How I’m Farming Gold in TBC Classic to Prepare For WOTLK

10 - How Im Farming Gold in TBC Classic to Prepare For WOTLK

Learn How I’m Farming Gold in TBC Classic to Prepare For WOTLK by watching this video:

What is up guys? It’s Solheim here back with another TBC classic video. Today I will show you guys how I am farming gold in TBC classic to prepare myself for Wrath of the Lich King classic. And I have found a couple of very alternative gold farms that can actually provide you with a really decent gold that way. And I’ve started using this quite a lot.

How to Farm Gold in TBC in Order To Prepare for WOTLK Classic

Basically, there’s a couple of things happening in the RAF pre birch, as well as in Wrath of the Lich King itself that have caused a couple of old gold firms to resurface and actually compete with TBC gold firms in terms of gold delivery. So recently, I’ve actually started doing some gold farms that I haven’t done in well, quite a while, like not since TBC came out with I’ve actually returned to Eastern Kingdoms and calendaring. For these purposes, i’m using a pre-WOTLK druid.

And by using herbalism and mining, you can actually make some really beautiful diagram by farming in these zones. For example, I am making about 400 gold but our farming golden winter spring where most of my gold comes from the thorium ores and the mithril boys, as well as the occasional arcane crystal, which sells for 10 gold, and Black Lotus, which sells for 25 Gold.

You also have high level herbs, most notably ice caps on Undermountain Silvis ages in winter, spring, all of which will impact your final goal. But apart from that for me, another thing that I have noticed is that there are there is barely any competition at all for these forums. And I mean, it kind of makes sense. He wants to go back and farm classical content when we have TBC content available. And based on logic, you would think all the classic while content would not even be profitable at all right now. But it actually is at least on the right serving, I do say right server here as there are some servers with lower prices than mine. But even though my service was already pretty low on the prices, as it’s a normal PvE survey, if you for example, go to a PvP server like fire my the prices are almost double what they are on my survey.

So before you go out and do any of these farms yourself, you might want to check out the prices of things like the herbs within the zone that you want to farm, as well as the price of thorium oils, mithril ores and arcane crystals. So why exactly am I doing this? And why am I getting this amount of gold per hour from it? Let’s divide this into two sections herbalism and mining. So old school herbalism like classic WoW or a calendar and Eastern Kinos herbalism have started becoming more and more valuable as the prices of old herbs have skyrocketed.

As people are preparing for inscription, which is a brand new profession that is coming with Wrath of the Lich King. The demand for all herbs will be massive when this professional comes out, and people have already started preparing in advance. But personally, I don’t think the prep will meet the demands, so prices will go up even further. Personally, I am forming these herbs that I won’t sell them until the inscription actually becomes available, as I think the prices will just keep going up. So even though I’m currently making about 400 gold per hour here, it is probably closer to 500 or 600 gold per hour per my estimated prices for the herbs later down the line. Next of them mining mining was actually a substantial part of my final gold robbery in winter spring. And thorium oil and mithril oils are actually selling for way more than I thought they would be.

That being said though, it does make sense as the best in slot professionals for a lot of raiders in Wrath or engineering, duel crafting or blacksmithing. All of which requires worse from mining in order to skill up. And as people are preparing for Wrath of the Lich King, and the ice getting after professions they need. The price of materials required for those professions will also just keep going up in price. Right now a lot of players have started returning to TBC classic with the sole objective of preparing for wrath, and the more and more people will keep returning to be up here as we get closer to wrath as well. So the prices of materials gathered by mining will just keep going up in price as well.

Another reason why I went back to these forums lately is that with the surge of players returning to TBC classic, open world farms in Outland have become way more difficult as a lot more people are doing them. And the gold farms that are supposed to be good are barely even decent now, because there’s so much competition for them. Competition is a huge factor when forming gold. It can literally cut your gold travel in half, because it affects your effectiveness while farming. And by going back and doing these farms, you can actually avoid that competition, at least to some degree, which is another reason why it’s actually so effective. So even though I’m personally farming in winter spring, there’s a lot of different zones that you can farm in.

And personally, I would recommend any high level songs from classic while like in the level 15 to 60 range, as well as the fella with Antonio Reyes, the Norris has a lot of caves suitable for mining. So if you only have mining and not herbalism that could actually be a really decent choice. The hinterlands can also be a really good option for the ghost mushrooms cave that also has mithril veins in it if you have both herbalism and mining Ashara is another really good stone for either herbalism or mining or both the burning steps it’s really good for fire blimp, which is selling for about one gold each on my survey. And I already mentioned Felwood as Groms blood are also selling for about one gold each.

Is it better to farm gold in TBC or in Classic?

Some people will prefer to wait for WOTLK to be released in order all of that precious gold to be farmed, I, however, strongly believe that having several dozen thousands before the next expansion is beneficial.

And blasted lumps also has a both fire balloon and rums blood. Basically, there’s a lot of different songs to choose from. But you need to have either herbalism or mining. And in most cases, you actually need both in order to make a solid amount of gold probably. So I guess that is the only negative part about it. One more thing that I will say about this type of farm, aka old school herbalism. And mining farming in general is that even though I am making a little bit more gold from this than I do from TBC gold farms, the items also takes a little bit longer to sell, they do sell but if I farm for 10 hours or more per day, I don’t think I would be able to sell off everything.

But this is a type of farm that I do every now and then to stock up on materials for later in order to sell. But like I said, I do think most of these materials will go up in price even more as we get closer even closer to the Wrath of the Lich King prepatch. So personally, I’m just holding on to them for now we speaking of Wrath of the Lich King though, if you want a head start on gold farms for Wrath of the Lich King classic, make sure you check out my wrath of the lich king classic gold guide through the link in the video description.

I have included several gold pharmacy industry line, which I won’t cover anybody else before wrath comes out. So by purchasing that guy and gold guide, you will have access to all of those school funds from the one as well as investments aka items that you can buy right now in TBC classic and selling rock classic for profit. And if you’re forming gold right now in TBC, it is definitely worth investing that gold to combat inflation.

You can also use the code Solheim for 50% off and after purchasing the gains you will also receive all of the future updates for free. So once again, make sure you check it out through the link down below. That is pretty much it for today though, make sure you give the video a thumbs up before you click away and subscribe to the channel for more gold making and gold farming videos specific to TBC classic and Wrath of the Lich King classic. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

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