WoW Shadowlands Update for the Paladin Mounts Looking Good

WoW Shadowlands Update for the Paladin Mounts! Looking Good!

We’re gonna look at the paladin mounts updated. Here we go.

Why Were WoW Paladin Mounts UPDATED?


Updating the original Paladin mounts. Thank God I was just listening to
they did my duty as a lifelong Paladin and updated the original steets some part of me hopes that one day lizard might do the same, but the bit yeah, that’s always like, it’s always funny to me whenever people update shit out of wow.

And then it’s like better than what Blizzard made? And like, Why does Blizzard not just be like, That’s a good idea. Just put that in the game. You know, send them 1000 bucks. That’s it like yeah, why is it so hard?

A bigger part of me tells me that they’ll just say something like you already have the Legion class mounds, which is basically telling us we have food at home. So as a low, it’s the Legion class mounts are okay, but the original class like mounts. They are iconic. I remember the day. So like me and Zach would level up like Zach would wake up earlier. Just like Mick already. Zack would wake up earlier, I would stay up later.

So Zack was a paladin. I was a warrior. And Zack would I would wake up in the morning, Zach would be a higher level of me. I said, Fuck. And so I had to level I busted my ass to get ahead of him right. Now. I would try. I would grind all day, and then he would go to bed. I would stay up late. Right and I’d be up late Farman and then I would go to bed thinking man, I’m a whole level ahead of him.

There’s no way he’s gonna get me. I wake up in the morning. He’s a level ahead of me. I said fuck, and then a whole thing goes over again. Right? And I would do this every single day. And one day, he says come on down to Hillsbrad I remember it was like in fucking Hillsbrad I’m like, why? It’s like you’ll see I’m like, okay, whatever. I come down.

He’s writing them out. I said How the fuck did you afford them? How the fuck? Could you afford a mountain? It’s at gold. He says Oh no, it’s at Silver if you’re a paladin I was I was so fucking mad mad. Like I’m actually I was actually so fucking mad and jealous that he had that because he was already buying played armor.

You know he was getting played it up. Right? Meanwhile, I’m sitting there with male armor and I have to eat across every poll level when I first a band injured myself up. Meanwhile, Zach’s AFK auto attacking people to death is a paladin. I was furious man. And so they I’ve got some history with this whole powered and mount situation. I remember the original Paladin mount all too well.

For mid tier 3d artists game to me to bring justice to these two playstation one asset Yeah, for my mechanic Striders I made the models from scratch through these big lots I went down a different route exporting the original models to use as a base simply updating them. This has the advantage of saving me time getting the basic shape to be there, saving me trouble of messing around with reference images.

However, while I was an old game, running an old tech working with technical stuff like Gary some challenges with it and let it be a fun little fact that technical stuff is where I am my purest form of garbage. When having a look at the modeling while model viewer I notice two things. The textures of the blood Oh versions are named Warhorse evil and Warhorse evil epic.

Just like I’ve always said, just like I’ve always said horde are the bad guys. alliances are the good guys. It’s literally coded into the game, which tells you something about where we stand as a culture. The other thing I noticed is that there are two versions of the Argent Warhorse texture.

They initially created it and somehow managed to make the actual logo of the origin crusade upside down. They then made a copy of the deck widely just named Dorney. BVP Warhorse copy in which they fix the Upside Down logo after which they proceeded to put the wrong one into the game.

These are the same people what what and somehow managed to make the actual logo of the origin per se upside down. They then made a copy of the texture literally just named Dorney BVB in which they fix the Upside Down logo after which they proceeded to boot the wrong one into the game.

These are the same Oh man. Oh man.
Oh man. Oh man. Wow, man, they really they’re really going all out over there. Take over in California, huh?

People who made all the war after turning the low poly 2004 version into a medium poly 2022 version, UV map to thing I do not have many fun things to say about this because it is not a fun process, not unlike wait painting it which I’m doing here, which is basically deciding how much each part of the model is affected by each bone and the robot moves close to finishing manually rigging the reins torturing my inner child out of existence, a rare event took place.

One of my neurons fired now discovered the gradient tool after spending a non trivial amount of time failing at a task that the gradient tool would accomplish but in single digit seconds. From this point on, this discovery continued to absolutely transformed my life for the better again to the discovery of opening a banana at the bottom. To start off the texturing process.

I decided to first make my horse look like a horse along the remake to look consistent with the game yeah, upload this video before November next year, so I decided to use the textures of the updated in game horses to go along with this mod that makes sense as well. Textures are 512 by five I use the combination of AI upscaling and Photoshop magic to create a high res version of it.

