How to Make Gold on The Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers

How to Make Gold on The Fresh WOTLK Classic Servers

So today’s video is going to be a little bit different and a reason.

Is It Possible To Make Easy Gold on The Fresh WoW Wrath Classic Servers?


So today’s video is going to be a little bit different and a reason. So it’s a bit different, because I’m not actually just on my own, which makes a nice change. To be fair. Instead, I’m joined by Marco, and we’re going to talk about a lot of things, a lot of things economy wise, fresh servers is probably the I’m not gonna say main focus, you’ll be able to take some things out of this, even if you’re planning on existing servers.

But definitely, if you’re on a fresh server, you’re going to want to listen to this because we’re talking about all the ways that you can make sure you’ve got enough gold for those key milestones like getting your ground mount, you know, getting your epic ground mount being able to fly at 60.

And all the things that you can do between one to 80, but seven, eight during the pre patch, and then hopefully you as long as you take one or two things away from this, that will be good. So Marco, over to you if you’d like to introduce yourself to everybody.
Thanks so much for having me on.

I used to be the publisher for a daily morning blog called just my two copper, which was primarily focused on wrath content and making gold while leveling.
How did it come about? When did you start your When did you stop that sort of thing I
was thinking about it.

The other week, valuer actually mentioned it off the cuff when he was doing an intro to one of his videos. And he was saying something like, I remember the good old days of wrath, you know, I’d wake up in the morning at eight o’clock, and I’d read my just my two copper posts that go over to this website that do that. And it was just like a feel good. Here’s Marcos ideas, I’m making gold every day.

And it was very consistent. We had a forum with lots of really serious gold makers. And it was just like a place that linked to all the other places online where you can get information. So it’s a nice, like homepage for your gold goblin.

I mean, that’s amazing that earlier, you know, this many years later, like you say, 13 years later, and yeah, you’re still still getting shouted out on YouTube videos, that’s pretty impressive. I’ll take what I can get, in which case, you know, you know a lot about Wow, economy, and yeah, how to make gold.

And obviously, I’ve got a lot of experience with servers that I shouldn’t really talk about, but I still choose to anyway, and just hope Blizzard, don’t ever listen to my videos. But so you know, I’ve seen the Fresh Start many, many, many times. And at that initial gold struggle, you know, the actual getting enough gold, like I say just as simply to be able to get a ground mount whilst also learning all your spells and abilities on the way up.

And obviously, you know, the chances of being level 40 And being able to get 1000 gold to get your spec before you’ve got your first level seven, eight during the pre patch or at during wrath is obviously extremely unlikely. But if you’ve got stretch goals, and you’re more bothered about making gold at lower levels than you are actually getting into max level, I’m not gonna say it’s impossible, but not something that I would be brave enough to try.

With that aside. Let’s start with Should we start with professions. So we’re talking, freshers just launched, it’s day one, you know, unless he just says the week before fresh, you know, it’s now we’re you somebody who’s doing some research trying to find out what is going to be the best approach to these fresh servers to make sure that they’ve got consistent amounts of gold coming in or you know, just not feel left behind.

What do you suggest?
So I think I learned a lot from watching hardcore players, actually. Because my guides have always been a habit established server, how do I make money up all the people who are already at and they’re willing to waste a lot of money, you know, and lower level professional materials.

But a lot of the hardcore players, what they’ll do is they’ll take something like skinning, and they’ll just vendor every single thing they skin in order to make some money. I think in general, you want to do an approach like that on a brand new server where you do a lot of vendoring of expensive trade goods, that vendor, or an expensive amount, such as a bunch of leather that you get.

The other thing is a lot of mobs are going to die. So there’ll be mobs all over the place that are not skinned, that you’ll just build a pickup I do think at some point, you have to be careful. I think that is legit strategy for week one, you know, but by week two, I don’t know, maybe you stopped doing that because a lot of the low level materials and especially things like well, we’ll get into it later. But in general, a lot of low level materials are actually the easiest way to make money because people just they don’t want to go out and farm stuff.

They just want to buy it up real quick. And you know, what’s one goal to someone who’s low levels a lot, but somebody at a high level doesn’t care. So I think there’s a huge difference between I’m a weak one person and I want to be at the top of the game and I want to be first everything I think you’re vendoring a lot of really valuable stuff to get there.

