14 How To Pick Class in WoW WOTLK - ULTIMATE WOTLK Classic Class Picking Guide

How To Pick a Class in WoW WOTLK? ULTIMATE WOTLK Classic Class Picking Guide!

Streamer Scotteaye perfectly explains how to pick class in WOTLK Classic:

Is This The Ultimate WOTLK Classic Class Picking Guide?.

The Warrior is a contender for top DPS by the last year given lots of armor pen but definitely going to be a slow star out of the gate when you have limited access to these armor pen pieces whilst is the least desirable tank of the four choices, you can absolutely clear all content from normal to heroic from phase one to the final phase as a prop warrior you have a lot easier time with AOE for and a great tanking toolkit overall, as arms you’re one of only two specs that can bring the physical damage debuff taken by 4% debuff as well as bringing back shout come on and shout and being able to keep Sundays up as fury on cleave boss as your damage will be exceptional.

What Is The Best Tanking Class in WOTLK Classic, Is It The Warrior?

Even before getting too much armor pen fights like collagen in Ulduar you’ll see warriors popping off but in a single target fight early on, you’ll still struggle to keep up with some of the big pumping single target classes. The new talents and abilities such as being able to draw will too big hand as his fury spin around bladestorm in his arms or even just being able to charge around in combat in defensive stance makes it one of the most fun and mobile classes to play and remember the YouTube content create a plague of 2020 to spread in info warriors are useless in PvE and to ICC, which is the last phase by the way, we’ll get there easily swayed people to reroll and potentially give you an easier time gearing up with the Paladin.

How do I even be objective with the most overpowered tank and healer in all of Wrath of the Lich King as protection you’ll be wanting in every raid bringing so much utility like your hands blessings and to raid cooldowns yes to raid cooldowns divine sacrifice giving 20% damage reduction for the entire raid and aura mastery being able to make the right immune to silence are both amazing and will be absolutely assigned to be used as specific times on specific fights. There is absolutely no downside to Planet protection paladin so moving on to retribution which just feels so much better to play in Wrath of the Lich King on from TBC but do not be under any assumption that they are a big pumper because that does take time you’re able to put out incredible cleave and any find that as multiple as next to each other you really can enjoy using your divine storm to hit them all.

Why are they slow out the gate. Unlike warriors, it’s not to do with lack of armor pen. It’s actually your tear set that you’re really waiting for specifically your ICC tear set where you can reset your divine storm for even more spinning around goodness. Right paladins are very much a middle of the pack DPS up until then, but still extremely fun to play. And remember replenishment is extremely important to your raid and you are a spec that brings this if you want to be a healer and you want to top every healing meter and actually now have AOE healing capability from the use of Glyph of holy light Paladin is for you with things like beacons so you can heal two targets at once.

Is Death Knight The Best Class in WOTLK Classic WoW?

Pot supply from flash or light if it’s being used on a target with your sacred shield and quite literally infinite amounts of mana. If you can play your class right and get in melee to slap the boss in times of low healing requirements with divine play on to run back out on 100% Manna again it’s overpowered as and the decay of course you want to play the new shiny class of Wrath of the Lich King is superior tank to all of us than prop Paladins yet still in certain situations even outshine our mighty protection paladin in terms of DPS they have amazing cleave and single target damage with two very unique feeling DPS specs. The DK really can do it all except for he’ll be in a tank who brings a stereo for your feral druid.

That’s right. Only feral Druids. By the way. That’s it just feral druids whilst also being able to bring haste for your melee Horn of Winter for strength and agility 10% attack power I mean, let’s be honest. How many buffs does one single tank need to be able to bring? They really cover so much? The threat is amazing single target to the point where it touched Bam is the single highest threat in the game and once that boss is on you, you have no worries about losing him cooldowns to massively reduce the amount of spell damage you take cooldowns to make you immune to stun and reduce all damage taken. Interrupts silences pets. I mean, come on, you have everything. Your wilderness Frost is one of the most fast paced prop driven DPS classes in Wrath of the Lich King, only closely rivaled with enhancement Charmin you see amazingly big crits on multiple targets using howling blasts, massive single target hits or crits with obliterate and a unique resource system in the form of runes and runic power to just break the ordinary fill of all pre wrath classes or unholy using a big two and are using pets to do massive damage and spreading hard hitting diseases is absolutely amazing and in most cases without damage frost but I still say Frost is the more fun to play personal opinion.

