Let’s Play WoW – Wrath of the Lich King – Fresh Start – Paladin

For nearly 7000 years, the high elves cultivated a shining magical kingdom, hidden deep within the forests of northern Lord Iran.

Let’s Play WoW – Wrath of the Lich King – Fresh Start – Paladin


But five years ago, the undead scourge invaded quell philos and drove the elves to the brink of extinction. Led by the evil Death Knight office, the scourge destroyed the mystical Sunwell, thereby severing the Elves from the source of their arcane power. Though the scars of that conflict are evident, the remaining elves have banded together and retaken much of their homeland.

Calling themselves blood elves, these grim survivors are committed to regaining the vast powers they once commanded. Inspired by the leadership of their beloved prince Kaito, FOSS Sunstrider, the Blood Elves now seek new sources of arcane magic, and the means of defending their land against the undying horrors of the scourge. As one of the few surviving blood elves, you must master your thirst for magic, and help shape the destiny of your people.

Well, hello, everybody, Robert rambles here, and welcome to World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King pre patch, this is going to be the beginning of our Paladins leveling journey here on the Fresh Start server of validez. That is an eastern US server that is a fresh server for the fresh starts. So that is what we are firing up today. If you’re new to the channel, thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you clicking on the video. A little bit about me, I’ve played WoW, for about 17 years now.

And I play well a little differently than how you’ve seen other people play it on the internet. And that is I just kind of like to have a relaxing time, I do tend to read a lot of the quest and the lore objects. And I’d keep the music and ambient noises turned up so we can just kind of sink into the world get immersed.

And yeah, have a relaxing time, we’re going to do some housekeeping here. Set it starting with the windows, I’m going to optimize this a little bit, we’re going to make a new window. We’re called this one immersion mode. And what we’re going to do with this, so we’re going to tell it to only broadcast certain things I don’t want to break it out. I’ll leave it there. And I’ll unlock it shrink it down.

And I’m going to go in the settings here and we’re going to disable all of this stuff. It’s going to be out of this one. Global channels are off, we’re going to turn it on experience skill ups, item Lutz, money, loot, system messages and errors. I think that should be good. Let’s let’s stick with that for now. Perhaps I didn’t get the yells out of there, we’ll see a couple of other things we need to do before we get started here.

Let’s go ahead and turn on Auto Lutz. action bars we’re going to add a couple here. We won’t always show them if we’re not actually using them. And yeah, that’s just about it I play the game mostly add on free right now we are completely add on free. I think I’m going to turn on the Add on immersion though. Immersion is going to change how the chat windows pop up for quest boxes and dialog.

Let’s put those down here for now. We’re gonna make a couple other changes then I’ll get us right into things. All right, let’s grab our first quest and see what this is going to be like. So this add on here is called immersion. It just takes the the dialog box that you would normally get by taking a class and it breaks it up into these really manageable chunks that make a lot of sense and are clearly easily digestible.

Let’s take a look here reclaiming some starter aisle. The sooner you begin your education to the better cortisol there is little room for error so listen closely. The burning crystals the green floating objects to the west of sunspire here have long been used to power the aisles experimentations the man of worms were their guardians with the scourge invasion of quote the loss has driven them errant from our lack of magical control over them.

There’s a little choice but the thin their numbers for reclamation. Let’s get right into it here. Yeah, so we’re only running with immersion right now I don’t have clarity on usually these playthroughs we do with immersion and questi but with the wrath prepatch I’m pretty sure they’ve put quest tracking into the game, like actual on the Mapquest tracking should be a part of it here. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Luckily the response rate is probably cranking out so we have our auto attack here we have seal of righteousness that will put on. One of the big differences here, I think is that this seal is going to be up for 30 minutes and judging it does not cause us to have to recast it, we can judge it. We don’t have to recast the seal, then judge and recast the seal judge. That’s right away. A huge change when it comes to paladins.

Let’s go over to our immersion mode here. And yeah, keep this on. So we don’t have to see the scroll of of general chat. As a viewer, especially it gets really distracting to the I don’t notice it myself when I’m playing. But I know that as a viewer, it’s really easy to get distracted by it. And so yeah, the servers have been up for about 28 minutes at this point. I had dinner and just kind of let myself get out of what I could get on knowing that it wasn’t going to be a big rush that this is basically how things were going to be. And yeah, it’s it’s not disappointing me so far.

