What WOTLK Classic will change for Affliction Warlock

8 - What WOTLK Classic will change for Affliction Warlock

See this video and learn what WOTLK Classic will change for Affliction Warlock:

What WOTLK Classic will change for Affliction Warlock?

The friction Warlock in Wrath of the Lich King is not only tons of fun, but it puts out tons of damage as well. And it’s just a race to get the bus to 25% health because when you start drained solely in during the execute phase, the numbers you see is incredible. Watching your DPS climb for that last portion of the fight I truly feel like is one of the most fun things about this spec. We have lots of top management looking for procs snapshot and corruption bringing useful buffs useful debuffs using your new portal to be able to get out of dangerous situations quicker than anybody else. It really is a ton of fun. So we’re going to look at all the changes to the current abilities.

We’re going to look at new abilities, all of the changes to the talents and finally useful affliction glyphs. So we’re going to start with big systems to do with the warlock that have changed, we’re going to look at existing abilities and how they’ve changed in Wrath of the Lich King, a couple of new abilities that you get in Wrath of the Lich King, then we’re going to jump into the talents and finally, the glyphs. Now if you haven’t seen the destruction video, I’ll put a link up the top, but I’m just going to play all of the ability changes from that video. So if you’ve seen that already, feel free to skip forward. Or if you might have forgot some of it already. You might as well watch it again.

But past me who happened to be wearing the same clothes tell us about all the changes. So firstly, just a few minor changes, but ones that you probably will want to know about. First of all, there’s no longer Demond trainers in the game, they have not been removed. So the actual NPC is still there, and we’ll give class relevant quests and stuff like that. But your pets now just automatically learn their abilities as you level up as they level up. Also, the quest to acquire this beautiful mound is no longer needed. So you actually just learn this as a skill. Of course, you’ll get the epic version at 40 and you’ll get the normal version at 20. I appreciate this isn’t the most exciting change in the world.

But if you do decide to start a warlock in Wrath of the Lich King, you no longer need to do the inquest, you can actually learn you’re at level one, as long as you’ve got 95 copper to spare in TBC you could get an ability called avoidance for your felguard well you can now get this for all pets which reduces the damage to summon demon takes by 90% from AoE damage in between 3.0 and 3.3 point five all the pets were scaled and tuned and tweaked until they’re at their final state that they are now so over that period of time they’ve had their attack power increased over dead damage increased about their health increased So bottom line is all the pets do feel stronger and Wrath of the Lich King than they do in TBC.

An individual example of this would be with the void Walker now we know historically the void Walker holding FRAC can be a bit of an issue one of the specific changes for the pets was the amount of attack power that the void Walker gains from your spell power has now increased by 45%. So we can actually hold aggro quite efficiently now blood pack for your IP is now raid wide instead of just party wide the fo Hunt has actually gone through considerable change so it now brings a buff called fel intelligence which increases party and raid members intellect by 52 and spirit by 72. It’s nice to actually bring a spirit and intellect buff and as an affliction Warlock you will be using the farewell armor because of its new ability called Shadow buy which bytes the enemy causing 112 259 damage plus an additional 15% damage for each of your damage over time effects on the target.

This is on a two second cooldown if still got the vowel magic and spell lock sacrifice on your Voidwalker has now changed as well so it’s a one minute cooldown it sacrifices a portion of the Void walk has held given its master a shield which will absorb 1365 damage for 30 seconds and while the shield holds spellcaster will not be interrupted by damage so as you can see, I can now sacrifice a small portion I might add and I now get the shield which is definitely a lot better than having to worry about resigning. So that’s pet changed out away now looking at abilities there’s been lots and lots of ability changes.

