Launch Date on 26th September 2022 – WOTLK Classic Release Date Leaked on Blizzard’s Website

12 - 26th September 2022 WOTLK Classic Release Date Leaked on Blizzards Website

Indeed, as many players report, the WOTLK launch date 26 September 2022 was displayed shortly on the WoW’s website!

Can We Expect To See WOTLK Classic Released on 26th September as per the Leak?

Alright guys, so today I’m going to tell you why I just got out of bed at three o’clock in the morning why my DMs absolutely blowing up right now. While Preparing for WOTLK – TBC Classic Phase 5 Goldmaking, we got exciting news. So for wrath Lich King release date has been properly and I mean properly leaked. Now this isn’t just some fake photo shop leak that’s appeared on Reddit or find around discord servers or anything like that it did actually appear temporarily on board Warcraft, Wrath of Lich King website, as you can see here on the screen.

So it’s all very proper, it’s all very legit. It’s no longer on the website in MMA is only up for a few hours. Now you can speculate all day as to why that is, you know, did some intern make some absolute cockup? Probably not. You know, I guess I skimmed a few other videos saying that, Oh, maybe they put it up as that release date, but then they quickly decided they cannot make it about release dates. Have it tuck it down? Or maybe it’s some kind of technical issue. I mean, it’s it’s just all load of bollocks in it. It’s all a load of bollocks offices is it’s a publicity stunt. Right?

Blizzard have been doing this for years now. They did it so much with TVC classic, releasing the beta early for like, free people and then accidentally leaking the release date. I mean, how could a company like Blizzard be so incompetent to accidentally release a release date on the Rhone main website? It doesn’t feasibly make any sense, which is why I think it is entirely deliberate. And everyone called me crazy last year for saying that the accidental release of a TVC release date was a publicity stunt.

Is 26th September a Delayed WOTLK Release Date?

But if they’ve literally done it again this year, I mean, come on at this point is pretty obvious. They they do these kinds of things to force YouTubers to get out of bed at three o’clock in the morning and talk about it on their channels. It’s traffic, driving, marketing, whatever you want to call it, ever is now going to be buzzing, talking about what a walkthrough of nonstop for the next few weeks because yeah, this release date has been leaked.

And what is also very likely, although this might not happen, I’m not gonna say it’s gonna happen because it might not happen. But the actual release date might get properly released tomorrow, officially, because that was essentially what did happen last time, you know, the leak was accidentally, quote unquote, released on a press release. For the TBC release day, Evernote, the actual release came up a day after. So we might get a proper release date tomorrow. If you think about it, September 26.

It’s a release date that just totally makes sense, fits in quite snugly with everything. And then we can predict that the pre patch will be the 26th of August, or at least it will be around about that time anyway, because obviously a very set day is going to be Wednesday Tuesday, which is going to be the 24th of August, so it might be 24th 26th of August, then maybe we’ll expect to the experience events around Bovie 10th of August. Anyway, who knows all the time will tell. I’m going back to bed. My name is Mary Goldman’s minutes video chart.

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