Yeah, no, I totally agree. So very briefly, as we were discussing before we actually started this I you know my plan or what I’m actually testing tonight on stream is going to be you know how much gold can I make from skinning at low levels to make sure I’ve got enough gold to get my ground mount at 20 be able to get you know, epic ridin at 40 All that sort of thing.

But also, the caveat to that is the fact that you are you are getting a short term benefit for what you could play the long game and definitely get a lot more gold for I’m going to say something that’s really going to be unpopular, right? Like people will flame me in the comments and I’m happy, you know, I like that I like dividing the audience I like people to, I like challenging people, basically, you know, and just speaking the truth, which the truth of the matter is, is even in fresh, the place is going to be plagued with bots from day one.

So there will be literally by the time you hit level 10, there will already be bots, farm in peace bloom, for you know, all the low level herbs or farming the low level, you know, ores. So there will the I’m not gonna say the market is going to be saturated instantly.

But it’s not like it’s going to be a fair and even playing field, if you know what I mean, it’s like you by the time you actually get around to selling them, there’s probably already loads on there because somebody who’s bought in has not even bothered getting into level 10, you know, literally order, they’ve got to like level seven or eight. And they’re already flooding the auction house with this stuff.

So I suppose it there’s two ways of looking at it is what I’m saying, you know, as in your vendor, and it might seem like a bad idea, because they will be worth more later on. But at the same time, while your vendor and you’re getting that instant benefit, and there’s already bots flooding the auction house if you’re not I mean, I don’t know how you feel about that.

I know it’s a bit of a sound topic,
I think what you really have to look at is when are people going to start hitting 80? Because anyone who really rushed to get to 80 didn’t do their professions. And they’re going to turn around and they’re going to go where’s my copper? Or where’s my piece bloom? Where’s my mithral?

So the way I would look at it is maybe the first week I think skinning vendor, your skinny mats, they’re not really worth that much even when you do sell them. Typically, until maybe like around level 40 Plus, but like your origin stuff, I think you don’t vendor that I think you save that because you know, most people at 80 are going to switch to engineering Jewelcrafting blacksmithing, there’s going to be a lot of death knights. Right? So there’s going to be a lot of people doing that. I think there’s a week one strategy where you’re trying to get to 80 by like week two.

And then there’s a strategy for the normal person which I think vendor, the scanning, that’s fine, but like don’t vendor anything else. Like if you find like a blue, for God’s sake, don’t vendor it, like the things probably worth, you know, 1020 gold, if it’s a twink item A month later, you know, I think it to be careful with just vendoring everything. Does that make sense?
Yeah, no, absolutely makes sense.

And I’ve done something very, very similar. I made a lot of gold early on in classic like original, you know, not as in back in 2004. But in 2019. Where Yeah, all the blues I was getting, I just kept sending to a bank, because they were selling on the auction house for about 10, silver, literally 1020 Silver, and anything that dropped, I would literally just bank and seriously some of them I was selling for 3040 Gold, you know, just a matter of weeks, maybe small amounts of months, one two months later.

So no, you’re 100% right, it is about knowing what to keep what’s gonna, what’s gonna appreciate and what’s going to depreciate,
so my take on the professionals is take skinning for that vendor money, and then take either mining or herbalism to make money, week two, week three into the game, and just save it all.

And if you’re, if you’re a slower level level, or it’s going to work out great for you, you’re going to, you know, maybe hit, you know, 30 by the end of week one, maybe you didn’t have enough money for them out right away, but then you do as people start to hit 80 and they start buying your stuff.

I just think that in pre patch, everyone’s gonna be so rushed to level if you’re one of the few people who are careful to gather materials as they’re leveling because you’re going to level 50% Faster, you’re going to out level your mining so quickly, you know, you’ll you’ll be off in the barrens and you’re still on copper, you know, so I think it’s worth it to take your time because there’s a wall that everyone’s going to hit and that is waiting for wrap.

So you don’t have to get there in week one or two. Right? You can get there close to as close to the wall as you want. And then all these materials that you’ve gathered especially on a fresh server Nobody has that you know they all they all speed level now they’re off running GDK PS and none of them are going back to get their mining stuff until it’s too late you know so they’re going to the auction house and then I think you can make it killing like I think you should aim for like it paying for your epic mount kind of thing.

