WoW WOTLK Classic Retribution Paladin Battleground PvP

WoW WOTLK Classic Retribution Paladin Battleground PvP

Hey what’s up guys, Wayne here and today I’m coming at you with a big video on Wrath of the Lich King pre patch.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic! – Ret Paladin PvP – Full BG Commentary! WoW WotLK 3.3.7


I’ve been grinding out wrath pre patch in my free time managed to finally hit level 70 After you know taking like a whole year to go from level 60 to 63 in TBC and then just kind of quitting definitely more motivated to play rap especially because red pound and is actually not super terrible in rap as some may say just getting wrapped as a reference.

We’re gonna go in here take out these guys do as much damage as I can you see my week or proc that is my heart of war exorcism probably going to blow your nest egg maybe not maybe not didn’t try to do is I’m going to trick it this will do big damage to the druid trying to kill him you know myself a little bit these guys are doing fire damage so I’m gonna go ahead and put on fire resistant aura I want to pop things I’m gonna problems you’re really good healers finishes rude to spell myself out of the roots we’re going to read this guy in his cast over chunky Otto and Crusader strike take that guy out the damage we’re gonna drop a consecration consecration actually deals damage in a week exorcism.

Yeah, consecration actually feels damaged in this expansion. And ironically right now at level 70 With this gear, consecration does more damage than it does in the dragonflight alpha with the modifiers fully buffed in my 311 year on the beta so yeah take no Blizzard if you want consecration they actually do damage.

It needs to be scary enough to where you step out of it kind of like death and decay with a with death and that’s actually kind of poem Stan you’re going here take this guy out and freedom this cheap shot no son of the road I have bubble available no forbearance you try judge this guy Baker status drag right here if he doesn’t cloak I can hammer rap and we take him out hammer wrap those damage to that’s very exciting.

I’m gonna go ahead swap into my Devo or your backup so let me show you my gear I’m not really that geared I have my four set and my weapon and that’s it. I rings or leveling rings, some dungeon boots from again from leveling. I am more geared than the average boosted character though because if you boosted freedom out of this under minimum set maybe watching.

See if I need to have it either on me I need to holding on to it. Holding on to it’s still a recommendation. I find my poisons very nice. Yeah, the boosting gear if you boost the tune to 70 is utter trash. It’s like the equivalent of level 58 intro Outlands gear.

It is really really bad. As rogue as sprint I can go turn off his sprint with my judgment of law
whatever you do big damage to this guy you close it. I’ve got to get on with an exorcism or too far during the flag are nice I think one of the best ways to get gear right now or at least the farm honor is to actually just kill people you get a decent chunk of gear and then just go into the hills. farm it out you’re the big damn I missed all divine storm.

Such a beautiful beautiful spell rep this this honor so and get closer rep to judge slow not really a slow I don’t want to call it a movement speed suppressed he’s still suppressed so I can run on him during this big exorcism oh my god giant exorcism take up the street as well a consecration one thing to note is you’re not region mana with your judgments if you are attacking into an absorb so keep that in mind when you are using judgment to AMS or made shield or pre shield you don’t you don’t get it pretty sure that was part of wrath but I was
I was really young when I played RAF and not very good at the game.

I’m pretty sure back in Wrath I didn’t even play was it this talent here is this what’s the freedom one divine purpose I didn’t play original divine purpose never freedom is done
I was not that was like what it’s done sponsor. I’ve no idea what it’s done is probably didn’t press him or justice either.

Take a look at overall damage. Melee tactical righteous exorcism to be damn good. Go here Brian take up their their argued maybe their lock oh my god and Nayeli the lock you’re
watching my HP anyway and Bob here got the rug in the back big divine storm exorcism for the kill yet that’s still just the gay form knocked down by a pet this detour no for a second I thought to tour did work on spells but maybe that was just the TBC deter an actual determine now the flexibility like I remember go ahead wings were here wings divine storm into a hammer wrap.

Your mind this guy’s healing screwed right there in the fear maybe there might okay yet no unlucky fear pathing it gets feared or coiled all the way back to the graveyard and your casters just jump on me.

How are we doing on damn top damage at the moment I don’t know what to replace next probably going to replace my chest because
the armor on the brutal gear is actually gigantic like one.

I think I have almost 2000 honor with the brutal chest so that will definitely be worth taking outside of that probably replaced my rings yeah rings that’s still recharging, give a quick overlook of my talents to scroll through them pretty slowly not sure if the cameras covering them in might be but
I go all the way down the red tree and the prod tree I have just a few here strength short cooldown on.

Bop and slightly reduced stun effects or we have to caps we got a third cap it’s pretty awesome and we’re just camping them at the graveyard This is excellent see if they decide to come down anyone wants to go around with me I will I will attempt to their warrior does it Safford here that opens I can I can take them out big divine storm huge judge your hammer wrath could kill him.

I’m gonna swap here little little sketchier No, man, we just oh, I don’t know what he was doing. This is backpedaling right there. It’s so funny like playing wrath. I feel like we traveled back in time in terms of the average skill level as well. Like I feel like the average wrath skill level is completely garbage compared to retail. I don’t know what it is.

But like in retail, I feel like 16 to 1800 players, you know, their skill level is about the same as someone that’s 2100 but like here, you can just tell your cue and random BGs and 70% of the random big just backpedals have no idea what they’re doing but that also could be just because the massive influx of players who haven’t played in a very long time when the wind storm stalled the fear killed us man rep this guy’s looking close the distance I need to get the Crusaders like I’ll tell you the fear the fear healer
still recharged shatter resistant we’re gonna say once probably gonna go after the muscles.

Oh, that’d be careful of dispelling us because I have I actually have a magic spell you don’t want you to replace my trinkets metric is a complete garbage but any PvE drink okay, that guy didn’t have any gear. Just chop them in half. Consecration for a few seconds goodbye airy Nice. Go red aura fatty meters even more. I can’t pass that wrath it’s too far away.

Arches guy if I can get close up this lock. Let’s spell I mean fire or here? My hands. Oh man. So this guy My mouth hailstone once assume that the judge thing is getting his running up normal movespeed so I can’t really do anything massive damage well if I was casting heels do as well like holy light to you only lights will talk to you nice.

Locks rear wings got an exorcism John Crusader strike probably wasted wings on oops Well that’s weird. I have I have the exorcism wings. What add on is showing the old exorcism I installed a few new add ons today.

It means I have to two overlapping exorcism icons probably just gonna undo my weak aura because that’s probably the new spell alerts right that’s a lock of some teammates here and we’re gonna go in right here rescue these guys from the Rogues good mouth forbearance from my wings I think or something I programmed from something yeah all right, we talked damage got 12 kills and not too bad healing also not too bad for not being a healer was a fun game live give you guys a breakdown of the overall damage so melee attacks do a lot of damage.

And that’s kind of standard for this expansion though. Steal the righteous profit off of a bunch of abilities judge of righteous exorcism hardest exorcism is to win a case not bad Crusader strike 2.3k Divine storm was 2.3k as well. And yeah, like every Hammer of wrath creating I’m pretty sure that’s from a talent gives it like a 2% crit chance or 100% crit chance what does it here? single paragraph? Yeah. 50 50% crit chance so that’s huge.

Alright guys, if you enjoyed it, please, you know follow me on Twitch, YouTube. me a thumbs up. I know I’ve been kind of absent but I started a new job if anyone was not aware, so I’m still working routine to try and get back to uploading. But thanks for watching, guys. I’ll see you all next time. Peace.

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