13 WotLK Classic Death Knight Guide DEEP DIVE - Leveling Professions Talents Weapon Progression

WotLK Classic Death Knight Guide DEEP DIVE (Leveling, Professions, Talents & Weapon Progression)

WOTLK Classic reintroduced the Death Knight. See this deep dive Death Knight WOTLK Guide and learn more about leveling, professions, talents and weapon progression with the “Undead Warrior” class.

Is This The Ultimate WOTLK Classic Death Knight Guide?

Death Knights are easily one of the most fun classes to play because you embody an evil unholy warrior of death who can summon the dead spread pestilence and disease, cast debilitating spells and also be a plate wearing juggernaut who can cleave down multiple enemies at melee range. Death Knights are a powerful new type of class, a hero class starting at level 55 and possessing the ability to deal not only physical damage, but also shadow and frost. Not only that, but they have self enhancing spells like Horn of Winter, anti magic shield, and many more that makes them a terror to spell casters and plate wearing classes alike.

Not only is the class fun to play, but they are deathly powerful in both PvE and PvP with the ability to be a top tier tank as blood specialization, as well as a top tier DPS in both unholy and frost specializations, you can play any way you’d like as a Death Knight. Not only do Death Knights bring damage to a raid, but they also have powerful raid wide buffs such as Eben plague, which grants 13% increase magic damage taken on targets and improved Icy Talons, which grants 20% increased melee haste and your own haste by 5%. top it all off with the ability to equip the new legendary and wrath of the lich king called Shadow mourn, and there are plenty of reasons to play a Death Knight in a Wrath of the Lich King. Now that you’re convinced death knights are a great choice for Wrath of the Lich King, let’s talk about what is the best race for death knights in Wrath of the Lich King.

Now this question is frequently asked because any race can be a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King so you can feel as though you may have chains of ice paralyzing you from making a choice, But fret not. I will cast hand of freedom on you and tell you which is the best for both Horde and Alliance starting with horde. For horde from a PVE DPS standpoint, orc is the best. They have five expertise with axes which shadow mourn is blood fury no longer gives you a healing debuff and it also grants attack power and spell damage command gives your pets 5% increased damage which means your Google your army of the dead as well as your gargoyle if you’re on Holi which is very powerful. If you’re thinking about PvP for Horde, your best bet is Blood Elf for the AOE silence or interrupt.

WOTLK Classic Death Knight Leveling Guide

It’s a close race in my opinion if you want the Nerf version of will have the Forsaken with undead which only removes fear and sleep as well as charm but does not grant that five seconds of immunity or if you want the troll preserving which has been buffed along with doubleu shuffle, which reduces movement speed slows duration by 15%. Overall though I think blood off wins for PvP we’re an interrupt at the right time in the right place. And it’s also a way we can win you the duel the arena, the battleground etc.

Now when it comes to alliances for pure PvE DPS I believe dren AI is the best the 1% spell and melee hit rating hit chance for you and your party will be sought after and useful. You’ll want one dread it and each group human sort and may specialization has been nerfed in Wrath of Lich King and shadow mourn is an axe anyways. No other race has any damage boosting racials now for PvP, it’s a totally different story. Human Hands down is the best PvP race in Wrath of the Lich King for any class that can be human for every man for himself. granting a free PvP trinket is simply the most powerful PvP racial in Wrath of the Lich King at the end of the day for both factions for PvE the buffs honestly aren’t gamebreaking so I’d recommend just go whichever race you think is the coolest. If you’re a serious PvP player, you’re probably going to make a human death knight regardless.

Now changing gears we’re going to talk a little bit about leveling your new fresh Death Knight. Now, we’re gonna talk about gear to get while leveling and death knights are unique in that doing you’re starting series of quests gives you a full set of Rares that frankly look amazing. So when you had to Outland start leveling your gears pretty decent and doesn’t actually get replaced immediately. Even Hal Reaver the great two handed polearm from ramparts is only slightly an upgrade from your great sword or great acts of ebb and blade that you get from the starting series of quests. If you can find a group while you’re leveling doing the ring of blood will be well worth it.

You get lots of experience as well as you get the honed void x, which is a nice upgrade and raw damage and you also get 30 agility, especially if you’re orc the five expertise can be nice. At level 68 You can head to Northrend or the new console awaits. And when it comes to getting good gear, a lot of it honestly will come from dungeons and then heroics and then raids. But while you’re leveling a good weapon is something worth going out of your way for. So we’re going to talk about Northrend weapon progression starting with two handed axes. So when you first land on Outland The first item you should probably seek out is the acts of frozen death.

This is a level 68 quest reward in Borean Tundra called Last Rites if your alliance or hell screams champion if you’re horde. Now obviously this definitely sort of shows my bias for starting in Berea and tundra versus on the east side of Northrend and Howling Fjord, but that’s up to you. I think the AXA frozen death is a great starter weapon. The next weapon you can potentially get that’s also an axe is Captain Carver’s persuader. This is a level 73 World drought, BOe so good luck finding it, but if you want to go to the auction house and purchase one, chances are you’ll probably be able to find it. And then after that, we’re going to talk about the honed cobalt cleaver.

This is also a level 73 Big Blue however this has made from blacksmiths and it’s really not that hard to make. It just requires for Sauron I bars 12 cobalt bars and to crystallized fire so you could probably find that. And then at level 75 There’s the D raged war axe. This is a quest reward from the amphitheater of anguish. So just like ring of blood Northrend has the amphitheater of anguish, lots of experience, and you get that nice good item at the end. At level 78. There’s the worm claw battleaxe, from the cache of Eric ghosts in the Oculus. And then from that point, there’s a lot of level at options you could potentially get the edge of Oblivion, which is level 80 from Jidoka shadow seeker of Boston Anca hit the Old Kingdom.

There’s the colossal skull clad cleaver a level at purple from Logan in the Halls of Lightning. And those are all different axes. I did forget to mention ng VARs monolithic cleaver This is actually a level 70x was drops from Ingvar the plunder and UK guard keep so there’s also that option to moving on to two handed mesas which Death Knights can use in the wrath in Wrath of Lich King. We have the petrified iron wood Smasher, this is a level 76 Boe Blue World dropped again, probably you’re not going to find it but maybe on the Auction House, you might Sauron mind Crusher, this is actually a bo P blacksmithing. Weapon. So chances are you’re not going to get this unless you already have all of the materials from an alt to level up blacksmithing on your definitely very quickly requires 20 saronite buyers and two crystallized fire so not very hard to make. There’s dirt keys superstructure. This is actually a level at mace that drops off a rare elite in the Storm Peaks.