So first of all, Curse of recklessness was removed in 3.1 and it’s now baked into curse of weakness so curse a weakness still reduces the melee attack power of the target that’s got the curse on but it also now reduces their armor by 5% as well drained soils also changed and it acts as an execute ability for affliction warlocks, so it drains the soul at a target causing 115 to 120 shallow damage over 14 seconds if a target is at or below 25% Health drain soul causes four times the normal damage if the target dies while being drained and yields experience or on a cast against a soul shard but also on top of this each time the drain so damages to target it as a chance to generate a soul shard soul shards are required for other spells as we know so as you can see, you can be chilling and I’m forced to spam and drain soul on a target dummy and you got a chance of actually getting Soul Shards and while we’re talking about soul shards you now can only carry a maximum of 32 I say only you’re going to be generating them quick getting rid of them quick so 32 is absolutely fine vanishes change slightly so when you actually recast banish on a target that’s already banished it will now break just nice if someone use them max rank vanish haven’t got to stand there for like 30 seconds waiting for it.

So that’s a welcome change. So the soul shatter cooldown which reduces your threat by 50% for all enemies within 50 yards has now been reduced to three minutes down from five to soulstone cooldown and effect on a target has now been reduced from 30 minutes down to 15. Which just means you can use it more frequently. Although it doesn’t actually show it on the tooltip Immolate. Periodic damage can actually now Critical Strike lifetime use the scale of your spirit it now scales with your spell power which is definitely a welcome change. So as you can see in a roundabout 4000 gear score my Warlock converts nearly 3000 health into mana and there’s something really interesting coming with Life Tap as well. Because outside of wanting to get manna from it, there’s a juicy glyph that we’re definitely going to be talking about corruption is now instant cast for all Warlock specs No longer do you need talents to actually reduce the cast time of it down to be an instant cast because it tongs now only reduces casting speed of spells by 30% and it lasts 30 seconds. This is to actually bring it in line with other classes that have got cast speed reduction abilities, cast of elements still decreases actual resistance is on the target, and it still increases the amount of magic damage taken.

So it now increases the damage taken by 13% instead of 10%. And this is actually to bring it in line with the damage Hakan debuffs from bumkins and unholy DK is just a minor one but deaf girl used to give you back the same amount of health in damage that deaf called caused. Now it actually grants 300% of the damage caused so it’s a lot more noticeable. So Dre man has been reworked much like manner bonus for pre so what it does now is transfers 3% of the targets maximum manner every second from the target to the caster up to a maximum of 6% of the cast as maximum or every second whereas is a fixed value in TBC. Someone in your infernos now been reduced to a 10 minute cooldown down from a whopping one hour cooldown in TBC. Firestone and spell stone have both gone through quite a big rework.

Is Affliction Warlock Good Enough in WOTLK Classic?

So Firestone what it does now it can be used on an enchanted weapon. I’ll just put that out there as well. While applied to the target weapon it increases damage dealt by direct spells by 1% and spell Critical Strike rating by 49. And then you’ve got create spell stone which while applied to the target increases the damage dealt by periodic spells by 1% and spell haste rating by 60. So in all fairness, even as destruction if you was lacking on the haste rate and a little bit you could even use spell stone you’ve got options both demon armor and demon skin, which don’t get me wrong demon skins only going to be used while leveling. Both of these have gone for a rework, where they do still give you an increased armor, they don’t give you an increased shadow resistance anymore, but instead, they increased the amount of health generated through spells and effects by 20%. So fell armor has also gone through quite a juicy change where it increases the spell power by 180.

But now it also increases your spell power equal to 30% of your spirit. So spirit becomes incredibly important for Warlocks in Wrath of the Lich King. As you’ll find out more of in this video. In addition, you regain 2% of your maximum health every five seconds. And the final one really worth noting is Richard of summoning and how it actually works in Wrath of the Lich King. So it now summons a little wardrobe that everybody can click on and help you summon basically, and it’s on a two minute cooldown.

See what I mean about the amount of changes and absolute immense amount of changes and all positive, there’s not a single one there that you’re like, Oh, that’s not very good. Oh, really, really good changes, that has any two abilities that you get to new abilities that I’m going to talk about. I mean, technically, you get loads of new abilities, because so many of them have changed so drastically that almost no, you know, like Firestone and spell stone, for example, all of a sudden, they’re actually incredibly useful. But you get two main new abilities. Let’s look at those and then we’ll move on to the talents. So you get shadow flying, firstly, which is not too bad, but you’re not really going to be using it that much. So on a 15 second cooldown targets in a cone in front of the caster take 770 772 shallow damage, and an additional 644 Fire Damage over eight seconds. And it looks like this, there is a couple of talents that this will at least work well with, but we’ll worry about that later on.