You won’t often see this unless it’s like a launch night. So it’s always fun to experience even if it can be frustrating now being able to get mobs things like that
now there are other places we can fight these guys. Maybe we should work on the fringes here. We have a little bit of an advantage with our melee attacks. It’s pretty much gonna be whoever gets there first.

So we’re gonna have to set some of our morals aside, if we have to steal a mob that someone is casting it, we’re just gonna have to do what we have to do to get some tags here. Save people who have AFK AFK to have lagged out. Our best bet is probably just to kind of Camp camp a corpse over here seems like a decent area. No one’s really over here. And it does seem like some spawn over this way.

Not really a lot we could do at this point besides auto attack. But yeah, I think what we’ll do is we’ll kind of hang out right here and we’ll hope that some respondent near us now that being said, being a pilot and we could probably take a couple at once we can heal ourselves if absolutely necessary. So we’ll just tag anything nearest I am going to turn the floating helpers on to help make that a little bit more visible for you guys.

Very fire don’t often actually see them cast. Yeah, this seems like a pretty good tactic just to kind of hang out right here. Somebody’s got my name. In the 30 minutes, I should have known better I probably should have been at my PC. If I really wanted to get my name, rambles that I probably should have been ready.

So whoever does have my name, I hope you enjoy it. What you’ll probably do is log the character in once and then never again. And if that’s what you want to do, that’s absolutely fine. Not really sure how we got that one. But we did. We could we could realize that we are done with the class and go turn it in.

That would be a good idea. So yeah, quest tracking is not on in the older zones. Is the quest checking. They’re talking about only being added into the actual wrath areas of Northrend. That’s a good question.

And will we use questi from this playthrough I think we probably will end up using questi at some point, but I don’t think it’s updated yet, so we probably won’t be using it today. All right. Unfortunate measures your effort has made something clear that honestly I wish were not true.

The unchecked power of the burning crystals has maligned a much larger swath of the aisles natural balance than I thought. We must now take on more unfortunate measures to reclaim control. The nearby Linksys have succumbed to the influence of the crystals and they must be put down is at hand sad but true and we have to report for pellet and training so let’s go do that and maybe we’ll learn a judge it’d be nice to have another button to push straight away here. The dark times will pass we got devotion aura It’s not judge but it’s something justice. And he wants us to go talk to well watch your Selenium.

And he’s gonna be up the stairs here. Just follow the train of blood elves State your business. He wants us to visit the shrine of death Remar and read the inscription their farewell. And he also wants us to gather up some belongings that he has forgotten around the island. victory lies ahead. It’s a shame that we’ve lost control of so many of the creatures here on the island. This is once a tranquil place of study and research.

Now it’s all we can do to keep from being attacked by our own creations. Going to offer you a chance to receive a magical boon in exchange for collecting some work on your part. He wants a stack of arcane slivers.

We will persevere and Arcadis Eliott here wants us to practice using our arcane towards racial ability on the metal worms and they are the ones we’re going to be getting the slivers from so let’s go out and we’ll do that.

We’re probably going to want to follow a similar tactic here where we kind of post up in a spots and we hope that we can tag some features in the spot now I don’t think just hitting them with Arcane torrent probably doesn’t tag them so we’re still going to have to auto attack to get them tagged now that’s a pretty long cooldown we have to do it six times so I mean in the meantime we’re just looking to fight them for the arcane slivers.

Okay, so you turn your back for one minute you really do just have to kind of camp and area and in the meantime we can watch the madness and Sue before our very eyes
pretty sure they got credit for tapping that one with Arcane torrent but we hit it with our auto attack.

It’s actually a little bit crazy I feel like this cooldown increase with the prepatch because they want us to do this oh they want us to manage that okay, that’s not the same thing. That’s what I’m doing wrong. We want to where is Manitoba tab see this is counting as mana tab. This is working differently.