So once you get max level, you could go for it. There’s also the Crimson cranium Crusher, which is a level 75 quest reward from the amphitheater of anguish if you’re going for those two handed Masons moving on to two handed swords, the troll butcher is a level of 74 item that drops from troll gore and drag pharaon keep there is dread Lords blade, which is a level 70 item in the calling of strat Stratholme. There’s also the sword of justice which everyone always calls the tuning fork if you remember that’s from the halls of stone it’s level 80 item and there’s also the rune blade of demonstrable power and level at requires revered with the Knights of ebb and blade, but can be bought from Duchess minx.

We’ve gone to pole arms our last item we have a banner slicer a level 75 World drop BOE so check the Auction House. There’s also the icier barbed spear, which is a level 75 quest item from the amphitheater of anguish, and the whale stick harpoon a level 78 item which requires revered with the kalo act sold by either callow at quartermaster and Dragonblight or the Howling Fjord. There’s also the saliva corroded pipe which is a level at item from Morag in the violet hold. And those are basically a lot of the entry level slash you just hit level ad items that you can go for in Northrend.

Now next, I want to talk about glyphs for death knights. So glyphs are a new feature in Wrath of the Lich King, which allow you to augment your spells and abilities with three major and three minor glyphs. These are slowly unlocked as you level and at level 80, you’ll have access to all six. The best glyphs for you are going to depend on what specialization you are, regardless of as if you’re still leveling or if you’re looking for endgame Best in Slot glyphs. For that reason, we’re gonna go more in depth on glyphs when we get into each specialization section, which we’re actually going to do right now and on Holy is up first. If you’re not interested in on Holi feel free to skip around.

Now the best glyphs for unholy for major, we have the Glyph of dark death. This is going to increase the damage or healing done by Death Coil by 15%. Very nice. There’s the Glyph of disease. This is very important. This causes your pestilence ability to now refresh disease durations and secondary effects of diseases on your primary target back to their maximum duration. So this is very important because your two diseases that you want on every target are both Frost Fever and blood plague. These are going to make all of your abilities do more damage not all of them but mainly the strikes like blood strike and plague strike, death strike.

And in order to get those diseases on you have to cast ice touch for Frost Fever and you have to cast plagues strike for blood plague. And so, being able to use just one rune of blood room to cast pestilence is much better than having to use two runes, a frosty rune and an unholy rune in order to refresh your diseases. So the Glyph of disease is very, very good. Moving on to the Glyph of icy touch, your Frost Fever deals 20% additional damage this is very strong, obviously it just is amazing, you’re doing 20% more damage with one of your dots. When it comes to minor glyphs, you’re typically going to see things that are just small quality of life improvements, but there is one that actually does make a bit of a difference and that one is the Glyph of blood tap your blood tap no longer causes damage to you. This is pretty nice.

Because blood tap takes some of your health in order to convert a blood rune into a death rune, a death rune can be a USD as an a frost rune and a unholy rune or a blood or in any of the three and then we have Glyph of pestilence, which increases the radius of your pestilence by five yards, that’s actually another good one. And then we have Glyph of raised dead where your raised dead spell no longer requires a reagent, this is a just quality of life change. Obviously it’s not gamebreaking because carrying around reagents with you isn’t really that hard to do. It’s just inconvenient. And that’s where we’re going to switch over to unholy leveling talent progression.

So while you’re leveling a Death Knight, you’re going to unlock your talents pretty rapidly. So I would say the talents don’t matter too much because you’re still in the Death Knight starting zone you’re going to unlock a lot of your talents the order doesn’t matter very much. But I’m still going to give you my recommendations for unholy leveling talent progression. So first up Vicious Strikes is amazing. It’s gonna give you increased critical strike chance and increase critical strike damage bonus of your play strike and Scourge Strike very, very strong. I love this talent, we have very lense which increases your chance to hit with spells by 3% and it reduces the chance to your dots get removed or cured, which is fine. It’s going to be good later if you’re going for PvP. Now from this point, I really like morbidity and I really like ravenous dead, increasing your total strength by 1%. As well as increasing the damage done and healing of Death Coil by 5% are both very strong, I think ravenous debt is stronger, just overall gaining that bonus strength is is is great, it’s gonna improve every single one of your abilities.

So I like to get ravenous dead. And then I like to get morbidity, so you can get that increased damage of Death Coil. From there, you can just get outbreak because it’s very strong and increases the damage of your plague strike by 30%. So you want to get this one ASAP. From there, actually epidemic helps a lot because you don’t want to be refreshing your dots too frequently. And this is going to increase the duration of blood plague and Frost Fever by six seconds. So you can use your runes on more powerful things. Now from this point, I really like blood caked blade, this is very strong, it gives your auto attacks a chance a 30% chance to cause a blood caked strike, which hits for 25% weapon damage plus 12.5% for each your diseases on your target. So this is going to get more value, the longer the fight is. But obviously you’re gonna be doing lots of fighting because you’re leveling so it’s very, very strong. From there, you could get night of the dead if you’re using your Google on cooldown if you’ve learned the spell.

WOTLK Classic Death Knight Talents Guide

I personally think necrosis is more consistent. So I like to put five points into this. Now you might be wondering, why am I not getting on a pale horse? Now honestly, this is a favorite of mine. I’m sure you love this talent too. But to be honest, just increasing your mount speed by 20%. I feel like is not game breakingly good. You already have an epic mount. I think a lot of people could make an argument for getting on a pale horse. I just don’t think it’s necessary. But that’s just me personally. From here, you could did definitely get impurity I think impurity is very, very strong. And of course, you do want to get night of the dead, and then you can unlock master of ghouls because once you have your ghoul out permanently, that’s going to be a very nice DPS bonus.