Expect to see your decays on top of the meters top three more or less every fight as long as they know what they’re doing. So if you can play the DK well, you will be a big pumper. As for the hunter it remains one of the most convenient classes to level in the game has based mastery being able to solo things out in the world which other classes will struggle with taming new spirit base which look amazing or getting yourself a big devil saw. If you love just having cool looking pets. BM will be something you love. The pet system has been reworked completely to have one of three talent trees now so you can customize your pets set up even more than in TBC. The major downside to bass mastery is unfortunately it’s damaged output and if you were wanting to go bass mastery main spec to raid with I would suggest one or the other specs or you will be so low on the damage meter in tier seven Even you’ll be looking up at the Warriors on details joke warriors joke survival on the other hand comes out swinging with Explosive Shot doing incredible damage, forcing procs of your new talent Lock and load giving you even more use of explosive shot.

They really are a super mobile super pumper to get the most out of survival. You can’t be scared to get Emilian drop traps also known as weaving, you bring replenishment to your raid and the ability to push those meters and to be seen as top on every single fight from phase one onwards. If you’re good if you want to push that damage even further, then switch into marksman when you can get yourself enough armor pen you will be equally as godlike through tier nine and 10. Whilst typically hunters are one of those reliable classes who always feature in the top five to six at a DPS and 25. Man, if you played his base, right, you absolutely can push for that top spot on certain encounters, even in tier 10. When it comes to the Charmin, I say it time and time again, elements will go through the similar story that it did in TBC.

They come out pumping hard in tier seven continue to do extremely competitive damage all the way through tier eight when tier nine comes out, which is trying to the Crusader by the way, many classes get huge power spikes and elemental just continues that steady rise. So it’s typically around this sort of point where you start to see the elementals fall further down the meat as a demonology Warlock can provide more spell power than the totem of wrath, even with only mediocre tier seven gear and ultimately everything an Elemental Shaman can bring can be covered by other classes that bring higher DPS. You’ll have a great time for the first half of the expansion and then just coast your way through to the end. enhancement on the other hand is solid DPS from start to finish. Definitely a top five dps on almost every fight up until when other melee like your combat rogues, feral druids and fury warriors start to get high amounts of armor pen, then you’ll fall a little bit behind but still be competitive all the way until the end, bringing the most amount of strength and agility from any buff with improved totems.

Even just heroism bloodlust in the absence of a resto shaman or Elemental Shaman and quite honestly, past pushing groups later on in the expansion will likely get their heroism or Bloodlust from an enhancement shaman over a resto an elemental resto shaman is a great all round healer with a great toolkit bringing things like Mana Tide of SHIELD a different size Hill for almost any occasion and of course chain Hill. With the addition of Riptide and tidal waves. It really does add spice and flair to how you heal as a resto Shaman. But the sad truth is, most raid leaders would prefer holy Paladins at this priest or even a Resto Druid over a resto shaman providing heroism or Bloodlust is being provided from somewhere else.

This is not to say you can’t compete on the healer meet as against those other healers. You absolutely can. It’s just a lack of providing anything unique, which puts a bit of a downer on the rest of shaman the rogue will definitely not take me a minute to tell you how amazing they are on single target dps as an assassination rogue you only need two daggers that you can buy from the auction house at level 80 And you can instantly start pumping the single target if you’re good is absolutely unrivaled. I don’t care what tier let’s say tier seven single target. If you’re assassination and you aren’t top you’re doing it wrong. Sub is purely a PvP spec and you’ll never use it for PvE unless for a bit of fun or honor amongst thieves is broken like it was an original Raph in which case you’ll probably all be sub combat however, is another spec which scales so well with armor pen and weapon damage in general that as the ilevel of the weapons rise, so does their damage so does yours get in that armor pen either soft cat or hard cat just means you’re a pumping machine and continue pushing for number one on the meat as every fight.