So Mana Tap used to be a different button that blood elves have and I’m pretty sure that had a lower cooldown so it’s kind of weird that the quest didn’t change it wants us to do this six times that our King Torah does on a pretty long cooldown All right, well, we’re already learning things about what has changed with the wrath free patch and apparently the answer is a lots.

Definitely going to make this class longer than it needs to be. Because now we just kind of, I mean, I’m just gonna fight stuff to get kill experience. While we’re waiting for arcane Torah to come off a cooldown, it’s a little bit mad that they want us to do this six times.

I wonder if it has to be on an untapped mob. I’m not going to waste a cooldown to find Get out that’s for sure. Now this has meant a tip creature but I’m pretty sure we have to do it on the mana worms I don’t think we can go fight the lynxes and have it count pretty sure we have to do it to these guys well our cooldowns up we need to find someone to use this on really quick oh it okay.

We don’t have to have them tapped and that’s actually awesome so what I should really do is like I should get between a couple of them and see if I can get credit for for a couple at a time since we are waiting that long two minute cooldown.

In the meantime, I guess a little bit of additional kill experience really can’t hurt it’s not it’s not a lot obviously even with the joyous journeys benefits it’s not a lot of pill experience, but it’s something it’s better than nothing.

So I really need a situation like that where there’s like a few of them right where I can pop it so what we’ll keep our eyes open for that when we’re off cooldown here actually, while I’m off cooldown I might while I’m on call that I might want to go looking for links probably going to run into the same kind of situation with the links but we probably want to try to get a few of them.

Anyway like it looks like we might get spawns around this area and maybe we hang out here for a second see if anything pops back up that leaves us pretty close to the man of worms yeah here we go could probably turn off the tooltips you all right, we’re five seconds before cooled on let’s go in here and see if we can.

Maybe we can even set up a situation where we hit a couple of these guys at the same time. Let’s come well that’s That one’s not going to work. Yeah, I really don’t mind if they if they hit me. There we go. Oh yeah, we should have been doing that from the get go that makes a lot more sense. Luckily now we only have to get one more.

There other obviously are hotspots where it’s seeming to spawn more and more more or less this this is becoming kind of a hotspot. Yeah, we can’t afford just to let someone lay claim to a pile we can’t really do that we have to kind of come in here and make our own need no and we all we all need things right now it’s an hour of need and many maybe several hours of need depending on how hard people are gonna go tonight.

I’m probably only gonna play for like an hour tonight then I’m just gonna Fresh Start get a fresh start tomorrow morning. When hopefully things are a little bit less we might not be able to compete with another another Paladin.

That might be a problem. We’ll come on off cooldown in 34 seconds we can go Yeah, I’m not going to try to fight that I need to find like a cast or somebody else if I’m going to be posted up near somebody. I guess it can’t be the I don’t know if I’m just not auto targeting them when they come up or what exactly is going on.

But yeah, we need to find somewhere else. This looks like a likely pile same situation. Even though everybody’s a pilot and right now a lot of payloads disproportion to the mound you think the spawns would kind of spread out a little bit but they really don’t they do tend to spawn like in the same exact spot apparently we can beat this guy off the draw so that’s going to be a better match for us.

We don’t have to tag everyone but I would like to be able to take at least every other one inventory is full Yeah, that’s a problem I really do want to sell but I don’t want to leave the action here.

Let’s go up here and let’s let’s man a tap I quote man a tab and quote our last guy because we’re actually using our game tour. It’s not mandatory but it’s fine. That’s all we need from these guys. Let’s go ahead and let’s run over here and vendor everything we can afford just to go ahead and go back and sell I guess it’s not like the sponsor going anywhere
this looks like kind of a bit of a forgotten area here.

Right outside of the gazebo should be vendors here we can sell to choose wisely we have a four slot bag that would help us out with our inventory problems.

let’s go ahead and equip those grip the belts even though it’s junk there we go we could turn in the couple that we’ve done Death to all who oppose us and that’s level four we also need to go back and pay a visit to our trainer Glory to the sindoor i What do we need here let’s take the time take the gauntlets let’s head back and let’s talk to our trainer let’s get our level four abilities and we’ll head back out.