From there, I would go ahead and get desolation causes you to deal 1% additional damage with all attacks for the next 22nd One use blood strike. Now there are a lot of talents here that are good that I’m skipping over unholy blight is pretty decent, but it’s kind of a PVP talent preventing your diseases from being dispelled. If you are on a PvP server, you might be getting different talents than this desecration is another very, very powerful talent, which basically gives you an AoE slow, extremely powerful but again, this is more of a PVP talent. And we’re going strictly for leveling, assuming you know honestly that you can avoid PvP encounters like in a PVE server.

Bone shield is pretty strong, it will fall off a lot because your Google does not necessarily have a taunt things are going to be on you all the time. But getting that 20% Let’s reduce damage from all sources very strong, and you’re also going to do 2% more damage with all attacks. So it’s pretty good. Crypt fever is actually very nice. You’re going to want to get this your diseases also caused crip fever which increases disease damage taken by the target by 30%. So that is super strong. You’re gonna wanna get Scourge Strike, this is basically going to be one of the abilities you use all the time 70% of weapon damage is physical damage plus 238. And then you’re also going to do an additional 12% of the physical damage done as shadow damage for each of your diseases on your target. So you can see having those diseases is extremely important.

Scourge Strike does some serious damage. Now also, Eben Pagan plague Bringer is huge. This one is going to give you that increased magic damage taken on your target by 13%. It’s also going to improve your critical strike chance by weapons and spells by 3% all times so another really really strong talent. Now wondering plague is honestly one of the best talents in the unholy tree when it comes to doing AoE damage. This is a reason why unholy is the king of AoE damage. No other Death Knights bat comes close. When your diseases damage an enemy, which happens a lot, there is a chance equal to your melee critical strike chance that they will cause 100% additional damage to the target and all enemies within eight yards ignores any target under the effect of a spell that is canceled by taking damage so it won’t break CC wandering plague is extremely powerful makes unholy. Very very good at AoE damage. Granted depending on how you’re leveling, maybe if you’re doing a lot of single target stuff then don’t get wandering plague but if you’re doing dungeons, chances are your group is going to be pulling multiple mobs.

This is going to do a lot of damage for you. Rage of Riven dare your spells and abilities deal 2% more damage to your targets infected with blood plague also increases expertise by one love this one it’s very very strong 10% more damage and then summon gargoyle This is extremely powerful. It’s a good cooldown to pop when you’re in a boss fight. Or if you’re up against like an elite mob while you’re questing, things like that. Now when it comes to the next talents, I like to move over to frost improved icy touches incredibly powerful your icy touch does an additional 15% damage and your Frost Fever reduces melee and ranged attack speed by an additional 6%.

This is damage mitigation, which also helps your sustain not that definite struggle with sustained by any means. And then we’re going to get runic power Mastery which increases your maximum runic power by 30. That’s nice so that you don’t have to stress out about getting too much runic power. And then what’s nice is black ice this is an extremely powerful talent you can just dump points into increases your frost and shadow damage by 10%. Just straightforward, very powerful. And then we have Icy Talons five points in that you leech heat from victims of your Frost Fever so that when their melee attack speed is reduced, yours increases by 20% for the next 20 seconds. Very, very strong ability. Absolutely love it. And then it finally for our last two points we can put into endless winter Your strength is increased by 4% in your mind freeze no longer cost runic power. That’s a very nice quality of life change for interrupting spells. And you also get that 4% strength and so this is the build that I recommend for PvE DPS as an Unholy Death Knight.

You can follow this while you’re leveling. You can change points if you’re on a PvP server like I said you might want something different, but this is very strong and this is what many people would call the cookie cutter Unholy Death Knight PvE build. Alright, now that we have the glyphs and talents out of the way, let’s talk the unholy damage dance, also known as the unholy rotation. So you want to start every fight By using icy touch, this has a range of stability so it’s very easy to use first while you’re walking to the enemy and then by the time you arrive your GCD should be back your global cooldown. And you can use plague strike and now both of your Frost Fever and blood plague diseases are now on the target and you can start using blood strike. You’ll use blood strike twice and then use Scourge Strike.

At this point, you can pop your cooldowns and cast summon gargoyle. Now the gargoyle will get your stats at the time of casting so that’s why you pop the cooldowns right before you summon your gargoyle there’s a lot of great cooldowns that go well with summon gargoyle. From there, you’d use Scourge Strike again, you could cast your Empower Rune Weapon which refreshes all of your runes. You can then use Scourge Strike again two more times go and use blood Strike two times and then use blood tap in order to convert a blood rune into a death rune and then use pestilence and then Death Coil three times to be that’s a runic power dump, and then cast Horn of Winter which actually generates 10 runic power and it’s not just a buff, it does generate 10 runic power.

And then after that opener, which is like you know getting all those cooldowns out of the way, it’s a matter of just using two scourge strikes in a row followed by two death strikes, followed by using up all your runic power on death coils, and then use pestilence to refresh your diseases. Now it’s very important to always leave a blood room or blood tap on you ready to use to use to use on pestilence to refresh your diseases. The reason is because you don’t want to have to waste a frost and an unholy rune to refresh blood plague and Frost Fever when it can be done with one blood rune. Remember, never use your last blood rune on blood strike if your diseases are about to expire.

That’s worth saying again, never use your last blood rune on blood strike if your diseases are about to expire. It’s it’s so important that your diseases never expire because if they’re gone and you use like a Scourge Strike on a target without diseases, it’s an absolute waste. Okay, let’s talk about unholy gems next exactly which gem sockets go where depends on what gear you have, but generally Death Knights want strength, crit haste and of course, most important of all you need to be hit capped which is 8%. So if you’re meta, you’re going to want chaotic Skyfire diamond this will grant you 21% Critical Strike rating and 3% increase critical strike damage. For your red socket you’ll want the bold Cardinal Ruby the Silgranit glint, this will grant you a flat 20 strength.

For your orange sockets. You could use something like inscribed and Motrin or fierce equitrans That’s going to be 10 strength 10 crit strike rating, or 10 strength 10 haste rating for your blue gems which you will need for your meta to be activated. I like to use the sovereign dread stone this is going to give you 10 strength and 15 stamina. And then basically if you can afford it get the nightmare tear. This matches any socket and it’s a plus 10 to all stats. So I like to use that. When it comes to unholy in chance you can put root of the Fallen Crusader on your weapon that’s just straightforward and easily the best enchant it’s definitely only when it comes to your head socket, use the arc Kanem of torment. This is 50 attack power 20 crit you have to be revered with the knights of the ebon blade. For your shoulder get a greater inscription of the axe.

