WOTLK Fresh Server Population - PvE vs PvP

WOTLK Fresh Server Population – PvE vs PvP

What is up guys? It’s your boy swirl I’m here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video.

What Is The Most Populated WOTLK Fresh Server?


Today we are playing on the fresh wrath service that released not long ago, it’s been like five days now. So today I thought I would do something interesting. I have noticed that one of the servers aka tackle, the PvP server for Europe is having insane amounts of queues, we’re speaking like five to six hour queues at peak times, like yesterday, there was a 300 minute queue. So that’s about that’s a five hour queue.

The queue was like 10,000 people just sitting in the queue waiting to login. Meanwhile, on giant soccer the other survey, the highest queue that I’ve seen is 500, which is still it’s a 500 queue, which takes half an hour, like almost half an hour, 20 minutes, maybe. So 20 minutes queue on join soccer, versus, say five to six hour queue on tackle. So today, I went ahead and I’ve done some scans both on technical and online store here. So we can check out the population.

So basically, this video right here will be a population check for the fresh rock service. And I’ll probably do like a follow up to this video later on, like in a week or two. So we can check out the population and how many people are quitting like right before wrath comes out. Okay, so I’ve done a scan here, you can see this effectual, and it’s on lions, you can see the time up here, it’s 9:53am. I’ve been scanning for two hours now. So I started the scan at 8am. It’s almost 10am.

Now. So this is 8am to 10am on a Sunday morning, which means not a lot of people are playing. But we have 3718 players on faculty you, there is a couple of things I want you guys to know here and to look at. So first off, we’re looking at like level 60 plus a look at the amount of players that are level 60.

Plus on this survey, this will be important compared to the other survey, aka join store here that we’ll take a look at afterwards. But just look at the bars, I did not get myself under level 20. Here, it just takes so long to scan because there’s so many people online. So it just takes absolutely forever to finish a scan right here.

But there’s two things that are to look at how many people are level 60 Plus, and also where the curve is. So the average player right now tackle looks to be level 34 like 3540, like 35 to 40 looks to be like the average level bracket right now for tackle. We’re just kind of interesting. It’s a pretty high curve. To be honest.

This means like the average player is between level 35 And level 40, you have quite a few that are over that level, you also have quite a few that are under that level as well. I don’t know how many are in the level one to 20 bracket, because once again, I could not get down there. So that was unknown for now. But there’s 3718 people currently online that are level 20 or higher. So I’ve also done the same scan on giant stalker as well, which you can see right here.

And here we can see completely different lines, completely different brackets. And you can also see there’s way less people that are level 60 Plus life not just in Shell in terms of numbers, but look at the bars as well like the percentages.

On the other survey, we had like a one and a half percent that level 16 Here it’s zero point 71 There’s a lot less like percentage of the population that are level 60 Plus on trial soccer. So the average person right here looks to be like level 20 Level 20 to 25. So on the other one, it was level 35 to 14, here’s level 20 to 25.

So based on that information, we actually get a lot of information. Now we can look at is like it’s always going to be human. It’s the most played race. Paladin is the most played class 26% of the server is playing Paladin, I think it was something along the same lines on tackle as well. Like if you just go back in the video, you will see the paladin charge chart was huge as well.

So like a huge percentage of the survey is actually playing a paladin which is kind of shocking. But yeah, men who have Paladins is great. On the server though the average player looks to be level 20 to 25 and all that cool. It looks to be 35 to 14. Based on that there’s two things we can talk about now.

Number one, it looks like the people playing on pap service are like the people that likes to go absolutely ham and cheese like we’re talking balls deep for the special service. People like me on ironic because I’m playing on dinosaur here. But people like me would probably go to the PvP servers where you’re playing like 16 to 18 hours every single day.

You’re hitting level 70 In the first three days you’re getting fully gear and then you just go out you form gold you do some stuff just to get ahead of everyone else. Because some PvP servers and being ahead of the pack really means so much. You can go back and PvP in the open world. And the more gear you have, the more you can gank other people, it’s just a lot of fun. Now I’ve chosen a PVE server for several reasons, one of which is that I can do things at my own pace, which is also an ironic because I’m already level 70. And my Deathmatch is almost level 66.

So I’m playing as if I’m playing on the PvP servers, but I’m playing on the PvE servers. But either way back to the point, at the if you’re planning to level fast, and you want to like be in that competitive environment, the PvP servers, probably the best one for you. But if you want to take your time level a bit more chill, and you know, you can play like 12 to 16 hours every single day, that PvE server might be more your choice.

I know a lot of people are sitting in queue on the call right now. The only reason a lot of people are sitting there is because you’re thinking that joint stock, you will be dead, like in a couple of weeks. And I’m telling you, that’s not gonna happen.

Like sure Thiokol has like three times the population of giants soccer. But join soccer still has a lot of people. We have 2400 people online at 9am or 10am. Now, on a Sunday morning with just a lot of people, it’s basically 66% of the population that are currently online and Dr.

Stoker as well on the on Alliance, of course. So there’s a lot of people here as well. It’s a very active realm. And to be honest, I kind of prefer this one. Here’s the three main differences that I want to talk about for the service.

So I was playing on tackled for quite a bit now just to do these scans. And during that time, I noticed a couple of things in the general lft chart. So a lot of people are doing specifically runs AOE for me runs and basically doing all of the meta slaving things that we used to do in TVC classic and back in classic WoW.

So spell he runs a waveform runs. And I bet if busying was a thing they would do boosting over there as well. But Andre and Stoker you just see a regular group runs, people are looking for group requesting that we can dungeon quests, and they’re just looking for dungeons in general. I have not seen a single LF Mae farm on Dragon Stoker.

Actually, nevermind, I saw one just now I left to DPS every stockades but you barely ever see them. Most people are just doing regular dungeons, regular requests. There’s no AV form. And people are just playing and having fun. While on the call. It looks like everyone is doing whatever is most efficient, just to rush to max level.

But yeah, I like taking my time I like enjoying the leveling process. And if you’re like me, then I think join soccer will be the one for you. But if you just want to rush the leveling process, and you only want to be level 70 and be in a competitive environment, then that goal is probably more your thing.

But yeah, that is basically it for today’s video guys. I just wanted to talk about the server population and talking about like my thoughts on both the servers, their main differences and also just to let you know like what type of service each of them are. So like which ones you should choose if you’re starting now. Or if you’re playing on a giant store and you’re thinking about going to tackle now you’ll know a little bit more about what you’re looking at.

And vice versa as well if you’re playing on fickle, and you’re bored of the queues and you’re considering joining soccer well now you have a little bit more information to base your actual decision on hopefully you enjoyed the video.

Oh yeah, by the way, if you want to see me live I’m streaming this time streaming my entire leveling process and the gold make me adventure over on this first service on my Twitch channel just linked down below in the video description. And also if you’re getting into max level right now or if you getting up in the levels, I do have a golden guide for this fresh service and rock classic as well.

That is linked down below. Literally by buying that guide you will get an FE free extension for the service. So in total you will get over 120 pages of gold make me information in a PDF document and you will get access to a exclusive Discord server for gold making.

It is literally so much value from one purchase go and check it out through the link down below and follow my twitch which is down below. If you enjoyed the video, leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more work with classic content. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon.

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