Wow more Photoshop magic to make it fit my UV maps. The level of challenge of this model was any completely different skill to my mechanic I tried to remake a texturing it honestly intimidated the fuck out him I approach the process a bit more methodically beginning with basic outlines of the textures the model has formed materials metal leather cloth and horse material and cloth drape that’s a horse very difficult thing for me painting different things require separate practice when it comes to cloth especially wrinkly cloth I have not it’s hard this project was a shot in the dark to say the least.

I spent hours upon hours frustrated and annoyed failing at this you doing it over and over with growing concerns I wasn’t ready for it and I would need to scrap this video after many hours spent eventually got it to a place a thought was okay ish depth out afterwards to spend a couple of days obsessively staring in it on my phone as it ate away at my soul it simply didn’t look right.

FI think I didn’t feel like the original style was off yeah, rather than doing a smart thing and moving on for the time being hop back on my computer the first chance I got and obsessively continued redoing the cloth until it was starting to feel some resemblance of happiness in my belly okay a stroke of good fortune paid off Having regained my morale I got the leather parts out of the way yeah and belts and whatnot.

Fans notice I go what’s keeping some reference at hand in case I needed it got that done moved on to the metal which this is right move process I just reapplied a lot of what I learned from my previous video and got the result that I’m happy with for the saddle I got to apply what I learned from my struggles with the drapes and seeing this be successful was a great feeling.

Oh my many hours wide spectrum of brain chemicals I was finally finished so now it is my honor to present the mound that made me dislike existing inside my own brain get ready for the new and updated warhorse.
Okay, okay all right that’s That’s fucking badass. God damn does have shiny eyeballs, golden plates and a bunch of horns.

Yeah, charger. The charger always looked really unique to me, but I’ve been studying was it quickly became clear to me how much it is just a modified warhorse. It has done of its own parts, but when you look at them, you can tell that the horns are just reusing the texture of the neck plates the additional armor we use as parts of the original texture as well.

Why original steel even being there underneath what I thought it was special. I thought oh, is the obvious. No, no. I didn’t see it. I never saw this. The Ranger just a squished version of the leather belt that goes around the body and the face drapes or just the body drapes.

But small you only unique texture. It has the feet which could be retextured because nothing else shares their texture space. Beyond that. It’s okay. It’s just a recolor to me this highlights one of the beautiful things about classic Wow,
yeah, what a surprise. That’s Paladins that’s their pride and joy is a fucking recolor Why am I not surprised?

Deck was not what it is now and Blizzard resources weren’t either. Yeah, many people often say that the purest power comes from the absence of boundaries. I disagree with that. Personally, I think the pinnacle of creativity is found in creating something cool within the limitations of a designer’s given circumstances.

Creating something special with limited resources is exactly what makes a developer great. We all know from the industry that money doesn’t magically make up for the Stellan or triple A games wouldn’t usually suck a fat anus just a little FOB. Having learned my lessons from my McInnes riots remake, I actually left enough space in the original UV map for the new parts of the epic version. So that was happy stuff. I also wait painted the new parts that was not happy stuff.

I know I complain too much that if you complain about that, you’ll be a hypocrite that they Make sure to model I applied some more lessons learned from my previous project and reimported all the layers of the warhorses 3d images rather than 3d brushstrokes. I changed the colors to match the Chargers. Same process on the new components starting again without lines.

I did some basic soft chaining, adding some contrast trying to make the metal look nice and shiny. Yeah, I think it’s fun about bending metal as the you can go quite far with the lights and darks giving you a great tool to give your feet a certain character. I just love this moment so damn much I started playing while when I was eight years old and I remember seeing it for the first time I wanted it badly.

Yeah, I still lacked the fluid intelligence to figure out how to get it it didn’t help that I didn’t speak much English yet. I wanted my i
i never got my whirlwind DAX because the list of things that I needed to get I threw it away. I said, I don’t fucking need that. Why I fucking need this great list. I don’t read. Read. I’m a warrior. I kill things I don’t read. Hey, why am I not getting what when does this so like what? So like, worst my axe? Like when do I get my axe?

Like what happened? Like does anybody know where to get the axe? I will look it up. It’s a bunch of shit to read. I’m not read now. Man. Fuck the axe and then like five minutes. I’m like, Man, I gotta figure out this axe thing. I never got the axe. It never happened. He never had actually been used.

So I experimented with methods of adding some wear and tear to the metal focusing on places that would most likely be hitting stuff when a charger you know, charged a texture the next bikes trying to give him a nice shiny pointy look and give you the impression that it might pierce anyone who dares try out whether it would pierce them. They’ve got to work on the face drapes and spend some time with some general but it’s really always of the opinion that it was good enough saying is how much I love this mount. I went and made sure that I put the hours into this.

