Funny Moments of the WoW Classic WOTLK Pre-Patch

Funny Moments of the WoW Classic WOTLK Pre-Patch

So, this this is there’s an old clip of like classic launch whenever me and ASAN are leveling together.

The Best Funny Moments of the WOTLK Classic WoW Pre-Patch (Compilation)


He was in the beta where we couldn’t have mounts back then right so whenever you’re running at normal speed you actually can’t make this jump but I had a swiftness potion in my bag. Yeah get Bubble Bubble festival you got a bubble yeah you got a bubble because yours to evasion through evasion I am done with this game bro. So you’re bad you’re so bad What the fuck are you? I think I need to ban you for that rule sorry because you’re something called a random loser that no one know who you are dangerous you bought five now five five now how do you say six in Danish 666 Just six.

Yes, so it’s gonna progress oh my god look at the DBS possibly be as positive as positive EPS possibly be as positive as positive Singletary DBS right now watch it watch his stare at the meter actually got a proctor up room? Never happens good idea let’s stop for a drinky
poo picnic no humans allowed you keep staying standing just knows what’s up they just know yeah I will Yes, I should help also go to bed too. I should but I’m okay.

You want to park and do this then? I’m gonna wake up feeling probably worse tomorrow. So get sleep well I can back in the day, I spent hours looking for teammates. I had to pay phenomics Indyk pitchers to play with me season a dog.

Wait your heart that is? Wait How many take pictures? Just
who’s? You sent me one. I had to receive it. Oh, it was consensual. Ergonomics bro. You pay costs gonna fucking take them offline. Wow. Oh, get him out of there. Get him out of here.

Get him out of here as fast. Get him out of here. Get him out of here. Get him out of here. Get him out of here. He’s drunk. He’s drunk. He’s drunk.
Emma lm GMMMN Oh my god, it fucking dropped. Holy fuck. My heart is fuckin drafted. I got the glyph voice.

Yeah, that was suck. That was suck. What? Yikes. Y’all do that. Uh oh
lol Just came into my room and said I’m fresh out of the shower I’ll be in the room waiting for you I had surprised I still got in at 43 years old anyways gotta go make her happy after all she’s still my mother at CES man wait what huh oh one shot yep Bloodlust.
Oh my god oh my god please I’m gonna die no oh my god oh my god the orangey gods are with me Chad bugging dodge and Miss Holly Molly did a very good pushing me out of contact.

Oh it’s so called Danine and Guney pants Oh man and go man now oh my god
she’s okay but if you want we can we can actually drink like I’m done but I want to go out to eat to drink you know like she’s she’s one of the drink at home guys she’s one of those girls that like would be just happy if I went on a walk with her like 10 minute walk like I’m good this is gonna sound like sexual sexist but she likes to go for a walk.

You know like It’s like taking out your your dog you know for a quick walk and then the dog is happy literally that’s how she works it’s the same like if I just go for a drink one cocktail she’s had oh my god.

Level 27 He’s got the dogs oh my god yes ,Let me kill this fucking guy
he laid on hands he did the fucking Lay on Hands you fuck they do. Fuck man. Shit I mind control hold up you may have infected my mind in my body. But there’s one thing a commander will never surrender his Kill me Kill me. Okay, we’re good.

Fog is road sometimes look at the book this isn’t part of the plan. This isn’t funny with these people what the hell? I demand my solicitor oh we’re here my you want to hear my absolute dream and this this can never happen because I’m going to commit a relationship and I’m gonna have it that I’m in one but I would love to be the last guy in a cream cream pie gangbang I would love to be that last guy why?

Just to just you know just be that last guy you know why though? I don’t know my brain feels weird like no one can clip this right now I turned it back on, no oh my god. I want a joke. That’s unlucky. Oh we got a ring Did you know what the 47.
Yeah, like you know guys, you know like don’t turn this into some streaming server you guys have something good here.

All right. Joined the guild Forsen I’m accepting the skilled invitation All right, I’m the lowest level in the guild. What is this do this IRL don’t know I know right okay I was just spamming forcing them to give what is this guild bro? Are they bots like How can everyone right forsan you can know a rose anything else? That’s so weird actually. 90 So like this guy? Like what?

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