This is 40 attack power and 15 crit you have to be exalted with the sons of hadir for your cloak, get the enchant cloak greater speed, which gives you 23 haste or if you’re a tailor, the better option would be sword guard embroidery. If you for your chest, you want to enchant chest powerful stats, that’s just 10 to all stats for your bracers 50 attack power that’s called greater assault for your gloves 44 attack power that’s called Crusher, or if you are an engineer, go with the hyper speed accelerators. It’s very, very nice for your belt. Go ahead and get that extra gem socket from an internal belt buckle. Blacksmiths can make this and also a frag belt. If you’re an engineer to throw cobalt bombs from it’s actually really strong. For your legs get the 75 attack power and 22 crit from the ice scale leg armor for your boots 32 attack power from the greater assault enchant.

WOTLK Classic Death Knight Profession Guide

Or if you’re an engineer get the Nitro boosts it might be super helpful depending on the situation. Now we mentioned a lot of or if you have XYZ profession go this so I think it is the perfect time to talk a little bit more in depth about professions, the profession specific bonuses, and which ones you should go as an Unholy Death Knight so Talking about unholy professions. These we’re gonna talk about profession only bonuses in this section. So when it comes to straight up stats which professions grant the most, it would be a combination of Jewelcrafting and blacksmithing. Now jewel crafting, you can equip three Jewelcrafting only gems, which if you’re just doing strength it’ll be a 39 strength bonus over similarly socketed gems so basically the drill crafting only gems give more stats than the non jewel crafting only stats. It’ll be very strong if you go Jewelcrafting of course black smithing will provide two extra gem sockets in the glove and bracer for a total passive of 40 additional strength for example with those two extra gem sockets.

Another good combination that many people like is the drill crafting plus engineering engineering is ridiculously awesome in PvE because of nitro boots, on top of that haste from the gloves and chant works really really well with gargoyle haste is very strong with gargoyle tailoring again has that nice cloak enchant you can always change it you know if you if you want to go Jewelcrafting or or blacksmithing you know depending on what profession you are you can drop tailoring leather working has 76 attack power from for lining attack power inscription has 64 attack power from masters inscription of the axe which is better than the sons of how dear one enchanting has the ring and chance you can get 80 attack power total combined from both attack power and chance on both rings. So I would say overall, a lot of these professions are pretty equal.

Blizzard did a very nice job balancing them in my opinion, but I would say that Jewelcrafting plus blacksmithing have the highest raw stats if you’re literally made out of money because I’m telling you that’s going to take a lot of gold to level those two up without mining. But yeah, I would say those two are probably best in slot but I would say Jewelcrafting engineering a close second in my opinion. Okay, moving on, let’s talk about unholy consumables. What consumables would you want to bring to a raid, you would want the flask of endless rage which increases attack power by 180. This is a battle and Guardian elixir of course persisting to through death. The potion of speed which increases haste rating by 500 for 15 seconds you might want to drink this right before you summon a gargoyle. You’ve got the dragon fin fillet for your food.

This will give you 40 strength 40 stamina for one hour once you eat it and then we cannot forget our pet food. That’s right. Unholy Death Knights goals are very very important damage dealers and we need to give them a buff and the food of choice is the Spiced mammoth treats increasing strength and stamina of your pad by 30 for one hour. Now when it comes to best in slot for unholy I was doing a lot of thinking about doing a BIST list for each of the specs but you know depending on how Blizzard decides to release Wrath of the Lich King classic phases, and the itemization that goes along with that this could change dramatically. So I was thinking I’ll either add it in the description when we’re closer to the Wrath of the Lich King release dates or I’ll do it in a separate video, but we’re not going to do it for now. Now let’s talk about the blood Death Knight next. All right, we’re going to talk blood Death Knight starting with leveling talent progression.

What talents did you get your fresh DK, you’re in starting zone. Let’s talk about it. Well, I actually think butchery is pretty nice. If you kill an enemy that grants experience your honor, you generate 20 runic power in addition you generate to renew power per five seconds while in combat. Also very good as subversion. Probably better than butchery but this is gonna increase your critical strike chance with blood strikes Scourge Strike, heart strike and obliterate by 9% else reduces your threat but that 9% crit, very nice can’t go wrong with that. I love two handed weapons specialization just gives you a 4% damage all damage increase, so that is super good. Get one point in two cent of blood giving a 15% chance after dodging, parrying or taking direct damage to gain center blood causing your next melee had to generate 10 runic power so it’s gonna really help with your runic power generation kind of reminds me of like aspect improved aspect of the Hawk for hunters.

It’s like you don’t want to put more than one point into it. Because obviously it’s just not worth it. From there bladed armor just put two points into it to unlock the next row. It’s gonna basically convert some of your armor into attack power. What you really want in my opinion is dark conviction get your dark conviction man be conviction be have conviction about darkness. It’s gonna give you 5% crit. It’s very very good. So highly recommend that one and then death rune mastery. This is basically like reaping for unholy it’s going to give you a chance to When you use death strike or obliterate 100% chance that the frost and holy rooms become death runes, which count as blood frost or unholy. So that’s very nice, gives you that flexibility in your rotation. Now, from here, we’re gonna get more bladed armor so that we can unlock bloody strikes. Now bloody strikes is amazing.

This increases the damage of blood strike by 15% and heart strike by 45% and increases the damage of blood boil by 30% I mean this is a bloody crazy talent this is super good try to get this talent as soon as you can. You’re also gonna want veteran of the third war, increasing strength stamina and expertise. Very nice talent. Bloody vengeance, there’s gonna be a 3% bonus to physical damage after you deal it critical strike. So you played a ret Paladin, then this talent sounds very familiar. It’s basically the Death Knight version. Also abominations might it’s gonna give you 2% total strength also attack power to party and raid members people people like this buff hysteria, very good. induces a friendly you into a killing frenzy for 30 seconds you’re gonna get physical damage improved by 20% But you’re also going to lose 1% of your max health every second three minute cooldown so it’s actually quite nice bloodworms this is pretty cool.

