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11 - Phase 5 TBC Classic Goldmaking for WOTLK Classic

See how to properly prepare for WOTLK with this TBC Classic Phase 5 Goldmaking overview:


What’s up guys laser gold maker here. Today we’re gonna take a look at what’s new in Phase Five. While I’m a little bit late I should have done this a week ago, whatever we’re doing it now let’s take a look at what’s new in TBC Phase Five. Here we have the list of new crafted items. Obviously we care primarily about stuff that’s new from a gold making perspective.

We’re going to take a look at the professional stuff first and then while the other stuff which is just the dailies there’s a bunch of new recipes both for crafted gear with a mix of both buying and pickup stuff you have to craft yourself and items that can be traded to other people like the hard Korean band which is a BOE there’s also a couple of new gem recipes with clients I which is the haste yellow gem and there’s a haste spell power yellow orange gem somewhere and a couple other new recipes purified Shadowsong Amethyst eternal and some some meta gems.

They are not super relevant I don’t think any of the gems are like extremely strong some of them might see a little bit of sales as you should definitely pick them up. But from what I’ve seen most of them are not super in demand. People will be using the most the epic gems that were already out in the in the last face. But you can get those recipes as well from the shattered it’s on the fence so if you haven’t rated mountain jaw now’s the time to pick them up. Because the vendor Shani which will eventually unlock will, will get you those recipes which is quite nice. See How I’m Farming Gold in TBC Classic for WOTLK here as well.

And get a bunch of of epic gems here as you unlock your, your reputation level. So that’s the the main thing now for the gear. The BOE gear is quite interesting like the hard Korean band, they don’t require any BLP materials that requires some of the expensive materials hardened corium primal air mercurial Adamantite and sun molds. Some molds is the new red material which is Billy it’s tradable. These that’s what it was back in the day. So that’s very very nice. The recipe is so for these big pieces that comes from the right so you have to get into the right to get the recipe I’m not uncertain if this will sell on the Auction House or if people primarily will buy this by by paying someone to craft it for them in trade chat.

Could see both cases either way. There’s as far as tradable gear, you have the rings from Jewelcrafting and then there’s gloves for each of the other professions that can be traded. Yeah, so you have the Sunfire hand wraps for tailoring the hands of eternal light for for healers and it’s the same for all the other professions you have to blacksmithing gloves for total leather working gloves to each for leather and and male so there’s a little bit something for every everyone you might be able to get some of these recipes by farming trash. The recipe is RBO peace Yeah, do you have to kill them yourself but did you drop from from trash not sure if they dropped from all the trash or if how I don’t actually remember how Sunwell Plateau is you can just go in and kill some trash before the first boss then we might see people doing that and getting the recipe.

So so there’s that. That’s the main thing as far as new new items go. Then on top of that, we have one very interesting new recipe if we’ll look at the recipe list here should be here at honored the void shatter for enchanting. This will turn your void crystals into two large prismatic shards. So this is gonna mean that large prismatic shards are now much much easier to get. So we’ll see if that changes the price or not. The Checkout prices right now you can see that on my Rome, the word crystal is selling for about 12 Gold. And one large Hispanic shard is right now worth 24 Gold. So you can turn one void crystal into two large prismatic shards. It does have a cooldown that is as a pointer. So you won’t be able to do this infinitely which is going to limit its daily cooldown, but it’s something you would want to do everyday if you haven’t chanting for free gold essentially.

Lastly, of course are firstly, in a lot of people’s mind, people always remember Sunwell Plateau, the Sunwell patch oil of quelled on us and the dailies right here. This was a lot of people’s a lot of players first experience of actual real hardcore inflation and wow. Because relative to what was in the game before or rather relative to what players did in the game before with the dailies and now I left quote on us everyone was doing all of the dailies, and they’re doing them right now to unlock more of the zone. So everyone’s doing dailies and everyone’s generating, probably 50 to 100 Gold. Rog Old everyday poor character they’re doing the dailies on so we’re definitely gonna see some some inflation.

Does Having a lot of gold before WOTLK benefit you?

As usual I don’t really think dailies is the best gold making method but it will generate gold for sure. So if you want to if you want to make some money if you’re really really struggling and do the dailies, you get some gold you’ll probably want to do them anyway if you’re playing the game actively because you want to get the reputation rewards. And yes, it is much better to have a lot of gold before WOTLK Classic is released. And if you’re a crafter, you want to unlock some of the reputation or recipes or, or you’re just playing the game and gearing our character in which case you’ll want to get access to it with the stuff stuff there anyway.

So if you’re playing just do the do the zone, you’ll get some gold, whether you should do it forever, personally, I don’t think so I think all of this inflation all the gold that’s coming into the economy, where are people going to spend that they’re going to spend that on the Auction House on consumables on enchant on gems and all that jazz that they always spend their gold on. So be there, supply that for them and you’ll get more gold for your stuff. So that’s pretty much it. That’s pretty much it for Phase Five. There’s nothing revolutionary in this patch at all. Nothing revolutionary. We’re getting some, some new recipes, none of them hyper relevant really. The last test was where we got the art of the phase three with with tier six was where we got the massive change with epic gems making their their way onto the scene.

They’re quite expensive Of course, tools the people are gonna be doing the same thing using the same gearing methods pretty much are using the same methods of enhancing their gear, same enchant, same gems, same consumables, some new recipes, some new gear and a lot of raw gold coming in through this so that’s going to be it. So enjoy the last face of TBC make some goals you ready for wrath or just play the game and enjoy it. Either way, good luck. See in the next video.

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