Leveling as Undead Mage on the Fresh WOTLK Classic PvP Server Skyfury

Leveling as Undead Mage on the Fresh WOTLK Classic PvP Server Skyfury

I already have straps in here and today is the beginning of the wrath of Lich King pre patch.

Is It Fun To Play on the Wrath Classic PvP Server Skyfury as Mage?


We are going to be playing on a fresh wrath of Lich King server called Sky Fury is a PvP server in North America and we will be playing a horde undead mage alright so let’s see how we want our mage to look here start with features kind of like having the golden eyes and I like the iron jaw let’s go with hairstyle here I like that see if we got any other good ones there we go get the Sideshow Bob hairstyle it’s not a bad one long hair go completely bald.

I think I’m just gonna go with so Mohawk marks pretty cool I think I’m just gonna go with the spikes Alright, so check out skin color. We try to match you with the color of a mage be I think that’d be blue right trying to look for like a blue look.

Kind of matches the hair. That looks good. And now let’s check out face this face hair color green stick with blue. going to name this character, Travis. Hopefully we can get the name and let’s start our journey as an undead mage on Sky fury. Here we go guys. actually add a cute time to get in.

So the server is packed, bound to the Iron Will of the tyrant Lich King. The vast undead armies of the Scourge, seek to eradicate all seasoned people on your level and
lead by the Banshee Sylvanas Windrunner a group of renegades broke away from the Scourge and freed themselves of the lich king’s domination.

Known by some as the Forsaken, this group fights a constant battle, not only to retain its freedom from the Scourge, but also to slaughter those who would hunt them as monsters. With Silvana says they’re Banshee queen, the Forsaken have built a dark stronghold beneath the ruins of Lord Ron’s former capital city is hidden under cities, forms a sprawling labyrinth that stretches beneath the haunted woods to the Tirisfal Glades.

Though the very land is cursed, the zealous humans of the scarlet crusade still cling to their scattered holdings obsessed with eradicating the undead and retaking their homeland. Convinced that the primitive races of the Horde can help them achieve victory over their enemies.

The Forsaken have entered an alliance of convenience harboring no true loyalty for their new allies. They will go to any lengths to ensure that dark plans come to fruition as one of the forsaken you must massacre any who pose a threat to the new order human undead or otherwise
pretty cool intro Alright, so we got an error with all of our add ons.

We’re going to remove all these add ons and we will only use bartender There we go. All the Roth there we go live reload Do you I got to do this quick guys profiles copy from squiggly Dooley done and then we’ll unlock window shrink this by quite a bit and we’ll just move it down for now. The guys here we are.

That are undead mage. I’m looking forward to this. It’s going to be a lot of fun. There’s so many undead here. It’s kind of crazy to see like all these like undead leveling. It’s a cool thing about a fresh server. What is it? Rude Awakening. By the time you woke up, you’re ready to toss you into the fire with others, but it looks like you made it.

I am morto the caretaker of the crypt of death knell and you are the Lich King slave no more speak with Shadow Priests service in the chapel at the base of the hill. He will tell you more of what you must know. To get out of the script. Take the steps up to the surface follow the road down to the chapel and find service fairway Alright, so here we go guys.

Our journey as an undead mage my first character ever was actually on dead on dead rogue by the name of Freddy krendler And I actually started back in Wrath of lich king so it’s funny I’m playing another undead so we have to find out where services so these near the chapel and I played a Death Knight at the beginning of the launch and it was a lot of fun there’s so many Death Knights leveling up I’m happy I waited even though I had to get into a queue to log into sky theory.

It’s cool to seeing all these undead running around alright, Chateau pre service. Another of The Walking Dead and must have been a quite a shock. Waking up in the crypt.
But only the cooled and Mordo degree you I see the confusion on your face.

Let me try to explain our situation to you. We have been freed from our control by the lich king by our new leader and Lady savannas. The Dark Lady gives us in our war against the hated scourge. And the holdouts of humanity who dog or every step be forsaken are at war with the lich king’s army of the scourge.

Neck romantically raised armies of the undead fell beasts of the north and tormented specters the northern part of the village has become overrun with the mindless ones and they must be destroyed destroy them, show them no mercy our former brothers and sisters as they might be the Fallen are nothing but the Lich King slaves beware that we are playing undead as a lines up with the Lich King.

Quite well and I always thought it was cool that they’re in in a in an alliance with the whole word out of convenience and they don’t really care for the Horde always consider that the undead as their own faction because they pretty much are in Warcraft three
you know, Frozen Throne RTS game like you get to play on dead as like the tone race. Alright, so we need to slay some mindless zombies.