And then the really good ability, let’s be honest, you get demonic circle Summon, let me get rid this pet, he’s really annoying me and then you could run a move into a different position and be DPS in from over here, you know, find some dots on like a boss and then bang, you can teleport straight back to your portal. So on fire, it’s where you need to move to a specific location to stack up or you just need to get out of a particular range. You know, it’s absolutely amazing and it’s only on a 32nd cooldown as well. Right. I felt like that was quite an exhaustive list. So that was I’d say every single change that you need to know about when it comes to abilities, and what new abilities you get as well. Now let’s get into the talents. So started with improved corruption as you know from the corruption changes instant cars for everybody.

Now the talents changed and what it does now is it increases the damage done by your corruption by 10%. And it increases the critical strike chance of you see the corruption by 5% A lot of your damage is going to come from corruption. So all round a great change suppression is going for a big nerf but it’s exactly the same for all spellcasters I had a lot of hit in their talent a lot of it’s been stripped out. So now this only gives you 3% But it also reduces the mana cost your affliction spells by 6%. So if you’re not familiar with the TBC talent suppression ordinarily as a five point talent and essentially gives you 10% hit chance with affliction spells improve curse of agony as we moved up a couple of tiers but still gives you 10% damage improve curse a weakness is basically the same it increases the amount of attack power reduced by 20%. So it does nothing for the armor reduction portion of curse of weakness improved drain so exactly the same for the manor return side of things but you get an extra 10% for it reduction now so it’s 20% were two points improve life tap remains exactly the same as Sol siphon changes slightly so in TBC, it’s 4% amount drained by your drain life up to a maximum of 60% without giving you 4% For each affliction effects on the target.

Now it gives you 6% Only up to 18% Maximum based on the affliction effects that are on the target. The reason this may seem like a drastic reduction is because it now reflects during soul was well and you’re enjoying so hits like an absolute truck during the execute phase, so getting an additional 18% damage on your drain soul is huge amplify curse has changed, it’s no longer a cooldown it now just reduces the global cooldown of your curses by half a second full concentration remains exactly the same reducing the pushback suffered from damaging attacks by up to 70%. The only minor change here is the addition of unstable affliction and haunt spells to this as well. Improve fear is a brand new talent which causes your fear spell to inflict a nightmare on the target. When the Fear Effect ends.

The nightmare effect reduces the target’s movement speed by 30% with two points for five seconds very very nice addition for PvP grim reach nightfall and empower corruption in this tear all remain exactly the same. So you’re getting your 20% additional reach with affliction spells, you’re getting your 4% chance to proc and cast shadow bolt and you’re still getting your 36% additional spellpower contribution so your corruption spell curse of exhaustion remains the same big change to siphon life though so if we look at TBC first siphon life is a dot that you put on much like your corruption and your curse of agony siphon life however, now in Wrath of the Lich King, when you deal damage with your corruption spell, you’re instantly healed for 40% of the damage done. In addition, the damage done by your corruption seed of corruption and unstable affliction damage over time effects is increased by 5%. So this is nice because we’re just talking flat out extra damage and especially extra damage with corruption.

You can see all of these talents adding up already to the point where corruption is going to be hitting really, really hard, and we’re gonna get to a really important talent soon as well. Moving further down shadow embrace in TBC is a 5% physical damage reduction on the target that’s affected by your corruption curse of agony siphon life or sea to corruption spells changed completely now to actually give you more damage which is a good thing as Shadow vault and Horn spells apply the shadow embrace effect increase in all shadow periodic damage dealt to the target by you by 5% and reduces all periodic healing done to the target by 10%.