So rope trainer eternal son guides us blessing of might and judgments oh we are so broke in fact that we can’t even afford judgment I guess those couple of items that we left behind could have made the difference well that’s something let’s see here we need to blessing a mite out go there we can give that that’s still a 10 minute cooldown. We’ll have to keep an eye on that. What do you see can I sell you these? Is that going to be enough for viability I’d really like to get judgment now if we could that’ll be another button to press which is great. Naria Shula.

Alright, I’ll put that here. Now when you guys are looking at these F keys, I’m not pressing these on my keyboard. Okay. I have a Logitech G 600 MMO mouse. And so I have 12 buttons, nine of which I can hit really easily with my thumb. So slight movement of my thumb. So all of these function keys that you see bound, I’m hitting those actually mapped to my mouse. I’m not actually using the keyboard for those that would be ludicrous, but I can I can hit a lot of them off the keyboard. But I’m not sure.

All right, so let’s get that back up. That’s going to be important. I don’t really need this here because of the way it’s on a 30 minute cooldown. So I’m used to having it on the main bar, but for now I’m going to take it off. And we need to find an area to post up and get some links colors. We also need to kind of run around and we can collect some of the things for selenium. Starting over here, I guess. Yeah, in this kind of environment, nothing is gonna live for very long, that’s for sure.

Let’s grab his journal we come down here we can grab the Scrying Orb
I’m not really sure why but let’s just kill this thing off the tenders here we don’t need yet some of them used to be aggressive it seems like maybe they’re all non aggressive now the feral tenders I’m pretty sure used to be aggressive the red ones
I don’t remember which one it was it’s either over there or over here that has the book of scourge magic let’s check this place first.

Someone is looting currently yeah this might be bugged out I really wonder I’ll watch just we’re literally we’re literally trying to take turns leading the item there we go we got it that time perfect perfect.

Okay could be worse could be totally bugged out unable for anyone deluded ever that would be bad All right, now we need to find a spot for for Linksys here let’s try to like check out this pile see if this here’s this guy. Look I’ve been staring contests with people like Yeah, I do want your pile home I’m honing in on your pile there aren’t exactly going to be any unoccupied piles at this point.

That’s the problem this response rate is not really cranking out I’ll say that
I don’t I don’t want to I don’t want to group it’s it’s items it’s not a kill quest it’s it’s items I can’t share items with you. I don’t think we can share items they didn’t make that change in Wrath did they? Is their item share in a party now?

I’d love to know if there is I don’t think that’s the case but I could be completely wrong I haven’t actually read up on a log of general changes so it’s entirely possible I know at some point and wow you know they changed it so that if you’re in a group you can both loot the item I just don’t know if that happened in Wrath or not I am not sure I could actually start using my abilities fire off a judgment every once in a while well could it hurt it’s kind of acting like auto loot is only like half functioning it’s clearly turned on.

Well we only need one more of these we can go visit the shrine which is straight behind us there and in the meantime, we could just enjoy the beautiful music
of Sunstrider I’ll we go all right off to the shrine we go we’ll leave this madness behind temporarily.

You’ve discovered the location of the shrine and Upon further examination you sense a stronger pulse of the strange power that has gripped to the aisle. You feel a bit uncomfortable standing by the shrine and perhaps a little disturbed. The bronze placard along the side of the shrine reads here stands the shrine of Darth Remar a fitting tribute to a noble elf.

Let all who gaze on this monument remember his sacrifice against the scourge and his dedication to the cause of our continued survival all who prosper and felt the last to do so thanks to him alright so that I look at my map like I’m going to see a quest markers and stuff here because I’m so used to running with questi these days we’re not gonna see anything today maybe tomorrow we’ll have some assistance with that I wonder.

this will hide the interface for tracking zone wide objectives features equipment manager This allows you to have sets of equipment yes please. Preview talent changes if enabled you will be able to review your talents in the tailor interface before spending your points yes I want both of those on is this new stuff I don’t remember there being a features area sets of equipment is going to be very important to us some point stay in your business let’s take the vest and we have to report to her assistant for further work.