But before I show you how it all turned out. I just want to take a second to thank everyone who subscribed to me I said my last video. I had 90 subscribers when it went up and it was hoping it would get me through the 100 self milestone. I’m currently got 2.3k If he doesn’t have over 5k At the end of this video I’m going to be fucking pissed guys. I’m going to be fucking mad at you. Everybody goes subscribe to this we want to see more of this shit.

But to reach 450 As someone who hopes to build towards a future on YouTube one day I’m beyond happy to see that people appreciate my content when I started my channel I hope that would get to 1000 subs in 2020 at long given up on that but after everyone who subscribed to me a couple of weeks it’s potentially realistic again so yeah big thank you to all of you and as always subscribe if you haven’t liked the video and leave a comment for the algorithm gods with all that said I’m proud to unveil yeah subscriber your ballot in the freshly updated charger i like it i fucking like it god damn bro he’s so beefy. He’s big. Holy shit oh my god it’s oh man that like I did not fucking expect that shit. I did not expect that look at this. This is so good. Oh my fucking god, man. Why Why can’t Why can’t boys just put this in the game? Just like doing a little copy paste.

Just Oh, there it is. is done. Is it just real quick, man? Yeah, come on. I gotta see. We got to see us in the game. Look at this. Like I really liked the original one. I think that there’s like a certain part of me. That likes the original one the most. Because it’s just it’s so iconic. It reminds me of Warcraft three. Like the knights and Warcraft three man it’s so fucking good man.

And it’s like if I was to go back and like imagine what was the horse? This is what the horse would be man. God Yeah, like let us keep both Yeah, you should be able to have like both versions Look at this. Oh my god. The fat and then like he does that fucking switcheroo shit. That is fucking badass. This was this caught me by surprise. I didn’t even expect this shit to happen Majan formats being made looking good and 70 hours Yep, keep that in mind next time you get another recovered frog. Oh, another frog.

I blizzard? Cool. Oh, wow. I think that’s something let me link you guys this video. This is fucking amazing. I have never seen anything like this. Like I missed the necklace. But like I am sure that it might look easy to do this, but this guy probably might do this as his job. He maybe has like a tremendous amount of experience in it or something like that. So like for him like he’s making something yeah it’s like a hobby right it’s something he takes very seriously.

I don’t know if McConnell here is makan like do we have the McConnell stamp of approval on this? Is this good or not? Let me see what is he around I don’t know. I’m actually kind of curious as a as our as our resident Paladin, like Yeah, I don’t know. He might might probably still asleep to be honest with you because he’s playing all day. Fuck like, yeah, he’s not on he probably still asleep.

Not a surprise. Well, anyway, like, I am just so fucking impressed by this. I am so fucking impressed by this. This is incredible. I hope blizzard. Like I just I wish every single time somebody would post a really cool like thing that they made and Wow. It was like wow models. I hope I wish blizzard. Oh, really? Okay, cool. Just treat that like their resume. As it looks good.

All right, cool. Come on in. Just do this all day. Do this all day, every every week. Come in, you know, pretty much, whatever. And we’ll send you some money. Just do that. Please just fucking do that. I’ll be so happy. Like, yeah, for minimum wage. No, it’d be a little bit more than that. That’s the thing. So I sub to him.

I sub to him myself. Right there. There we go. We got to subscribe. And we got a plus one. On the light thing. This is fucking amazing. give this guy some support. Man. He needs to give these people some inspiration.

Yeah, give it a light. Give him some support. Look at this. Oh my god. How many subs do you have now? How many? How many? How many are subscribed? birbee. At least like Alright, good. That’s 500 of you guys. Good. Keep it up. Keep it up, boys. We’re gonna watch some more of these.

Not today. We will watch more of these tomorrow. However, I’m gonna watch all these videos. I’m gonna watch every single one of them. I fucking love this shit. This is amazing. Yeah. What was your LinkedIn? Yeah, there it is. Yeah, sorry, man. It’s almost 1000 people.

So I hope so. I hope I hope people are as supportive as possible this stuff. It’s incredible. How long did it take him to make this by the way? What’s the time between this and the last video a month ago. So like they usually stuff takes about like a month or so like often onward? Yeah, I mean, yeah, make sure to support this. This is great. 70 hours take 70 fucking hours to do that.

God fucking damn. And that probably also like, whenever you say 70 hours, what that really means is probably 100 Because like you have all the time that you like, it’s 70 work hours. But like there’s also like the mental planning and like the mental like, you know, you’re you’re having dinner and you’re thinking about it, right?

Like that’s an hour. You see. So it’s important to keep that in mind way over a week, way way way over. We probably I would say this thing probably took them three weeks. It seems like it probably took three weeks. That’s nuts, man. I love it. Absolutely fucking love it. I’ll link it one more again. We get one more again. There you go. That is so so fucking cool.

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