WOTLK Classic Death Knight Weapons Guide

You’re gonna have your weapon hits have a 9% chance to cause the target to spawn two to four bloodworms and bloodworms attack your enemies healing you as they do damage for 20 seconds or until killed. Now some of you might be wondering, why don’t we get vendetta which heals you for what 6% of your max health with three points in it after you kill a target with that yields experience, Your Honor. Yes, that is good. But you know what, it doesn’t make you do any more damage and honestly, I think it slows your leveling down to just get this purely talent but when there’s plenty of sustain that also gives you damage at the same time, like bloodworms now another awesome ability at this point to get his sudden Doom, your blood strikes and heart strikes have a 15% chance to launch a free Death Coil at your target that’s amazing.

Those products are super happy fun time doing extra damage also improve death strike this increases the damage of your death strike by 30% and increases its critical strike chance by 6% and increases the healing granted by 50%. See there’s there’s plenty of healing available in the blood tree like you don’t have to get vendetta so this is very very strong. Another very strong talent you should totally go out of your way to get and get heart strike as soon as you have those 40 points in blood because heart strike is amazing you’re gonna use this as part of your rotation all the time does 50% weapon damage to one target 25% weapon damage to another it’s just very strong in general, and then might have migraine is incredibly strong to it increases Critical Strike damage bonus of many of your abilities by 45%. So you’re definitely want to get the might of milgrain as soon as you get a chance.

And then from there you need to top off bladed armor to five points in order to unlock blood gorged which will give you 10% more damage and your attacks ignore up to 10% of your opponent’s armor at all times. Assuming you are above 75% health. It’s pretty pretty nice. Which you probably shouldn’t be considering all of these abilities. Dancing Rune Weapon going to be nice cooldown to pop for maybe boss fights or whatever you pulled a lot of mobs. If someone’s a second Rune Weapon that fights on its own for 12 seconds doing the same attacks as the Death Knight but for 50% reduced damage but only a one minute cooldown. So a nice helpful talent to to help you do more damage.

Now from here, I like to go over to the unholy tree in order to finish out my leveling build Vicious Strikes giving you increased 6% crit chance and crit Strike damage bonus for plague strike and Scourge Strike three points in variance giving you that 3% additional hit from there getting that total strength increased by 3%. Also making your goal stronger and in both strength and stamina. epidemic is very important so that you don’t have to constantly be reapplying blood plague and Frost Fever. morbidity is very powerful. It’s gonna increase the damage and healing of Death Coil by 10%. Of course you’re gonna be getting free def coils from sudden Doom, so morbidities a nice talent there.

And then what’s really strong as necrosis, auto tech steal additional 20% shadow damage I mean it’s just straight extra damage you can talent into guaranteed assuming your auto attack hits. auto attacking does lots of damage for death knights and then blood caked blade a very very strong auto tax have a 30% chance to cause a blood cake to strike which hits for 25% weapon damage plus 12 Point 5% for each of your diseases on the target, and this is the build that I would go if you are leveling up as a blood death knight in Wrath of the Lich King and what’s super great about this is that this is also your max level level at blood Death Knight specialization if you want to be a DPS. All right, next we’re going to talk about blood Death Knight tanking, which is quite popular in Wrath of lich king for the blood spec more popular than DPS, I would say, and it is the best tanking specialization that death knights can actually go. So for a blood Death Knight, switching over to tanking, we’re just gonna go through this pretty quickly.

So at max level, you’re not going to want butchery anymore. You’re gonna want blade barrier this is gonna give you a 5% decrease on damage taken whenever your blood runes are on cooldown, which is pretty nice. Scent of blood is pretty good as well, giving you a 15% chance after dodging to make your next two melee hits generate 10 runic power that’s nice to hand weapon specialization doing more damage means more threat and that is always good, dark conviction conviction, giving you that increased chance to critically hit with weapons spells and abilities by 5%, which is quite good. The death rune mastery will allow your Deathstrike or obliterate to convert the frost and unholy runes used into death runes which count as blood frost or unholy five points into bladed armor it’s gonna give you a bunch of attack power because you’re gonna have tons of armor as a plate wearing class veteran of the Third War very very powerful. It’s gonna give you nice stamina expertise and strength bloody strikes is incredible.

Again, this is one of the power house talents that is just so good. increasing damage of blood strike and heart strike and blood boil Believe it or not very, very strong talent. abominations might is very good as well as Bloody vengeance, giving you more physical damage bonus this is a nice raid wide buff increasing attack power by 10%. So it’s very nice also getting that increased strength. hysteria is a very powerful buff, improve Deathstrike is incredibly powerful along with vampiric blood is a wonderful blood Death Knights cooldown to use in situations where you’re being bursted or your low health will have a necropolis is huge, which is going to help you survive when you’re low health it’s going to reduce damage taken by 15% when you’re below 35% Health blood strike very, very helpful for keeping aggro might have migraine is very powerful, increasing Critical Strike damage bonuses of a lot of your abilities and then blood gorged is also very, very good.

Now, other than these talents, you might be wondering, what else should we get? Well, I personally highly recommend getting toughness, increasing your armor value from items by 10%. And reducing duration of all movements only effects by 30% toughness is very good. It’s definitely going to, you know be be helping with bladed armor, increasing your armor value. And then also getting improved icy touch is very powerful. That’s going to help with ag regeneration I see touch is an ability that actually generates the highest amount of aggro, so having it do even more damage is actually very important. For that reason, five points into anticipation for getting that increased avoidance 5% dodge chance is very helpful because if you dodge an attack that is great mitigation. And then I also like to put two points into epidemic.

This is going to allow you to do your rotation without any snags. It’s gonna be very, very nice to basically have an increased duration on your on your diseases because if you look at the glyphs over here, we’re not getting the Glyph of disease. Now the Glyph of disease if you remember from the Unholy Death night video, it allows your pestilence to refresh the duration of blood fever in frost or blood plague and Frost Fever on the primary target. Very, very powerful. We don’t get that there’s better runes here Glyph of rune strike Glyph of vampiric blood I mean, this is pretty powerful 10% increase critical strike chance improve vampiric blood is very strong, very strong ability you want to improve it and then Deathstrike Glyph of death strike increases death Strike damage, I’m 1% for every one runic power you currently have up to a maximum of 25%.