So what what what would be the profession so we say mining? Definitely because like you say the amount of people that are going to go engineering, but would it be worth going like if you’ve got mine in and Herbin you’re gonna have a lot of people that are going to want to do inscription because you know, even people like me have hyped up.

You know, the Darkmoon car greatness we want to say hype so it’s not hyping it up. It really is that good. Would it be mining herb in or would it be? Would it be better to go mining and skinning.

So you’re mixing in the instant benefit? Yeah,
that’s what I said. Yeah, mining skinning is fine or herbalism Getting it first and then when you max out when you hit max level, you probably go herbalism and you go back and you just farm the crap out of it and get a get glyphs.

I mean glyphs honestly on the nonferrous servers. I don’t know how much money I’m gonna make in the original game I made a million gold, like just from glyphs. It is insane how much someone will pay when there’s no glyphs on the Auction House. Like if you look at the number of people on your server, and you multiply by the number of glyphs, they’re all going to need it’s insane.

There’s not enough herbs on the server to like people have stockpiled 1000s It’s not enough. So I’m the fresh servers to I think you can at some point, you switch to herbalism maybe at the end of your leveling process. And then just stockpile herbs and start start milling and selling glyphs.

To be fair, I think lifts will be the number one seller even on fresh servers.
Yeah, yeah, no, I do see that. I think we’ve especially more so in rough, like raw. Yeah, when like during the pre patch, yes, people will be buying glyphs 100% on fresh on, but like on all of the servers, but I think come wrath if you’re lucky.

And you get one of those big ones from your inscription research, you know, and you get like Glyph of obliterate for a dk for example, you know, it’s a it’s a staple glyph in your as a dk frosty K, obviously, you know, in your arsenal.

And if there’s only one or two people that can make it, like you say, there’s still only a certain amount of high level herbs early on, that have actually been farmed that haven’t been consumed by other things like alchemy, blah, blah.

So like those I’ve seen on a fresh a fresh raft server. I’ve seen those go for like 500 gold each, which 500 gold for a level at glyph. When we’re talking it’s like one to two weeks into launch. But that’s crazy amounts of gold.

Can I say something controversial?
Yeah, go go go.
You might actually want to buy some stuff while you’re leveling. I don’t waste your money, like, be careful. But there’s gonna be people who are posting like just with an undercut add on, they’re just undercutting the current price.

And you could see some really good items, especially trade materials, herbs, etc. that go for way too little on a fresh server when people post them for the first time. So you know, some people may post them for the default auction amount, which is really, really low. So I think I agree with you that mining or herbalism, and skinning is the beginning.

And then definitely, by the end, you should go like herbalism glyph, or something like you should have a progression in your mind of when you’re going to swap professions. Even if you want to go blacksmithing Jewelcrafting or something to get the best gems with extra sockets at end game, you have time to do it.

We’re all going to hit a wall on the first servers, where we can’t make any more progress on our character. And so it’s all just hey, what do I go farm? Where do I go, you know, make gold for rap?
Do you think there’s any professions where actually, you might not make that much gold while you’re leveling, but it would be worth like sort of taking the hit early on for when you’re seven during the pre patch.

So an example would be going herb and alchemy. So actually leveling with one gathering profession, one crafting profession. So once you’re level 70, you’re more or less got your alchemy maxed already, so you can start pumping out floss or whatever, I think inscription would probably be a better example.

You know, so you are sort of cornering the market on on glyphs very early because other people that are just going herb mining or mining skinning, you know, they’re not gonna have that luxury until they reach max level, whereas you’re sort of you might be level 30 odd and you’re already making decent glyphs that people are going to buy.

But then on the flip side, I see probably what your arguments going to be straight away is when I was going to go to spend, so you know, I don’t know
on Psalm did you play Psalm?

I played the first about two days of it. I’m really not a vanilla fan.
It was a good experience in terms of like, how do I buy stuff early on because there’s so many cheap things on the Auction House because he know what’s going to happen in the game kind of like wrath, but we don’t talk about it then.

For alchemy it’s a little bit of a buffer a little bit of a nerf you can’t stack a bunch of potions on yourself anymore with a bunch of elixirs but you can use potions faster I think Isn’t it like every minute.