So alright, Selenium is up top let’s go turn into him Andy, I don’t remember what level we unlocked dual spec. Is it level 20? Or is that the new mount level for the first mount. I don’t think we start with dual spec, I think we unlock it at a certain level to the sindoor i Here’s your belongings, we want to really neither of these and that’s level five. doesn’t get us any new abilities. Let’s run out and talk to her assistant. And he’ll get us working on our next round of questing.

So with this character, I’m not going to be pressing super hard, I’m not gonna be going super hard. I don’t think that we’re going to get to 70 before rat launches, but we’re gonna play it as much as we enjoy playing it’s and you know, that might be a couple episodes a day. Usually my favorite episode length is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. I do like to play for a bit feel a little bit of progression has happened while we played. That’s always good.

So yeah, anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half is where I’m going to aim for these videos. So I hope you guys are down for that. And I’m pretty sure the range on judgment of light is is longer as well. It’s 10 yards now. And I feel like it used to be five yards. So it’s a little bit a little bit longer. It’s not it’s not like incredible distance. Still. It’s not like a 30 or 40 yard range.

But I think it did get improved a little bit. Maybe not maybe it’s still maybe it was always 10 yards, it’s really hard to tell. I haven’t played on a paladin in a little while. So the biggest change and the best change is not having to refresh my seal every time I judge. That was like the video game rotation equivalent of just busywork. Like oh yeah, keep your seal up, put your seal back up.

It didn’t really do anything to the enemy. It just allowed you to do the next thing to the enemy. And it costed mana which you know, it was a challenge before now i don’t i don’t think man is going to be an issue anymore. I’d be really surprised if it were. We need to be over here. If we want to get any feral tenders.

I feel like get you to just Got a couple of them together here probably pull you to
yeah I don’t see anything here really being able to kill us unless we are really stupid with how many we try to pull it once I do want to tag as many of these guys as I can while they’re up
that should be good we need one more little tender or more baby tender tenderize tender blue.

All right, that’s good. Let’s go back and talk to this guy turn this one in. I believe next he’s gonna send us up into the academy. It’s gonna be interesting to see how that works out up there we’re probably we’re gonna want to get a group going if we can so that we can actually get the name guy at the top of the place without any undue discomfort or stress try to grab some people on our way up if there are people running into the same time I’m like not in the right place to turn this in.

Like we got to come back over here Yes, take the main handed sword doesn’t really help us right now. But once we get the shield that could help. Thrill Philip philodendron Robert speaks to the banished a betrayer of our people resides a top fell three and Academy to the southwest. The lender and is his name and he was banished from blood off lands for failing to heed the warnings of our teachers and elders.

He’s the worst of our society and he lives only to feed his insatiable magical addictions. He refused to learn control. He is a shell of his former self one of the wretched and he is a threat to the sunspire Keep your wits about you.

So we need to take out eight arcane rates to tainted rates and get philodendrons head and we’re fighting the tainted ones they’re going to drop an item that begins a quest so we’ll keep our eyes open for that as well.

Pretty sure it’s 100% drop off of the first one you kill all right as we go up we will kind of just wait and see maybe if other people are on their way over here. I like to get a group going I worry getting to the top maybe at the top we’ll just meet somebody waiting and get invited or be able to invite them because I know otherwise it’s going to be quite a time waiting for him to spawn.

Well let’s see if this is gonna work. Let’s let’s head up here. Maybe we just make a beeline for the top and just try to get the name the guy. The two tainted ones we need those are not as commonly spawned either as the regular rates are so we might have difficulty with that. I see one over there that’s being attacked. Obviously this one here.

Let’s head up Oh oh oh passing this is this is going to be great we have a full group so oh I was able to loot the item.
So we’re good we were able to loot the item just fine let’s let’s pass lead to somebody here and then we will we will leave this party yeah I guess our buddy must have immediately tagged and like when we came up because we didn’t tag him that that worked out just fine and I hope the best thing in those situations is just for the group to keep going for like as long as it needs to to get the tag.