And the runic power is not consumed by this effect. So very strong, major glyphs but again, we’re not going to have Glyph of disease. So epidemic is even more valuable for that reason. Now we do have four points left. And this is where there’s sort of room for Are your own personalization of your tanking build. Now personally, what I would do, what I like to do is actually really like spell deflection, you have a chance equal to your parry chance of taking 45% less damage from a direct damage spell. Now I think that’s just super strong. You know, this is just always on as a passive. So it can be very, very helpful in situations where, you know, you’re, you’re up against a lot of spells being casted. So personally, I absolutely really like this ability. The last ability, frankly, could go, you know, one of many places like if you’re not capped, maybe you want to put it in various islands.

Maybe you want to put one point into black ice, just do more frost and shadow damage, can’t go wrong with that it’s very powerful. But generally speaking, this is sort of the build that I would go, I think this is a very powerful build, and will suit you very well for PvE blood Death Knight tanking. All right, now that we went through talents, let’s move on and talk about blood abilities and rotation. So when it comes to a single target, the rotation is icy touch, plague strike, and then heart strike, heart strike, heart strike. Now heart strike is a great damage ability hits up to two targets, which is very nice as well does a percentage of weapon damage. So it’s very, very nice. And essentially that is on repeat, you would just do that over and over when Frost Fever and blood play go down, then reapply icy touch and plague strike and then go back to heart strike.

Pretty straightforward. If you are trying to hold threat on more than two targets where heart strike is no longer going to be enough, then you’re going to need to start using blood boil, which is a nice AOE ability and helpful for generating threat on multiple targets. Once again, icy touch does a great job of generating aggro and it’s also ranged, so it’s a great ability. Deathstrike is very, very helpful as well as a self heal and actually does quite good damage. So mixing in death strikes make blood do quite nice self heals in the scenario of multiple targets or AoE. Death and Decay is a great ability for holding threat. Now on the warmane private server. It’s bugged so many people don’t think that blood Death Knights have great AOE threat generation simply not the case death and decay and blood boil are pretty good. Blood blood tanks are very strong, I think they cover most bases.

But anyways, that’s beside the point. Death and Decay is part of the rotation for multiple targets you’re gonna use death and decay icy touch plague strike pestilence so you can spread those diseases everywhere. And then you will use blood boil doing tons of AoE damage, you’ll then use Deathstrike as needed to keep yourself alive with self heals and more blood boils. That’s essentially the way to do it. Now when it comes to blood glyphs, we did talk about this in the tanking talent section. But you’re gonna want Glyph of rune strike to get that 10% increase critical strike chance which is very strong Glyph of vampiric blood to increase its duration because it’s an excellent defensive cooldown and then Glyph of blood strike is extremely powerful and you will be using death strike for self heals. That does help a lot. Some of the minor glyphs Horn of Winter increases its duration Glyph of raise dad will make it so you no longer need corpse dust in order to raise your ghoul and then Glyph of pestilence will increase the radius by five yards which is very nice for spreading those diseases all over the place.