Wretched ghouls start shooting some fireballs guys. We’re really looking forward to playing mage a lot of fun.

I think it’s one of the it’s one of the best built classes in the game
like they can pretty much do everything well PvP PvE they have insane AOE farming they are one of the fastest levelers in the game due to their ability to hear we farm and yeah literally nothing they can’t do they can portal all around the world so they can travel fast actually will put out a loot on every go across you There we go.

And yeah, Cody says my name is Dr. Ice we will most likely be playing Ross I’ll be playing frost all the way through. And we will be doing a little bit of AOE farming on the world we won’t just be doing class sometimes we’ll you know, group up a bunch of murlocs and just stay with them down.

Another great thing about mages is you will be invited to dungeons all the time. They’re one of the best classes to have and dungeons
to to their daily ability.

Overall majors are awesome. Great gold farmers as well. cuz they can just do a weave like crazy they’re really good and in classic when getting around it was kind of a tough thing to do used to be able to sell portals as a mage and that was a good Goldfarb also selling food and water was the thing to kind of died off though in in TBC due to the the ability to you know, access portals in shadow wrath and also dies off and wrath of Lich King due to being able to access portals and Dalaran like kinda like classic because all these like little jobs that people had and I never noticed existed in the game yeah, there’s a lot of people leveling sky Fury is going to be an awesome server guys. We’ll think about a fresh server as the economy is completely at zero.

We don’t have any inflation yet due to botters farming all day, but I know that will change over time. But I must say this will probably be the best server to play on
in Wrath of Lich King my favorite servers at the moment are this one here Skype URI and globulus reason why I like Rob use a lot is because of its
action ratio hopefully Skype here he has a good you know, hard to Alliance ratio.

We’ll have to see are these mindless zombies over there but I have a feeling if anything happens it’ll probably end up being a horde server.
So I think we pick the right side if the tables do turn because in North America, everybody just loves her word.

But we’ll see what happens I hope there’s a strong alliance side
and we’ll see because we’re going to be PPP against them out in the world while we level up at. We go we leveled up sample three. See, we can find some more mindless zombies out here.

And I am going to be leveling a lot in Tirisfal. Try to do as many classes as we can. I haven’t done the undead starting zone in a very long time. So interested to see. See what I remember and what it’s like. We’ll probably head down is Silverpine for us too.

But I know you know you got to go to the barons, as a horde player.
So we’ll head up lead up to the Barons eventually. But I do want to experience as much of the undead side as I can because every time I play a horde character, you know, you go right to the barons. And that’s about it.

You can just sit in the barrens all the way till 20 And then we’ll make our way to eventually make our way over to Asheville. And that’s when we’ll get to see the Alliance guys.
Maybe getting our first world pvp fight to try to play as much as I can. Because the first three months of this server are going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be tough people leveling up the tiertime.

Okay, got another question. They’re going to return to shard a police service. I can’t wait till we get blank see we can jump over this can you get any loot? Got it by their chest we can where we got to backfill. Let’s put that on let’s have a chat chat here was service is unfortunate that the scourge cannot be brought into the fold.

Their large numbers would be useful in the battles ahead but they will not join us so we have no choice but to destroy them. I guess we’re going to be taking we’ll take the cloth pants Alright, so let’s pick up all these costs here. No other race on Azarov has suffered as much as our people mage to laugh in the face of death has become second nature for all of us. Click scroll while you were off dealing with the mindless scourge.

The scroll arrived for you. I would think it’s some matter of importance as it seems it bears the seal of the mage trainer Isabella, I would take some time to read it before heading out again. Okay, so let’s read that better be good. rattling the rattle cages. You’ve shown your potential to the Forsaken under normal circumstances for advice.

Now let’s see if you under pressure. The rattle cage skeletons more mindless minions of the Lich King are a tougher foe than the zombies you have faced thus far. Again to thin their numbers and prove yourself to the forsaken.

Do not tarry when you’re done speak to me again. Talk at watch over you. You damned I duties include tending to our wounded warriors, tailoring armor and clothes and assisting his Shadow Priests service and with whatever else he might need. From the look of it. You’ll be enlisted in his services also hunting the mindless ones.

If I know his mind, well, if you’d like to stay in one piece, and I’ve no doubt you do. Perhaps I can help. I’m running at a pause and wings. And if you bring me some I’ll find some armor for you. You’ll find a good number of wolves and bats to the south.

