New PvP Class Talents Added for the WoW Dragonflight Beta

New PvP Class Talents Added for the WoW Dragonflight Beta

Hey guys, how’s it going? My name is Jael. And this week we got new PvP talents added into the dragonfly beta.

We Have NEW PvP Class Talents Added Into Dragonflight Beta


So far over this expansions development, we saw many revamps to the core class talent trees. In some instances, we’ve seen popular PvP only talents make their way back into the core classes becoming part of that play styles identity, but that leaves some classes with very little options to choose from for PvP.

So in this build new talents have been introduced in order to make up for the PvP gap. Dragon flight also promotes hybrid playstyle customizations, so certain PVP talents are now available for the entire class. This update permanently highlights the new changes coming to classes of priests and Mage.

But I also want to highlight the new class of evoke er which has gained new PvP talents over the last few weeks. And as of this update, they have a pretty large list of PvP traits which are looking to make him pretty competitive as well as add new gameplay elements into PvP.

So in today’s video, I wanted to go over all of these recent PVP talent updates that we’ve seen this week over on the dragonfly beta, but right before that most of you guys watching this videos are still not subscribed.

However, the more of your remind the more of you do, so let’s keep it going subscribe to the channel as well as hit the bell if you’re watching this video anyway, especially if you’re looking to get regular PvP coverage and updates in the future builds of the dragonflight beta. Before we dive into specific class changes, all casters and healers will gain a new PVP talent of precognition.

If an enemy attempts to interrupt your spell cast and fails using up their kick in the process, you gain haste and crowd control immunity for four seconds. This PVP talent heavily promotes and rewards the act of juking within PvP juking is where you are tempted to start casting a spell but interrupters up prematurely in order to try to bait interrupts from enemy players.

This talent gives casters and healers some counterplay potential and rewards the ability to avoid enemy interrupts. When it comes to PvP. The Gaza Mage has gained even more PVP talents and new hybrid capabilities. First things first all made specs and now have access to ice wall no matter the spec. Ice Wall, as the name suggests, creates a wall of ice placing a line of sight obstruction between you and the enemy player. All aspects of majors also gain access to the talent of Ring of Fire.

Any enemy caught passing through the ring will take a percentage of their health in damage, which gives all majors some zoning and damage potential going forward. Fire majors gain a new PVP talent of glass cannon, which empowers the damage of fireball and scorch by a whole 40% Making Your sustained damage abilities a lot more impactful. But oh this bonus image comes at a cost of 50% of your maximum health making you fairly squishy against all other enemy players.

This talent offers new benefits with the risk and reward structure, which has potential to make fire majors even more deadly heading forward into BVP. Ross may just get a new talent of snow drift snow drift conjures up an ice storm that centers on your location. pelting all nearby enemies with frost and slow in their movement and the enemy caught in a snow dress for three or more seconds is stoned and treated as frozen, which allows all frost abilities to shatter for bonus damage.

So just follows the majors location, which makes this ability somewhat interesting when it comes to the majors position. Disability is very easy to use against melee classes, which are more likely to be next to you at all times, but may become more difficult to land against casters and other range classes.

Also, the predictable effect of the standard makes us ability some more challenging to execute. On the other hand, having a stun effect with the phrase is helpful when it comes to setting up your burst and establishing even more control. The second lability Frost Mages see is the frost bomb, where you place a frosty detonation effect on your target where in five seconds erupts with ice shrapnel dealing damage to the primary target and residual exposure to nearby foes while slow in all of their moment by 70% for four seconds.

The spell allows you to set up for bursty shattered commendations and has obvious benefits against large groups of enemies. Then we have PvP changes coming to the class of priest this update primarily focuses on given previous even more shareable tools. The talent of eternal rest is now available for all specializations.

The shorter cooldown off shot toward a death means again even more execute potential, but the ability of Shadow Word death also has a pretty high skill cap in PvP. As the spell has the natural splashback damage effect which can be used to break certain crowd control effects in PvP, and the shorter cooldown it makes it a lot more powerful when it comes to avoiding crowd control.