Up next let’s talk about some gems for the blood Death Knight. Now of course your jumping situation will change based on your build your current equipment if you’ve reached certain caps for example, so you’re depending on what stage you’re at, it might change but generally speaking, some of your caps are you’re gonna want 8% Hit you’re gonna want 26 expertise. And if you’re a tank, you’re gonna want 540 defense to be defense capped. When it comes to your meta gem for tanking you’ll want the off stare Earth siege diamond, red gems. Generally speaking, you’ll want to use regal dread stone. You could also use a nightmare tear in this slot. For blue gems, you’ll want the solid majestic zircon and for yellow. You could also go with the solid majestic zer Khan. For blood in chance, you’re going to want on your head Dr. Kanem of the stalwart protector, your shoulder the greater inscription of the gladiator on your back or your cloak, you’ll want to tighten weave or mighty armor. For chest you’ll want super health for bracers major stamina gloves, you’ll want arm ZMan on the waist, you’ll want to use the eternal belt buckle for an extra sockets for your legs put on the frost hide leg armor so Are your boots put on Tusk scars vitality and last for your weapon of course we’re going to go with a rune blade and chant the rune of the stone skin. The gargoyle is best for tanking. Now when it comes to blood professions, I think that drill crafting is incredible. You will get those three drill crafting only gems which are roughly 20% and better than non jewel crafting only gems so something like 60 additional stamina if you go Jewelcrafting which is quite nice leatherworking you can get the fur lining if you this is professional specific right you can either get some extra 70 Extra resistance of your choice, or you can get about 60 to stamina from the for lining. Engineering has some nice bonuses as well the Nitro boots, you can also get the engineering belt, which you can actually find quite useful. I bet throwing the cobalt bomb for that AoE damage. A black smithing allowing two extra sockets so that could be an additional 60 stamina, potentially or you know, depending on what gems you use some blacksmithing Jewelcrafting very, very good combination. When it comes to mining, it could also be a decent profession for a tank because it does grant you 60 stamina or something like that it gives you extra health. I think it’s less than 60 stamina in Wrath of the Lich King. So it’s not the best but it’s decent. And you can also use it to gather materials for Jewelcrafting and blacksmithing before you drop it and later swap to a different profession. When it comes to blood consumables for tanking, you’re going to want the flask of stone blood for food you want the rhino Licious worm steak or the snapper extreme or even the blackened dragon fin depends on the fight of course all these different situations. When it comes to potions, you’ll might likely be popping lots of indestructible potions, but you’ll also want some Runic healing potions on you just in case. And with all of that said, let’s move on to the third and final talent specialization for death knights frost All right moving on to frost we’re gonna be talking about the frost Death Knight talent progression. Right when you’re starting a new Death Knight, you’re in the definitely starting zone getting lots of talents real fast, a lot of fun. You’re gonna want that improved icy touch first 15% additional damage. Very, very nice. This is going to give you some damage mitigation in the form of a reduced melee and ranged attack speed by 6%. Incredible. And then you’re gonna get two points into runic power mastery increasing your maximum runic power by 30, which is very nice. Now, from this point, you’re going to have a two hander right so you don’t really want nerves of steel, but you’re going to want it later. Depending on when you get your to one handers is when you decide to start putting points into this. Granted, you can play frost without having to one handers so perhaps you don’t want this talent at all, which is why I would then put points into black ice because it’s incredibly powerful, increasing frost and shadow damage by 8% up to 10% with five points. So that’s a great talent. Indeed. It also get ice talons immediately next, this is going to reduce their melee attack speed. And it’s also going to increase yours by 20%. So when their attack speed is reduced, yours will be increased by 20% It’s really strong. This is also incredibly strong annihilation increasing the critical strike chance of your melee special abilities by 3%. So 3% crit In addition, there’s a one 100% chance that your obliterate will do its damage without consuming diseases. Now that’s incredibly important if you didn’t know obliterate it’s very powerful but it does take diseases off so this talent is super necessary for frost to be able to use obliterate repeatedly in a rotation without without excuse me without having to refresh. Frost Fever and blood plague the two diseases that make it do so much more damage. Now from there killing machines extremely powerful. melee attacks have a chance to make your next Ice touch Howling Blast or frost strike a critical strike so that’s super strong. You’re definitely gonna want that one chill of the grave is very good generating more runic power when using a train device Howling Blast icy touch and obliterate. I also really like endless winter just getting 4% increased strength can’t go wrong with that. Glacier rot very powerful. Disease enemies take 20% more damage from icy touch Howling Blast and frost strike. So this is incredibly powerful. You should definitely get this ASAP. Improved Icy Talons is very nice increase in the mail haste have all party and raid members within 100 yards by 20% and your haste by an additional 5% This is a very very good buff to provide to everyone people love you for it. Merciless combat your icy touch Howling Blast obliterate and frustrate you an additional 12% damage when striking targets with less than 35% health so you’re doing a ton more damage when targets are low health this is sort of like Execute phase. Frost Death Knights do more against you know bosses makes them powerful in that situation. Obviously, this is going to help with everything because everything is gonna be below 35% health before you kill it. Rime is also a very good talent increasing the critical strike chance of your icy touch and obliterate by 15% and casting obliterate has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown on Howling Blast and cause your next Howling Blast to consume no ruins rhyme very powerful, you’re going to want to keep an eye on those products so that you can use Howling Blast ASAP after you get that proc now, from this point, you’re definitely gonna want unbreakable armor. This is an incredibly powerful cooldown, you can pop with a one minute cooldown which reinforces your armor with a thick coat of ice increasing your armor by 25% and increasing your strength by 20% for 20 seconds 20% increase strength, that’s huge. It’s a massive cooldown that you’re gonna want to pop. You know pretty much before you’re popping all your cooldowns to to burn something down blood of the North is another really great talent increases blood strike and frost Strike damage by 10%. In addition, whenever you hit with blood strike or pestilence there is a 100% chance that the blood ruin will become a death ruin activates death ruins count as blood frost or on Holi. Now blood of the North is exactly the same as a reaping as well as death Brune mastery it’s right here in the frosh tree. It’s always very helpful. Another tell you want to get right away is frost strike. This is a strike that cost runic power 40 runic power instantly strike the enemy causing 55% weapon damage plus 48 as frost damage. So this is why Frost is very powerful. A lot of their damage comes from frost so it’s super powerful. Definitely want to get frost strike as soon as you possibly can. Now Guile of gore fiend is another really really strong talent. It’s going to increase the Critical Strike damage bonus of your blood strike frost strike Howling Blast and obliterate abilities. By 45% Which is super strong you also get an increased six second duration on icebound fortitude, which is a defensive cooldown that all Death Knights get so Guile of gore fiends very, very good. Now, threat of the seryan is a talent that you would get if you are dual wielding. So if you are dual wielding, this is going to give you a 100% chance to also deal damage with your off hand weapon. So when you strike with death strike obliterate plague rune blood strike any of your strikes. They will also deal damage with your off hand weapon. So in this current build, we don’t have nerves of cold steel. But let’s say you do get a two one handers you’re going to want this talent, you’re gonna want both these talents if you’re if you have to one handers so keep that in mind but we’re not doing to one handers right now. So once you’re at this phase, there are a couple of different options. You could get some damage mitigation from frigate Dredd plate if you’re on a PvP server you might want Lich Bourne draws upon unholy and energy to become undead for 10 seconds while undead you are immune to charm, fear and sleep effects. Very very powerful as you can imagine. This of course, you can be turned undead or turn on dead as a paladin spell they can fear you. You can also be shackled by a priest. So there’s a number of potential bad side effects that can happen if you go ledge borne but again, this is all PvP scenario. It’s not too much of an issue in this particular scenario, but the next talent that I would recommend for you is probably going either icy reach which will give you an increased range of your icy touched chance of ice and Howling Blast by 10 yards. Put you you’d only have to put one point into that you could also just put one point into Lich born, it’s up to you. I’d probably do lunch born just for that extra utility and then tundra stalker put five points into that your spells and abilities deal 15% more damage to targets in fact with Frost Fever also increase your expertise by five and then go ahead and get Howling Blast. Now from that point, you could move over to blood gets subversion. 9% crit is just so worth it. Like get that talent ASAP. Your obliterate getting that extra credit I mean all your strikes, but 9% crit is very very strong. And then Vicious Strikes and violence more critical strike chance sets super good and then you also want epidemic as well as ravenous dead. And then you can finish off the bill with five points into a Croesus. Oh my goodness, I have extra points. So at this point I would totally get blood kicked blade then the last two. So this is sort of the bill you’re gonna be doing tons of damage with it. Again, the bill would be a little bit different. This is with a two hander if you have to one handers then you’re going to take some points out of here and take some points out of where did I put this extra point right here actually, we’re going to put it into this nerves of steel. Nerves of steel is super important for when you are dual wielding. So you’re gonna want to do something like that. And then I would say if you are if you are dual wielding, this is the build you’re going to want to go with. In this situation. I feel like I’ve misplaced a point somewhere where it shouldn’t be, but I’m not sure where it is. But anyways, if this is the to one handers, I would go this build if you want to go that with a two hander, I would go the other build. Oh here this is the point. There we go. This is the one hander build. This is what PvE DPS frost death knights would use in a PVE situation to maximize their damage when it comes to glyphs Glyph of frost strike reduces the cost of frostbite by eight runic power when it comes to another major one obliterate. Glyph of obliterate is so good I remember back in the day it was just incredible. Increase in the damage of obliterate by 25% obliterate does so much damage, and then a Glyph of disease extremely important for DPS. This is gonna save you a frosty rune as well as an unholy rune from having to cast icy touch and plague strike instead, you can just cast pestilence, and that will refresh your diseases for you. And then of course, the minor runes don’t matter too much. But you know, pestilence increases the range which is notable but this is just no longer crying a reagent called corpse dust and increase the duration of Horn of Winter. But you’ll be using Horn of Winter much more frequently than two minutes which with this it’ll be three minute cooldown or three minute duration. But yes, you will be using it more frequently because it grants 10 runic power anyways, this is the setup and it will serve you very well. All right, moving on from talents let’s talk about Frost abilities and rotation. So as a DPS you’re gonna want to start with icy touch to apply Frost Fever and then you’re going to use plague strike to put on a blood plague and then you’ll want to use obliterate which will do a ton of damage and because we have the annihilation talent obliterate will do its damage without consuming diseases. So you can then go use frost strike and then blood strike and then cast pestilence because we have the Glyph of disease and pestilence will refresh the duration of diseases on your target you can then use Horn of Winter for additional runic power and then cast other frost strike followed by two more obliterates and a frost strike and just repeat that cycle minus the the icy touch and the plague strike because you already have Frost Fever and blood plague and all you have to do is use pestilence in order to get those diseases refreshed. Remember, never use your last blood rune and if your diseases are about to expire, you must save that for pestilence. You don’t want your diseases falling off. Now for jamming. For the frost death night you have a couple of options of course it’s always going to depend on what stat you need. But generally speaking, you’re one you’re going to want to go for a relentless Earth siege diamond for your meta gem. For red gems. Generally speaking, you’re gonna want bold Cardinal rubies, fractured Cardinal rubies or etched and Motrin. If you’re not hit capped for yellow, fierce and Motrin. You’re also going to want to look for rigid kings Amber, if again, if you’re not hit capped for blue, you could use the nightmare tear to fill that slot. When it comes to in chance for your head slot you’ll want the arcane m of torint torment for the shoulder the greater inscription of the X for the cloak the greater speed or major agility for your chest powerful stats for your bracers and champ racers greater assault for your gloves, enchant and gloves Crusher for your waist eternal belt buckle and we’ll give you another socket for your legs. You’re gonna want the ice scale leg armor and then for your boots you’re gonna want Tuskers vitality or greater salt now when it comes to your weapons. Ruin of razor ice is great for your main hand and then for your off hand rune of the following Crusader. If you’re using a two hander use rune of the Fallen Crusader, but I think generally it’s accepted that if you’re playing frost, you’re going to have to one handers when it comes to professions, we’re going to talk about strictly profession only bonuses I would say that Jewelcrafting plus blacksmithing offers a lot lot of straight up stats Jewelcrafting gets 3x Jewelcrafting only gems, so you’re gonna have a bonus over similarly socketed gems something like a 20% bonus, I think I did the math and it’ll give you 39 Bonus strength. If you go Jewelcrafting if you go blacksmithing you’ll get two extra gem socket so a total passive 40% strength for example, from those extra sockets, just regular Cardinal rubies, bolt Cardinal rubies Jewelcrafting engineering is a wonderful profession because of the haste enchant on the gloves can always be very helpful for death knights getting their runes back faster. Tailoring has a nice cloaking chance you can always get that one on your cloak which is very nice and then leatherworking you can either get 76 attack power from for lining, or you could get 70 resistance from for lining so some nice options from leatherworking inscription has 64 attack power enchantment on the shoulder called masters inscription of the axe, which is in fact better than the enchantment from the sons of hoe deer getting exalted in chance. So it’s up to you whichever one you want to go with enchanting, you can enchant rings, you get about 80 attack power from both combined attack power in chance on each ring. A lot of these professions in my opinion, are very, very equal. Blizzard did a wonderful job balancing them but I would say that Jewelcrafting and blacksmithing have the highest raw stats. So if you’re made out of money and you can afford both professions, I would go Jewelcrafting plus black smithing. Now it comes to consumables for the frost death knight dps, for the flask I would get the flask of endless rage, you’re gonna want potions of speed, you’re gonna want to eat hearty Rhino, which will help you with your armor penetration cap.