This lasts 12 seconds and stacks three times. So this is quite an improvement over the TBC version of the 5% damage reduction in proof bow hunter as a brand new talent so your fellow Hunter regains 8% of its maximum mana each time it hits with its shadow buy ability, and the cooldown of that ability is reduced by four seconds. In addition, it increases the effect of your fellow hunters fell intelligence by 10% So you’re gonna get 10% More of that intellect and spirit that your fellow hunter is going to bring with that fell intelligence which is nice as well as getting the manor back obviously to keep your pet pumping shallow masteries exactly the same except for you actually get an additional 5% Because it’s 10% in TBC so increases the damage dealt or life drained by your shadow swells in Wrath of the Lich King it increases the damage or life dream by a shadow spells and also your fellow hunters shadow by ability by 15%. So this is a nice buff to the existing talent and an addition for a bit more fell Hunter damage contagion remains exactly the same as it does in TBC Dark Pact has had a massive range increase but that’s about it really.

And then air addiction is a new talent which is really nice when you do damage with corruption you have a 6% chance to increase your spellcasting speed by 20% for 10 seconds. So you’re going to be keeping your corruption on all the time you’ve got a chance of getting that 20% spellcasting speed you’ve also got a chance at getting that instant cast shadow bolt you can see how this whole spec just revolves around good corruption usage improved out of taro remains exactly the same malediction has gone through a big change so this is where you get the extra 3% damage on your curse of elements in TBC you get that by default now on the spell mal addictions that are reworked to increase your spell damage by 3% and increase the periodic critical strike chance of your corruption and unstable affliction spells by 9% unstable of friction is now 15 Second opposed to the 18 second dot there is in TVC.

Other than that the mechanics behind unstable affliction remained the same pandemic is a huge one which is worth getting excited about yay. So I grabbed a periodic damage from your corruption and unstable affliction spells the ability to critically hit for 100% increased damage and increases the Critical Strike damage bonus of your horn spell so double dip any and all that extra damage on your horn and now your corruption and unstable affliction concrete as well the periodic damage which is huge deficit embraces another new one so it increases the amount drain by your drain life by 30% While your health is at or below 20% health and increases the damage done by your shadow suppose by 12% When your target is at or below 35% health so at 35% You’re already starting to ramp your damage up. So your Execute phase really starts at 25% from 35% health you are starting to do a little bit more damage when it hits 25% elfin you start drawing soul spamming as your filler between keeping all of your other dots and everything on its immense, everlasting affliction. Your corruption and unstable affliction spells gain an additional 5% of your bonus spell damage and your drain life drain.

So shadow bolt and bolt spells have 100% chance to reset the duration of your corruption spell on a target. So this is where you want to really be tracking your corruption but not only tracking your corruption, you’re gonna want to be tracking trinket procs anything useful that happens trinket procs Cape proc as a tailor anything that will increase your spell damage because as soon as you get a proc, you want to make sure that you renew your corruption. You obviously going to keep your corruption on all the time but as soon as you get a more powerful version of that corruption so like now my trinkets product will want to refresh the corruption and to then continually keep this version of the corruption on because now every time we horn it’s going to you can see it’s 15 seconds. Every time we horn it’s gone back up, you know, you will keep the version of the corruption refreshed on the target that you want.

So ideally, you want all of your products or your trinkets, use potions, everything all together to then get the most powerful version of corruption you can and then just keep that rolling. And then finally the big one, so we get haunts. Now horn you send a ghostly soul into the target dealing 4652544 shadow damage and increasing all damage done by your shadow damage over time effects on the target by 20%. The 12 seconds when a horned spell ends or is dispelled, the soul returns to you healing for 100% of damage it did to the target. So as you can appreciate you want to keep holding up 100% at a time using it on cooldown, you never want to lose that 20% damage over time buff you could go demonology but really destruction is going to be where you go because you’re gonna get improved Shadow Bolt because you are going to be using Shadow Bolt as a filler which it has changed.

