How Blizzard Ruined the EU Launch with Insane Queues for WOTLK Classic

How Blizzard Ruined the EU Launch with Insane Queues for WOTLK Classic

I know for a fact the launch in Europe was way bigger than North America.

WotLK Classic INSANE Launch Queues | How Blizzard Ruined the EU Launch


I’ve been playing on Skyfi.  PvP you’ve been played on what now tickle? Was it? Yeah, both PvP boys, you know we don’t do that PvE stuff. So what are your cues right now like the big cues. When I was trying to log in today at 1pm It was already 3100 players in the queue. So that was supposed to be two hours of wait time, but it turned out to be three hours. That was the afternoon 1pm. So now I’m assuming it can be like six hours at this point.

Oh my Lord. That’s crazy. Like the biggest queue I had so far for context in North America was 40 minutes. on primetime. Really? Yeah, like 45 minutes. Fun story. I when I came to our from work to stream I forgot to do the queue before I went live. So I went live and I was talking to you for 40 minutes. That was Yeah, yeah, I learned that lesson really quick.
I watch the livestream.

I know. Oh, my God. Lulu, I just logged in right now. There is no queue. There is no queue right now on on asylee. What time is it? Is 350 for me. So for tonight’s will be 2:50pm Something like that on a Saturday. So this should be a pretty packed time. Not prime time, but pretty packed. Yeah. So I still get times of the night, by the way, because I stream during the night, right, which is prime time.

And during the night I do get a queue but it is like 1000 people 20 minutes, something like that, you know, I just leave it go. And by the time I’m live and is over, but six hours, what are your strategies to avoid that man, that’s crazy.

My strategy is leveling my altar DK on gold mag on one of the non fresh servers.
You know, I remember during classic rock classic Banila when it came out, people were like, you know, TeamViewer that software that you use to log into your computer from somewhere else.

I remember people were logging into the game from work, so they will be out of the queue by the time they got home. It was so funny, smart. Yeah, like even as second tier server like Fairbanks it was like an hour or two of kills every day for like the first two weeks of classic and now it is like way smaller than that.

Which I guess is not the expansion maybe during wrath itself is gonna be way bigger. I’ve been live streaming couple while basically every day. But when I live streaming the afternoon, I don’t think I’ve ever live streamed me playing my paladin just because I wasn’t able to get in at that time. So I was always streaming just leveling my TK.

Damn man, you know, I’ve been assessing, you know, I mean, it wasn’t an easy choice. Because where am I going to go to NA or EU? And I was like, No, man, I gotta go to NA, I got an NA viewer, basically, you know, less latency and all that. And you tell me about this huge launch in Europe and I’m like, damn, I took the wrong one.

I took the wrong one. I don’t know. I’m also reassessing that decision. I’m thinking I might have went na and fighting Swifties and asmin gold everywhere, you know, making viral videos like I feel asmin gold and that’s just one video that won’t get a million views.
Yeah. I mean, you’re a PvP streamers you will be playing or like 200 Ms. At least don’t you think there will be like a problem?

Have you ever actually tried and compare what it’s like playing on a EU official server versus na? Is there really latency like that?
I mean, for me playing non EU will mean 300 paying and playing on Na is like 150 paying, but I don’t play good. So it’s not a difference for me like ease is gonna change if I hit the wrong ability in 150 milliseconds or 300 milliseconds.

I don’t think so player because I’ve never played on na on the official servers. So I don’t know like maybe it will be good. And I was like even the EU servers are actually not as snappy as most private servers for me.So you mean that some private servers would actually faster than Yeah. Oh wow. That’s crazy.

And I’ve heard some from other people also having similar similar experience like I do like retail is not as fast I would maybe sometime in the future try to make an NA account and compare it and see if it’s worth it. Because anyway, I’m not really playing all that much in the peak time in the evenings I like to play in the mornings too. So the early morning for me is essentially peak time for NA anyway so I think that could have worked out like I would raid at 9am My time your time and they will still be fine playing on a server.

I think that’s the irony you know when you stream on your time you know early on you get both the NA viewers and the EU viewers if you stream on na primetime you lose out on all the EU viewers as Mangal figure the other one LT strings on the morning now for like a year. I guess we should go over the more personal thing. So the launch day How was your experience on the last day did you get in as soon as it came out?

From what I’ve heard it came out somewhere between three and 5am. So I was still asleep, though. I’m choking you time. So I was dead asleep at that point.
All right. All right. What how was that thing that they changed the time on accident or what happened with that?

I remember, I don’t think they would even announce the time there was only the we only knew that there’s going to be a maintenance that should be somewhere between 3am starting at 3am. And should end by 11am. So anywhere in that eight hour window, it was supposed to be up so nobody knew the launch time.

Oh, my God, that is such a movably. Sir. No, for me, they said a time and I was working at the time, sadly. But they said that time and that time it came out. Well, they did
you have an exact time? I think it was like an hour range, like one hour of delay or something like that. But it was like manageable. You everybody know when he was coming out? That’s what I mean.

Because I felt like everybody’s confused. And nobody knows anything.
No, because maintenance hour is like I think it is I don’t remember. I think it is east coast. 11 to noon. I think that’s the maintenance time that they always do. I’m not sure about that. You have to double check me on that.

But it’s always scheduled every week on na at least by the MME Blizzard did them dirty and bliss are really the dirty man. That’s so awful. We couldn’t even prepare essentially, when he woke up, you will just check is it up? Or is it not up and then just wait. And it was up for quite a few hours. So I essentially missed that along with 1000s of other players that want it to be a launch.

Yeah, you know, like, I wait, I came in like, I think three hours after the launch. And I had like a queue of 40 minutes or something like that. But by the time I made it in them, you know, the level one part of the whole goal was already empty.

So the series were packed as hell though, like that was a really cool experience in a pack. See the again, haven’t seen that in a while.
What time was it for you when it launched? I think it launched at like 5pm. And I came online at like 8pm my time. So like three hours, something like that, more or less.

It’s Paulie. So you get the literally release at the prime time, the ideal time. And we get it at 3am. That is so stupid. Like put yourself on the on the foot of lessor. They obviously want every streamer TV show in it and making it a big deal for publicity.

Like they dropped the ball in their bliss has really dropped the ball on the launch. I am really surprised they might have been afraid of stability issues or something. So we wanted to spread it out. I mean, that’s good that you mentioned it like so far so far. Their stability has been very predictable in NA like the server has been full almost 24/7 If the keys weren’t that long, but it’s always been full.

And so far at least starting songs you know, and dancing say I’ve been running fine. I don’t know how it’s been in Europe that the server has been much bigger.
I’ve never seen any crash. I think there’s been one maintenance some some time around 3am 4am So I don’t even know about it. Other than that all good. I had some issues with add ons yesterday, I actually messed up my live stream because my bartender wouldn’t work the add on.

So I was trying to fix it. I wasn’t able to today I logged in in the morning hoping there would be some fix some update or something that wasn’t and I think it took like an extra one hour. So overall, it took like 15 hours for them to fix the add on. We got the we got an update on the Add on so that it was fixed. It was working finally, but I was essentially not able to play because how can you play without action bars?

You know, I had one more issue with a mob stuck in textures. I started attacking a mob in zargar March when I was leveling my dk and he just fell through textures out of nowhere. I wasn’t even able to grip him back or anything. So you see even retail even Classic has bugs. It’s not just private servers
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