The Top 5 Gold Making Ways in WotLK Classic

5 - Top 5 Gold Making Ways in WotLK Classic - Warmane

Learn The Top 5 Gold Making Ways in WotLK Classic. Video was inspired by Warmane WoW.

The Top 5 Gold Making Ways in WotLK Classic


Hi everyone I have here and welcome to my Top Five ways of making gold in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The methods shown here will be listed by their GPM gold per minute, but you will earn the most gold by doing the one you enjoy the most, since you’ll obviously spend the most time doing it. Don’t just expect to watch this video and to become a millionaire in a day, you’ll need to invest time in them. I’ll show you how, but you’re the one that has to actually do it. So without further ado, here are my top five ways of making gold in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

I’m sorting the list of the simplest way of making gold one we all know first thing once you get level at the experience reward from questing stressful to gold, so you will be earning approximately 50 gold per quest plus the gold earned from selling the items you gain from the movies that you kill while questing. I would recommend this method of farming gold while the server is fresh, before gold inflation sets in. The rewards are good enough to get your first flying round and all the beauty gear that you need in just a few hours.

However, you’re limited by the sheer amount of quests in high level zones, and there are also some really long and tedious quest lines which will give you a headache. If you aren’t going for the lower master achievement through questing over 520 gold in 32 minutes. That translates to about 1k gold per hour. If you really enjoy Questing in the art into professions, I would recommend this method for you.

Eternals are always needed and they’re always easy to farm. Internal fire usually being the most pricey of them. There are many places to farm them. So we went and tried out a few good spots and calculated the GPM from the first spot I tried is this pool in the Storm Peaks. There weren’t too many people. So I was able to make about 320 gold in 10 minutes, which transfers almost 2k gold per hour. problem about this place is that when the expansion launches, on what look classic, everybody will be killing them for their sons of God that adaptation quest.

The next spot I tried was this cave in the Storm Peaks which is in my opinion, the best place for farming eternal fires, I was able to make about 600 gold in 10 minutes, which translates to 3600 gold in an hour. It’s an incredible place to just chillin while listening to music, or watching movies on another monitor. The only problem with the cave is that it’s well known, so there will be a lot of players contesting the place for the sweet gold steal. If you find the place empty, I would recommend the cave since it doesn’t require any professions and it’s quite easy and fun to do.

For my number three spot on the list, I chose a combination of mining and herbalism. Either of them alone is fine. But searching for both at the same time will boost your profits quite a bit. But how can you do both you wonder? A year ago I found this useful macro online which automatically changes between tracking ore and herbs on your mini map and it has saved me a lot of time and the gold. I will of course include the macro in the description of the video.
I mostly do this in the icecrown region because there’s a lot of ledge balloons and titanium ores as well as some always fun world pvp.

For the purposes of this video, I levelled both the professions on my new robe, which doesn’t have fast flying on it, so I can show you this really useful trick. There is a quest line with the knights of the ebon blade which allows you to ride on the first Griffon without having to train past fly.

The Best 5 Methods for farming Gold in WOTLK Classic

I’ll include the link to the quests in the description as well. Through this method, I was able to make about 1600 gold in materials in 30 minutes, which transfers to 3200 gold in an hour. Why love gathering professions is that you can always do them. However the gold will vary from the amount of people
digging for the same stuff for my number two spot on the list, I chose skimming, more specifically Oculus skinning over the amount of time I spent in this instance, but it was how I got my first shadow morn on warming’s icecrown server. For this farm, you’ll have to have a decently geared character, Boone kins retribution Paladins and Shadow Priests work best in my opinion. Once you’re inside, you kill the mobs leading to the first boss of the instance.

The Drake’s inside drop a lot of Borean leather and icy dragon scales which can fetch quite a bit of gold on a good auction house they they also drop our defer, which is used for most end game leatherworking recipes, so it will always be expensive. Through this method, I was able to make 840 gold in 12 minutes, which transfers to 4200 gold per hour. The only downside being you can only do five runs an hour, since you will get instance locked on your account.

Why I love this form and why it’s my number two spot on the list is because it’s easy to do, and it’s never contested. You’re the only person in the instance. You can also multiply your profits by making leatherworking items and selling them to the end buyer yourself.
For my number one spot on the list are draws auction house flipping.

You can resell gems leatherworking gear blacksmithing gear, you can buy useless greens and blues of the auction house, listen to them and turn them into useful engines. You can make necklaces from Jewelcrafting disenchant them and make frost with bags from the infinite thus, the options are infinite.
The other one I use for this is oxygenator which I will include the link to in the description. You can also download postal to get your items from the mail faster.

Thank you for watching. I hope I’ve helped you on your road forklift journey. This was the first video I’ve ever made, and I’d be really happy to hear your opinions and suggestions in the comments. I will try to put out one weekly video about Wrath of the Lich King, so consider subscribing if you would like to see similar videos

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