We got incredibly lucky with that one that’s for sure now we need to get incredibly lucky with these guys.
Yeah, we need two of them. We might just want to kind of hang out here there’s the quest item. You found an odd sliver of crystallized manna from the corpse of the tainted arcane rave. sliver is different than others you may have seen in that it’s dark and sinister looking as the RET rate that you learned it from. Just holding it gives you a sense of unnatural foreboding arcanist Hollyanne at the gazebo the sunspire sunspire on saturator I’ll just might be someone who would have a use for the sliver I don’t know if we ever find out what his use for the sliver is exactly Okay, well yes.

More more waiting but it’s okay we’ve gotten really lucky so far with drops and stuff like that so really can’t complain here this guy will inevitably respond I feel like I feel like that’s true I kind of wish there were other guys that spawned a little closer to this so we can maybe tag some of the normal guys we need as well. Yeah see we walked away here and that was not smart. Oh, okay.

The pain as soon as you walk away from a mob you need man it’s going to respond someone else is gonna get it that is just how it goes let’s come over here and we’ll we’ll take on some of these guys. Yeah, there’s some kind of loot lag or something going on because auto loot is not always working we’re usually then able to just manually click the item kinda tempted to invite anybody who stands by this to the group.

Yeah, cuz the thing is, we can Oh, here we go. We can get the other guys all over the place but these ones are a little bit more difficult to find all right, two out of two let’s focus on the last two of the regular rates that we need now.

This seems like a good platform to do that they’re responding over here pretty quickly hunters yep, that’s pretty quick reaction there. Probably aren’t gonna beat an arrow by running to the enemy. All right, that’s hits that’s all we need from over here let’s make our way down we could do the jump onto the top platform here I think that’s pretty safe.
victory lies ahead we will take the shield for this.

You’ve succeeded where others like philodendron have utterly failed perhaps you are truly ready to be a contributing member of blood of society. Your success here means that you are capable of surviving the greater threats that lurk in the ever saw.

And believe me, there are plenty to face at the out runners, metrics Arona wanted you to head over to Silvermoon city in order to aid our reclamation efforts there that is once you had successfully addressed the situation that fell three and Academy you did not disappoint us on your way to falcon wing square south of here you should speak without runner Alerion she’s not far from the bridge the hours take care of settling goods between here and the mainland and since you’ve proven to be so resourceful they could use your assistance let’s go ahead and we will sort of board for a bit here might as well to cool look at shield cool looking sore too did they change this at some point?

That is a pretty awesome looking sword I do say so. Alright, the first thing we want to do is the vendor The next thing we want to do is train our level six abilities
I have one of a kind items I’m sure you do. Just saw the claim where for now we’ll be able to get more two handed weapons.

From your demeanor, you seem to be on a matter of some urgency. Is there something specific I can assist you with? This is most interesting and when I say interesting, I mean more disturbing than anything else. Our efforts to reassert control over the aisle in the time following the destruction of sunwell have been a challenge. I suspect that whatever file source is corrupting the aisle is at the heart of it all this sliver may be of some eight uncovering what’s really going on.

You were wise to bring this to me take this as competent maybe we should have brought it to somebody higher up on the chain of command. I don’t feel like this guy ever really does anything with it. It’s a little disturbing. Not our problem though. We’re about to embark into the wider world of falcon wing square. So we’ll let him dwell over the tainted sliver and we’ll go train our abilities.

I was making sure that weapons skills were still a real thing in wrath that that didn’t just get deleted without me realizing holy lights and divine protection. The Holy Light rank two already was ranked two and divine protection I’m gonna go ahead and put that here for now. Three minute cooldown reduces damage taken by 50% for 12 seconds once protected the target cannot be the target of a Divine Shield divine protection or handed protection again for two minutes cannot be used within 30 seconds music avenging wrath okay so three minute cooldown.

Half damage we’ll do that whenever we get ourselves into trouble which we undoubtedly will and yes, surprisingly that’s all there is to do here we need to make our way over to the bridge and we are getting off of the aisle
that must be rough as a tour and druid come making your way over here because I just don’t know where the hell you’re gonna look train your abilities.

You’re gonna have to you can’t even just go to under city I don’t think unless they added unless they added class trainers everywhere maybe they went through and did a pass and they added made sure that every city had all the class trainers that would make sense I just am not sure if they did that
Larry on here wants us to go check on the last person that they had during the delivery job and see where they’re at.