Am I wrong
in so raid boss you can use one potion per
something we didn’t talk about that I think is a better example of what you’re talking about is tailoring so you could you could take tailoring and make bags for people and you will be making a killing on the Auction House at first like if you’re one of the first people to put runecloth even if you’re not one of the first if you’re just every day taking some cloth and making a couple bags, you’ll make money.

Every single person is going to want well more more bags and they want glyphs because you’re gonna want four bags in your just on your character and then you know all of your bank slots being full and you’re not just going to settle for the one size bag from the you know from the get go You’ll buy your linen bags from someone first, then you’ll probably go up to a wall then up to silk.

You know, so it’s something you’re going to buy a lot of, I think, actually, a really good tip would be to make sure even early on, you know, you you out, if you’ve got a second account or a second character, you know, you’ve finished on your main for the day, and you’ve got 10 minutes before you go to bed or whatever, you know, to start on your own, that’s going to be your tailor, you know, so you just all the cloth that you get on your main, you can funnel to your tailor just to be pumping out bags. I know, like a lot of people are going to do it. So it’s going to be quite an aggressive market.

But even if you’re just making them for yourself, and for the guild or whatever, you know, it’s still useful,
the more the more people in a market, all that means is just sell less at a time. Like if there’s hundreds of people selling an item, you just sell one, you know, for 24 hour period, 48 hour period, it’ll sell eventually. But you don’t try to sell 10, if that makes sense. But I think the the markets that will be really quick are the cheaper bags. I think everyone, when they go make it all the first thing they do is they check for room cloth bags, even in TBC.

It’s just like a natural thing to do. It’s somewhere in the middle bag. On my server room. cloth bags are more expensive than other wheat bags, and they still sell
but it’s time we get to TBC everybody or you know 80% of the people that are on the server getting never we’ve where there’s only a you know, smaller percentage getting runecloth
I think it’s mostly alts.

Yeah, I’m just saying in general, you probably want to aim for making bags right out the gate. If you want to play it like a cloth class, it’s going to use tailoring at the start a
wrap. So I’m gonna have a mage on my second account, which is going to be tailor and enchanting.

So like every green, this is why I need to plan out well how I’m going to get gold on my main because every green or get is going to my dear you know every bit of cloth I get is go into it. So straightaway, I’m losing so much in sort of raw just just vendor in potential. Do you know what I mean? But I know it’s going to be worth it in the long run.

Do you think there’s enough time for people to make two characters or, like put it this way? One character to 70 in the pre patch and another one to like 65? Do you think there’s enough time?

Um, well, I’m prioritizing, like, I’m prioritizing leveling over anything else. So basically, I want in the pre patch. My aim is to have a 70 Paladin on my main account, or 70 broke on my second account.

And preferably at least nearly seven, IANA DK. Okay. And this is all in the fresh servers are still on fresh. Yeah. So that gives us if I look so fresh launches on the 33 weeks. I mean, sorry, and I’m gonna be going some obviously.

No, I think it’s realistic to have one and a half characters for the average person. It’s definitely a matter of like, if you’re not unfresh, you’ve got an army of vaults at this point, because you’ve been taking advantage of the 50% Buff.

I think you want to be able to do things in Wrath, like disenchant, make bags, prospect mill, like you should have the end goal of eventually be able to do all those things so that you can get the most out of your farming in wrath. But you have plenty of time to do that. So for now, I think getting a tailor all is fantastic. I think it’s a good way to make money.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You’re right, you know, three weeks for the average person who’s only playing a couple of hours a night or something. Just getting 170 is going to be Yeah.
You got that streamer buff.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I mean, I’m gonna I fully intend on putting a good 12 to 14 hours a day in. And I’m really fortunate that the wife has took a week’s holiday as well, the launch of pre patch, so I’m not gonna worry about the kids either.

I can literally more or less play. I mean, I might even be playing 18 hours a day for the first few days. I look forward to the streams. So we’ve spoke about primary professions and obviously if people enjoy this conversation would like definitely go like deep dive into all of this stuff.

So like, an hour, maybe hour and a half just talking about professions on fresh professions in graph. But we’ve not mentioned the best professions like literally do. We glossed over it fishing and cooking the best professions in Well, is it worth? Should you do that in the pre patch? What do you like? What’s your thoughts on that?

So you can do it? If you’re gonna do that you’re not part of the group that’s rushing, right. Which means which is probably the better group to be part of you’re you’re settling down you’re leveling your character even though you’re 50% faster.

