19 - WOTLK Classic Login Queues Are Insane

Why Are WoW Classic WotLK Login Queues So INSANE?

What is up guys stay safe here. So I know all of you can probably guess what this video is going to be about the Battlenet forums, the classic while Battlenet forums, all the classic subreddits all the classic discord that I’m sure all of you guys are in are all talking about this very, very annoying, impactful issue.

And that is the login times now that classic WoW wrath of Lich King pre patch has released in the last couple days, it is taking forever to log in to some of these mega servers. So I’m just going to jump right into the video, which is pretty much me complaining, it is very hard to imagine that this is the reality of a service that you are paying a monthly premium for.

Imagine that you had to wait several hours before you were able to load up a Netflix video or an HBO video. It is frankly absurd that this is the current state of classic well in the year 2022. And it is so absurd in fact that a lot of people are actually using things like remote desktop and various other similar programs to bypass the login queue, ie using these functionalities to just never log out and remain logged in 24/7 Which is why your log and queue is so high probably because other people aren’t logging out as naturally as they should be.

Or they’re putting themselves in the login queue. Three or four hours before they get home from work. They’re sitting in their office at work. And then they Remote Desktop log themselves in so that by the time they get home, they’re ready to game. Now in a lot of ways these login queues are about as large they’re very reminiscent of the logon queues that we experienced in 2019.

When classic well first originally came out classic vanilla just about three years ago. But you would think that over three years of classic WoW and analytic information that Blizzard has gathered from us in the way that we play the game, that Blizzard would have implemented some extra precautions or extra server capacity in the last three years to help. Very exciting exciting and hype periods. Like right now. Now beyond that, I’ve got to say and this is probably the most frustrating part in my mind, things are probably only going to get worse Wrath of the Lich King hasn’t even launched yet. We are right now in the first couple of days of pre patch, which leads us into the actual hype event, which is classic wrath launch in about three weeks from now.

Now, if we look at the history of the private server, the classic legacy well private server community, there is a very, very real chance that classic wrath of lich king will be even more popular than classic vanilla or at least various points of it maybe older our launch or maybe the the first couple of days of classic wrath, no promises. But regardless, even if it’s not bigger than vanilla, it’s going to be pretty, pretty big, definitely bigger than classic TVC.

Additionally, as a sort of salt on the wound, kind of maybe intentionally or unintentionally, Blizzard has offered free transfers to servers that are just categorically dead, like literally pretty much no one is playing on them, which is a complete non solution, as no one in their right mind would choose to play on these servers. No one that is aware of anything going on in this game would choose to play on a server that has this little population, I’m gonna throw them up on screen right here, you can see pretty much no one is playing on the servers.

If you reroll or take the free transfer to the servers, it is almost impossible to find a raiding guild to find a daily heroic group to find people for your arena team. It’s just completely a non viable solution. Calling it a solution at all is generous for WOTLK Classic. Now, of course, you can always pay to transfer to a medium or other high POP server. But then you’re essentially expected by Blizzard to pay to solve the problem that Blizzard has allowed to manifest in the first place, ie this entire server landscape, this crazy server landscape that we found ourselves in over the last three years. See how to max honor in WOTLK and how to obtain the honor cap.

And of course on top of that you would likely be leaving your entire endgame social network and community behind and you’d go to a new server where you don’t know anyone and you have no friends. And that’s kind of the point of an MMO is the over years months you build attachments to the people the guild the community that you’re playing with on a daily basis. So server transfers, especially free server transfers to unpopulated servers, it’s a pretty unattractive solution like I mentioned a moment ago. By the way, getting epic gear in the prepatch is easy.

So there’s not a lot of good options you have sometimes over 13,000 players just on one server this just on benediction if I’m sure if you added up all the queue times all the people sitting in queue we’d be pushing 30,000 40,000 players sitting right now trying to log into a server of classic while they’re sitting at the computer waiting to play this game that they’re paying a monthly premium to play you’re paying a monthly fee to play the game that originally came out 15 years ago mind you but that they can’t play for some cost saving reason that blizzards analytic team has come has has decided upon right. So to me it seems pretty clear that Blizzard has not increased the server capacity because it costs money.

And most of the time that extra capacity isn’t needed to be fair to Blizzard so the cost, therefore is not justified. But maybe that justification made sense in classic vanilla three years ago. But at this point, we have a paid monthly cost. We have paid server changes, we have paid collector’s editions, and we have limited time to get to level 70 and upcoming we have paid faction and race changes, the least that could be done is to allow players to pay the game to play the game during points of extreme hype excitement, like now during a pre patch, or a big raid launch or an upcoming expansion.

Can We Expect To See WOTLK Classic Login Queues Improvements?

Perhaps on the Fresh WOTLK Servers like Skyfury, Maladath, Thekal or Giantstalker. Now I look back at Classic vanilla. And there are a handful of servers, my server was Faerlina at the time, this is one of the most popular servers, the streamer server, right a lot of people playing on the server that had queues do some of these servers just had queues for months, the first several months of classic well, and Blizzard just kind of let it happen. So if you’re expecting things to get better, as we segue into classic wrath, and we work through the rest of prepatch, I would not be so optimistic.

So I would just ask Blizzard, at least offer free server transfers to some more desirable servers that are not these geriatric servers that literally no one wants to play on. And I know that because no one plays on them. Now to the players that are currently sitting in these login queues that are trying to play on these servers that have just disgusting login queues that you should not have to sift through.

Things might get a little bit better over the next couple of weeks as we continue through classic wrath pre patch. But I’ll tell you, when wrath comes out, things are going to get a lot worse. So maybe start thinking and talking to your friends and your guild and kind of start planning accordingly. And yeah, I hate that planning accordingly likely means paying to go to a medium or lower POP server than the one you’re currently on. Assuming Blizzard hasn’t locked.

Some of these servers like they did to several of them the server I’m on Pagels and medium POP server in Blizzard locked it you guys couldn’t even transfer here if you want to do I don’t even know if you could make a new character. But that is pretty much your only option other than sitting in login queues for several hours a day. At this point, things are looking pretty bleak unless Blizzard decides to actually do something. Anyway, guys, I wanted to make this video to say that I see the complaints, I feel your pain. Back in classic vanilla.

When I was playing on one of these very, very high pop servers with just egregious logon queues, I would wake up at three in the morning, I would play for 1819 hours a day. And I’d go to bed at 10pm or 11pm. And I would go to sleep as the login queues went down and I’d wake up as the login queues were at their absolute lowest I would just ride out the entire wave and I wouldn’t log out so that is how I got around the login queues. But like that’s not normal. That’s not healthy, right? You’re probably a normal guy who has to go to work or has a family or whatever and you get home at five or six in the evening. And it’s like what I’m paying to play this game I want to just play the game and you can’t you have a four hour login queue and by the time login queue is over it’s time to go to bed and do it over again.

So it’s just it’s just unacceptable. Anyway guys, let me know what you think please drop a comment down below let me know what should Blizzard do like what is the solution you might notice that I have not really offered a solution a video I’m not a server architecture. That’s not what I have my degree and that’s not my field of expertise, but I can sure as hell identify a problem and this is a problem right so what do you guys think Blizzard to do about this? Drop a comment. Thank you for watching. I appreciate it guys. And as always, Hey, make sure to stay safe.

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