Be ready for any spoiler alerts they’re dead it literally now says look for the slowest spoilers right in the class description look for the slain out runner she’s like we’ll find out what happened to them. My quest says that they’re dead and they didn’t get very far you take the package and confirm that indeed it comes from my district so Rona Alerion would be probably want you to bring it to her they are probably
I’m Nadia Shula.

And now we’re going to complete the delivery because only we could do it
pretty amazing music though. victory lies ahead. major malfunction the arcane patrollers crafted by our forefathers to protect the city have fallen into a dangerous state of disrepair. They fail to recognize us as their masters and we’ll attack on site. We’re gonna go get their power cores so that maybe they’ll stop doing that.

We have a wanted poster here for tailless the hunger of the city of Silverman hereby issues a reward for the head of Bayless the hunger and notorious wretched ringleader. He’s wanted repeated crimes against the general populace of Silvermoon city including the murder of two city guards. A Nobel laureate Jelena L L. Donna sunbrite. Here wants us to recover some of the unstable mana crystals that are scattered around out there.

Remember the sun well? Let’s see. Pellet and trainer is going to be located here when we need it. Let’s deliver our parcel to the end and we’re going to bind our birthstone here, do not loiter?

Do not loiter. Isn’t this the common room of an inn isn’t loitering kind of what one does it’s a little weird. We want I don’t really need either of these but I’ll take the water let’s bind you get that out here 30 minute cooldown for the Hearthstone.

Okay, yeah, I don’t think we need to do anything else here right now. Let’s let’s keep going. Let’s head out into Falco wing square here and we’re looking for arcane cores off of the Golems we want Bayless head and we need to find unstable mana crystals that are going to be in little boxes that we can pick up they’re probably going to be quite sparkly if I had to guess not going to get much done by running out on the main road. So let’s come down here.

Yes, quite sparkly. Indeed. We’re opening them up really quickly to I feel like they increased some of the cast bars for some of the item collection here. Feel like it used to take you longer to get that completion.

Oh no yes same thing here are we going to be able to get fayliss Is this something that’s going to happen we can invite people to groups you are a group leader
I am just inviting people who like are on the fringes or just showing up but I’m not really paying attention to my log like I should be.

This is quite something yeah we need to find more people for our group yeah we really need to get a nice big nice big group here.We really need all right we are full that’s gonna give us the best chances of getting this guy
that’s really all we can do now we wait we wait and we hope he really isn’t responding very fast and that was he.

I am not going to get distracted by that now on original classic launch people actually lined up or like a group representative literally stood in a line and we lined up for a start is a lot more cutthroat compared to where classic started. I remember the opening night on the west fall server, just lions characters lined up to get the name guy back by the orchards. And it was really orderly, I’d never seen anything like it happened. And wow.

I don’t think we got that. I mean, that happens so fast. That happens so fast. And part of this is like if our group mates aren’t on the ball, and they’re not like also trying to tag this thing, then.
It could be trouble. It’s could take a while. What I’m going to do is I’m going to do a little editing here and I’ll just call us back in when we do get this guy. So yeah, after five response, we still haven’t gotten it.

I think the way to get it is like you literally have to have a group full of Paladins because the judgment is going to insert target and instant cast and we didn’t have a group of Paladins we had me and one other person so I’m going to try that again. The probably tomorrow morning. I don’t think I’m going into trouble myself with it anymore.

Tonight, let’s try to work on some of the objectives that we actually might be able to get done. Like finding our crates and searching for the Golems might be a better use of our time. And I can come check this out at like six in the morning tomorrow and probably have a much easier time getting the group and getting into then.

Not that it’ll probably be uncontested there probably still be people playing at that time. Because that’s kind of the nature of fresh start. But it’ll be a little bit easier tomorrow. Even if it’s not like a ton easier. Yeah, there was just no way that was gonna happen right now.
Good flight some of these other guys, we need to find crates, I’m having a hard time finding and figuring out where we should farm the Golems there they just kind of have the route and so it’s a little bit harder to get them than something like the manor rates, or the Lynx is where we were able just to cut a sit on a corpse we could try to do that this one did just kind of pop back up near where he had died last. I’d like to find some crates if we could.