The class of breeze also gains a new tone Have catharsis or in game CARSTAR stick, the recent bloopers highlighting all of these changes and the game have the ability to written into different ways. But for this video purpose, we’ll call it cathartic because that is how it’s written in game CARSTAR sick sores. 20% of all damage received up to a certain amount of based on your maximum health.

The initial damage of your shadow board pain deals stored damage to your enemy target. This allows us to create an opportunity to counteract and attack against the enemy players, especially useful for healer priests, which are often found to be the focus of damage. dissembled priests gained the talent options have delivered from evil and Cardinal mending which are normally available only for holy priests.

Both of these PvP towns focus an increase in the healing throughput of this space while utilizing new hybrid capabilities. Holy Priests get access to two charges or purify as well as they absorb shield from purified results and strains of soul which synergizes with all of the new powered shield interactions.

Shatter praise gain access to Cardinal mending strength of soul and delivered from evil, which greatly empowers the ability to feel and provide support in PvP combat. Next, I want to cover the classroom of Volker and all of the new PvP talents that this class has gained over the last few weeks of the Dragon flight alpha and beta. Starting with the ability of Chrono loop, which is a unique craft control effect.

Similar to the majors alter time ability, it traps the enemy into specific states, reverting them back to the same location with the same amount of health after a short period of time. This ability can be used when catching any miss up low health preventing them from recovering and putting them back into a vulnerable position.

The talent of obsidian metal causes you to become immune to interrupt effects while protected by the obsidian scales. Obsidian scales lasts for hold 12 seconds, which makes this defensive effect quite powerful for this caster in PvP, scouring flame causes firebreath to burn up magic effects from all targets.

The number of busts removed scales with the empowerment a level of breath. The longer you channel, the more effects you remove. The ability or breath also cleaves onto multiple targets and can be quite deadly against teams are running with the rest of droid with all of those dispensable healing overtime effects.

Time stop is an immunity that can be applied on a friendly target. During time stop. The ally is immune to all damage but also cannot move and the uptime on their buffs and auras freezes for those few seconds.

You’re coming with me is a death grip style ability that moves the enemy player into a different position which can be used to displace an enemy target away from the healer or to simply move enemy players into friendly crowd control effects. nullifying trout makes you immune to the next three grab control abilities for the next 30 seconds.

And while this buff does sound quite powerful, it can be removed with the dispel magic style of ability. unburden flight makes you immune to any slimming effects while using your hover ability to move around in combat. Dribbling force above disintegrate to slow down your target to a crawl increases with intensity.

The longer you channel the effect. Divide and Conquer causes the breath to create walls along its path obstructing the line of sight of all players, you will normally use the breathability against your focus target which will hopefully give you and the enemy enough privacy before they can gain reinforcements.

The healing evoke or spec gains a new talent of dream projection. It’s someone’s control but projection of yourself floating forwards healing all targets in passes through. detonating the projection will also dispel all allies magic effects healing them over time. What is truly unique about this ability is the way you control the projectile since it literally flies.

There’s Z axis involved and you can gain out suit or descend, you can send out the projectile around the corner in order to help dispel an ally from safety which creates truly unique new gameplay capabilities when it comes to PvP.

And for now, that’s going to be the full list of all of the new PvP changes and PVP talents added so far in the Dragon flight beta. I want to thank you all so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed let me know your thoughts in the comments below. What do you think about the new gameplay talents and changes coming to classes like Prius and Mage for PvP? And what are your thoughts about all of these new wild PvP possibilities coming with a new class of evoker?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below. As per always, if you guys enjoyed this video or found it informative, go ahead and give it a thumbs up I would very much appreciate it.

And as always in the description of every single video and a live stream we have a link to our Discord community channel probably the best place to reach out to me directly in case you want to let me know what you thought about this video update or discuss these recent class changes with the rest of the channel community.

JOIN OUR DISCORD to become part of the community. But otherwise, thank you all so much for watching. I do hope you guys enjoyed eliminate your thoughts in the comments. and as always I’ll see you guys in another video.

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