Nice dogs. We got a lot of questions. Alright, so we found Isabella I guess we’ll read this glyphic scroll the corruption and evil. That rumor says travels with the arcane is nothing compared to the pain we’ve already felt. We are no longer victim strap ice. We are the ones who control our fate.

Solanas has paved the way for us. She has proven that our will is our own, that we are no longer thralls to that bastard Arthas seek me out in the church. I shall instruct you further. If that is your desire. Interesting Oh, she says that we are no longer thralls. To that pastors are a thought like we were no longer thralls like quiet because the thrall leader Hoard.

Greetings. I’m an undead mage trainer and you’re a mage. I knew you would come to me and Travis not because you do not have the will to follow your own path. But because we have kindred spirits we both have felt pain.

We have both suffered. And now we want the power to take back what we know is ours. This land our lives our destinies, but there is much for you to learn still. You must return to me often if you are to become powerful enough to destroy those who would oppose us. The rules of magic still apply to you trap ice, you will still find corruption follows you like hungry wolves in the night. You will find its Karis is not unlike an addiction.

An old lover still wanting to be by your side. But these things can be staved off these things will only control you if you allow them to go now returned to me when you’ve grown more powerful beware I’m interested in age training Arcane Intellect rank one can we afford it there we go we got our first ability as a mage Arcane Intellect Frank one right here boom we’ve got more intellect guys kusari intellect by two which increases our mana pool.

And we got a bunch of quests to do so we need to get rattle cage skeleton slain. And we need to slate scavenger whatever the scavengers are, and we need to see dust bats. I don’t know where the rattles cage skeletons are but I guess we’ll have to find out.

We found some dust pads and we also have a cool ratio called cannibalize sick one of my favorite ratios in the game one of the reasons why I took or I played on dead it’s my first character ever just thought it was cool kind of remind me a teabagging pretty much when activated regenerate 7% total health every two seconds or 10 seconds pretty much you just like eat a corpse.

I mean we can’t eat this corpse for some reason and you get health while you eat the corpse yeah it’s gonna be a lot of fun but there’s this scavenger rabbit make sure I sell stuff so when we go back when our bags filling up and we need the coin guys we need to get amounts we need to get bags all that stuff and it’s not going to be on the Auction House.

Well I probably will be on the Auction House but it’d be pretty damn expensive those bags especially at the beginning you’re gonna probably have to fend for ourselves for a while the cool thing is as a mage you don’t really fill up your bags too much there.

Isn’t you know like a road where you have to carry like poisons and all these tools and and crap not like a hunter where you have to like carry all these like stacks of arrows
we just cast spells we will be holding on to portals I believe I think that’s just a spell we hold on to a reagent tail that allows us to make portals.

Still haven’t found these rattles cage skeletons yet nope they’re they’re set them
like the music and here’s fall two it’s really chill this is death knell it’s the name of the starting city or town I should say we’re getting a lot of loot here one thing that sucks about being a mage is a lot of every pretty much every piece of loot other than cloth can’t wear so gotta keep waiting for the clock there we go we’re done with the dustpan sounds good the scavengers? Level up again now level four so wondering where there’s like a bunch of these skeletons though?

Seen one just over here wonder who the highest level on this server is right now. Check out who will check out one to 60 and others no 60s That elevens. Scott attend the 20 to the highest level on the servers level 11 right now. I would assume A couple of warriors row kind of mage there a lot of American Tirisfal Glades and wonder if there are a lot of them are undead. so we’re not too far behind but we will fall behind it’s just out out goes I don’t level super fast.

But well level kinda quick there’s a skeleton right there it’s weird all these guys are kind of rare need them inside these houses like somebody’s Upstairs find these guys it’s cool seeing all these people out here leveling that’s one thing I love about like servers that are fresh. You never see this on any other server except for this one today.

Pretty much on every other server it’s mostly going to be people leveling Death Knights one thing that’s going to be cool is is seeing who gets the first death night on the server. We also have achievements now in the game because it is wrath of lich king so there will be server first nice I guess we’ll just tick with the scavengers here these rattle cage skeletons seem to be super rare I wonder where he says they are.

Just says Here it says kill eights grouse cage skeletons for the thing is it tells me to slay 12 You see that that’s an error right there whatever well I guess we’ll pick up another quest it’s we’re just running around here. I think they’re most of those skeletons are probably
a little further out do you have a hearse? This is the shadow grid without a pop there Yeah, they got some errors with requests to this guy’s all about and you Alvin Montag, a rogue steel.