The beautiful thing now is you can cleave no longer restricted to only being seen as the big dick pumper when there isn’t a second mob getting cleaved into you can join those cleavers and show a marathon whilst you can switch to combat it’s worth noting if you enjoy the more simple slower pace of assassination, you can absolutely stay as assassination from RAF prepatch all the way to the Capri patch, which we’re definitely going to get and the only disadvantage is going to be when there’s more than one target stood in front of you and then the druid feral DPS stand up and rejoiced a completely different playstyle no more power shifting no more wolf said hell no more 1000s of gold a week on consumables just to compete for anything to look respectable.

You come out of pre patches of beast and you end RAF as a base as a class which scales incredibly well with armor. Pemba isn’t reliant on it. You’re one of the few physical DPS which are extremely competitive in tier seven without access to armor pen you have cleaved now although is bursty and hard to sustain on long fights without using the reworked Tiger’s fury, or steal any cleavers good cleavers, Ferrell and if you’re on the fence about going feral DPS if you have the skill to back it up. It’s an amazing spec and you’ll do magical things throughout the entire expansion. As a tank you won’t be in as much demand as prop Paladins and decays but you definitely hold your own and you’re still that big meat shield situations would be rare where raids are specifically looking for you as a feral tank, but there will be even rarer where you was turned away for being one.

You’re that happy medium tank that no one has a problem with balanced by name and balanced by nature is exactly what it is balanced. It’s not your big big single target pumper, but it has incredible AOE with hurricane and Starfall Alby It started as a cooldown. The single target is respectable and very r&g driven without massively high levels of gear. So you can have some really good fights on the meter and you can have some really average fights on the meter. You’re at the mercy of your crit chance, but overall the boomy is wanted it brings lots lots of utility combat rest tranquility, innovate solid single target, great raid buffs and super strong bursty AOE to quickly dispose of ads.

While she doesn’t scale terribly well, it’s a similar story damage wise to the elements will Charmin will start pumping early in tier seven and by tier 10. You’ll slip down to me as but will still be one in for everything mentioned before, Resto druids bring revitalizing with a potential uptime being huge from rejuvenate Wild Growth, you can return loads of energy loads of runic power loads of rage and manner over the course of a fight. Being that healer that can actually not only do massive blanket healing where in certain situations you can dominate the meters. You also boost the raid DPS, whilst you only situationally dominate me is because the fight needs to be built for that hot style of play.

By this I mean the likes of saffron, where there’s constant small damage going out on everyone for the entire fight, you’ll struggle on the more bursty tank healing and where damage on single targets need topping off quickly. If you have a disc priest in the group, it can also cripple you a lot because so much of the damage has been absorbed that your Hills don’t get the chance to shine. Overall, not the weakest of the healers, but definitely under holy Paladins and disperse in terms of overall usefulness in raids.

Are Mages The Best DPS Class in WOTLK Classic?

The mage is just a solid pumper throughout your transition from arcane to fire with high levels of crit, but quite honestly, they haven’t changed all that much, you get a completely new way of playing arcane with Arcane Blast stacks being dropped by using things like Arcane Missiles, which you can use with procs like missile barrage for those times of mana preservation, and of course, going absolutely nuts with Arcane Blast in here and your Arcane Mages calling for innovates from every druid in your group will be a thing they can do exceptional single target damage from the word go but definitely have a heavy reliance on innovates to be able to do so later.

With high amounts of crit and the inevitable switch to fire you absolutely explode. The single target and AOE are both incredible and by the end of ICC, you can almost guarantee to see fire mages on top of your meters if not on top definitely in the top three majors one of those safe bets you got frost which is amazing for solo play, and if your group was lacking replenishment, you can bring that with frost it would be a DPS loss to you personally but if your group needs it, they need it your damage from start to finish is top quality even if arcane has the reliance on external cooldowns from other members that are raid and once you go fire and start using things like your hot streak procs to fire off instant Pyro blasts and just see enemies burning while your DPS skyrockets on the meters and inevitably walk off logs it’s hard to say it’s not a safe choice for anyone on the fence between a mage and any other class and with the priest if you want to be a healer but don’t want to be a holy paladin look no further people sleep on the power of the Holy Priests but they bring such amazing utility like guardian spirit which can have such a huge uptime with a glyph amazing AOE healing .

