WOTLK Enchanting Goldmaking Guide – Making Gold With Enchanting!

6- WOTLK Enchanting Goldmaking Guide - Making Gold With Enchanting

This is a WOTLK Enchanting Goldmaking GuideMaking Gold in WOTLK With Enchanting!

WOTLK Enchanting Goldmaking Guide – Making Gold With Enchanting!

What is up guys, it’s Solheim here back with another Wrath of the Lich King classic video. So today we are continuing our professions Gold Making Series, which is a miniseries that I’m currently doing on this channel, going over every single profession to uncover their true gold making potential. And my goal with these videos is to show you how to make gold with each professions. Today we are talking about enchanting. So without further ado, let’s commence the enchanting Gold Making Guide. And chanting is actually quite an incredibly professional and classic.

Well, in general, with a lot of gold making potential. And there’s a recently uncovered change coming in Rust classic, that will greatly increase the profitability of enchanting overall, and thus making it a much better profession for gold making than it otherwise would have been. And even without that change, it would have been a really decent profession for making gold, so enchanting. It is quite simple, really un Trump things. Yeah, that is that’s it video over nobody really un Trump things. That being said, though, you also need recipes or formulas.

And the more recipes you have access to, the more profit you will make in Wrath you will acquire most of your recipe or formula is once again from your trainer and the specific enchanting vendor. And the enchanting vendor will teach you four different recipes at the cost of dream shines ranging from 43 insurance to 10 reinsurance per formula, so acquiring all of them will actually be quite expensive. You also have formulas such as the blade warding with an enchant, which is a raindrop. It is also worth mentioning that the types of formulas you want to obtain are not only the ones that are native to Northrend.

All the world formulas are also incredibly relevant due to twink reasons as well as heirlooms, heirlooms is in addition coming in wrapped that will allow you to send bound on the count items to an alternative character that you want to level up. And these will scale up with you as your level and many people choose to enchant these heirlooms with us strongly and chances possible to boost their own leveling experience under leveling speed. Some specific enchants you might want to be looking at for this specific purpose is the Crusader enchant fiery weapon enchant, agility and transfer weapons spell the power weapon enchant and the chest and chances.

Well, usually the one for stats or plus 100 health. In Wrath of the Lich King, we also get access to something called volumes, which allows you to put your enchance onto an enchanting value and sell that enchanting value mouse’s scroll on the Auction House directly allowing you to auction your enchants so you don’t have to sit in your major city and link your bow and chanting all day. This introduces a brand new gameplay for enchanters when it comes to goal making. And if you want to maximize your profits, the usual route is like this.

Obtain as many formulas as possible, get the most difficult ones look to obtain locked behind deputation or low drop rates. And once you have as many different formulas as possible, and chant one to two of each onto a scroll, and put those scrolls on the Auction House. From here, it is all up to you how you want to play it, you can actively cancel scan your auctions, which will allow you to always be on the top of the auction house, but it also requires more active market watching on your point where you can log in and check your auctions once or twice a day, which is usually what I do.

Is it easy to make gold in Classic WOTLK With the Enchanting guide?

Yeah. So let’s talk about what’s changing in Wrath classic. In original wrath, we had a decent decent jump button, which was added to the group system while doing dungeons. So as long as one person in the group had enchanting, anyone in the group could vote to disenchant an item and whoever wins the role would get the Enchanting materials directly allowing you to disenchant even if you don’t have enchanting, this lowered the price of Enchanting materials in Wrath by quite a lot, as the supply also increased by quite a lot, but in Wrath classic, this disenchant role function will not be available. This means that Enchanting materials could be quite scarce.

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And as you need to dream shirts to buy your enchanting formulas, there is a lot of gold to be made simply because of the constant demand. The removal of the disenchant button also brings with it more profitability by utilizing item shuffles like the saronite shuffle, which I cover more in depth in my gold guide. And they have also covered in previous videos. So before so I’m not going to repeat that one right now. But there’s a lot of potential shuffles available especially with the removal of disenchant roll button. Speaking of my gold guide, though, you can check that out through the link in the video description. And by using the code Solheim, you can also get it for 50% off and this is a gold guide that I’ve made specifically for bath classic containing all of my gold making secrets for brands, including vendor shuffles item shuffles, how to make gold was profession’s the best wrath of gold farms investments, and a whole lot more. It is basically everything I know about gold making all put into one document.

So yeah, if you’re looking for even more gold making information once again, the link to my guide is down below. Now who should have enchanting or could use enchanting to make more gold? Well, pretty much anyone so you can disenchant all the gear when it’s once it’s replaced. But I want to highlight two types of players. First of the casual raiders who don’t want a min max everything by Min Max in their professions for performance, we all know that you will crafting engineering and blacksmithing are usually the best professions for most classes when it comes to reading and arguably tailoring for casters. That being said though, if you’re reading on a casual level, and just wants to have some fun, and wants to make some semi passive gold, you can obtain some incredibly easy at this crystals, which are used in high end and chumps and you will obtain these abyss crystals every time that you replace old equipment with new raid items over the expansions lifetime this will equals to several 1000s of gold only from disenchanting your older gear and selling those crystals.

Next up, or the next person who should definitely look into enchanting is the paladin or mage booster Paladins and mages are able to sell and farm dungeons for raw gold. And enchanting is not just something you bring to make more profit, but also reduce downtime. By disenchanting greens and blues, you can save more bank space and instead of going to the vendor, every single dungeon reasons, you can go to the revenue to the vendor and after every three to five dungeon resets instant, maximizing your actual farming of time.

And in many scenarios, the Enchanting materials are also worth more than the vendor value of those greens and blues as well. And if either of these classes are able to solo wrath dungeons at highcapacity, including bosses, they could be in for some insane amount of gold by utilizing enchanting to form up insane amounts of dream shines cost greater cosmic essences and infinite dust. It is also proven that Paladins can solo the first level of the Oculus which is an insanely skinning gold phone. And by utilizing the enchanting on top of skinning, you can also disenchant any greens you find while farming increasing the profitability of that forum. So while enchanting is actually quite simple on paper, it actually has a lot of different methods of which you can make gold. You can make semi passive gold from disenchanting raid gear once you replace it.

You can form for greens and blues and disenchant and sell those materials. You can flip materials into enchanting scrolls and sell them for profit. You can hunt for higher rarity formulas and charge a premium crafting fee. And you can do certain enchanting flips like for example, the saronite shuffle, which is mainly a Jewelcrafting shuffle, but also includes enchanting and can make insane amounts of profit. So yeah, that is pretty much it for my enchanting Gold Making Guide for wrath. Hopefully you enjoyed the video and hopefully you found it helpful and informative. If you did enjoy the video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more content. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

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