You could also get dragon fin filet which is plus 40 strength which is probably the best if you’re looking for just strength build. And once again when it comes to best in slot for a frost Death Knight I would say it very much depends on how Blizzard releases Wrath of the Lich King, classic phases and itemization. So I could put down some bits, but it really is going to depend and could potentially change on what Blizzard decides how they’re going to do wrath of Lich King classic. So I will either put it in the description when it’s available, and we know or I will make a separate video detailing what the best in slot items are. Now when it comes to Deaf night add ons, I think there are a few things that are very important. Number one, you’re going to want something to help you with your room tracking, it’s very important knowing when rooms are available when they’re about to be available. The UI in the top left is so small and sort of out of the way that it’s not super helpful. So something to help with that. You’re also going to want some form of runic power bar that’s much bigger so you know when you’re close to Max, you don’t want to sit at max it’s very similar to rage you want to use it or you are being inefficient. And then you also need to have some form of disease tracker to know when both Frost Fever and blood plague are on your target. It’s very important to always have those up. So I would say a week auras can probably do that for you. Hopefully that add on is still in existence by the time you’re watching this but it’s an excellent add on to use. Now when it comes to Deaf night macros, I’ll just throw a bunch on the screen here there’s a ton of them that are really cool. There’s a lot of PvP ones where you can throw your goal at a at your focus target and then he’ll na which is a stun there’s a ton where you can build in your room strike into all your other abilities. There’s another one where you can pop your all your cooldowns your trinkets pop a potion of speed and then summon your gargoyle so it does maximum damage. There’s a change device focus macro and on and on and on there are a ton so I’m gonna post these probably in like a Google Doc or something in the description so you can just copy paste and use at your convenience but that is it for this deaf night guide. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s a lot of information took me forever to make so if you liked it, go ahead and hit this video up with a like and if you want more like it don’t forget to subscribe. My name is toy house and I will see you in the next video. Take care

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