I just really don’t know the area that the crates spot and I feel like over here we could be moving out of that area Oh no, there’s still some crates over here and there are some patrollers over here.

Let’s go ahead and try to grab as many as we can these guys are a little bit tougher. So we’re going to watch our help here it’s possible that we’ll have to throw out a heel we’ll do that if we have to no big deal. We could pop our defensive here it isn’t a three minute cooldown so we might as well use it we don’t have max skill with one hand but we’re getting there so we should start hitting more consistently.

I’m gonna go ahead and grab this guy as well we did we did seem to find a pretty good spot to farm these it’s gonna heal in here I’d rather not get killed and also like to be able to pick up more of these guys if they respond. So this does seem to be like a pretty good area here cracks power core we can’t pick up any more of those items.

Okay. Looks like this box is responding to that’s unexpected but welcome it just responded again for him to grab it. That’s great. See, he did not hesitate in grabbing that box so you can’t hesitate when you’re on a fresh start realm you have to you have to take what you can get.

Sometimes that’s gonna mean taking stuff from right in front of another player and you’re just gonna have to be morally okay with it for a short period of time. I’m gonna hang out here a minute because I feel like these guys are going to respond as soon as they walk away.

That is typically what happens. Looking around at the nearby area we do have a crate over here we can maybe grab. All right, that’s great. That’s crates. And a crate here we can grab that’ll be all the crates we need. Person has gone AFK at like the worst time you can’t go afk on a fresh start Rome.

Things are responding so fast like you’re never going to make it back to your keyboard and time and your only hope is that someone comes along and takes the mob off you.
Still thinking this is maybe the best chance we have here. To get one more core easily. We have a guy down here he just got pulled.

Yeah, maybe we need to park ourselves over here This one seems to be responding quite a bit and the ones over here are no longer popping back up kind of wondering why that is okay. Tao we’re gonna get down here in time but we’re gonna give it a shot.

Oh yeah, we made it alright, I think what we’ll do for now is we’ll head back and we’ll turn these two in. Like I said, I’m gonna wait on Bayless I should be able to wake up super early and just take care of him then. Don’t think there’s a big point in wasting time kind of parking out there tonight. I always love logging in as soon as I can in the Fresh Start rooms you know to see the population truly at its peak to see all the energy and the excitement in the game.

But I don’t usually push myself on that first night I usually get a full night’s sleep. Wake up early, to take out my day the next day and we’re gonna make a lot of progress probably tomorrow. And as far as like the pump the cadence of these videos I do try to get them up the day after I record to keep it as fresh as it can be for a pre recorded thing. Let’s turn these animal grab the belts. I’m pleased to discover you’re at least somewhat competent. I’ll give you another task since you seem so eager to prove yourself.

This is a letter to Lake keeper qidenus The archivist in charge of the upkeep of North Sanctum go southwest of falcon wing square and you will find it takes us out of this little area. Norio Shala besides the constant threat that the wretched represent, I also have to deal with all kinds of fictitious reports of Night Elf sightings. Though most reports are unfounded one recent incident demands further investigation.

The West Sanctum one of our primary energy sources has suffered a terrible malfunction and rumors of their NASCI and sabotage our rabbit, travel there and deal with anyone that looks suspicious report back to Lake keeper of Alinea, who watches over the Sanctum your wits about. All right, so now we’re getting some things that are going to take us out of this little area here. I am going to take a break here for the evening, I’m actually going to jump on a death night and play some of the death night campaign.

Those are going to be the two playlists that I have going on throughout our pre patch as well as working on some of the pre patch events when they start some of our high level characters.

So yeah, thank you guys for being here. I really do appreciate it. If you did enjoy the video, it would really help me out if you leave a like and if you want to see more content in this series or any other, consider subscribing to the channel. I would be very grateful for it. In any event, thank you guys so much for being here. Hope you guys are having fun with the fresh start as well.

I’d love to hear from you if you are having your own experiences. Let me know what it’s like and how you’re finding things. And until next time, guys, take care of yourselves out there in the real world and take care of each other. And we’ll see you back here again really soon. Bye for now.

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