And a bit like I said for Charmin they have the toolkit which just has a hill for every situation the play style doesn’t change too much from TBC a change is enough to make it more enjoyable the big one in the room though let’s be honest, the disc priest every group is going to want you as a disc priest they absorb so much damage even bring in an effect like revitalize from a druid but in the form of rapture, and dare I say it they’re overpowered a holy paladin at a dispraise together can do so much healing so many absorbs and bring so much utility that any raid group without the duo will definitely feel it it’s not the most complex healer to play in fact, I say it’s the easiest healer to get amazing results from because you’re quite literally spamming four to five shields pendants and cooldown and pom on cooldown get short you can do a little bit more than that but you know that’s what you’ll spend 90% of your time doing but the results from it are truly amazing and pre shooting most of the rain before a huge AOE comes in and watching the meter when you was rock bottom to flying up above everyone else is extremely satisfying if we were talking healing tear list here this priests for me is est here right up there with Paladin but we ain’t talking TLS because they’re crap.

The Shadow Priest is so much better in wrath and really can put out amazing numbers can they consistently top damage me as no, they will consistently be one of those middle of the pack reliable damage replenishment bringing utility providing machines there’s some fights namely Algol on the extra boss in Ottawa requiring a key from doing hardmode encounters to access, which is made so much more simple with dispersion dispersion not being kept by Max Health compared to things like anti magic shell is amazing. You’ll be one of those people soaking or ichael cheese in mechanics, so everyone else can focus on pumping. But what in addition to the raid to be blunt though if your goal is to top damage me is consistently on every fight the Shadow Priests won’t be for you. You absolutely can top some fights specifically multi dots situations on massive amounts of adds to AOE because actually your AOE mindsphere It’s pretty hard.

Playing WOTLK Classic as Affliction Warlock?

It hits pretty fast, but the pack needs to be big because the mob that you actually cast it on takes no damage from it. Last but not least the warlock the reliable pump Throughout the entire expansion who can and you will likely see top in lots of fights from launch until close with two very different but very competitive specs being a friction and demonology you can mix it up as often as you like destruction will be used very rarely as it brings inferior damage but can provide replenishment if you needed it for your raid Warlock strange in the fact that to pump to the best of your ability, you really don’t want short execute phases and actually, the shorter the fight, the more damaging it can be to your DPS gaining damage at lower than 35% Hell from deaths embrace and your drain soul doing four times the amount of damage if the target is below 25%. It goes without saying if that phase goes particularly fast your damage will suffer.

That’s not to say the execute phase is all you rely on though because your DPS will be high the entire fire either way, it does have the potential to creep up and up and up over an extended period of time under 35% health. Overall you’ll expect to see a fraction locks your top five DPS spec throughout and definitely a top free throughout tier seven and eight demonology will be wanted in every single raid they bring spellpower to the raid superior to that of an Elemental Shaman quite early into the expansion through demonic pact and also they’re in a similar situation to affliction where your big pumping phase is at the end preferably inside your new shiny called our metamorphosis which looks fantastic by the way, but when the boss is under 35% health you can spam Soulfire for massive massive crits until the boss is dead both affliction and demonology can do amazing AOE we’ve seen of corruption but demo is definitely superior and compare our incredible AOE with metamorphosis emulation aura and spamming seed while your felguard is cleaving away it’s a sight to see and one you’ll enjoy every time you do it to round off the video, play what you want.

Like if hopefully you’ve got from this video that honestly any of them are fine, whatever whatever you want to play even warrior you’ll be fine as they’ve all got their strengths and weaknesses. When we say you know Class A is top DPS class be a second DPS. Normally there’s not that much between them a couple of 100 DPS we’re not talking a couple of k this isn’t TBC This is rough play what class stands out to you the most and the one that you’ll enjoy throughout the expansion the most Rowley outro LIKE and SUBSCRIBE actually like and subscribe broadly outro there’s lots of ways you can support the channel to keep me here putting out what a Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel as a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you remember when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I’ll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year. Additionally, there’s a patreon link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I’ll see you on the next one.

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