

The great things about these raid farms are these infinite lockouts it basically rewards you for going as fast as humanly possible my fastest run ever was all five groups in about two minutes but honestly I’m content with my seven or 800 Golden Hour just doing chill relaxed five groups in about two and a half three minutes.

I’m really interested to see some people out there kind of push the limits of this and see how many more mobs you can maybe get it or see how fast you can go because there’s no lock outs the faster you go the better and remember there is a vendor outside to empty your bags once you need to. It’s nice to see that we can still get some use out of care Zahn after Blizzard completely nursed great experience due to the last video I made.

But don’t worry because we’ve got another leveling method on the horizon that I’ll be showing you in the weeks to come I just don’t want to release it too early and have Blizzard see that one as well and destroyed completely.

Other than that, that’s all I have for you for today’s video nice short and easy, super simple, super effective gold farm. So get out there and get some epic mounts. Thanks guys for watching, hope you enjoyed make sure to like, comment and subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

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