Hey mate, do a favor for a young man who’s inflating it more than his fair share of mindless zombies and spiders. I got this here letter that needs to go to Brill to an innkeeper named Rene something or other don’t really matter none what her name last name is anyway it’s a nice cozy little place full of victims of the plague trying to make their way in the world and it’d be a great spot for you to rest to if the need arises.

You should check it out you do and I’ll pay you well because some mushrooms and some water the nice thing is I wonder if the undead even eat or drink of it pretty sure they don’t right see there’s any skeletons out here say we got another quest there’s no skeleton so we’ll probably have to head back.

Over the spat of six bet see if we can fight him we can rock them think this skeletons back in they’re not here back in death now. Just we can’t find them they’re kind of rare maybe I don’t know. You gotta turn in these quests anyways Sir One question there is a lot of stuff for us to sell.

So sell some junk. So upgraded Cloth Armor There you go. Maybe this cave is where all the rattle cage skeletons are I saw some dead warriors look like so we fished and the reason why is because when they’re holding to Anders looks like they can barely hold it like they’re just struggling. kay, reading over this cave i just want to explore a little bit see.

What’s going on over here hoping that we can find some skeletons of a web spiders to Spider cave so these this skeleton class must be a huge pain so I can’t find any of them just a lot of mindless zombies least we know where the spiders are we’ll go back we’ll turn this question we’ll sell some junk as well what is it to try your best to keep yourself unharmed until I get you some armor? Thank you Travis to us armor should help you out. Hopefully it should do you more good than the last one to wear it.

So I guess we’ll take the flax bracers my friend Marla Phipps lived with her husband Samuel before the plague. When the plague came, Samuel succumbed and joined the scourges ranks. Marla was spared and undeath only to die at the hands of her now mindless husband.

So strong was her love, however, that her last dying wish was to be buried with her beloved Samuel Samuel Phipps roams at a rune camp along the road at Northeast of death now to feed him and granted Marla’s wish bury him at her grave in the first row of our graveyard goodbye Alright, so let’s go do that do you require and we’ll sell this stuff here
see if we can find anything looking for a vendor all right it is what it is looks like we can’t find it but one thing I do know I do know where Samuel is.

We have a bunch of questions here about yourselves junk we have to actually put on the plaques bracers right. Here there we go clean that up tower time we got our first silver alright so let’s bury Samuel quick maybe we’ll find some skeletons maybe we won’t that’s one thing about you know starting early like this these quests become see like that?

Thanks skeletons already tagged. Quests like this become a real pain to finish but it is fun to check it out. To see what the server was like at the start see we got like a tag here. Maybe you have to group up. Carol graves said we want to fight.

Samuels remains sat him right there was Carol graves. This guy we were looking for we got a flimsy change that solvable. Things Samuel Phipps remains. He roams at a ruin camp along the road and northeast of death. No.

This has to be it Here’s a little camp here Steven Steven here for Samuel Gail Earthman wondering who all these people are Carol graves this class is going to be a pain if we even find it we’re Samuel is because we have to tag them
here’s Samuel Phipps no good nice of him to do that though so we’ll just chill we’ll try to get it UI lagging like crazy. Yeah, there is a little bit of lag while the server is loaded with people right now but the queue time is not too bad. I only had to wait like five minutes which was not too shabby.

Might as well get XP while we chill like it’s nothing compared to when classic first came out. In 2019, when they did the classic wild launch like Ottoman I was on fair Lena and this cube times were like over an hour to two hours, sometimes three.

If you logged in, you didn’t want to log off. Because if you didn’t turn them back on until like, like a weird hour.
Here we go. We got Samuels remains now we have to bury it think this kind of way know where the burial is?

Bury him at her grave in the first row of our graveyard. Okay, so it’s back in the graveyard. Knights will go back there and yeah, so what you want to be like where we’re at right now, we’re in the wave. Which means every quest is going to be a pain. So what you want to be is either behind the wave or on ice buried or buried and for us. Awesome.

So what do you want to be as either behind the wave or in front of it and we’re not getting in front of it. And listening so we’re going to try to get behind. You’ve done a good deed today, Travis. Although our struggle against the scourge continues. Let us hope that Marla and Samuel will find peace together in their final resting place and rice the shadow will just be just behind it. You know what I mean?

This better be good. Let’s sell this. Embrace that you’re now at two silver which is pretty good. And I guess we’ll head back into the chapel here. And we are going to call the episode here guys. That was our first episode on our undead mage. It’s going to be one hell of a journey and I am looking forward to it. But as always, thanks for watching. Keep your heads up later.

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