You’re stopping to smell the roses, you’re gathering your professions are staying up to date with where you’re at in your leveling process. Fishing, especially if you target certain areas, different pools is incredible for making money.

You start to get you know, fish that give you mana per five. You if you go to Tenaris or Fairless you can get pools that give tremendous amounts of money in terms of mid level items. I don’t If you’ve ever done that that generis coast and just fish those pools for like an hour and a half,
yeah, I’ve done a fit.

I’ve done a fishing stream, believe it or not a good probably a year ago now literally kitted the whole room out with like fishing nets, fishing poles, I made it look like I was in a tent basically. And all I’d done for hours was just sat on the coast of terrorists fishing and made scope.

That’s fantastic. And those turtles if you were to kill them between the pools can give you a golden pearl. That that Tenaris coast was my favorite farming spot and regular classic well, for my healers that couldn’t like do a lot of damage. But that being said, there’s all these fancy little spots you can find where fishing makes you a lot of money.

And actually fishing coupled with a Enchanter can make a lot of money because the fishing will lead to a lot of chests which have a lot of items in them you can disenchant there’s oil spills you can get in different areas of the game there’s a lot of ways to make money with the fishing and what’s cool about the fishing is it immediately funds the cooking so when you’re if you can look up guides online maybe you’ve done them to where you level fishing as you’re leveling cooking and it literally supplies the other and a lot of people want food buffs especially at higher levels.

So when you get the wrap if you’re the one of the first people to start cooking things you’re gonna make a lot of money off that too. And I’m sure there’ll be guides about what’s best for raiding and whatnot.

But yeah, fishing is a good moneymaker cookies good moneymaker in general I would be careful there are some guides out there that tell you to use certain foods that are nowhere near as efficient as using a fishing the fishing skill to fund your cooking.

What I would do is I would use fishing to level cooking and then all of the meats especially things like clam meat and boar meat things that are in the common you know, one to 450 guides sell those on the Auction House when I’m leveling a new character cooking meat often funds the character it’s actually crazy like people will go on a guide and they’ll say I need 40 board meet and let’s go the auction houses buy it whatever price it is.

I’m talking about week one but if that makes sense like don’t waste the meats that you’re getting don’t vendor them save them use fishing to level your cooking
Yeah, that makes sense.

I mean like you say once you’re when you’re fishing out of wreckages and stuff as well and getting getting the crates that have got stuff in I mean you can even get like mining materials you know or and stuff like that which I really like it I really like fishing as a source of getting getting gold but the reason is, like I said earlier when I was talking about being able to just level off stream just chillin watching Netflix, you know, just setting your sound alerts up so that the actual fishing noise is really loud.

And it just sat watching telly or something you know or even on the stream deck while you’re fishing. It’s a great way to get in just like mindless gold
that’s a really good point that it breaks up the grind and you can do it semi AFK
Yeah, absolutely.

And it is it’s one of those where I very often finish by fishing you know as in if I’m like yeah, I’m bored I can’t be able to do any more question I’ll just just stand there and fish just for 10 minutes whatever I mean the actual raw you know even getting the fish and then cooking them and vendor him you know it’s still silver copper whatever that you wouldn’t you wouldn’t be getting if he was just stood there doing nothing so it’s actually I love it honestly fishing and cooking is one of my favorite ways of making gold which sounds a bit sad
yeah when you can level the fishing from a major city to you don’t even have to leave but I would recommend following a guide and fishing up what you need to level the cooking.
Yeah, yeah 100% the
meats are just worth too much money you shouldn’t be cooking for meat or especially clam meat.

It’s a major blocker when people are trying to level
you know if you are just following a guide and leveling cooking to be able to make fish feasts or whatever Yeah, you’re really losing out on a big portion of that profession by not being able to go fishing as well I
think yeah, you’re you’re just losing money
Alright, well we can move on from professions and so, the next topic is what you should keep and what you should throw away.

So thinking afresh, various different, you know, levels could be anything from level one to level 70 You know, what are some key things that a lot of people will just vendor or delete, you know, that potentially you could keep hold of and make a lot of gold with later on.

Now, believe it or not, that was just part one of five so if you want to see all the other parts, be sure to like and subscribe and let me know in the comments if you want to see the rest because ultimately down to you wherever part 234 and five get published, so be sure to like and subscribe.

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