So looking at TVC your Shadow Bolt critical strikes increase the shadow damage Delta the target by 20%. Until for nonperiodic damage sources are applied. That’s the old TBC version. Whereas now in Wrath of the Lich King, it’s just a flat 10% additional damage to Shadow Bolt and your Shadow Ball increases the chance that that target will be critically hit by 5%. Bane has also moved up from tier two but it does exactly the same thing as it did in TBC. Just reducing the cast time of your Shadow Bolt. That’s all you’re interested in here. And then you’re going to pick up ruin so you get 100% additional crit Strike damage from your Shadow Bolt.

We’re not interested in the fire but I do go over all the changes to the destruction talents in the destruction video link in the description and up the top now. And now finally, let’s just look at some affliction glyphs. So we’re not going to look at ones you’re going to use for destruction are we in the destruction video, we might not even cover all of them across the three videos because some of them are just not even worth talking about. But you know, you’re never going to use them. You don’t even need to worry about their existence really. But I’ll try and cover all the important ones for affliction right now. So minor glyphs other than one of them and not even worth worrying about. But the big one you do want to worry about is Glyph of drain soul to drain soul ability occasionally creates an additional Soul Shards. Now this is useful, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t use this, especially when you’re looking at the other options. If you was running cursive exhaustion, there is a glyph to increase the range of your cursive exhaustion by five yards there’s Glyph of if Kilrogg which increases its movement speed by 50%.

And you can have your eye Kilrogg fly as long as it’s a zone that allows flying go for a run and in brief is probably one that’s useful at least because it increases the swim speed of targets affected by a run and in breath by 20% Nothing wrong there and Glyph of Souls is probably the only other one really worth using which reduces the mana cost to your Richard a soul spell by 70%. I may as well mentioned Glyph of enslaved daemon as well reduces the cast time you’re enslaved demon by 50%. If for some reason it’s a fight that really needs you regularly use an enslaved demon for whatever reason, then you might choose to use this major glyph wise though you’ve got Glyph of corruption which your corruption spell as a 4% chance to cause you to enter a shadow trance after damaging an opponent.

The Shadow trance state reduces the cast time your neck shadow by 100% Quite literally exactly the same as nightfall so double the chance of nightfall could be one you use Glyph of curse of agony you will be using curse of agony if you don’t need to use curse of elements and this increases the duration of the curse by four seconds Glyph of fell Hunter when you fell Hunter uses devour magic you’ll also be healed for that amount could be useful in PvP don’t really see a need for in PvE a Glyph of horn is very nice because it’s a flat 3% damage because the bonus damage granted by your haunt spell is increased by an additional 3% You can almost see yourself never playing without this one Glyph of lifetime is a very nice one. When you use lifetab or dark patch you gain 20% of your spirit as spellpower for 40 seconds.

Now like I mentioned particularly early on, you’ll be using high amounts of spirit gear whereas it actually gets less and less as you get through and finish ICC but certainly tier seven to eight you’re gonna have a lot of spirit this glyph could be very useful Glyph of quick decay is a massive one and every affliction Warlock will be using this what it does is let your haste reduce the time between periodic damage tics of your corruption spell and corruption is your absolute bread and butter as affliction. So you are going to want this 100% of the time there’s a couple of others that I suppose are worthy of I mentioned not that you’ll probably ever use them but Glyph of Shadow Bolt reduces the mana cost your Shadow Bolt by 10% Griffis siphon life increases the healing you receive from your siphon life talent by 25% could be useful in PvP.

Glyph of unstable affliction just decreases the cost in time of your unstable affliction spell by 0.2 seconds and quite honestly the only other one you could potentially consider would be Glyph of demonic circle reducing the cooldown of demonic circle by four seconds but it would have to be a very niche fight to even consider it and that’s it the affliction warlock is in an amazing place for Wrath of the Lich King amazing fun to play.

I still prefer demonology so don’t watch that video and find out why but ultimately you got three very different playstyles between destruction affliction and demonology they all use similar spell was but definitely have different playstyles so if you enjoyed this make sure you Like Subscribe even post it on your discord if you’ve got you know wallet Don’t you think might make use of this a roll that outro there’s lots of ways you can support the channel to keep me here putting out World of Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel as a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you’re a member when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I’ll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year. Additionally, there’s a patreon link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I’ll see you on the next one.

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