Is This A WOTLK Classic Rogue Guide?

Rogues are the iconic thief class using daggers to stab an ambush and disable their opponents before they even have a chance to react. Rogues have always been one of the most powerful classes in PvP, and even PvE. In Vanilla WoW TBC brought melee unfriendly raids and rogues became somewhat unwanted.

But in Wrath with the addition of new abilities and new raids, groves rise up to the challenge and are incredible once again in both PvE and PvP. Out of all the classes rogues probably had the least amount of changes to their talent trees, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have powerful new abilities added abilities that give them incredible new AOE such as Fan of Knives instantly throw.

Both weapons at all targets within eight yards, causing 105% weapon damage with daggers and 70% weapon damage with all other weapons. But this isn’t the only thing rogues got. They also got tricks of the trade, which is an iconic ability, the current party or raid member becomes the target of your tricks of the trade the threat caused by your next attack and all actions taken for six seconds afterwards will be transferred to the target. In addition, all damage caused by the target is increased by 15%.

During this time, this is amazing. It is such a powerful buff 15% damage not to mention all of your threat will be given to the target which is a very very great threat mitigation for rogues very strong ability. Now besides these baseline new abilities for all rogues.

There are also three specializations to choose from assassination, which is a high damage specialization used mainly in the PvE and wrath of Lich King utilizing mutilate and venom which deals nature damage to bypass armors. Physical damage reduction was also combat which is also a PVE specialization requiring armor penetration in order to truly maximize its effectiveness in dealing more consistent sustained physical damage.

And last there is subtlety the PvP specialization which focuses on making the rogue a shadowy nightmare that can lock down enemies escaped from death and chase down fleeing foes with E is subtlety rogues are things of nightmare for many classes.

Now all these specializations did change in wrath. So let’s talk about some of the biggest changes starting with assassination. The first big talent change for assassination is blood spatter increases the damage caused by your growth and rupture abilities by 30% big increase their deadly brew is a new talent which causes your instant wound or mind numbing poison to have a 100% chance to apply crippling poison which is awesome.

No longer do you need to put on your crippling boys into your weapons once you get this talent. There’s also focusing attacks causes your melee critical strikes to have a 100% chance to give you to energy which is nice. There’s also turn the tables whenever anyone in your party or raid blocks dodges or parries and attack your chance to critically hit with all combo moves is increased by 6%. For eight seconds.

This is very strong. As you can imagine, I’m sure plenty of your party or more so raid members are going to be blocking dodging or parrying, which will certainly give all your finishing moves nearly a permanent 6% increase critical hit chance another powerful assassination talent is cut to the chase which causes your eviscerate and inventive abilities to have a 100% chance to refresh your slice and dice duration to its five Combo Point maximum and last, the final new talent hunger for blood all the way at the bottom of the assassination tree.

This enrages you increasing all damage caused by 5% and it does require a bleed effect to be active on the target in order to use but it will last a full minute. Okay, next let’s talk about combat talents. We’ve got throwing specialization which increases the range of throw and deadly throw by four yards and gives your deadly throw a 100% chance to interrupt the target for three seconds.

Previously this was a set bonus to cause your deadly throat to interrupt the target or actually I think it was on the PvP gloves but either way now it’s a talent which is very nice be able to keep that going into Wrath of the Lich King another awesome talent is unfair advantage whenever you dodge an attack you gain an unfair advantage striking back for 100% of your main hand weapons damage this cannot occur more than once per second.

This is amazing. Anytime you dodge you’re gonna be doing tons of damage and rogues have evasion which increases their dodge chance substantially so this is a very very cool new talent for the combat tree very very strong savage combat is another new talent in the combat tree which increases your total attack power by 4%. In all physical damage caused enemies your poison is increased by 4%.

This is an incredibly strong ability increasing all attack power and all physical damage caused very very, very powerful PvE but also PVP talent. Another amazing talent is prey on the weak Your Critical Strike damage is increased by 20%. When the target has less health, the new as a percentage of total health this is very nice.

Obviously, you know as a rogue, you’re most likely going to always have more health and your enemy assuming you’re locking them down and they’re not even dealing damage to you and so your critical strike damage and being increased by 20% is a very powerful buff to have on another talent at the bottom of the combat tree which is the new final ability is killing spree step through the shadows from enemies.

Enemy within 10 yards attacking an enemy every half second with both weapons until five assaults are made and increasing all damage done by 20% for the duration can hit the same target multiple times cannot hit invisible or stealth targets this is a an amazing ability definitely can do tons of damage because it’s increasing all damage done by 20%.

So very, very strong ability mostly good for PvE but also PvP applications as well. And last let’s talk about subtlety. Talent changes now relentless strikes has been moved from the assassination tree over to the subtlety tree near the top so other specs have easy access to it. So that is now there.

But there are also brand new talents in the subtlety tree like waylay, which causes your ambush and backstab hits to have a 100% chance to unbalance a target, increasing the time between their melee and ranged attacks by 20% and reducing movement speed by 50%. For eight seconds.

This is very strong, obviously for moving into PvP land and this is a very very strong sort of damage mitigation in the form of slowing their melee and ranged attacks and of course, reducing their movement speed by 50% is very very strong as well.

Another very strong subtlety talent is honor among thieves when anyone in your group critically hits with a damage or healing spell or ability you have a 100% chance to gain a combo point on your current targets effect cannot occur more than once every second so as you can imagine if anyone is getting lots of crits you’re gonna be getting tons of karma points this is absolutely amazing.

So you can imagine getting all those Combo Points very quickly can help you get more finishing moves and make you do more damage in general so Honor among Thieves a nice new subtlety talent another very strong talent is filthy tricks reduces the cooldown by 10 seconds and energy cost by 10 of your tricks of the trade distract and shadow step abilities and reduces the cooldown of preparation by three minutes.

All of those abilities are very powerful, so reducing the cooldown and energy cost of these abilities is obviously going to make the rogue that much more powerful. Another very cool subtlety ability is Slaughter from the shadows reduces the energy cost of your backstab and ambush abilities by 20 and the energy cost of your hemorrhage by five and increases all damage done by 5%.

All around very, very strong talent that basically helps tons of your important abilities by reducing the energy costs and just increasing all your damage done that is very, very nice. And the final talent at the bottom of the subtlety tree for rogues is Shadow Dance.

Enter the shadow dance for six seconds allowing the use of SAP grote ambush cheap shot premeditation, pickpocket and disarm trap regardless of being stealth, this is amazing. As you can imagine a lot of those abilities you need to be stealth to use well you don’t have to be stealth during the shadow dance incredibly powerful to be able to do that and obviously very, very strong for PvP.

And speaking of PvP, rogues have many arena teams to choose from you’ve got the all powerful RMP rogue mage priest is a classic which dominates in Wrath of the Lich King, the notorious RLS, which is roguelike shaman is another team that can easily crush so many other teams and of course in two v two where the road can dominate with a priest Rogue is always a standard comp.

That does very well when it comes to open world PvP not a lot needs to be said rogues are the best at ganking the hardest to gank and hands down dominate in open world PvP overall. With the new abilities rogues were given they rise to the top as one of the strongest choices for Wrath of the Lich King because of their ability to do so well in both PvP and PvE having a high skill ceiling for those looking for a class to master and a sinister class fantasy to enjoy


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